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    Still in high school, I had my first LD where i was in complete control earlier in June. I do remember having a couple of dreams in which i was using telekinesis when i was younger. This web site seemed to be the most useful so i made a account.
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    Vitamin B6 - Real results!

    by Drift on 07-01-2011 at 12:04 PM
    Vividness: 7 I feel like the vitamin b6 made me seem more in first person and more in control,
    Lucidity: 0 although i did not become lucid I felt like i was living it, not following a story.

    I had a dream i was in my kitchen, and my parents were leaving for work, this one girl from my school was trying to talk to me using a webcam. Only odd this was that my microwave had become my computer. My parents were about to walk out the door so i turned the volume and screen off. Once they left, I clearly remember her telling me her dad was with the company when they developed this new flavor of Gatorade. My dad came home so I shut the Microwave off real quick thinking he was going to think I;m going insane.
    I was in some sort of back yard area of a apartment or townhouse located on the dock. There was a little rocky area to the left that went about 8 feet high, and had a waterfall coming down from it. The hole was about 3 feet deep where you could sit around it. Me, and my friend Austin were sitting around it, I remember there being some purple goo at the bottom in a small compartment. Might have been a paint can? I was stirring it up with a long straw just to mess with it. I remember it bubbled and some of it got on him. He freaked out, then we were over by the dock area drinking that Gatorade that one girls dad supposedly made. I remember looking for something at the top of the little cabin/box thing that popped out of the house where the door was. It was some sort of ingredient, i think it was a bag of sugar, dough, or insta potatoes. My brothers friend Daniel had shown up by then.
    I was with some friends snooping outside my house waiting for my parents to leave, my friend Jeff asked me if he could smoke in my house. I said no, but he could smoke in the hockey room(Dreamed up sports room separate from the house.) I remember us being in some sort of hold that seemed to be 10-12ft deep. It was night time, he was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. We had been sitting around, and my brothers friend garret was hiding under this one part of the hole that was about a 70 degree angle, so if some one had looked down from right above him they couldn't see him. Basically we were just waiting for my parents to leave with out letting them know we were there. Jeff was across from garret under this part the had a concrete fence above him. I was on the other side of the hole, on the length instead of width so we made a triangle. I suddenly was where my friend garret was, and he was gone. my friend Scott was next to Jeff all a sudden. I remember looking up and seeing the roots growing out of the dirt. I thought i herd someone coming above me so i tried to silently run and slide next to where they were. I remember this seeming so dramatic when I ran across, and suddenly dipped down to slide. My brother approached from the side i was just on and he could see us perfectly from ground level. He didn't care and simply act like he never saw us.
    I was in my house and it was a military base, i wasn't of high ranking, but i was discussing a plan to invade some area. He was talking about sending waves of troops. I remember every one in their military uniform. He said that they will be sending 2 waves and we have a extra back up one just in case. He decided to send them home because he didn't feel we needed the extra troops. I remember him standing in the doorway of my kitchen, and me in the kitchen. I was nervous about talking him because he was such a high rank. I said I feel we could use the extra troops just in case. He sensed the nervousness in my voice and chuckled a little. I forget how he responded.
    There was some sort of jail or utopia i was in, i remember my manager(IRL) being the lady that controlled our sector. I remember there was some sort of stamp or card collection, when you want to grab them a jail door would swing down and smash your fingers. I remember trying to take one for the hell of it, i was quick enough and got to keep my hand. Next we were be moved, and we were walking through streets filled with active civilians, i remember walking trying not to attract any attention. We started to get to this one building, I'm not sure what happened next. I remember there was a prison break or fight of some sort mini battle, i was trying to make it up/down levels of cell doors, I'm not sure if i ever escaped.

    Till next time dream views
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Hobo Sanctuary!

    by Drift on 06-25-2011 at 04:03 PM
    vividness: 6
    Lucidity: 0
    I was at a ice skating rink, and i remember that i had just left, i had a gram bag on me. i saw a cop and wanted to run away. I ran about 200 ft over a few hills and under a bridge. This was the hobo sanctuary, there 2 hobos sleeping in the beam above us with a board in between the beams to make the surface. There was a black lady that wasn't sleeping i remember how nice she was to everybody. There were trees under the bridge that were almost hitting the top of it. They grew every fruit imaginable, and it wouldn't have been the sanctuary without them.
    I left the ice skating rink, and went to my friend Jordan's mom's house. We all headed up to his attic to smoke, my friend Colby was there to, and I remember this one girl being there that liked back in seventh grade, but i haven't seen her much in high school. I remember thinking in my head "could i get lucky?" We were going to smoke, but suddenly i forgot to call my parents to tell them I went to his house. I went to call them and the phone just wouldn't work. I would go to hit a number and a letter would come up, or the number symbol #. I finally decided to walk home. I got to my house and told them i was staying at his house, and i wanted a ride back.
    There was a medical marijuana clinic that had just opened, you could take your weed there and get the baggy stamped, and it would be legal. I was going to have this done and go over to Jordan's (came up a lot in this dream). I went to get up in line and they said they needed to see my card also, I remember i had 2 gram bags and another pinch in this one bag. I only took one out in case he would notice I'm not a real patient, and take it. I simply said that I left my card at home, and would be back later. I remember this freshman being before i walked down the street, and was talking to him on my way to Jordan's. He had been one of the shortest kid in the high school that some one could probably mistake for a elementary school kid, I remember talking to him in the mourning in real life. He had gotten a gram bag stamped(he doesn't smoke in real life) and was all ready pretty stoned to begin with. I headed off to Jordan's and we went out separate ways.
    I got to Jordan's and remember the garage door being opened i walked in, and Colby, and Jordan were already smoking out of the bong.
    We had gotten new fish in our fish tank and i was looking a them asking my mom when we had gotten them. I forget what she said.
    I watch a documentary yesterday on the moment of death, and how they would use hypothermia to save lives when people were in cardiac arrest. My pet bird had been frozen solid some how. I got some hot water and was worried that she would die, and it wouldn't work. I dropped her frozen body in the water and she flew right out.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Its raining diamonds!

