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    Botanical Preserve (fragment)

    by DpsBob on 08-27-2011 at 06:43 PM
    Not much from last night.

    I one scene, I was visiting Terrence McKenna's ethnobotanical reserve in Hawaii. There were all sorts of crazy wild-looking plants. In either another dream or the same dream, I dreamed of eating a dish that had living crabs at the bottom of it. I was supposed to just eat the crabs, and I remember being nervous by the thought of one of the crabs pinching my tongue on the way down.

    I also dreamed about getting it on with a college friend.

    Hotel tribeswoman, 'faggy' (fragment)

    by DpsBob on 08-25-2011 at 11:59 PM
    I hardly remember anything!!

    Here's the tiny bit I've got:

    I was in a hotel in some hot, third-world country. The hotel really wasn't too shabby. Just a little old-fashioned. There was lots of purple. Anyways, I was in love with a beautiful tribeswoman. This relationship was forbidden, or otherwise greatly disliked by the tribal leader. Her and I were running for safety.

    The only other thing I remember was some fidgety scene that may have involved a military installment. I remember seeing a big blue sign with white lettering on it in the snow that said, "Faggy". I dunno.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Flying through tides, old buildings into the ocean

    by DpsBob on 08-23-2011 at 06:34 PM
    Had a short LUCID! W00t!

    Can't remember a whole lot from it. But I do know that I went lucid. I remember being in the ocean just off the beach, because I remember water and tidal rocks below me. I remember the sensation of flying and the more distinct sensation of realizing I was in a dream.

    Outside of that, I remember trying to grow magical mushrooms with a friend. We were collecting spores from some kind of moving reddish-green algae from a pond. My mother wasn't into the whole thing, but somehow I talked her into it.

    Belated entry from 8/22/11:
    I remember being told something about forgotten, ancient cities. Then I was on top of a sparsely grassed cliff overlooking the ocean. I saw a modern city coming from the far West, running out to the ocean. As the building neared the ocean, they became older and older, slowly moving from metal to brick to stucco, with the very last of the structures to the far East quietly being swallowed by the ocean, decayed and barely recognizable. It was a beautiful scene.

    Surrealistic musically synced object-waves

    by DpsBob on 08-19-2011 at 05:36 PM
    Started off with a really trippy part, I want to get that down first:

    I remember seeing a screen and watching these pixelated, intensely colorful 3-dimensional objects flowing into and through the screen in succession like waves. There was some music playing too, and these shapes represented visually the way the music sounded to me. I was seeing very accurately the images I see in my head when I hear certain sounds in music. I wish I had a stronger recollection of it all! The one waveform/object-wave that stood out most presented itself after a bellowing strike of organic bass drums and brass - its thick, soft columns were orange and yellow, with caved in tops - identical at least in shape to the imagery I experience in my head when I hear sounds like that.

    On a coincidental note, I read a few parts of Enter the World of Lucid Dreaming' yesterday, and there was a section that talked about surreal sensory environments that occur occasionally in dreams. This was definitely one of them.

    In a dream I had just before waking, I was with my cousin. The first segment of the dream took place in the context of some war that may have been aliens vs. humans. We were piloting tanks and running from hostile tanks, causing and evading big explosions. It ended with us being at Camp Chawanakee, with my old scout master showing me how to chop wood after I had failed.

    The smithing dwarves (fragment)

    by DpsBob on 08-17-2011 at 09:05 PM
    Hardly anything to get down from last night, but you gotta have perseverance.

    I remember being in a factory of sorts. The floor might have been an off-white marble, a solid sheet, no tiles. There was a small man that was geared up like a high-tech blacksmith... a lot like the Dwarven blacksmiths I used to see in Dungeons & Dragons books. (Fun times as a kid). We were making a product that we planned on selling, and inspecting the inner workings of it. The inside was supposed to be filled with complex electronics. It looked like a bunch of bizarre incomprehensible mechanical workings, with no green PCB or circuit leads or microchips, or anything else that looked like electronics from this world. I remember shiny metallic orange gears and blocks with tumbling rows of needle-like projections. The dwarf was explaining to me how these components worked, I think. Maybe not.
    non-lucid , dream fragment