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    517 Words--A Bear and Some Fragments

    by Durza on 05-18-2018 at 03:14 PM
    Dream 1: Dad and I are on the train and then we somehow are on this buggy train that goes into the mountains, and then we get off, and Dad says he just bets the bear is behind that tree. We get our guns ready to shoot, and the bear steps out, except, its 20 feet tall. We both run, but I have trouble moving and can't move very fast, but somehow make it behind a tree with Dad. When the bear comes over, Dad shoots it in the face, and it makes a noise, almost like it was saying it hurt, and then it gets angry. When it sees me though, I hug it and say that I am sorry Dad shot it. It can understand human speech, so we become friends, (Dad disappears). We head into the woods and some stuff happens, mostly about finding bricks, and I feel that here might be where some stuff is missing, not sure, because when I woke up, I felt like there was a ton of memory, and I think that I forgot some of it. We also walk along a road, an when a car comes past, (the polar bear is shorter now, only a few feet taller then I), then I hug it and watch the astonished faces of the woman driving the car, and we laugh. The bear then tells how men in orange like to do something, and I explain that men in orange are usually hunters, who would try to kill him. Then we come to this sort of circular path, except it might be a mile long, and at the edge is this table. Then I see a game and start to play it, and I have to put some markers in the hole in the game, even though I know I will never see them again. Then, I look closer at the game and see on the box that it is jumangi! No, I say! It can't be! I try to move the pieces but they won't move. Then I tell myself that it couldn't be real, jumangi is fake, so then I am fine and leave. I continue on the circular path until I can feel the effect of jumangi are actually happening. The animals (by now there are several more animals with human intelligence) all wanting to go the other way, which I can tell is wrong, we need to keep going on he same way to finish and end the game. There is a farmer in the field with a hose, who supports me, showing that my way is shorter, and he does this by spraying me with a hose and someone else with a hose and its shorter time for the hose to hit me then them, therefore, my way is shorter. Then he keeps doing it and I realize he is just having fun squirting me, so I go over and grab him from behind and tell him I could wrestle him. Then I hug him, and back away and laugh and say, ha, now my wet shirt got yours wet! I then realize that I am waking up, and do so all the way. I remember that I wanted to do an RC in the dream but told myself I would do it later. My alarm hadn't woken me up again, and it was 6:48, so I went back to sleep.

    Dream 2: Something about me saying don't shoot!

    Dream 3: Something about someone getting knocked out.

    Updated Yesterday at 03:35 PM by Durza

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Flying to Sand Hils to Disobediance

    by Durza on 05-17-2018 at 04:47 PM
    Dream 1: There is a woman with small wings she has strapped on that make it so she can fly, and suddenly, I am at a playground with those wings, and am avoiding, first a lion, then an elephant, then a gorilla, and a finally a tiger. I get a sense of dejavu as if this dream had already happened. I am having trouble getting high though, but somehow get off the ground and land on top of this tall building. Then this small gorilla lands accidentally by the this pol by my feet, and then as I hop over the railing, tags me. He and all the other animals think this means I have to give them something, or something like that, but I just push the gorilla, (who is Saxon) off and onto the ground, where he likes, looking hurt. Then, I fly over to the rocky ledge, and either get something from there, or fly away from some polar bears, anyway, then I zoom past the animals by the playground, snag Saxon the little gorilla, and fly away to "Zootopia where everything is peaceful and good." (Full Dream)

    Dream 2: I am climbing up this sand bank with my skates on, and trying to dig a hole for me to live in, but am collapsing the hillside of holes where my family lives.
    (Dream Fragment)

    Dream 3: I want to go to the mountain with Saxon, and some others are coming too, but Dad comes out and says we can't, the others groan and are unhappy, and then Dad points at me and someone else and says we are having a bad attitude. I wasn't, so I say so, and then he tells me to go to my room, but I skate around a little bit and say no and sass him before finally going. When I get there, Dad seems all cheerful and nice so I think that maybe he thought I was just joking back there.
    (Full Dream)

    Notes: When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't remember any of my dreams, so I went back to bed for half an hour so I could remember a dream, and when I woke up, I remembered the first dream, and while I was writing it, I remembered the second, and while I was writing the second I remembered the third. My alarm didn't wake me up, but I still had a reasonable recall, which is good.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Skating and Dejavu

    by Durza on 05-16-2018 at 03:24 PM
    Dream 1: There was a bunch of stuff before, and it is on the tip of my tounge, but I can't quite reach it, hate that feeling. I tell mom, "Son shall be in the parking lot having fun." I know that I am going to skate and may already have my skates on." I wake up, and realize that this was the same dream I had last night? I couldn't remember it and am not sure if that is really true or not, but I definitely thought it was right after waking up when I was still groggy.

