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    Warped Glass and the Shy Door

    by DreamThrower on 05-10-2012 at 03:02 AM
    I had a lot of other dream this same night, but seeing the effort it took to write this, I decided to only write about the lucid one. As a side thought, the guy from RL mentioned in this dream went to sleep at 4am and I woke up from this at 4:18am that same morning. He didn't remember his dreams, but I found this interesting.

    [ ] = uncertain
    ( )= random details
    { }= post commentary
    [Ö]= continued but not shared

    April 23rd, 2012

    Dream 1:

    Iím walking down this hallway in this seemingly random house. The flooring is hardwood and itís fairly dark [as if itís night outside and the only bits of light present are from within the house]. I take a left turn to peer inside a room. Like the hallway, the room has wooden floors and is for the most part bare, containing little to no furniture. I take no more than a step inside the threshold of the open doorway before I suddenly become lucid {I still have no idea why, guess I just asked myself if I was dreaming out the blue}.

    I then turn to my left and look toward the left side of the room. I focus on making this one orange-eyed girl appear there {I met her in a previous dream months ago and sheís the first dream character Iíve tried meeting again (for the most part to see if sheís real or just a projection of my conscious)}. I donít as much try to conjure her with my mind but find her, try to reach out with my consciousness {or whatever..lol} and bring her to this space. The scene starts to waver/ become unstable (?) so I stop and try focusing on stabilization as it seems that my efforts are either not working or Iím simply getting ahead of myself. I start to use my RHTF (rub hands then floor) technique. Rubbing my hands together, I feel heat from the friction. Though the my hands feel rougher than usual, it feels real enough to make me fear that Iíve woken up and am simply doing this curled up in my bed. I then squat down to rub the hardwood floors but somewhat a bit unsuccessfully (as in Iím not able to really feel them too well).

    I get up, still a bit disoriented, and try to turn on as many lights as possible to make the atmosphere less dark and scary. I flip several of the light switches on the wall, but only one or two of the lights in the room/hallway turn on; the rest donít work. I think, ĎOh yeah, thatís right..DAMN IT, DREAMWORLD!>__<í

    I then start descending a flight of stairs to the first floor (from this point on, the random house Iím in becomes pretty much my house in RL). As I descend down past the dividing wall of the stairwell, my motherís office area on the first floor comes into view on my left. The lights in the alcove are all on. All is normal with the space except, instead of its ordinarily door-less arch way that serves as its entrance, there is an enormous red, wooden, rectangular door. Itís made of up thick, vertically-running planks with two horizontally-running, black, metal bars (one near the bottom and the other near the top). It also has [two rows] of black, circular studs and a [downward cuving (?)] black handle. As I go down the stairs, getting closer to the door, it starts to slowly close. When I reach about the third step from the bottom, the door starts moving faster and slams shut. This startles me, but I do my best not to be scared. I skittishly think, ĎWell, that was weird..heh..heh O_Oí Ď. (kind of looked like this) -->

    I reach the end of the stairs, turn left, and continue down the hallway, past the huge door, to the kitchen. Once there, I stand in the space between the living room and kitchen facing the living room. I sense a presence suddenly. Behind me. By the fridge. O_o Slowly and cautiously, I turn around, afraid of who/what might be there...

    It turns out only to be my guy friend from one of my classes in RL. My eyes meet his steel greys. Relieved, I walk over to him. He might have started to greet me but I excitedly tell him, ďMichael, weíre dreaming!Ē His eyes widen and he replies bewildered, ďWhaó?? How is that possible..?Ē as he looks down at his hands, turning them over, then looking back at me. We continue talking as I turn to walk back down the hallway, this time with him at my side following my lead. It feels SO much less scary to finally NOT be alone in a lucid dream and Iím more than grateful to have his comforting company. We reach the front door with the office door to the left. He turns right and starts going up the stairs. I would have followed, but I pause looking at the front door. I interrupt him mid-sentence to say, ďHey wait, come check this out,Ē The front door is exactly the same except for its oval, beveled window. The glass is undulated inward toward me. I run my right hand down the glass, feeling its cool smoothness. Michael comes to my right side and does the same. We both are amazed.

