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    Asking My Subconscious About My Greatest Fear

    by DreamingNinjas on 07-25-2013 at 08:14 PM
    I was in a void. I couldn't see, hear, feel, or sense anything at all. But I was fully aware that I was asleep and in a dream. I hadn't performed a reality check, either. I didn't remember losing consciousness or dreaming of anything prior to becoming lucid, so I wondered if this was some sort of "accidental WILD". It was then that I realized that I severely had to wake up and use the restroom.

    This was frustrating, as I hadn't had a lucid dream in quite some time and I was excited to start having some dream fun. But I knew I had to wake up soon, so I decided I would try out at least one lucid dreaming technique. I have never spoken to my subconscious before in a lucid dream, so I decided to do that before I awoke.

    Suddenly, my bedroom formed around me and I was standing beside the spot where my bed normally is. The room looked slightly different, and certain things (like my mattress) were missing. I asked the first thing that came to my mind aloud, "What is my greatest fear?"

    Then, the environment around me started to change. It became darker, creepier. I started to become unnerved. I recalled that many people summon a DC or talk to their reflection in the mirror to communicate with their subconscious. I figured that if I wanted a straight answer spoken to me that this was the best technique to choose from. Then a mirror appeared against the wall straight ahead of me. My reflection stared back at me somberly.

    "What is my greatest fear?" I asked my reflection. It merely stared back at me in its melancholy way. Meanwhile, the room was still changing and growing increasingly disconcerting. I was getting very uncomfortable with the changes. It is difficult for me to describe how the room was rapidly giving me a heavy sense of foreboding, as not many visual changes were taking place. It was mostly just the feeling my dream world was giving me, and there was the sense that some terrifying things were about to appear. I do recall seeing something like black wallpaper being slowly peeled away from the wall by nothing I could see, and there was a dark humanoid figure forming nearby to my right as well.

    Rather uncomfortable now, I decided it was time to wake up and I would try this another time. I would try talking to my reflection first next time to get an answer. I willed myself to wake up.

    I realize that my dream seemed to be trying to "act out" my greatest fear, although I am a bit unsure as to what that fear is. It could possibly be a descent into insanity, as I have always found that idea particularly unpleasant, but I am not sure. I will try this again the next time I find myself lucid.

    Updated 07-25-2013 at 08:17 PM by DreamingNinjas

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