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    I'm 17 and a student studying graphics and illustration at college. I love to draw and dream. When I'm not drawing , I'm sleeping and when I'm not sleeping I'm drawing. I decided to start trying to become lucid in my dreams so that i could escape reality and also to get to know myself a little better. I would love to reach a high level of control over my dreams so that i am able to meet other dreamers. Although only a beginner to the lucid dream world i am determine to spend my lifetime learning the ways my psyche.
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    was I lucid ?

    by DreamSapiens on 11-12-2012 at 12:25 AM
    This dream was a couple of nights ago and i was just wondering wether i was actually lucid. I woke up a lot that night , it seemed to be pretty much after every dream. I was lying awake after what i thought was just another time i had woken up. I was just led there trying to get back to sleep and then for some reason i thought to myself "i wonder if this is a dream?". I didn't really think i would be because when ever i do do a reality check I'm in reality. I decided to do one anyway. I started by looking at my hands. I had done a reality check just before i went to sleep and could not even see my hands because it was to dark and yet this time when i looked at them i could see them. When i first looked at them they seemed normal but as i looked closer i realised my fingers would shrink down and then grow again , one by one. I thought to myself "shit am i actually dreaming?" already getting very excited. I then tried to push my finger through the palm of my hand but instead of it actually going through, it shrunk down the more i pushed in and then as i brought it back it grew again. By this point i was really freaking out with excitement as i had been trying for quite a while. I decide to see if i could float up out of my bed. I then noticed my excitement and noticed the dream fading away. I thought i should probably rub my hands together before doing anything but as i did the dream was gone. Im not sure if i went straight into another dream or woke up, i just dont remember anything else.

    I was really excited when i woke in the morning that i was getting closer to having a lucid dream. I would be grateful if someone could reassure me one wether this was the beginning of a lucid dream or not ?