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    32 Words--Trash

    by Durza on 06-24-2018 at 03:07 PM
    Dream 1: OTTOTT Something about a big black tree that I am on and it is about as wide as two cars.

    Dream 2: OTTOTT Something about going very fast in a car.

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    460 Words--Machine Gun Kelly

    by Durza on 06-23-2018 at 03:55 PM
    Dream 1: I have this strange semi-automatic gun and feel like this has happened before. There is this building full of people that I have to shoot, even the kids I shoot all the adults and about a third of the kids before I run out of bullets. Everyone breathes a collective sigh, and I am glad that I can't shoot any more of the kids. As I run away from the building, this guy with a gun sees me and tells me to lie down, but I pretend I didn't hear, and sit down with my hands on my hand. He continues around a tree and when he isn't looking, I dash away, only to run into the hands of his son, who points his own gun at me. FSH I have the guy's sun's gun now and shoot him, although I don't think it did anything. The scene jumps and I am on the corner of Stanford and Del Clair by the park, and the man is following me again, but without a gun, and I have a plastic toy gun that I keep shooting at him, but is empty. FSH

    Dream 2:
    My friend and I are playing a prank, maybe on Slade, but he needs to stay downstairs while I go upstairs, get some stuff, and do a bait prank. I go through a door and enter into a swimming pool, that is being drained or has a waterfall. I get onto this dolphin boat and paddle, making sure not to fall down the waterfall, even though someone asks me if I want to. I paddle across the pool, but the dolphin thing keeps getting heavier and lower in the water. I reach and island in the pool, grab something from it and go back to shore but the dolphin is so far under I am up to my neck while sitting on it. I would dive off and swim to shore, but I am worried that I might get stuck the dolphin upside down, so I ask someone to help me, and maybe Wynd does something so that I am fine. I then exit the swimming pool and am in the closet thing at the top of the stairs. The current knot on the rope is way to loose and done wrong, so I make a slip-knot to put on the door handle. FSH Slade and I are downstairs at the buildings reception area, and these two guys don't like us and try to make life hard for us. Telling us we will have 50% of our time in correction and 90% doing whatever it is that we do.


    47 Words--DIY Kill Your Brother

    by Durza on 06-22-2018 at 03:28 PM
    Dream 1: RBFA FSH OTTOTT Something about this leader communist guy and the prisoners in this jail cell surround him and he gets a little roughed up, but then he says that whoever touches him will get 10yrs in prison, everyone but me backs off. FSH

    Notes: So... I went to bed, zombie awakened after 1.4 hours and turned unplugged my alarm. Then, at around 5 o'clock, Saxon opened the door to the garage, and I woke up. He then proceeded to tell me to get up and talk to me and poke me until he left about 5-10 minutes later. Meanwhile, I had managed to recall between loud bursts and painful pokes, a few key words I hope would help me remember when I woke up again. Then, I went back to sleep but was woken up when Saxon proclaimed that I srsly needed to see something about the sprinklers and it was very serious. He also told Canyon who got up and saw it was actually some ants he wanted her to see and woke me up again telling me that. I went back to sleep again and woke up around 7:40 when Saxon went in the garage again, and by that time, I only remembered a few keywords for Dream 1.

    1069 Words--1000 Word Recal Goal met on the last night possible.

    by Durza on 06-21-2018 at 04:54 PM
    Dream 1: I am in the log house at the top of the stairs. In my dream I dream that I wonder if I am dreaming, and do an NP test, and am able to breathe a little bit through it, though it is kind of plugged up. I then wonder what it would be like when I try to put my finger through my hand, but FSH Slade is chasing me and I run out of the house down the bonus room stairs. It is winter outside, and I have bare feet, and Slade says how he can see my footprints, like that's really bad for me or something. He then tells me to come here and so I let him come a little closer, and he loosely grabs my arm, but then I think it might be a trick, so I slip away and run down the little west slope. A body comes tumbling after me, and at first I think its Slade, but it is actually Ceri.

    I decide to get Ceri back inside, and we go towards the west garage door, and i notice the icicles are massive and hanging down to the ground but because of the overhang, it makes a kind of hallway. Ceri however, blunders into the icicles and I am worried she will break them, I tell her to come around, but she keeps knocking into the icicles so I tell her stop, and then rush out of the hallway just as it collapses to the ground. However, it isn't the impressive collapse I thought it would be, and throw a few pieces of firewood to make some more noise, and it is now no longer winter.

    Then I hear some people bulling another kid and go up the hill to where the trailer used to be. A little ways into the bushes, there is a bully beating on another kid, so I throw a wood chunk at him, and hit him. He then gets a stick and throws it at me, but I deflect it with a giant log just in time. I drop it in favor of a smaller stick and deflect some more throws, then I back up some more to where the pavement starts, and pick up the wooden stick that I carved in FC. However, it is too small for me to have any chance against the bully's much larger stick, so I run for it. I sprint around the island and race down the east meadow.

    However, once I get to the trees, the bully's sidekick knocks me down from a flying broom? He looks like Tyler and is some sort of Irish magician and makes this strange gateway that he thrusts me through. FSH Somehow the bully and his sidekick is thwarted and everything is ok. I then am inside and maybe an old man in a wheelchair telling the story to maybe my grandkids, and I add that Jenna got skin implants for her burns, (the bully did something to her on the east slope by the house).

    Dream 2: Dad, Saxon, maybe Slade, and I are in the woods at the log house, but it looks kind of like G&G's place in Texas. I wish that I could go pig hunting, and imagine myself doing a better job of it, sneaking up on them and aiming and killing them. Then, Slade gives a shout, and I look behind me and there is a herd of what at first I think are pigs coming our way, but then turn out to be moose. The others take cover behind a tree and I try to follow, noticing a fence I have to go around a little bit to get behind the tree. However, as usual, in danger, I find I can't really move, and fall facedown three feet from safety.

    The moose go over me, and one kind of steps on me, especially my neck, but I am not really hurt. I then go around the tree, and while the lead moose proclaims that the other will have to come down in a bout an hour and posts a guard, I climb up the tree higher then anyone else. However, I climb to high, and the top of the tree breaks, but I jump to the main part and am safe, though I hope the top didn't hit anyone. The moose on guard makes a deal with us, saying that if we can best him in combat we can go free. The tree I am in is kind of like a fork off the original tree now, and it bends to the ground and whacks the moose, which is now kind of a person.

    I ask him if that was what he meant, and he says no. The tree bend down some more before I get back to the main tree again, which is kind of hard to do. Saxon then starts jumping around the tree and over me, but he has sharp claws that scratch me. I tell him to stop but he doesn't listen, so when i scratches his way up my back onto my neck I thrust him to the ground, jump down myself, and kick him a few times. I then run back to the safety of the house, and am in M&D's room when I worry that the moose might just trample through the house, so I sneak out the sliding glass door and at first try to sneak under the windows to the front deck, but don't think I can do it without being seen, so I go around the house.

    When I get to the firewood place, I notice that the moose, which are now elephants are there along with Saxon. I try to sneak away, but Saxon notices me and tells his "uncle" elephant. I run back up the deck, worrying the elephant will tear up the deck and seize me with his trunk, but I make it inside safe. In Dad's office, Grandpa, Dad, and maybe Wynd are there talking about the glove of Arasind and how last time they met to prophecy it was all wrong, but they are prophets, and was somehow related to Grandpa's alzheimer.

    Updated 06-21-2018 at 05:10 PM by Durza

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    484 Words--Terrible Rage

    by Durza on 06-20-2018 at 04:28 PM
    Dream 1: I am in the basement of the log house and I have a seven-segment-display in my hand, and I shine a light on it and maybe something about water. Then I go into the dark storage room and open my hand and the display sends out bright light like a flashlight, even though there isn't anything in my hand. I then repeat the process a few time and show Wynd.

    Dream 2: I am skating around with the others on a sidewalk, and see a boy riding his bike around where the cars park on the side of the road, except they have spaces and white lines like in a parking lot. After skating around a little, I notice the boy again, and we kind of say something to each other, and maybe play a speck, and then we all follow him. He goes across the road and to a big street where half way across I notice that the light is red and we shouldn't be going but we just finish crossing the big street.

    Dream 3: My desk and stuff is outside on the north part of the driveway at the log house just before where the archery target used to be. Mom and Dad and the others are in the east meadow. FSH I get angry and start to trash and throw stuff. I throw my desk down the hill into a bush, hit the suburban which is red and parked in the upper meadow with a poker, and throw flat, black, weights at the others down the hill. I continue for a little in a rage and trash stuff, and then stop and realize I will be in so, so, so much trouble. I go inside the house for my correction, and am envisioning millions of lines, but hear Mom & Dad talking about calling the police and me going to jail.

    I then realize that I did a bunch of damage that would cost a lot of money, and I don't want to go to jail, so I run away, (though I am really just walking). I walk down the driveway, and about halfway down, I think about going back to get my skates, but decide not to. When I get the road between the gate and logging road, a van comes roaring up behind me and the doors are open and I know bad men are inside who want to kidnap me. I am then glad that I hadn't gotten my skates, as I couldn't skate down the road faster than they could drive. Instead, I plunge off the side of the road, smash through some bushes, and race through the woods. I know the words perfectly, while my pursuers do not so I make it home safely and they don't find me.

    non-lucid , dream fragment