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    Lots of lucids

    by DreamingGhost on 12-26-2013 at 02:38 AM
    Santa sandman was a good man this year. After not having any lucids for a few months I get a bunch in one day so happy.The last two were during a nap a took after being awake for about 7 hours.

    Flying fun:
    I am kind of skate boarding down a street when I do a jump. I am high in the sky wondering how I am going to land without hurting myself. I get giddy and say to my self I am dreaming and drop the thing I was using to skate board with. At first I try to land, but remember about the advanced flying and fly into space. When I get there I expect to see the moon but all I see are colored orbs,I call these planets and dodge the first of them. Then I quickly make a game out of trying to collect everyone. I get excited having fun and soon wake

    No Gifts For Me
    I quickly fall back asleep and tell my self to do a rc. Getting out of the bed. I walk to the door and do a nose plug rc. I am happy I am having another lucid. I open the door and think about what I want to do now and remember the totm basic and set out to find a dc and ask for a gift. I walk down stars and stop at the front door for a minuet thinking about leaving to find a dc but think no one would be around. So I walk into the living room to find hubs on the couch. I ask him if I can open one of my gifts early. He tells me no he was never one of those people who stay up until midnight on Christmas eve to open one gift. I try to convince him to let me open one and soon wake with a cat on my chest.

    After about 30 minutes of petting my cat I am allowed to fall back asleep. Before I roll over in bed I tell my self to do a rc because I am dreaming. Of course I do the nose plug, but I can not quite get my fingers on my nose so I switch to the hand rc and count my fingers. At first there is only 5 but as I count the 3rd finger more start to show up. I get excited again but tell my self to calm down before I wake. When I exit the room again I try to remember another task. I deiced to try and get a gift from a dc again. As I am walking down the stairs I get excited again that I am dreaming in the new home. When I get to the bottom hubs calls out to me from the living room. I tell him not to worry about what I am doing because I am dreaming. I open the front door and walk out amazed to see I bunch of people camped out in the field. I love this and deiced to walk up to one and ask them for a gift. At first the male dc it confused then say oh yah I do have these to give you from a friend. He hands me three stacked round tins. The top one has what I assume is my name and look at the label, it says it is dark chocolate covered something. I try to open the tin but end up squishing it. I wonder if this is enough to say I complete the task and soon forget the totm. I turn to leave this group but get an idea. I turn back to the male dc I asked the gifts for. I ask him if he knows a person named U. He asks me why I am looking for him. I tell him no reason just wanted to meet him. I then ask if he knows M he gets up set about this a tries to dismiss me by walking away. I call after him what about A do you know her? Now most of the people in the camp are getting worried and trying to leave. I lost lucidity here. I follow the male dc I was talking to with another female dc by my side he calls over his shoulder to stop following him. I tell him not until her answers my questions and tells me where they are. We look to the side of this dirt mountain we are walking on to see some cars come racing to a stop. I get the dream knowledge these please are after me. So I turn and run telling the others to follow me I know a way out. Somehow I run into a building and find some stairs and start running down them as fast as I can. When I finally get to the bottom I exit out into an office lobby. I know this lobby from one of my other dreams. Before I can do anything else I wake.

    During my nap ---

    Trying For Points
    I am following a boy dc through the dream. Some relative is taking him on a road trip as they move somewhere I can not remember the name of the state. The male dc is driving really fast down a narrow windy road which has ice on it now. I am in the back seat hoping we do not slide off the road into a lake on the side. As I am thinking this I can feel the car start to slid more and more with each turn., soon we slid off the road. I brace my self before we hit the water, but we never do. I tell my self this isn't right and try to do the nose pinch rc but it does not quite work like most always so I switch to the finger rc. At first I am only seeing 5 fingers, but notice a 6th I have not been counting. As soon as I become lucid I think I wake, but it is a fa. I hear some strange noise in the background and in the dream I place it as my alarm going off to get up. I ignore it and try not to wake up moving to the door thinking about grabbing some more quick points for the comp, but all I can think about is interacting with a dc. I tell my self I will see hubs when I open the door for a dc to interact with. Hubs is there on the other side asking about the noise. I tell him it is my alarm in RL going off to wake me up and not to worry about it. I am trying to grab some quick points then I will wake up. I move fast to the front door and open it, but wake after stepping out into another fa. I pick up my phone and try to turn off the alarm, but it is on the screen for text messages. I look at them to see the words are upside down and backwards. I can read something about me texting with hubs about being sorry and stupid, but do not remember the exact syn text of it all. I walk out of the room and run into hubs and tell him thank you for turning off my alarm for me and I think I tell him about my dream but do not remember what else we talk about. I soon wake.

