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    by DreamWest on 01-29-2012 at 11:20 PM
    Talking to Nikki about whether or not her mom owned artistic impressions. In RL i know it's a stupid question. I leave and go to my car, At some point my mom gets in. I'm driving well, quite fast. Not slowing down much for corners. Now that i think of it there were no stop signs. My mother and i keep arguing and i end up on the highway. I go to slow down for a right turn and the breaks are horrible. I crashed through a barrier, but It didn't really give any resistance, there's no debris and the car still works. I wish i would have become lucid there but some how that stuff is fine to me. I pull over because i thought i saw a cop on a bike and some old Guy on a motorcycle comes over and gives me shit. He says that he's being nice because he didn't call the cops, then some comment like "i didn't even tell shades over there". Shades is the Guy i thought was a cop (wearing sun glasses), i guess he was.... He then proceeds to get in my car and drive away. i wake up.

    One of my first dream recalls

    by DreamWest on 01-29-2012 at 11:12 PM
    Sitting somewhere at night with a large group. They were all wearing the same sweaters and without looking I had a strong feeling that I wasn't. We were sitting around waiting for some event we had planned. eventually a girl came and sat down beside me really close. I didn't know her but she started to kinda flirt and put her hand touching mine so I just grabbed it and started holding her hand. Like many others I'm a little more bold in my dreams. News that our event got cancelled came and I was extremely dissapointed. Then there was something about cars and ethnicity. I was talking to an Asian girl about "her" cars as they drove around the place we were in. I'm not sure who this girl was but she may have been the girl holding hands with me. I would say something like "that's your car" pointing to a Mazda rx7 driving by. Then a Bugatti Veyron drove in and parked making my friends have to move, which was an asshole move but maybe we were sitting in a parking lot. The girl holding my hand left at some point. My friend then gave me a joint that was quite poorly rolled. I started smoking and didn't feel smoke in my lungs but didn't really notice or care. Then a Russian man came out who was with us before but i forget what happened at that time. Anyways i felt as if he wouldn't like my joint so i tried am attempt at hiding it then put it out when i could. He then asked for people to help him. I was trying to communicate to him asking if it was a lifting job while making a lifting motion, he didn't much care for this and continued walking. At some point a thought is born and I think I'm filming for a movie and have this constantly in the back of my head. We get closer to our objective and he says we need to set up ammunition for his gun. I ask what kind and he says something with a 3 in it and i know its a sniper rifle and I'm very pleased hoping ill get to shoot it (somehow we can communicate now). When we get there, there is a tall fence structure that looks half art half labrynth. Little bit of a blank, but after we're climbing out over it. Everyone else finds it very easy but i go to climb under and notice the space at the bottom is very small. At this point i realise i have a backpack on (WTF). The decision to climb over the fence comes into play which in waking life would have been my first decision because I'm moderately agile. Climbing over seems very realistic, like a compilation of every fence I've ever climbed in my life. I blanked again but after i see my friend Claire and she says something very strange to maybe just me, but i feel all of us. I take it and play it off with intrigue that's both made up and partially real. The bullshit intrigue comes from The previous knowledge that were filming for a movie, and the real intrigue because I have no idea of any script or anything about the movie. I make a shitty actor move and look for a camera but can't even screw up because there's nothing. No lense or person to be found. I follow Claire and do something weird like put my head on her shoulder cause i don't Care about the movie and I wake up.
    Hunger prevented me from doing a WBTB