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      Thanks! It was pretty exciting, I hope I can do it again tonight =D
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      Your avatar may not be a pony but it's still pretty awesome. Also, nipples.
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      Congratulations on your lucid dream!
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      Congrats on your wings dreamer kool piano experience! :-D
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      Read my Lucid Dream! It is so weird xxx
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      I also love your avatar, it seems like I've seen it before but i can't think where.
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      Dreamer Nice name Nice llama Nice llama banana you better reply or else.... I will get you at School x
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      @Dreamcatcher - It's a llama appartantly!
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      Your avatar is incredible.
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      dreamer i like your avatar what is it. :-D
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    02-11-13 Video games and stuff

    by Dreamer4127 on 11-02-2013 at 12:43 PM
    Things I remember:
    •Sitting in town playing on my laptop and everyone staring at me.
    •I remember having 4 lessons of school then skipping the 5th and going home but there was two flats, we were on the bottom half but you had to go past the top floor to get to the bottom and the woman told me off
    •We had a conservatory and I sat in there playing video games.

    The next bit I remember is going to school and me and Beth were at my old school and it was the end of the day then Beth said "Steph, I swear that guy is staring at us... Look!" And I looked discreetly and he was staring at us it was really creepy but he was walking into the school! So we hid behind something and he came over to collect his son from school and I realised it was BriBry! Then he turned into a Mexican guy and started taking pictures and he took a pic where I was smiling then said I had a 'double barrel' or something which meant I go crossed eyed whenever I have a face on picture. That's all I remember from there.

    Then next I remember going to school like halfway in the day and talking to Beth, she told me one of my friends had been flirting with my crush as usual Omg I was so annoyed I was like "Beth why did you have to say that seriously..." And she said sorry then we went to the hall to have some photos taken with the whole year group, I was crying and trying to cover my face cause I didn't want my crush to see but he did argh he was sitting at the back and I went and sat at the front next to Laura Churchyard but the teachers moved us onto the window ledge. After everyone was in place they handed out paper plates and we had to put fake blood on them cause it was a Halloween shoot. We all held them up and went "raagh!" At the same time it was pretty cool though I probably looked a mess since I was crying. Anyways after that this little African boy came up to me and because he needed money he was selling grape juice. He asked me to at least try it and said "Do you want ham or lettuce?" And there was actually those two flavours it was grape and lettuce that I chose because I thought maybe you couldn't really taste the lettuce and I was right! It tasted like Ribena and I drank the whole cup then my mum arrived and gave him £7 for the juice lol. Well that's all I remember so bye :3


    by Dreamer4127 on 11-01-2013 at 02:21 PM
    In my dream I think Dinosaur (nickname) fancied me, we were in a chapel next to robin hill nursery and there was a small group of us, we all had to choose a partner (boy-girl) and I was stuck trying to choose someone! I thought Dinosaur was the best out of the boys but I didn't want to upset my friend who likes him. We all had a chance to show off by doing some sort of presentation, I chose to get fake married. I just needed some cake to give out so I went to the kitchen connected to the chapel and looked for a fruit loaf, I didn't find one but I found some tuna sandwiches with cheese. I was just choosing which boy to get married to and I woke up.

    I also remember arguing with a girl, at first she seemed dumb and she said "I like your eyes, out of 10 how lost would you say they are" and I said "Not lost at all". She snarled at me and said something rude but I forgot what it was. I said "Oh, Ha Ha"
    "What did you say?"
    "I said HA HA HA"
    Then I remembered my breath smelt bad and she said "Eugh, your breath smells!" I said I had been eating Tuna sandwiches.

    I also remember everyone kept singing "King for a day" by Pierce the veil. LOL


    by Dreamer4127 on 11-01-2013 at 02:18 PM
    Mum took me and Sam to a weird theme park. I went on the log flume thing and it was meant to splash me at the bottom but it was so weird it didn't splash I just slid through the water really smoothly. Mum bought 2 tickets for the log flume so I could go on in the future. We didn't go on any other rides and suddenly it was night so we left. We drove past fort fun and Sam was saying drew's house was near it, then mum drove over there and I pointed out Drew's house. It was so weird to get there you had to take a boat across a pond which was literally the size of one big jump. So yeah we went inside the house and there was a main bit which leads to all the flats so we sat in there. I was sitting in the corner wearing a coat. Sam and mum were chatting. This old guy went into the waiting room and spoke to us, he was really nice and I accepted his friend request on Facebook LOL! He acted like he was our grandad. Then a few more people went in and then Drew walked in. I sat there in the corner looking tired and didnt say anything, and he talked to my brother for like a minute then I think he left? Idk. Some stuff happened after that but I can't remember. Also stuff happened before this but I can't remember that either lol

    Ok I just remembered what happened after! Annabelle bought a house on the beach and said I could live there so I decided to move in. I told my mum and she took my stuff there for me, but it wasn't really like a house from what I remember it was like a cave? lol!


    by Dreamer4127 on 11-01-2013 at 02:12 PM
    I was with Laura and we were going to this place (a museum or something) that we went to in another previous dream but we had to queue a really long time and it didnt take that long to look around -_-


    by Dreamer4127 on 11-01-2013 at 02:10 PM
    I was inside a video game and we had to look after little rabbits but they were absolutely tiny like the size of a cricket!? And the game was a bit like sims but we controlled ourselves and we were on a tropical island which was floating in the sky so if we fell off we died. Every Saturday night we would go to a disco and there would be vocaloids performing like Hatsune Miku it was soo cool! At one point someone hurt my rabbit and tricked it into weakening itself so it died and I was really upset and furious! I picked up the rabbit and saw it had like a crickets tail? Like if you look at a cricket it has a black line coming out of its bum that's the tail and the rabbit had one which was made of plastic! I broke it off because I thought it might save her but it didn't work so I put her resting somewhere. I was talking to someone but I forgot who (one of my friends) about the video game and he said "So are you still gonna play the game?" And I said "I'm quitting for now, but I'm still gonna keep it" and put a cd in a case which had the game we were in on the front. It was a sonic game apparently?
    Another dream after that is I went to school on the bus but it was really jam packed with bishop bell students, there was no other people just BB peeps and the bus drove right into school! It went to the bit where we have fire drills and there were loads of people standing there, and all the teachers were. I was at the front of the bus and when I turned around I saw everyone had gone! It was literally only me so I got off the bus and saw all my friends standing near mrs Cymer and her car. All the teachers had their cars here it was so weird! Anyways we went into school and I had art I think but first Rachel gave me some soup or something which I really liked! It was amazing so I took a bowl of it into lesson and when we all sat down mrs Bawden was like "I want the diaries of these people, ..." And I was one of the people so I asked why and she said "Because you have a spoon in your soup! That is a demonic sign." or something?? I was sitting next to Laura, she gave her diary but I didn't give mine though I did take the spoon out.

    The next bit I'm too embarrassed to type

    Extra: there was a part of the dream where billy was pushing me around and I was so angry with him I shouted n his face lol