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      I am quite sorry for the intrusion as I am sure you are no longer on this sight but I saw your posts on a recurring dream of a woman and I am the same.....red hair and eyes I have given her the name ash but assume that is not her true name.....I have seen her for most of my life but have a inquiry....did you see multiples of these women....as I remember at the age of five (strange I know) I saw a woman who I had never met and was not ash she was only in two of my dreams yet I feel this unfinished strong connection with her.....your imput?
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    LD July 7,2014 DILD AFD 3:40 am "Damm Boots"

    by DreamRealEyes on 07-08-2014 at 05:11 AM
    Had this lucid dream last night. The lucid dream itself was a little boring but the dream that proceed it was really fun. I was some kind of Jedi Night rescuing a landing party and I was flying around on a little personal saucer disk sitting on top of it. I think I became lucid while flying and then the dream changed, or the dream changed and then I become lucid. Anyway I'm now in a machine shop at a school. I know I'm dreaming and I start touching some of the machinery to stabilize the dream, but I didn't feel like I needed to as my lucidity felt so stable already. I left there and walked outside. Outside was like a courtyard to a big mall. Lots of people milling around. Oh ya, as I'm walking outside I realize I'm only wearing underwear, I think I've got to make some clothes appear. I'm thinking about how I've read people making things appear in their dreams on the forum. (It didn't occur to me to make the close appear on me, only to find them in the dream). I walk across the courtyard and I see my daughter pull up in a convertible. As I walk up she is handing a bundle of clothes to a guy that just walked up. I walk up grab the bundle of clothes and say "these are for me". I then see two pairs of pants and one is a corduroy and I say "but not these" and hand them to the guy. Then I recognize the guy from an earlier dream in which he was being an ass and so I punch him in the face. (??! Don't know where that came from). I pay no more attention to him or my daughter and walk off to go put my clothes on. I'm wondering what I should do in my lucid dream. I'm walking over to a bench and there's a big mall sign above. A women ask me if I know what time it is. I see a big digital clock on the sign but I'm thinking digital clocks are notoriously hard to read in a LD and so chuckling to myself I tell her "no I can't tell you what time it is". At this point I seem to have a lower level of lucidity for the rest of the dream as it changes a couple of times without my being conscious of it. Now I'm riding in the back of a car putting on my clothes. Others are in the back with me and we're talking. Once dressed I decide to freak them out and I jump out through the back doors (going through the closed doors), we were traveling fast, I'm standing up and skidding to a stop, but as I still don't have my shoes on I have to make myself float just above the pavement.

    The dream changes again, now I'm on a train going up a mountain landscape. I'm bored trying to think of what to do. I start putting on my boots, lacing up the boots. I think maybe I'll fly into some caves in the mountain Then think I don't want to be in a dark place. Then I have the idea to go to my home town and do something there. I wonder how should I get there. I know flying would take to long. Then I think to do what I've read people do on the forum. I will make a door appear and step through the door to my home town. I'm wondering how I'm going to do that, still struggling with putting on these heavy lace up boots and thinking why did I conger up these stupid lace up boots! Just then I feel myself slipping into waking.

    My Comments: The dream was a little boring because I couldn't think of anything to do. Oh, I actually did think of finding a women and having sex but decided against it. I can see I need to set some waking intentions to do something next time I'm lucid. Also wear some clothes!

    LD June 26, 2014 the Elevator

    by DreamRealEyes on 06-26-2014 at 12:53 PM
    I did it! My fist LD since joining the forum 5 days ago. I'm self employed and for the last 5 weeks I've been on a job that requires me starting on the job site at 6 am. So I've been getting up at 4 am and since I don't usually go to be until 10:30, well that's not the best conditions for lucid dreaming. But last night I was unusually tied and I went to be at 8:30.

    I woke up at 2:30 am, got a drink of water, realized I was quite rested and thought I might just be able to lucid dream. I tried WILDs without success, drifted in and out of dreams, had a short semi lucid dream that I'm not going to bother to recount. I new it must be getting close to time to get up and then I had this dream

    I was at a construction site (not the site I'm working on). My brother was there and another guy. We got into a huge freight elevator and were trying to return the the floor for our job but this elevator had all these temporary buttons, the labels of which didn't make any sense. We had tried a few floors that were wrong but finally the door opens and I see it's our floor but my brother is messing around with something in the elevator and the door closes. I"m trying to find the door open button and frustrated because these stupid buttons don't make any sense. I go over to my brother and say quickly which button opens the door before it gets called to another floor! And then it hits me, THIS MUST BE A DREAM!