    Dream Partner
    I wake and roll over looking at the clock it is still 30 minutes before I have to get up so I lay back down. I move into the dream and tell my self to do a rc so I get up out of bed and look at my hands. I have about 8 fingers on my hand making it look like a fan. I get happy and shake my hand and look at it again now I have 3 fat fingers. I laugh to my self and move to the door of the room. I walk down a long hallway which ends in a square room by the front of the house. I see a woman of African decent standing with her back to a window looking outside onto a busy street. There is what looks to be stairs to her right, it could also just be a decoration of some sort though. I walk up to her and she says awe so you are my dreaming partner. I get upset about this and start to pound a small flower earring on the stair thing saying you can't be my dreaming partner I don't want you to be my dreaming partner. She asks why not. I look out the window and see a old Chinese man walking down the street and point to him saying that is why not. In my head I am thinking she will find him frightening as I think she is afraid of every thing. She gives me a weird look and say whats with her to a lady now standing behind me. She is an older Chinese looking woman, she beckons me over to her. At this point I lose lucidity. She tells me not to worry because I am a nephim. And I will survive as my whole line has and the dream launches into a brown black and white color to show a woman running down a mountain with an army chasing her. The scene is narrated and I am told she is the first and kept her name when married and made she all her descents did the same since we are a proud people. The dream soon fades and I wake.

    I am really bummed I did not ask the DC (who told me she was my dreaming partner her name)

    Wild WILD

    by DreamingGhost on 08-24-2012 at 05:31 AM
    Had on 8/22/12

    For about 10 minutes I feel the start of the WILD coming on. I fight it a little, but then let it wash over me. When I realize I am now in the dream I try to stabilize the dream by engaging all 5 senses. I am able to use all the senses, but sound.

    When I make it to the door of the room I do the slandered nose pinch RC just to make sure. When I exit out into the kitchen I walk to the stove where some potatoes are cooking like baked potatoes. I reach into the pot a pull a little off and stuff it into my mouth for taste.

    I then walk to the front door. When I exit the house I try to think about something to do. The only thing that I can think of is trying to pass my hand through something again. (As the last time I did this with my finger through my hand it made me ill in the dream. and I have wanted to try it with a solid object since.) I walk to one of the pillars holding up the overhang on the porch and try to pass my whole hand through it. I tell myself this should be easy as the pillar does not really exist. I am able to pass my hand through it, but I get poked by a splinter or something which hurts. After this I pull my hand back out and start to think about what to do next when I lose the dream and wake.
    lucid , memorable

    Two Lucids yea!

    by DreamingGhost on 08-17-2012 at 05:05 AM

    I am at some plece I think is a college or mall walking with some DCs I do not know in RL. When we exit I tell them I will catch up with them as I have to use th restroom.

    When I get to the restroom I notice my fly has been down and my shorts have been unbuttoned the whole time. I shrug this off as I am not going to see any of the people I have passed again and try to find a stall to use. However every stall I open is disgusting looking.

    At this point another woman enters, I tell her how all the stalls are disgusting and how you would think men's rooms would look like this not the lady's rooms.

    It is at that moment I think to my self about this being a huge dream sign of mine so I do the nose pinch rc check and become lucid. I try to think of what I want to do but get distracted with changing my appearance in the mirror. I soon wake.


    I am walking around a library trying to find a book. I get upset because every time I think I know where I am at in the library and close to the book I am looking for I am lost. I remember saying something about how I never get lost and this always happened in my dreams no matter where I am. This makes me stop and do the nose plug RC.

    I get happy I am lucid and deiced to exit the library. I exit into another hallway. I deiced to try to make someone appear whom I always try to make appear. When I call out his name I turn around to him standing up from a chair that was empty before to tell me he was waiting for me to call as he knew I would. I ask him something I do not remember. Then he tells me something about a perfect level of being in the dream and being aware I am dreaming. I tell him that makes no sense since that is what being lucid is. We debate this for a few minutes, he l then tells me to see what he is talking about i have to walk down the hall away from him. I do this and somehow pick up a small dragon companion who is giving my more advice, but I can not remember what.

    I soon wake.
    lucid , memorable

    He never comes/RC made me sick

    by DreamingGhost on 07-07-2012 at 07:23 PM
    I am in a warehouse type building wondering around looking for someone I think. While doing this I am becoming a little aware that I am dreaming. I turn a corner and try to walk down some steps when I am stopped by some male DC. He grabs me saying a lot of stuff I can not remember. He tries to get me to engage in fun adult things with him. At this point I am now lucid and move my hand to do the nose pinch RC.

    I try to move away for this DC telling him I am dreaming and I do not want him to bother me any longer, but he does not let go. I am able to get both my hands free and I think about summoning a blade to help me get away. I close my left fist and think about it. When I open my fist I see a syringe/blade type of thing there. I take this blade thing and jam it into the DCs arm. He lets me go and I take off running. However I stop about ten feet away and summon another blade and TK into the DCs mouth to make sure he will not be bothering me any longer in the dream.

    At this point I see and hear some other DCs in the warehouse. I do not want them to find me even though I know I am lucid so I make a hasty retreat to a door.

    When I exit the warehouse I am in a type of school girl uniform and I have lost more of my lucidy. I see a girl DC ahead of me. She stops when she notices me and calls out to me about being late. I start to follow her then remember I am dreaming and do another nose pinch RC.

