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    I used to be into this site back in the day (probably a good 5 years ago), and, what with my new resurgence in forum visitation, I'm messing around here once again under a new moniker. Yay!
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    Rumble in the McD's

    by DreamPwner on 08-12-2010 at 05:19 AM
    Dreamt I was in a fighting tournament in McDonald's. Beat this black guy to make it to the final round with this huge muscular black guy. Get so pumped I wake up.

    Abstract Dreamspace

    by DreamPwner on 08-11-2010 at 05:13 AM
    1. Some dream about Zach and Caleb.

    There was some sort of game going on, and I was high (first recorded high dream). I had to pretend I wasn't high around the parents and Pastor Whipple. I was in some sort of foresty area. Break. I ended up going to the movies, where Damon was working. Matt was on the phone singing about being stoned. Everybody started biking away from the theater with sensei, so I went. Break. I ended up hanging in a dentist's office. Break. At one point, I was driving very badly. Toward the end of the dream, Mom talked to me on the phone.

    This was all super abstract and difficult to remember. Lots of disjointedness in this dream sequence. Disjointed logic, too.

    Updated 08-16-2010 at 03:03 PM by DreamPwner

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    A Young'un Party / Race for the Prize

    by DreamPwner on 08-05-2010 at 05:09 PM
    1. Matt shows me the extra DXM pills.

    A Young'un Party

    I find myself wandering around in a half-foresty half-civilized area, possibly blind during segments, but always having the ability to see. I eventually find myself at a younger girl's birthday party. Everybody's a freshman or so, and I imagine they're all David's friends. At some point during the party, I see that we're all dressed up, and I try to help a David/Bjorn mixture person pin on a regular tie. We go to a dance, but I show up basically in the last song. I'm in these weird suspenders. I'm not sure if I have a partner or not.

    Alright, so a lot of things about this dream should've definitely clued me in.

    Race for the Prize

    I'm in this race, though it doesn't seem clear what type of race it is. It's around an oval stadium track. I run the race by rolling a lot, a la Zelda. I look on the screen and see another guy rolling a ton, going really fast. I also see myself get blown up, my headless body being dragged off the course casually. This freaks me out, as I begin to think I've died and am a ghost.

    First dream about dying I've had in a while.

    Updated 08-16-2010 at 05:18 AM by DreamPwner

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Toilet Troubles, Family Troubles

    by DreamPwner on 08-04-2010 at 11:04 PM
    Toilet Troubles, Family Troubles

    I'm in some sort of class in this big building. At some point, I managed to flush myself down a toilet in this building, to get out of the bathroom and travel around the building. In class, I receive a slip of paper that says I'm in trouble because I flushed myself down the toilet. A lady comes to speak with me, and we walk down the hallway. I tell her that I only flushed myself down the toilet because I have a tendency to have dreams where I'm locked in the bathroom, and the only way out is the toilet. This is totally made up, by the way, but in the dream it felt like I was actually logically reaching the answer to the question "Why did I flush myself down the toilet?" In fact, I further explained to her that I only ever flushed myself down the toilet in a dream, that I was being judged in real life for something I had only done in a dream, that I was innocent of any real life toilet flushings. She seemed to agree.

    At this point, the building of the dream changed from having a "school" function to having a "home" function, though it was a very large building. The parents were away, so I believe Micah was doing a friend a favor by letting him stay at the house. This friend was having sex with his girlfriend upstairs very loudly when the parents unexpectedly arrive. Needless to say, Micah was in trouble. There's a family argument around the table, and I defend Micah, voicing some very true and vehement opinions at Dad, who does the "Dad laugh."

    Family troubles pop up in my dreams a lot, but that whole flushing-myself-down-the-toilet thing is quite unique, as is my totally illogical and ill-informed explanation for it. I should've recognized I was in a dream by the fact that I was in school.

    1. I find myself at a music festival, where me and someone else (Micah? Kristy?) are debating which stage to go to.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    A Stroll in Chicago / Mall to Steven's to Party

    by DreamPwner on 08-03-2010 at 05:05 PM
    1. Matt shows me Merzbow.
    2. Something about LL Cool J being a psycho.

    I'm really pretty unsure if both of these were actually dream fragments, or if they were actually just an imagination trip. I suppose one blends into the other when it comes to dreams, eh?

    A Stroll in Chicago

    I'm walking the streets of "Chicago" (actually, Lafayette, near Matt's neighborhood) with Jasmyn and Micah. Eventually, the police give us a phone call about giving rides. Some old guy talks about that.

    I really wish I remembered this dream better, but it was in my first sleeping period of the night. I honestly don't remember the police phone call or the old guy very much at all. I just remember where we were walking.

    Mall to Steven's to Party

    I'm walking through an alternate version of the mall that has a clearance sale of arcade games and stuff. There's actually a Mega Man skeeball game (maybe a Sonic one, too?). Around this time, I find myself in Steven's apartment. I'm analyzing a particular glowing green pattern of lines. I'm attracted to Ashley, who happens to be there as well. Over time, the room changes (though I still believe this to be the same dream). I'm hanging around drinking vodka with Lance, at least two guys and two girls. A girl admires me while I drink the vodka. I get pretty heavily drunk and sit there. Someone tells me to wait it out. I notice that a guy and girl are fucking on this object (either a cooler or a small table). After this, the other guy takes over with the girl. They have stand-up sex while she lowers herself onto his penis. Eventually, I find myself in her place (and Lance in his), with Lance's dick sliding into my ass. He fucks me standing up (I'm pretty much oblivious and drunk) and he lets out a load moan as he comes. I tell him he should be more quiet, since my parents are around. We decide to leave the party discreetly. We're stopped briefly by my mom, who seems to slightly suspect something. We walk around what in reality is Matt's neighborhood. I'm a little worried about driving drunk, but we get in the car anyway. I reflect that I've heard alcohol suppresses REM sleep, and I hope I'll still remember the dreams I'll have tonight.

    Damn it! That last thought should've been a dead giveaway. Anyway, this dream was pretty interesting, as there were a number of spontaneous scene changes, though aspects of the dream remained constant. The part where I was staring at the green line pattern was very abstract. For some reason, I felt it had some connection with directions on a map (as in, the line between Point A and Point B on Google Maps), but the pattern kept changing, sometimes even becoming dashed or incomplete.

    When I woke up this morning, I really didn't remember any aspects of my dreams at all, but I followed some advice I'd heard and just laid there for a while. From minute to minute, I would remember new aspects of the dreams (especially the latter one), and I'd jot down keywords. In this way, I basically reconstructed the second dream entirely from memory, when no conscious memory existed to begin with.
    non-lucid , dream fragment