    My fist thought is I need to test to confirm that I'm dreaming. I think of flipping a coin. (I've actually never heard of that being a dream test), I check my pockets but I don't have any coins. Then I think I'll run head long into and through the door that will prove it!. But then I think maybe not the best idea if I was wrong. I walk up to the door and now there is a glass wall to the right of the doors. I"m excited because now I can try doing one of my favorite things to do in LDs, That is to push my hands through glass. I walk up the glass and push my hand against it. And yep sure enough it pushes through!

    Now the coolest thing about pushing through glass as opposed to other solid objects in LDs is that glass acts kind of like thick taffy. (Other dreamers have had this same experience) It bends and stretches a bit, when you pull out or push through all the way it sort of sticks to you and stretches out. And this was really thick glass which made it extra cool.

    I was pushing both hands in and pulling and moving my hands around, really getting into it. I realized my dream attention was very strong. I remembered that I had been planing on practicing stabilizing the dream ( a waking intention I've been repeating) and that touching objects was one way of doing it. I focused even more on the glass and the tactical feel. I felt the dream and lucidity was very stable..... AND THEN MY ALARM WENT OFF!!!

    Damm... Oh well, I am very happy to have had the dream. Now I got to get to work.... Try again tonight!


    My latest Lucid dream. May 2014

    by DreamRealEyes on 06-22-2014 at 07:46 AM
    This was my latest lucid dream that happened a month ago in May of 2014.
    My wife and I were walking along a street in a city. It was day time. I became lucid and took her hand and we began running along and then flying together still holding hands side by side arms outstretched. We flew along the street and then up and out of the city. There seems to be a gap here because the next thing I remember we are still flying hand in hand but now we are high over a snowy mountain scenery. We see a Buddhist temple below in a valley near a lake, there is snow on the ground. We swoop in and land at the edge of the lake. There is a Buddhist monk there to greet us. As we walk up to the monk my wife bows to him and he is like giving her a blessing and an interesting things happens for just a fraction of a second. As he lowers his head I see out of the side of my eye his face change into what looks like the evil lord in the Star Wars movie. His serene face suddenly becomes evil looking for a fraction of a second but then is normal again. I shrug it off thinking it must just be me and it was in the side of my vision. Then we follow him up to the temple. As we approach the temple a tiger comes out to meet us, there are other monks about too. The tiger is friendly enough although very large and follows us into the temple.

    As we enter the temple I don't see my wife again in the dream. I enter a room with many monks sitting on one end of the room facing me (Tibetan monks). The head monk (the one who met us) is sitting in the middle and beckons me to sit before him. The head monk tells me that he has something important to give me. (I am still lucid and quite excited by the auspiciousness of the dream). He says before he can give it to me I must repeat these words after him. He then begins to chant out some Tibetan? words. I am suppose to repeat the words but I feel it is like I am giving an oath only I don't know what the words mean and so I am reluctant to say them. Concerned about this I turn my head from him and look to the other monks, one of them is a Westerner and I ask them "can anyone tell me what he is saying?". (I don't know why I didn't ask him as he was speaking English eariler).

    At the moment I ask the question he stands up with a look of disgust and without saying a word walks out of the room. Other top monks follow him. I suddenly realize I had made a terrible gaffe and had disrespected him by turning to the other monks. I feel terrible. The Westerner monks tells me it's ok, it's ok, and says he will talk to him and leaves the room. I wake up after that.

    Comments about the dream: This is one of those significant lucid dreams that I put a high reality value on. I even think the the Westerner monk is a character I've seen in a previous significant lucid dream. As some of you might have experienced, some lucid dreams just seem to have a special feel to them, like the characters in the dream are more than just products of your dreaming mind. When I awoke from this dream I had the strange feeling of being torn between two positions. One I felt terrible as I felt I had made a terrible foopa and blown an opportunity to receive some significant piece of spiritual information or blessing. But also I felt strongly that I may have just dodged a bullet. That my seeing the evil monk for a flash of a second was important and that I was being tricked by appealing to my spiritual greed into making some sort of pledge that would not have been in my best interest. In which case I was lucky to be lucid enough for even in a dream not to just repeat any oath that was given to me to say. In which case the monk got up not out of disgust, but for seeing I could not be tricked.

    Now some people may think I'm crazy to put such importance on a dream but all I can say is that based on my long experience with dreaming and life that I put much more reality on dreaming and much more dreaming on reality than most people may do.

    Be well, -DreamRealEyes