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    Jan 15th: Niagara Falls is the land of candy

    by dreamsickle on 01-17-2011 at 08:21 PM
    I had 2 dreams I remember:

    -1st dream was with an old ex or some variation of her
    -I was in this small room and my ex came up to me saying that this wasn't reality. This was my 2nd attempt at lucid dreaming so I wasn't alert enough in my dream to realize this cue and gain awareness.

    2nd dream I was floating on a raft with some older woman I was apparently intimate with(though there was the sense that she was involved with someone else - who was there in the raft)
    -I think we were all actors that had appeared in different major movies (the guy who was one of the friends in Kickass was talking to me)
    -we floated down the river towards what seemed like Niagara Falls
    -the speed of the river wasn't great at all, we ended up veering right and it seemed like we were headed toward a party (in the water, atop the falls)
    -the party was at the falls, literally all around the falls, and as we got closer I realized I was naked wearing women's lingerie - or something to that effect. skimpy. Collars and cuffs and maybe even a womens wig.
    -I floated past a woman I haven't really spoken to since grade 9 and she was shocked at my nakedness/attire. She was floating in an old inner tube.
    -I then got closer to the falls and I either intentionally or didn't care to avoid falling down the falls but when I went down it wasn't a far drop
    -I fell about 3 feet onto a ledge and realized Niagara falls was either made out of, or decorated with - candy
    -I started eating the rock/candy and being a glutton, having a great time
    -I then woke up

    **just remembered I had sleep paralysis where I felt tingling all over my body, could almost see sparks of colours & felt a cool burning sensation somewhere from between my eyes down to the bridge of my nose and it 'felt' like a purple colour**