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    1. Thanks for the tip. I may still end up reading some anyway. X3
    2. Hahahaha! I suggest you do not read the entries i have with Gender transformation or anything with Natalia in the tags then Aly.
    3. Mmmm a rasberry ice cream bar sounds deelicious! Hahahaha I don't know if i seened that episode or not, but cartman sure does crack me up! Hahahaha! Especially when he gets mad at mr. kitty Lmfao! And yes, i finally finished posting it.

    4. It was a raspberry ice cream bar, and it was delicious. And we were watching the episode about breast cancer, where Wendy fights Cartman. Good stuff! And that sucks! :T I can't wait to read it, though.
    5. Ah, i hear ya. Well that is good to hear that you are doing alot better. Just take it one day at a time. Remember everybody has their days, (including myself) Just know that nobody is perfect and you, me, and everybody else living on this earth are only human. And a ice cream bar sounds good! what kind is it? And i LOVE watching south park! What episode is this one about? And yea, my computer decided it wanted to reboot on me...so got to re write it all over again! Oooh yea. Hehehe it was a pretty wild dream Aly.
    6. Awesome! I'm doing pretty well, I just finished eating an ice cream bar and am watching South Park with my parents. I've been doing okay... a couple slip-ups, but nothing major. I haven't gotten drunk since last time yet, which is great. >.< Drinking is what concerns me more than any other drug right now, since it's just going to increase my anxiety and it's so physically unhealthy. I had a couple small little glasses of sake at P.F. Chang's with my mom on mother's day but I'm not really worried about that... it wasn't enough to really even get tipsy or anything, just joining in the celebration. Did you have any crazy dreams?
    7. Hi, Aly. Im doing great today! About to post my dream entry in a bit. How are you doin today? Is everything goin good so far?
    8. Hey Dreamprofesser, how are you today?
    9. Not a problem Aly, not a problem at all. And just respond to it whenever you have time no rush. Im doing good, just got done eating some cornish hen, spinach, dressing, and mac and cheese. Im just glad to hear that you are doing ok Aly, thats all. And remember what i told you, just take it one day at a time. It will all work itself out ok? Just keep your head up and continue thinking positive thoughts. Anytime somethings bothering you, you know how to reach me. Im gon always be here.
    10. Hey. I'm doing alright.... Just sort of beat. I'm sorry I haven't responded to that PM yet. :\ I've been doing a lot of thinking, and kind of balancing between trying to distract myself and trying to work some stuff out.... How are you?
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