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    1. Juggling many things at the same time, but I work better like this ^^ What about you, 2015 resolutions ?
    2. Hahaha I can still remember my astonishment! Hows life with you lately?
    3. Just saw your comment on LouaiB's profile ahahaha
    4. Well, I guess I don't feel weird anymore for that time last year where I'd look for the picture of a mushroom on ld discussion topics
    5. So ya, basically DV has boiled down to me reading what dreamer posts on your wall
    6. Thanks! Well, I got a bit surprised when the juries told us that several people with master degrees failed in the exame (how?!), but the interview went great How's things going in your side ?
    7. Well done on the interview (thanks dreamer for highlighting that)
      I figured it would considering you're such an erudite fellow.
    8. I know, those were always the best threads. I remember when littlezoe and wolfwood just disappeared one month, it dawned upon me that eventually your activity on DV crumbles and you have to slowly build it up again.

      Also I'm willing to bet that it wasn't coincidence but probably me seeing that you posted in a thread and then deeming it worthy to post there too You amongst a few other members posting usually gives the green light as to whether a thread is worth looking at.
    9. What happened to the days where we'd find each other posting regularly in the same threads xD? I miss them ^^
    10. Right now all I have is a short introduction to dreaming by Allan j hobson. I work in the game development sector so I have no professional knowledge on the brain past the lessons learned from game theory. If you can recommend any books on consciousness, or dreaming that would be great. I don't know a huge amount on it but I would love to because I'm so interested in neuroscience. I'm always trying to look for books but it's hard to find a point to start at.
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