    I follow the girl into a apartment/school type place and walk right out again on the other side of the building. I am now standing out side by a pond trying to figure out what I would like to do in the dream. I get the idea to call someone I have been looking for so I start to call out their name and ask them to talk with me and that is all I want.

    up on some hill a girl calls out to me saying this person will not becoming because I am not ready yet. I engage in conversation with her and try to climb up the hill only for it to be made of sand like always. I am trying to tell my self I can climb this hill because this is my dream and it does not really matter what it is made of I can still make it to the top. I get to the top but before I can make it over I start to fall back down into the water and I wake.

    I am leaving a hospital type place with hubs and following him to he car only to lose him in a crowd of people. I run to try to catch up with him. I get to a spot where the crowd starts to thin out buy some polls. I use this to try and launch my self further only to start flying.

    As I am trying to get back to the ground I am frustrated saying this usually works. Then I get the idea to do a RC so I do the nose pinch and become lucid. While sill floating in the air I try to think about what I really want to do. I then get the idea to try the finger through the hand RC as I have always wanted to try this. First I take my thumb and try to punch it through, but it only makes a stretched bump in my hand. I then get the idea to use my longest finer. I do this and when I am punching though I feel a little pain but pouch it out of my mind knowing this is a dream. When my finger breaks through the skin on the other side of my hand I am happy I have completed the RC but then I get sick and puke.

    I now have a nasty taste in my mouth and deiced to rinse my mouth out. to do this I deiced to fly back to the doors of the hospital. I land in front of them, they open, but I do not see a bathroom. I deiced to go up the stair saying one with be at the top. When I get to the top there is a bathroom there, but I wake before I get to it.

    DWA Fun

    by DreamingGhost on 06-26-2012 at 05:40 PM
    From a WBTB I told my self I was going to have a lucid. The next thing I remember is walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror. As I was putting a bobby pin in place I told myself I was dreaming and to do a RC. At first I was not going to but I thought how bathrooms are a major DS for me. So I did a nose pinch check.

    While walking out of the house I stuck my hand behind my back and was trying to make something appear in it, but did not have any luck. When I got to the door I deiced to try and summon someone behind it saying their name out load I opened the door, but a kid stumbled in. At this point I start to lose the dream so I made my self settle down and stabilize the dream with slow breathing to bring my emotion meter back down. This brought me out of the whiteness back into the dream. At this point even though I was in the same spot as before the kid was a distant memory therefore he was not in the dream any more. I was happy about this and walked outside into daylight (my lds are almost always take place at night in the dream). I feel giddy and light hearted standing in the sun looking around. I stand in place for a minute dazzled then try to think of a task to do.

    The only thing which comes to mind is to visit the DWDVA so I say (my tongue feels very swollen and I can barely get the words out.) out load this is what I want to do. I see a flash and then start walking across the street as I know it is across the lake like always when I summon it. Getting across the street is a little had for me as I stumble on the other side still on the road. I start to panic a little as I can not get back up at there is a car coming. Then bam the lick hearted feeling hits me and I calm back down knowing this is a dream and I can control it.

    I get up and start walking again. When I get fully across the street I see three roads I can take. And it kind of looks like a western town with muddy roads and cowboys standing around. There was even a cow or two. I run up to a group of three cowboys and ask them which path to take. When I get to them I slip and am now laying in the mud. They all laugh at me but I shrug it off. I work around my still swollen tongue to ask them which path to take. (However before falling I seen a sign which led me to believe it was the middle path). They all look at me weird then say something stupid about not seeing a moon so they can not tell me which way to go. They then try to make an insulting joke, but I get up telling them how lame it was and how they could do better.

    When I get close to the shore I see the castle is on and island and not on the other side of the lake. This time I did not see a dock with a waiting boat so I tell myself no matter I will just walk there. I get to the edge of the lake and step in. I am not sure what I was expecting after telling my self I could walk on the water because it was solid and did not exist, but I fell right through into the water. I said no matter I will just swim, but there seemed to be a strong current around the island which made it imposable to swim through. After finding myself by the shore once again I called for mancoon to come in his boat.

    He does, or rather a mancoon but not the once I was expecting. I was expecting the owl I have run into by the dock before. What I got was kind of a stuffed beaver with a small wooden boat. After trying to get into the boat and failing I ask him if he could just swim me there while I was holding on to him. He said yes I guess because off we went. After swimming in circles for a sec I picked him out of the water to show him where to swim and the next thing I knew I was pulling my self onto the shore of the castle.

    I get excited I made it to the island and almost lose the dream. But I wrap my arm around a pillar I am sitting by. I just focus on the texture of it to stabilize the dream. It is smooth and cold to the touch. However this is not enough so I get the idea to drum my fingers on it making my nails clack on the stone for the audio sense. This woke really well and I find my self in the dream with it feeling more stable than before.

    I exit the water all the way and start to make my way to the entrance. While walking I notice some weapons showcased on the walls. They were on those cheesy wooden board cut and painted to look like shield flags. On one I noticed a name. It was something Toaster. This struck me as very odd and silly for a name of a sword, even more so if it was used to kill a dragon. I started giggling thinking about the name. When I finally got to the entrance the dream faded too fast for me to do anything about.
    lucid , memorable