    I open the front door out of curiosity. It's day time [and over cast]. A black sedan is park outside the house and an Irish-looking man, probably in his late thirties, steps out of the car. He sports a suit with a dark green overcoat. I'm not sure if he's walking passed the house or towards it, but he definitely is looking in its direction. For some reason, I feel threatened by him, and try to shut the door and lock it as nonchalantly, but quickly as possible. I swing the door shut easy enough, but the lock's bolt hole is slightly too high off alignment. I have to raise the door and then twist the lock in order to secure it, just as I feel the most panicked by the suspicious stranger's presence outside. I close it before anything bad can happen. {I swear, I have to find a way to make my dreams less horrifying}

    I then continue up the stairs with Michael who had been patiently waiting for me. Once upstairs, I'm unsure what to do next.

    Suddenly in my thoughts, I see the actor Peter Krause (from the show Six Feet Under) from the neck up, floating in a sort of colorful void. My view goes from farther away looking at his left profile, and then zooms in and around counterclockwise into his blankly staring brown eyes. This happens two or three times (as if stuck on replay in my mind) until I think loudly, "Enough!" shaking my head to free myself of the random thought.

    I'm then back in the upstairs hallway and I look up. I see the same actor in a void of smoke and clouds, varying in colors from pink, yellow, and wisps of aqua blue. He's shirtless and curled up in a ball with his back mostly to me [he might have had black tattoos along his upper back and arms]. He appears to be sleeping peacefully. I think to myself, "No! Don't wake up! Don't return to your own body!" but I start drifting upwards. I regain consciousness.

    lucid , memorable

    Possessed Puppies and Other Strangeness

    by DreamThrower on 04-16-2012 at 07:18 AM
    Ah! Finally some time to catalog the last few nights dreams. I stayed up working and fell asleep in my street clothes I was in and out of consciousness for the earlier dreams, trying to gather the resolve to get up and actually get ready for bed. However it never came, :3_ so some parts are difficult to order correctly and there was a persisting sense of disorientation throughout. It's long but if you read nothing else of this, please read dreams 5 and 6 and comment on what you think.

    April 13th, 2012

    Dream 1:

    I'm outside in this open park-like area [on the outskirts of a forest]. My dad and [apparently] one of my friend's dad {idr who} is there. It's day time [maybe sunny(?)] and the flat ground of the clearing is covered in short, light-green grass. Fully leaved trees are scattered about the area, their shade forming pools around their trunks {so I guess it was around noon}. I look around on the ground and see these navy-blue berries (slightly smaller and rounder than actual blue berries) pepper the the grass a few feet away from me. I'm bare foot and for some reason in a bit of discomfort from what I feel below my feet. It's feels like a multitude of small pointed things, similar to walking on a pile of twigs. I survey the earth more immediately around me. There are a few small twigs here and there but none directly underneath me. I then wonder if fire ants are the cause and again check the ground, this time with more care and alarm. A few black ants, a shade close to the navy-blue of the berries, march unorganized a few feet away. Now I'm really confused..


    Dream 2:

    I'm in a car with my brother and a younger light-brown haired girl {I might know her in real life, but again I'm uncertain}. I'm on the passenger side. We pull over to the right side curb and stop at the girl's mail box. I reach my right hand out through the window and open the box for her. The head of the mailbox is the traditional half cylinder shape but its inside is anything but one would call traditional. It's a full panel of numbered buttons. She recites a long string of numbers for me to enter, "[628...--]", but I tell her to wait and that it's probably best if I weren't the one doing this because I don't want to set of her house's security alarm. She agrees. [We pull into drive way (?)}..

    Day [3]:

    {This dream's the fuzziest} This woman suggests to her boyfriend/husband that they should go "to their cabin in the woods". This Immediately triggers a connection to the recent, and very much unoriginal, movie title "The Cabin in the Woods" {I saw a brief glimpse of the trailer on youtube I believe}. It's vague but I know afterward the couple, and whatever company they bring, inevitably are chased down by psychos who torture/kill them etc. {essentially was just like "The Strangers", creepy masks, fall setting and everything}...

    Dream [4]:

    {This is another hazy part. I'm not quite sure, but I was an observer most of this} There are these people probably between 19 and their early 20s.They're looking to make a Paranormal Activity 4. Apparently, in all the movies prior in this series, the cast actually died as a result of the paranormal activity they tried to record on film. Of course at this point I'm thinking: "Okay now folks,..people DIED doing this and despite knowing this information..you do it anyway???" {I feel like if that really happened in RL, people would do what these guys were trying to anyway. Oh, humanity, common sense is no longer common } A young woman in the group tells one of the guys "that graveyard actually is haunted", as if it were local, and then continues to tell enthusiastically some experience she had there. This comment then makes me think back to a show I recently watched on psychics. A teenage boy said that he always sees this shadow man whenever he walks by a certain local graveyard and it makes his stomach hurt immensely..