    Updated 05-17-2018 at 03:25 PM by Durza (Wrong Night)

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    New Place and No Alarm, New Alarm and No Recall

    by Durza on 05-16-2018 at 04:47 AM
    So, because of some stuff, first off I had to sleep in a different room, though it did have a awesome bed. And worst of all, my LDAC (Lucid Dreaming Alarm Clock) (and it is pronounced eldaak) was screwed and glued into the post and lamp and thus I couldn't take it with me. So, in a new place and with no LDAC, as I feared, I had no recall and it was trash. However, as I have three more nights in the different room, I updated my LDAC to LDAC v3.0 and it is now totally portable and cool, and I decided to take a pic as it took light years to make. BTW, it is basically an Arduino, a remote control, an lcd display, and a servo motor that rings a bell, (the metal swings against the glass jar). I couldn't upload them, so I just attached them.

    Traps in the Wood and Human Hunters

    by Durza on 05-14-2018 at 02:39 PM
    Dream 1: ...There is some stuff before this, but can't remember what. I am hiking in the woods with Dad and Slade when we come to a trampoline, which we have to cross. We start jumping and get over to the middle when we realize it is a trap and with each successive bounce, the trampoline gets stickier and bounces less, pulling you in to some mud below, just like quicksand. I know that I am lighter though, so I think that it should affect me less so I quickly bounce to the edge and escape. Then time jumps, Slade and Dad are gone, and I am with Saxon, it the same area though. I then climb a tree to see if we can see home/where we need to be. I can see from the tree, in the south, Moscow like I could from our porch, but it is back in the 1800's and with farmhouses and Dutch like old stuff. Then I look north, and see modernized city with skyscrapers and an interstate with cars speeding past, but decide I think that we should go south. I then see that Saxon is going to the bathroom in an outhouse and tell him to get out, because I don't know what traps are there and am worried about him. We then head towards the town, but see the trampoline on the way, and I see what I think might be the head so I squish it. Dad is there then and tells me not to, but it is too late, then I see underneath the small beak head there is a big one, and I flash back to sign where the second from the left there is a picture of the Transylvania whatever the creature is and it is giant and trying to eat some horses, Saxon is now gone and so Dad and I run away towards the town but there is suddenly a space jump and as we jump into some bushes to avoid the creature we are suddenly by one of the farmhouses, which we rush into. Dad is now gone and the creature breaks into the farmhouse to try and get me, and a man belly flops to the hay in some sorta pit behind me. Then I am outside with some other people and we are shooting the creature, but suddenly I get a sorta system error and can't shoot either of my guns before. I feel like this happened before but last time I could shoot my special gun in my left hand. I then run back to the farmhouse and come out the other side. Then, I wake up. I can't remember my dream but try a FILD, (from the light, I can tell its around 7am). I fall asleep after about 10 seconds and jump back into the dream but its a little different.

    Dream 2: I am skating away from the log house, which was the farmhouse to get away from some bad guys, (the creature) and when I get to the Old Logging Road, then I see a black military jeep coming across the logging road to get me. I then remember a previous dream where this happened and I escaped into the woods by the gate. So, I take off my skates, but instead of going to the gate, run down to the culvert, but the jeep is already coming up the road, and sees me. The jeep is pretty far away, but I am moving slow because my subconscious like to do that in danger, so I decide to crawl through these ditches and get under a ditch with a roof. The people from the jeep then get out and try to find me, but someone slips me something, puts a little dirt on my to hide me and tells me to plug my nose. I do that because I know its so that I don't breathe like when you are underwater, and am wondering if I can hold my breath long enough, when my friend uncovers me and we both hunker down in the ditch together. Turns out Data has been helping me but he can't shoot because earlier I couldn't and that was actually me being Data. We watch the bad guys, a woman and a man, scour the ditch ahead for me, and then stop to rest by their car. Then, we see some good guys sneak up behind them, so we do the same and I get around the car, but by the time I get back on the other side, they are already on the ground with people holding their guns at them. Then I see Caleb leading all the other children who got lost in the mountain like Dad, Slade, Saxon and I did and we go up the road to the Shooks together. Caleb and I are talking about his broken leg and I ask how it got broken again, and he explains how we were wrestling and I got to wild and broke it. I laugh and then wake up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment