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      Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read my dream journal. I always love getting feedback!
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    Looking for food

    by Drokens on 03-29-2011 at 07:39 PM
    Looking for food

    I was on a cruise ship and was with my parents. My whole side of the Cowles family was also there. My parents were complaining about some of the people with us. I didn't like this so I left them to go exploring. I wanted to find my cousin so I could chill with him. I entered an indoor lobby area which was surrounded by hotel rooms. I saw a kid who looked like Mikel Thomas.He was with his parents and looked a little different than he does in real life. I got excited and ran over to him tapping him on the shoulder. I realized it wasn't him and apologized.

    I then ran down stairs and passed a bunch of kids going upstairs. I was now looking for the cafeteria. I instead found a theater where there was loud rap music playing. It was really dark except for the screen that was showing a cartoon movie. There was a little icon in the corner of the screen that was just letters. I then went upstairs and looked at a map. It showed that all the restaurants were upstairs so I started to head that way.


    by Drokens on 02-18-2011 at 01:56 AM

    I was at a work community that was much like Yellowstone was. There was rumors of a guy walking around that was stealing stuff. He was on the news and had clear pictures of him. He had brown hair and glasses and kind of looked a little nerdy. When I saw him on the news I was really surprised that I had seen him before. Later, me and Rex were in my car when I saw him. He was carrying a huge bundle of clothing. I thought I saw my brown jacket in there and some stuff that belonged to my friends.

    I got out of the car and approached him, grabbing the stuff out of his hands. At first, he didn't show much resistance. He just watched me trying to pick up all the stuff. It was way too much. He grabbed whatever stuff I dropped.

    I then called Rex's name. I was pretty far from my car and was surprised when he started running over. He looked really excited to help and was wearing a brown sweater. He helped me pick up all the stuff and we somehow called the cops. A policeman showed up and everybody was happy to have caught the thief. I started to make scrambled eggs, right there outside, for the cop. When I was done I handed it to him, but then realized that I had done all of the work. I took them back from the cop and decided that I'd eat them myself.

    Small trailer

    by Drokens on 02-13-2011 at 11:00 PM
    Small trailer

    I was outside walking with Rex and Kevin and it was very dark outside. I had the feeling that it was very late. Kevin was about to come to the small house where Rex and I had been staying. We lived in a small, grounded trailer with a lot of other people. It was late at night and everybody inside was sleeping. We walked in and Kevin asked if he could drink some of our liquor and I said yes. He then said that he wouldn't be staying and would go back home afterward. I told him that I didn't like people coming just to drink our liquor and taking advantage of us. He then started to play an upbeat song on acoustic guitar. There were now many larger girls who were sitting on our beds, completely naked.

    Un-stabalized lucid

    by Drokens on 02-12-2011 at 07:55 PM
    Unstable lucid
    It was a sunny day outside and I was walking around a random neighborhood. It seemed as if the neighborhood was still in development, because there weren't too many houses around. I then saw a jet fly right over my head. I knew what was happening right away. It was going to crash.

    I then realized that this situation was too ridiculous to be really happening and I became lucid. The jet flew right across my face, filling the entire left part of my view. The jet became a huge spaceship and as I looked passed it I was now in space. Everything went all psychedelic here and I can't remember all of the images that seemed to be flying past me. My view then went black and I prepared to wake up.

    Upon waking I could already tell that it was a false awakening. I was floating around in a room that I've never seen before. There was a bed and it seemed to be a normal bedroom. I tried to set myself down so that I could become lucid, but I couldn't get a grip on any gravity and continued to float around. Everything then started to fade to black.

    Updated 02-12-2011 at 07:57 PM by Drokens


    Icy waters

    by Drokens on 02-08-2011 at 06:41 PM
    Strange greeting (fragment)

    I was outside and had been walking for a while. We were on the outskirts of some neighborhood that I've never been to. Rex was with me and so was Kevin. Kevin left to go home because he said he going to bring us back some movies. We then ran into faith and Katie. Katie greeted me by rubbing up against me with her butt. I found this a little strange, but liked it too. Kevin then came back with two movies.

    Cold waters

    I was watching my friend Chris, from Yellowstone. He was trapped under a bunch of ice in Alaska. He had to wait for the weather to get colder and colder so the ice would grow above his head. When it was close enough he could grab it and pull himself up and over the hole. I watched it grow in fast motion. I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen and that he might not make it. He then pulled himself over and on top of the ice. As the scenery revealed itself I saw that he was on the edge of a downward cliff that led to a wide river. He started to scale down the cliff, but slipped and fell into the water. His whole body disappeared underneath the green, icy water. I thought he was a goner, knowing how cold it was.

    I was now talking to my cousin, Cameron, as the events took place. He said how he once fell into the waters in Alaska too. I was amazed that he survived. I told him that I had just touched the water and that it felt extremely cold. I then saw Chris come up out of the water on the other side of the river. He was greeted by a bunch of other people. They all seemed like his friends and it seemed that he was safe.

    My environment then changed and I was at my grandmas house. My Grandma, Cameron and I were all in her kitchen. It didn't look anything like her real life kitchen though. Cameron was about to go fishing. He was wearing brown overalls and had a bunch of gear with him. I kind of wanted to go with him but for some reason I knew that I couldn't. I grabbed a bunch of equipment and approached him. I could tell that I couldn't go and put them down against the kitchen counter. I then saw that grandma was about to cook something to eat. I looked back as Cameron said something and walked out the front door.