    Dream 5:

    {Pretty sure this was a direct result of the last dream..} I'm in a living room similar to that of my old house. I'm sitting on the off-white carpet [with my legs folded under me]. My brother and our close friend, M, [and maybe another one of my best mates] are there sitting on either one of the couches or on the floor as well. My family's old, short wooden coffee table is to my left. It's half boxed in by our old love seat, long couch and single-seater couch just as they were in my prior home except the table is pushed out further away from the couches and closer to the TV. A fluffy husky-looking puppy is in the room with us. His fur is black and white. [I was just petting/playing with him] before all of a sudden the puppy starts acting strange, as if terrified, ducking under the table onto its bottom panel. He turns over on his back and starts seizing and whimpering, showing his white chest and curled white paws. I know something we can't see has a hold of him. Something dark and paranormal. I'm unsure of what to do, it's just so awful. I reach out for him saying, "It's alright, buddy..", but he jerks away, off the corner of the under panel and onto the carpet. He continues to squirm side to side crying. M and my brother are talking in urgent words, their voices overlapping in the chaos. I look behind me to see a large flat screen TV. It's displaying an all white back ground with some text in the middle of it, like a TV show title. I pay no attention to this because I'm focusing on what looks like blacker-than-night smoke, drifting out of screen view at the top right corner. I turn back to my companions and say "[I think] it's leaving". It seems whatever was attacking the dog released its grip. The small creature remains on his back but appears to be recovering. I, however, feel this overwhelmingly powerful and dark presence (very difficult to describe). I feel something start in my chest that forces its way upwards until it reaches my mouth in less than a second. I rock forward emitting resonating and blood scream. {It felt like what I can only describe as insanity..}

    Dream 6:

    [I wake, walk out of my room] and then slowly make my way down the hallway, dazed and still a bit disturbed. I then hear something from my right. It's a scream. It's human but unearthly. It sounds like several screams in one echoing cry. It startles me. I then hear a second scream, putting me in a state of sheer terror. I think "Oh no!! I must have fully awakened my psychic abilities and now I'm going to see dead people and life is gonna suck and--
    but wait, what if I didn't wake up? What it I'm dreaming? I'm totally dreaming!". As I grab the stair case banister post and sling shot myself around to the top of the steps, I look up at the mirror directly across from me in the hall way. I think I see myself in it, but in the confused panic I can't make much sense of the blurry, dark grey figure in it. Everything's a shade of grey, not black and white, but as if it's daytime and what little light shining in from outside comes through insidiously dark storm clouds. All I can think now is "Get outside. Just get outside. Get to the front door!". I rush down the flight of stairs and fling the front door open. [Quickly closing the door behind me], I'm looking down when I take my first step onto the porch and ,at which point, I promptly close my eyes and think "Make it Fall. Wait, no! Summer!". I accidentally open my eyes as I'm rushing down the porch steps. I see grey skies and grass melancholy with patches of dead earth. I quickly close my eyes again and in a last ditch effort think "Blue skies! Happy!" but nothing changes.
    I then see a mini-van in the driveway. My brother's in the driver seat. I see one of my best childhood friends, Marry, {whom I haven't talked to in years unfortunately} sitting in the back on the passenger side. My new train of logic at this point: "if my brother can't see me, then I'm dreaming. If he can, I'm awake and I'm suddenly hearing dead people". I go up to the drive side window. I wave my arms and scream his name several times, but he seems to be looking through me. He then, however, greets me as if he'd been spacing out momentarily and I let out a dramatic, "NOOOOooOOoOo!!", almost dropping to my knees {this makes me doubt my lucidity}. I then see Mary get out of the sliding door of the van and when she walks its front to the side I'm on, she's suddenly my friend M from Dream 4. I'm beyond confused and disorientated...

    Hexes and Pterodactyls

    by DreamThrower on 04-08-2012 at 08:20 AM
    No lucidity for DreamThrower today despite my the blatant clues that I was dreaming. :c Disappointing after 2 consecutive nights of LDs, I'll put the wind back in my sails trying again tonight!

