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    627 Words--New Dreamsign of my curse (I can't run away from danger)

    by Durza on 07-28-2018 at 04:20 PM
    Dream 1: RBFA-1 I am packing the car with Dad to go to Colorado and think about sitting in the front seat, but decided to sit in the back with Slade, and let Milena sit up front. I then go up to the bonus room to get my magical candy pack, but the dream evolves to where I am sitting up there with several other people, and four of us are on one side of the table, and four on the other. We are each trying out the candies of the people on the other side. I feel bad after trying out some of the other candies and it doesn't have very spectacular results, so I say I have an idea, why don't we try with people on our own side of the table. I then ask Lena, as in the the naiad from fablehaven, if I can try hers.

    She lets me and I turn into a lion and run away into the forest until I find a big try and roar and rip off branches and climb up the tree. After a little while, I am back as a human and know the lion experiance was like losing yourself in the masks from five kingdoms. Slade is then there and helps me get down and then we are on this weird swampy thing with boards we have to get across but Slade activates a trip wire, and we are stuck, but I find away out and lead him on it. As we are going through the woods, someone gallops by on a horse and so we get of the path. Slade tells me he isn't after us, but then he starts shooting at me, I duck behind a tree and slade gets his own gun and horse and gallops after him.

    Then a woman appears and tires to kill me, so I run away, but know my curse will stop me (I can't run from danger), so I hide in the bushes and when the woman comes a long, suprise her and grab her supplies. She turns to run, but I throw several heavy object at her, but they don't damage her, and one of them was a gun, I sort of get the other stuff ready to shield me if she tries to shoot me and then find another toxin gun like she has and we shoot each other, but she gets worse. I try to make it to the home, but my limbs feel dead and I am thirsty, so I drink out of an algea puddle and it tastes good. FSH I am at the house and grab a giant pipe wrench and am about to hit a woman with it, but then I wonder if she might be good, so I hesitate and she sprays me with some toxin, I still hit her with the wrench but it doesn't seem to do anything. I retire to the middle of the garage and pull out heavy stuff from the wheelbarrow, and throw it but nothing happens. Soon people crowd around me and start to throw stuff back at me. I know its a bad way to die so I ask them to just shoot me, and turn around so this guy can.

    Dream 2: I notice the Sykes are out playing and fell like annoying them, so I pretend to get our mail, making them leave, and then go back inside. Then I am sort of packing my stuff including skates inside the blazer which is owned my Aunt Jill/the Sykes, and the man is going to cut off part of my skates, because they don't fit in the car, so I put them elsewhere in a spot they do fit.

    611 Words--HALLMARK! 10'th Lucid Dream :)))))

    by Durza on 07-26-2018 at 04:54 PM
    Dream 1: I am in a zoo with wild animals and Milena is with me. I see the monkey inserting his key in the lock, so I grab him, stuff him in another cage and take the key and lock it. However, a tiger then approaches and kills Milena so I am very scared, but then notice that the rest of my family is approaching so I yell for help from them, but they just keep walking to the car, not ignoring me but unwilling to help. I feel that I may have let the tiger get Milena to easily, so i wake it with a stick, but Milena somehow hurt it so it doesn't immediately chase me, and thus I escape to the car. I ask Dad if Milena is dead, and he says yes.

    We then go home, and I wish that the zoo could have been a giant island raised above the rest of the land, with a valley in the middle where all the animals were, so the caretakers would be safe on the edge. However, I realize the animals would eat each other, so I wish I could put an anti-eating spell on them from a game I play, (didn't really). As we pull into the driveway at the log house, I am sad the Milena is dead, but then wonder why no one else seems to be sad. I then realize, perhaps it is a dream, and do a nos-plug reality check, which slightly works, so I make sure to pinch my nose very tight but I can still breathe through it, so I know that this is a dream. I marvel how clear, defined, and real it seems as I walk towards the house and go under the north deck, but my gum falls out of my mouth and when I pick the giant piece of gum up, it is all dirty, so I throw it into the woods, however, it lands on the path just shy of the woods, so I go down there and throw it further, discovering a brick of hardened gum and other gum I had left there, so I throw them into the woods as well so Teighan and McKell won't be upset with me. FSH

    I am on the lower part of the west deck, and am jumping/flying around on some boards, but when I land rather heavily on one, I worry that I am no longer asleep and might hurt myself, but soon dispel these fears and go to Dad's office, where I see Mom. She tells me to do something but I say uh-uh. She starts to get mad, and I feel bad for getting her mad, so I tell her, what if this were a dream, then everything I did wouldn't stick. Next, as I go to the pantry, when I pass the fireplace, I think about writing my dream down, and then arrive at the pantry where Milena is and she is like a zombie and does everything I tell her to. I then east some snap beans until I notice that Milena is gone.

