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    I am a Sophomore in High School. I took up this hobby right around the time that the movie Inception came out. I got intrigued and got started dreaming. I am now a proud Oneironaut.
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    Saturday, March 4-5th, 2011 - (1 Dream)

    by Dreamchitect on 03-07-2011 at 05:04 AM
    Furious Red Balls, Museum, and Snow (Non-lucid)


    Log: Unknown Saturday, March 4-5th, 2011

    Hours: Unknown Alarm: None Audio: None

    Thisw as a really long, and eventfull dream. I love dreams that have a storyline. The very first feeling of the dream, before i knew where i was or even saw anyhting was that of a college dorm room, that of ancient origin. As the dream started, i was in an old building. It was intricate and perfectly crafted, it was amazing. Something, although i am unsure of what, was gong on. All of the sudden, red and white ping pong sixed bals started vilolently raining down from above me. Either they were coming out of the ceiling, or the roof was open and they were coming from the sky. It was somehwta like a hardship, but at the smae time it was somewhat of a game. I was ducking. and at one point i stuck my head in a little nook or cranny and then finally decided to go into the trap door that lead to a deeper level in the building. I went in, and now i was in a room with some of my relatives and it was a museum-like setting. It was very ancient civilization, but that of sophistication. I was in awe over the amount and quality of the artifacts around me, it was inspiring. I saw a giant eisel and went over to it. It was somewhat of a giant coloring book. I looked through it and it was filled with designs of clothes and they were brilliant. They were very old, and i pointed out to people that thedate on the book was 1702.
    shortly after, we all decided it was time to go, so we went out the door and walked outside. There was a highway looking rod, covered in snow, but the sun was shining. We had to, in order to get where we were going, slide on the snow on our knees. So i got on my knees and started doing it really well, other people were using their arms to help support them but i didn't need to. I was really proud of myself and i was oging really fast. I got to the end after passing everyone up. There, a young girl and a young boy were there next to eachother. They were todlers. The girl was extremely cute. The boy kissed her, it was cute, and they were smiling and giggling. I was laughing. Then it was over.

    Friday, March 3-4th, 2011 - (3 Dreams)

    by Dreamchitect on 03-04-2011 at 06:54 PM
    Glasses Classroom (Non-lucid)


    Log: 11:00pm Friday, march 3-4th, 2011
    Hours: 7:00m Alarm: 6:00am Natural Awakening: 4:30am

    The first dream starts out as i walk into a class late. I had my flippy glasses on and as i sat down the teacher told me to take them off. I took them off and we got started. After a minute, he told me to take them off, and i was confused because i thought i did... But i didn't apparently. It happened one more time and by now, i was laughing and so were the other kids inthe class, and the teacher. It was funny. Then it ended.


    Choir Running Singing (Non-lucid)


    This second dream started in the hallway near the band and choir rooms. All of the choir plus Jacob was there, and we were all running and singing at the same time. We sang one song, then starting singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I remember specifically singing it, it was weird... But we kept going and kept singing until we got to the ramp. We went down it and into the West Atrium. There were many people, and they were confused about why we were singing, but they also started to realize and get happy about the fact that they got a show. Jaocb wanted to sing a specific song, so he needed someone's phone to look it up. He got someones, and it was fancy and big, and he searched and found it, and the one he chose was that which contained a funny Japanese man singing a very annoying tune, but as it played, and my brain comprised a song to play, it was more of a techno song and i could never hear the Japanese man. And then it ended.


    Hugs and Warmth (Non-lucid)


    The was one of the best dreams i have had in a while, it was so simple, yet so amazing. I was in my room with Izzie, and we had been hanging out or something previously. It was casual and nothing was really going on, but it was nice. It seemed as if it was time to go now, and we were heading out. I was giving her a hug, and it was nice, but i said, " Oh, come on, you can do better than that!" So i squeezed her tight and she squeezed back and it was very close, and very warm. We both smiled and walked dowstairs. Jacob and Megan were in the basement and they were talking about how Megan needed to get home and she might have to take the bus, we were simpathetic and all trying to figure out how we could get her there. We thought of going with her on the bus, but we didn't. I cannot remember the dicisionwe finally came to. And then the dream ended.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Thursday, March 2-3rd, 2011 - (2 Dreams)

    by Dreamchitect on 03-04-2011 at 05:40 AM
    School Hallway (Non-lucid)


    Log: 10:30pm Thursday, March 2-3rd, 2011
    Hours: 7:30m Alarm: 6:00am Audio: None

    This first dream was fairly short, as i remember it, but it was probably longer in all actually, as in any other dream. I was in the hallway of the school, the upper left hallway where the history classes are. I was heading to class and Tessa and Carly were there, along with Jacob. I was about to go in, but i decided to talk to people instead, so i went over to Carly and the others.
    The next thing i remember is being in class and being taught or talked to for a brief amount of time. And then it ended.