    [ ] = uncertain
    ( )= random details
    { }= post commentary
    [Ö]= continued but not shared

    April 7th, 2012

    Dream 1:

    Iím somewhere outside [not sure where]. My friend {lets just say ďTBĒ, real name w/ held} is there. I go over to TB and give her a big hug with both my arms over her shoulders and hers around my waist. I grab her tightly with my chin over her left shoulder. Iím extremely happy to see her and weíre both smiling brightly. {Sheís slightly taller than me in RL. Weíre both slim but Iím far more toned, being a tracklete and golfer, while sheís super skinny just because of her really fast metabolism. I usually have 5-10 pounds on her because of her lack of muscle mass}. She picks my inside the hug {which should have tipped me off to the fact that this is a dream as I regularly tease her about her lack of upper body strength in RL ><}.


    Dream 2:

    Iím inside my school in a class room that doesnít resemble any room actually in the building in RL. A class mate of the same year is there sporting her short pink hair. Sheís usually quiet and reserved in RL, but she walks over to talk to me. She gives me a rectangular box about 2 feet long and about 6 inches in height. I accept it holding it in both arms. She then tells me that if I ďshatter a British coinĒ and then place it [under my pillow (?)] then something good will happen {I canít remember what though}. I then walk over to a black topped table, like one Iíd find in the science department, and take a seat next to my older brother (who doesnít go to the same school as me) and a friend of ours. Both are to my left closest to the window. I set the box down on the table in front of me. {I donít know the girl that gave me the box well in RL, but I know that I associate her with the friend circle of this one chick Iím not particularyly fond of} Leaning in toward my brother and friend, we whisper our suspensions that this girl [and her friends] are planning to use voodoo against [me/us], and that her suggestion will really bring harm rather than good. I lift the right edge of the boxís lid up to peer inside: there is some fuchsia tissue paper lining the inside and laying on their sides is a pair of converses. All the rubber is white, like any traditional converse shoe, but the fabric is a bright yellow with a gold-like shine. (a bit hard to describe but close to these) ->

    Me being a silver person myself, I have no intention of wearing these and quickly shut it with an indignant frown (as if Iíve been put on the spot by this chick giving me a random Ďpresentí in the middle of class, I donít want them to get the wrong idea thinking weíre a couple or something)...

    Dream 3:

    {Here Iím more watching that in the dream myself} Itís sunny outside and the pond normally beside my school has transformed into a sea. Instead of the pondís short muddy bank, the grass abruptly stops at the edge of a 5-10 foot heigh cliff of orange [dirt/rock]. Below are jagged grey and beige boulders with the sea lapping in between them. My point of view is just below the cliff amongst the boulders and fixed on the orange wall of the cliff face. A pointy-headed shadow drops down and then settles near the base of the cliff. It then shifts its folded winds (getting comfortable I presume). A beak becomes visible as it tilts its head upward. Apparently a pterodactyl has just landed and perched on a nearby boulder.
    I never actually see the prehistoric bird, however, only its shadow. I am unafraid and remain a casual observer. {Again another place I should have known I was dreaming T-T}
    *woken up prematurely by one of my family members*

    (just because this entry was lacking in the hand puppet department)

    &quot;Mannequin Man Again&quot;

    by DreamThrower on 04-07-2012 at 03:40 AM
    Okay, so I had fell asleep on my couch watching River Monsters with my big bro around 12am. Woke up at 4:40am (had a lot of dreams within that time) and then went back to sleep in my own bed so it was a bit of an accidental WBTB. xD In the time after I went back to sleep I had many other dreams but I suppose I will mainly focus on the 2 lucid parts:

    [ ] = uncertain
    ( )= random details
    { }= post commentary
    [Ö]= continued but not shared

    April 6th, 2012

    Dream 1:

    Itís the middle of the night and I keep hearing sounds around my room as I'm laying in bed. At first I hear creaking, as if itís maybe just pipes in the walls but now it sounds distinctly from floor boards. I make out, now listening more intently and suspiciously, about 3 thump/knocks that sound like footsteps. {reflecting back these were probably hypnagogic hallucinations that I've experience only once before that I remember} I sit up in bed and look around. Through the darkness I can see a dark mass between the foot of my bed and the door that leads out to the hall. Itís 2-3 feet in length and laying on the floor seemingly face first. Iím fairly certain I recognize it as the upper portion of a mannequin but without the head. I think back to watching play-throughs of the game Amnesia with my best mate on Youtube. :[