    by Drift on 06-23-2011 at 04:27 PM
    vividness: 5
    Lucidity: 0, 3

    It started i was on a bus with my friend tucker, we were on a game/ride at Hershey Park. It was a bus that would drive around and while you were on it diamonds would rain down from the side, and you would try and catch them. I remember I went first, then my friend tucker did, they we were arguing over who should go on the last one, because for some reason only one more person could go.
    I was in a weird hotel environment with a bunch of friends, there was a laundry shoot that took everything down to the basement. Every one got the towels from their bathrooms and through them down there, every one was daring me to try and jump in there.
    I had a dream that the girl i got my first kiss from moved back to my school, and we were in a relationship. I was walking to my bus and she walked up and grabbed my hand and said "you thought you could get away with out saying bye to me." Then she left to get on her bus this one other girl that still goes to my school, admitted she had a crush on me and said that she was just waiting for the right moment. She basically wanted to break up with my girlfriend DC.
    I was suddenly in the math hall way in my school. The bell would ring and instead of students coming out of the classrooms, zombies did. i didnt think of it as a nightmare, i thought of it as a game. I remember trying to run down the math hall way and dodge them. some people would get turned over and some would make it. I gotten bit and began turning over. RESET the bell rung and the zombies started coming out again i ran down the hallway bouncing off the wall and kicking them in the opposite direction. i made it to the science hallway and there were not zombies there, just students, but i knew they would show up eventually, i continued running in till I reached the lunch room. I saw some friends in the lunch room and sat down with them. i began to think i was dreaming at the moment, but suddenly it faded out.
    It was like I was playing a video like black ops or something i remember walking around with a gun or a sniper. i had a solid grayish-green gilly suit on and i approached a broken down house, i remember all my team was taken out, and i was the last one left.
    I remember driving up and down the road our cabins are on when we go on vacation. We turned around and started heading in the opposite direction. Some one was after us. We parked our car and began to fish, the fishing equipment was buried in the sand by some one who had been killed by the people that are after us. We began to fish for this huge lake monster. It was what every one was after, and my friend got killed because the people wanted to catch it before we did and he was a good fisherman. I started breathing really hard, and ran back to the explorer to get my inhaler(I don't have asthma?) I ran back down and then everything faded out.
    I was arrested about a year and 3 days ago, they never sent me my court date. I dreamed I was outside with a bunch of friends. I remember one of my friends saying "pot is my favorite drug." Then i remember getting a old cigarette bud in my hat from one of my friends.(i don't smoke cigarettes) my dad walked up and I tried to take it out and flick it out, but he saw me. I remember hearing one of my friends say "I think he saw you." I was thinking, hes still right fucking there! I walked inside with my dad and he told me that they had finally come to get me and were taking me to a rehab for 2 months. I remember just say "Mother f..."(religious dad) I walked out side and started yell mother fucker at the TOP of my lungs. i walked around the house back in the front, i went in the garage and the guy pulled up to take me. He said he needed to search me before we went. After he did he was like "now we got to do a cavity search" I was like "HELL NO, you can fuck yourself." He responded saying "We need to its required" I responded saying "Oh fucking well, I bet you like your job bitch." I punched him in the face as hard as i could and ran out my garage. Then i woke up.
    dream fragment , non-lucid

    Dream marathon!

    by Drift on 06-22-2011 at 11:56 AM
    I tried to DEILD by putting my ipod in a sock then my hand in the sock. then keep my finger on the button to turn the alarm off. It didn't work. I set the alarm for 2:00 and didn't get up till 2:45. My ipod was on the floor. I was just flipping out over the sound for 45 minutes? I turned off the rest of the alarms thinking, this is not going to work.
    I went back to sleep and my brain exploded with dreams.