    Then time jumps, and it is night and I sneak upstairs into the spring room and talk to Wynd and Milena, until Dad tells me to stop talking to them and go back to bed. On my way down the stairs, I think of my goals I want to do while lucid dreaming, and remember my Disc conversation and lucid dreaming conversations on that matter, so I try to teleport. It doesn't work, but I try several times, sort of getting it, but then wake up at 5:04.

    lucid , memorable

    32 Words--Trash

    by Durza on 06-24-2018 at 03:07 PM
    Dream 1: OTTOTT Something about a big black tree that I am on and it is about as wide as two cars.

    Dream 2: OTTOTT Something about going very fast in a car.

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    460 Words--Machine Gun Kelly

    by Durza on 06-23-2018 at 03:55 PM
    Dream 1: I have this strange semi-automatic gun and feel like this has happened before. There is this building full of people that I have to shoot, even the kids I shoot all the adults and about a third of the kids before I run out of bullets. Everyone breathes a collective sigh, and I am glad that I can't shoot any more of the kids. As I run away from the building, this guy with a gun sees me and tells me to lie down, but I pretend I didn't hear, and sit down with my hands on my hand. He continues around a tree and when he isn't looking, I dash away, only to run into the hands of his son, who points his own gun at me. FSH I have the guy's sun's gun now and shoot him, although I don't think it did anything. The scene jumps and I am on the corner of Stanford and Del Clair by the park, and the man is following me again, but without a gun, and I have a plastic toy gun that I keep shooting at him, but is empty. FSH

    Dream 2:
    My friend and I are playing a prank, maybe on Slade, but he needs to stay downstairs while I go upstairs, get some stuff, and do a bait prank. I go through a door and enter into a swimming pool, that is being drained or has a waterfall. I get onto this dolphin boat and paddle, making sure not to fall down the waterfall, even though someone asks me if I want to. I paddle across the pool, but the dolphin thing keeps getting heavier and lower in the water. I reach and island in the pool, grab something from it and go back to shore but the dolphin is so far under I am up to my neck while sitting on it. I would dive off and swim to shore, but I am worried that I might get stuck the dolphin upside down, so I ask someone to help me, and maybe Wynd does something so that I am fine. I then exit the swimming pool and am in the closet thing at the top of the stairs. The current knot on the rope is way to loose and done wrong, so I make a slip-knot to put on the door handle. FSH Slade and I are downstairs at the buildings reception area, and these two guys don't like us and try to make life hard for us. Telling us we will have 50% of our time in correction and 90% doing whatever it is that we do.


    47 Words--DIY Kill Your Brother

    by Durza on 06-22-2018 at 03:28 PM
    Dream 1: RBFA FSH OTTOTT Something about this leader communist guy and the prisoners in this jail cell surround him and he gets a little roughed up, but then he says that whoever touches him will get 10yrs in prison, everyone but me backs off. FSH

    Notes: So... I went to bed, zombie awakened after 1.4 hours and turned unplugged my alarm. Then, at around 5 o'clock, Saxon opened the door to the garage, and I woke up. He then proceeded to tell me to get up and talk to me and poke me until he left about 5-10 minutes later. Meanwhile, I had managed to recall between loud bursts and painful pokes, a few key words I hope would help me remember when I woke up again. Then, I went back to sleep but was woken up when Saxon proclaimed that I srsly needed to see something about the sprinklers and it was very serious. He also told Canyon who got up and saw it was actually some ants he wanted her to see and woke me up again telling me that. I went back to sleep again and woke up around 7:40 when Saxon went in the garage again, and by that time, I only remembered a few keywords for Dream 1.