    Theyíre creepy as f*ck, so I freak the f*ck out a bit (go watch a vid and youíll understand). XD I rush to turn on my lamp (my beloved cat lamp Iíve had since I was an infant) on my night stand while trying to look over my extended right arm to keep an eye on the shadowy mannequin man torso. It wonít turn on! D: [Not certain if I remember this consciously within the dream, but Iíve had a nightmare or 2 before in which that same Ďrescue/safety lightí refused to turn on]. Whatever the reason, I become semi-aware that Iím dreaming, but am still panicked. I get up out of my bed to get to the front door [for some reason I just had to]. I canít remember quite clearly, but it was like I had to literally push through confusion and fear to get down stairs. Once there, I become fully aware Iím dreaming and remember the stabilization technique I had read right before I fell asleep almost immediately. I rub my hands together, ignoring my breathing this time*. I then crouch down and rub my hands on the hardwood floor. A new feeling of peace comes as all the panic and fear subsides. I look about a bit: Itís morning. Soft, early sunshine bathes the floor, shining in through a studyís windows to my left. In front of me, the light blue of the sky beyond is meshed with the green of leaves through the front doorís vertical oval, beveled window. I unlock and then slowly open it.
    Everythingís as it normally is butóso much more beautiful! I take a seat on the front porch with my legs resting on the second step descending down from it. I look toward the bushes on my right. There are these butterflies capering next to the bush, but theyíre unlike any Iíve ever seen. They have a set of 3-4inch wings, pointed at the tips. The wings a so large I donít see a body between them. The wings are yellow as well, no designs on them at all, just a solid almost glowing lemon yellow. There are maybe 3-5 of them present.

    Iím hesitant at first (wondering if they bite) but I reach my right hand out toward them to see if one might want a perch. I was about to touch one when it fluttered back onto a branch of the bush, somehow folding its wings to become an alien-like. Itís more of a ring with green sprouts coming out of the hollow center and many shades of green. Itís fascinating..

    Dream 2:

    Iím in an unfinished, but well lit, basement with that same best mate I mentioned in the prior dream. Weíre casually walking and having a conversation. Sheís in the middle of saying something to me when I see something out of the corner of my eye appear and I tell her to hold that thought. I look at the grey cement walls and see that they have beautiful paintings on them (not sure what media but probably spray paint). Itís all in black except for a thick, solid, opaque red line ricocheting about the full-walled scene. I see a stern looking older gentleman frowning and standing with his hands to his sides. He looks to be a military officer in uniform from WWII. I believe him to be a general because he sports a captainís visor cap and looks experienced. I at first think him also to be Nazi be his uniform bears no marking to affirm this speculation. I walk over to where the opposite wall deepens to form an interrupting corner-like alcove. (See pic) [I CAN draw but am too lazy to now, donít judge me! ><]

    I realize that I am dreaming when I touch the small adjoining wall (shown in grey). I then rub my hands together, feeling the warmth and then the smooth epoxy floor.* I then calm myself and concentrate, putting both hands on the wall. It shifts for a moment, almost like it rotates, and then returns to normal and all is stabilized! [Bi-winning!! >:3] I walk over to examine paintings hanging on the wall directly to my left. Theyíre all beautiful like mister general but the first one I see is this one with a grey blue gas mask, turned to show only its left side, ink outlined in black. There is a flat black, fall out-like scene behind it. A cylinder shaped water tower can be seen in the distance. Itís beige-grey with red water color shading. I study intently, with the intention of recreating this in real life, but thereís so much detail to take in! Turning to the small segment of wall on my right again, I see a painting with 3-4 consecutive rolling rills with a singular road arcing along each one from background to foreground. Itís all black and white. I look closer and then see a shock-blue colored, 1940s car with a vertically barred grill come speeding along the road from the distance, over the hills and then right in front of my face and stops. It surprisingly doesnít scare me at all, only intrigues me further..

    Slim Shady, Roses and Impalement

    by DreamThrower on 04-07-2012 at 03:06 AM
    Alright! First entry online! Anywho, I fell asleep accidentally on my bed and then woke up around 5am. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, put in my contacts, and then went back to bed. So pretty much an accidental Wake Back To Sleep. Oops. Owo This was the third lucid dream Iíve ever had ever, even though it was unfortunately short lived. Hope whoever might read this is able to learn something or at least be mildly entertained. :3
    [ ] = uncertain
    ( )= random details
    { }= post commentary
    [Ö]= continued but not shared

    April 5th, 2012

    Dream 1:

    Iím in my parentsí room in our first house. Iím sitting to one side of the bed while random members of my Lit class are just chilling amongst its untidy sheets. {really strange scenario I know but my mind isnít that dirty, I promise} [Weíre treating the TV like the projector screen] and itís just a really laid back version {literally} of our real life class. [...]