    Vividness: 6 mostly. 8 when i started to get lucid.
    Lucidity: 7.5 when i was.
    Lucid = this
    It all started out in my second block class, Mr.P. We were looking at the projector going over some paper that was handed out by some program from a website. I used my Ipod and just told the teacher i was trying to save paper.
    I was hiding behind what looked to be like 3 blue bathroom stalls lined up, but it was just like 3 doors leading to this section of the room. There were chains hanging from the bottom to ensure nothing could get through. I was with a friend i don't remember who, but i turned to him and was like "This would be great for zombies."
    He looked back at me and said in less its Jeremy(6 ft 7 monster).
    I was in my third block class and we had to turn a paper in, i remembered that i gave up in this class and didn't care.(AP, underestimated the work) then i remember going into another room where we keep our things.(not in rl) I went to look for my book bag through every ones things knocked down this one girls purse along with her slushy, She walked in right afterward. I picked up her purse and handed it to her and said "sorry." i grabbed 3-4 tissues from a tissue box and it seemed to be enough to get it wiped up. Then i left the school.
    I was at my house looking out the window when i saw my class walk by from school. I thought to my self i thought school was out? How did i get home?(I punched my self in the mourning) I looked at the time it was 2:13. "oh shit, i accidentally skipped school, oh well." some time went by and i looked out my back yard, me and all my neighbors yards were much bigger and had savanna like terrain. There were HUGE black white wolfs running around. I remember walking out on my deck and seeing a horde of them pouncing on something, not sure what. My neighbor Patrick back yard was diagonal from mine and i remember him wave his hand frantically, I was just thinking, what does he want? I turned and saw a big black wolf heading up the stairs. I turned around and ran inside with him almost biting me, his head was about up to my shoulder! I turned around and started punching the sliding glass door taunting him. My dad walked in "I almost got killed by a wolf" i said."Yeah rick(neighbor) over there shot one the other day" he said. I went to turn out the light cause there was a glare on the door. It turned out perfectly. i thought it was too dark so i went to turn on the chandelier. The light didn't turn on (another punch). I told my dad "I think the light burnt out." I turned and looked at the chandelier and a false memory was created that we got a new one.(PUNCH) I looked out the window and looked at the wolfs with my dad. Then i started waking up. I thought to my self DEILD DEILD DEILD DEILD!
    I was lying in bed and suddenly my body got a suggestion from itself just to imagine my arms flailing in the air like a concert or something. I was in a parkour(free running) gymnasium. I started walking down a stair case into the lower level rubbing my hands together. i remember hitting my watch remembering. I never wear watches? it was one of the fancy ones with 3 clocks under the clock. i ended up in a room surrounded with these black bars that were connected vertically and horizontally with tubing around it like a noodle for a pool. There was a radio going on I sat there and i listened to it, it was really interesting. There was a news report of a guy that had a sexual urges to rape torture and kill his room mate. She wasn't suppose to be home till the next day since she was spending the night at her sisters. Well the guy wanted to get a rush. So he sat on the stairs acting if she was coming home with a rope and a belt. He wanted the rush to be as real as possible so he acted as if he was serious about it, replaying it in his head over and over. Acting as if he would stand up and look to see if it was her car coming in the drive way. She ended up getting into a fight with her sister and coming home. You know the rest. I started to fade out..... nooooo....
    I woke up in my room, i didn't even do i a RC i was just like, brain? i know what your up to? I wanted to see how real it could be so i turned on my Xbox and started to play brink i was looking at every detail. Probably the most vivid dream i had. I looked and was on a map that seemed to be in Rome or Madrid. I remember the fountain in the middle and old styling houses around the side. with random shaped bricks making the road. Then i was like "I can play Xbox in RL!" i stood up walked out side and began walking to my friends house. I turned to go on the next road and saw a black car, it had just rained and the mist was shooting up from the back of it. I remember staring can cause you to wake up so i tried to bounce my eyes from each side of the road and back to the car. It passed and i crossed the road. It was the one my friend lived on so i thought, this roads long so i'm going to fly. I jumped up and fell back down thinking "well fu....." I then took a second and thought ITS MY DREAM i jumped up and started making fast race car noises and ZOOOM. i went to fast and the area began to look unfamiliar. I went back to see if i could reconnect the pieces, But there was a trailer there. I walked in and they had 2 dogs. there was a girl her husband, and a old man. i suddenly imagined my self as the guy from 7 evil X'es or youth in revolt.
    I was suddenly part of the family and lost my lucidity. I remember asking if i could consider the short haired golden lab as my dog. the old man said no. the other dog was a mutt, lazy sleeping dog. suddenly 2-3 years jumped and the old man had passed away. I asked the girls husband if i could have the golden dog, apparently he used to be a award winner and i wanted to get him back in his game. I remember waking up and seeing the mutt crying from his owner passing. the girl said "she was crying in the bedroom too, i think it was just she was sleeping in front of the oven."(made sense at the time?) I then woke up, i looked at the clock, i went to sleep at around 3:30-4. It was only 4:45.