    Driving, and Houses (Non-lucid)


    This dream was fairly more extensive than the last dream. I was in the car with Jacob and his mother. It was dark outside and we were driving through a neighborhood filled with houses. We passed a house that was lit up and I noticed that the person inside was Kevin's Mom, or atleast someone who looked like her... I pointed it out to Jacob and his mom and they agreed with me. We all were kind of laighing and talking and we kept driving. It started to get light outside as we drove on and we came to some houses. They were white and they were halfway underground. They were white and they looked fairly attractive. It was a developement and it was pretty awesome, in the way that i admired them and thought they were cool. We were apparently in one of them, Jaocb and i got out of it quickly, and then Jacob's mom was trying to get out of a tiny exit in the top, her limbs were sticking out, but she was stuck. And then it ended as Jaocb and i were laughing.

    Updated 03-04-2011 at 05:50 AM by Dreamchitect


    School, IB, and Turtle

    by Dreamchitect on 03-03-2011 at 06:13 AM
    School, IB, and Turtle (Non-lucid)


    Log: 11:00pm Wednesday, March 2, 2011
    Hours: 7:00m Alarm: 6:00 Audio: None

    This dream starts out in a classroom that is on the second floor. I was getting ready to do a project or assignment of some sort, and i needed my dad to bring me something. I was looking out the window at the line of cars piled up outside the school, desperately looking for him. I finally saw him and headed downstairs to go get what i needed. I was in the lobby of the school and i saw that he was waiting there all along and that there was no reason for me to be waiting, i was kind of pissed... I got my polygonal snake figure form him, tried to explain to him what i was doing, then rolled my eyes as he didn't understand, and then i walked away.
    The dream either changed or transitioned, but i was now in an office of the school and i saw an administrator that was not my couselor but her role in the dream was such. She asked me why i wasn't doing IB and trying to convince me to join again. She led me to a door, and she was talking about megetting something, i cannot remember what. But i walked through the doors and went through few others. Soon Jaocb had come with me and we were wandering together through this what seemed now to be a hardware store. I told him i was looking for a tiny turtle. We looked and looked, and in the process, we kind of messed aorund in the store, but we knew we were allowed to be there and we weren't doing anything wrong. But soon we came upon a big scary guy, who was apparently an employee. He was rude and told us we shouldn't be there. I told him that we weren't doing anything wrong but he insisted on fighting and taking us down. There was a slight crowd around us now, but it was just him and me now. He started out the fight ok, but i titally owned him beyond belief in a wise, planned out, Sherlock Holmes way. It was amazing and everyone was cheering.


    School, Clothing, and Sam

    by Dreamchitect on 03-03-2011 at 12:52 AM
    School and Clothing (Non-lucid)


    Log: 6:00am Monday, February 28, 2011
    Hours: 0:20m Alarm: 6:00 Audio: None

    I obviously got more sleep than 20 minutes, but i only remembered this dream.

    The dream starts as i sit bored in a classroom. I start to get organized as the class comes to an end. I had to grab a lot of clothing for some reason, i had two pairs of shoes, a pair of shorts, and something else i can't remember. I got it all in my arms and backpack on as i left the class, and as i left, about a program the school was doing that involved giving points equal to those of the dumb people to the smart people, Austin Swaim walked out saying some stupid remark about it. I walked out and i was headed toward homeroom. I went up the stairs, and when i got to the top i saw Sam and we grabbed hands and i told her i would meet her back here, because i had to find my shoes that i lost. I looked around and decided to go down the stairs again, but as i was trying to get down the stairway that was kind of small, Mrs. Frazer was at her desk getting something, and as i tried to step down, Franklin put his arm out and stopped me. Apparently Mrs. Frazer needed to talkto me and the other homeroom people. I told her that i would have the money next time (For something having to do with Cancer...). So i decided to go back upstairs instead and i then saw a shoe lost and found! A few people, 3 or 4 were there frantically trying to find their shoes before class starts, and i saw mine right there! But, before i could go over and get them, my brother woke me up, his voice saying my name through a dream character, and then i woke up. It was awesome.