    Dream 2:

    Iím hanging out with this group of other teens [some of which I know (?)] in a house, presumably one of theirs. Eminem is there. It turns out itís his house [though I believe one of the others in the group is his daughter]. He gets angry and chases us out of the garage. Itís day time outside and we run down this side walk thatís parallel to the right side of the house (when looking at it from the front) and about 15 ft away from the building. Bushes on either side (about 3 and a half feet tall) make it form a sort of alley. (see quickly etched Paint pic)

    Others are running ahead of me and I can hear them gleefully fleeing. I turn behind me to see Slim shady lumbering toward me with all the grace and friendliness of a hungry yeti . Heís bare-headed (short, straw-colored hair showing). His blue eyes {which a google image search now reveals to be accurate} are fixed aggressively forward. {Disclaimer: I love Slim, but listen to his old free styles and tell me he canít be awesomely scary sometimes!}

    I stumble backward and to my right, falling back into the bush some. I feel pricks along my right back side. I realize now that these are rose bushes. Heís almost on me. Iím wondering which creative way heíll kill me. Squinting, I start raising my fearful, open palms, bracing for the worst. I think ďOhGod OhGodóNOooo!!!....Hn?Ē . He strides straight past me, eyes glaring onward still. I figure that heís going after the boys of the group and breathe a sigh of relief. {which in retrospect sounds quite selfish but hey, I donít have the out run the bear, just be looking to cute to maul to death }

    I see some of my friends (really a menagerie of acquaintances in real life and strangers) a ways down a short grassy hill just past the bushes across from me (which arenít all rose bushes like on the opposing side Iím on). I start to walk towards them but as I try to move forward I feel a tugging in my inner right leg just above the knee. Somethingís holding me back. I look down: a light green rose stem with dark red/purple thorns has stabbed into my leg. One of the thorns stuck in me is particularly large and hooked. I try twisting the stem with both hands to break free of the bush, being careful to avoid touching the other thorns. The stem is thin but flexible and the fibers arenít easy to rip. I see a boy from my lit class {again no idea why Lit class is all over my mind O_oí} at the bottom of that short hill in front of me about 30 feet away. He has a large silver knife in his left hand [he seems to be just playing with it, waving it about]. I ask him to bring me his knife to help cut me loose. He either canít hear me or just acts like he canít. Either way, it pisses me off. I finally tear the stem, freeing myself, walk around/through the opposing normal bushes and then hobble down the hill into this shallow bunker (golf sand bunker) where him and others are standing. I limp over to him and, glaring angrily into his face, sharply say these exact words, ďYou. Are the most competitively retarded person Iíve met all day!Ē {Disclaimer: I donít use the word ďretartedĒ like that in real life, so please pardon dream me if offended}. Heís not very effected [maybe even still smirking]. {Perma-trolls, what can ya do?}

    I then flop backward onto the slightly damp sand so that Iím [laying/sitting] with my knees up. One of the group helps pullout the substantial stem slowly out of my right leg, and I wince at the pain but then act as if it doesnít hurt like a mother.

    Itís apparently time to go, and the other s start to walk away. I stand up to follow them, but trip and fall. I find this to be uncharacteristically clumsy of me but then remember as an excuse ďOh yeah thatís right, thatís because Iím underwaterĒ. I pause after that thought and think, ďWaaait..What?? No Iím not!Ē. I then look up at the sky. Itís a pretty aqua blue with a cluster of puffy white clouds. In the center of this cluster is a collection of thin clouds that appear to form the outline of a face. It kind of looks like a samarai mask.
    I then attempt to follow the logic of my situation: ďOkay, so I told him that heís the Ďmost competitively retarded person Iíve met all dayí but..who else HAVE I met today?..and why would I think Iím under water? And why is there a face in the sky?? Andówait..Iím dreaming!Ē

    I then try to suppress my elation and concentrate. I think, ďOkay! Okay! Now just calm down concentrate on breathingĒ, as I continue looking up at the formation of clouds. I try evening out my breaths but the clouds surrounding the face start to swirl counterclockwise and Iím losing hold of the dream quickly. My last thought is, ďTake me to the Dream Academy!Ē, but then my vision whites out, then goes black, and I wake up. SO CLOSE! DX

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