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    im a full time student in glasgow, scotland. trying to live it up as much as possible socially and mentally, hence the LD's
    ive always rememebered my dreams after i wake up without any problems and have a pretty decent understanding of myself by interpreting my dreams everyday. but only recently have i started a dream journal.
    golf, rugby, gym, games, parties
    full time student
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    googled lucid dream forums


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    12-14-2010 01:11 AM
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    Epic blue balls lol

    by Ebi381 on 12-13-2010 at 01:43 PM
    This is one of those frustrating dreams. So the dream starts with me and my best friend are standing outside a club at the end of the night and we are with these two girls, hook ups i guess. The dream gets going when we decide to go some place else where we can spend the night. I don't know why we didn't go back to my house but all four of us are looking for a place with beds. Now beds seem to be the main point of this dream because i keep mentioning it and we keep asking people, as if they would just let us use them lol. We end up in what looks like a boarding school or a university campus, but old school university. At first i thought I was my uni but I didn't recognize the places so it was more of the generic image of a university like Oxford and Cambridge etc. Anyway, we go around the place and it's pretty dark and empty. Theres other people wandering around aswell. We bump into my best friends ex, who got a bit weird after they broke up. She starts asking him questions like who are they and what we are up to. We end up ditching her but after more searching, we realize she was with us the whole time and she was bad mouthing us to the girls. We finally find beds and the girls are like aw yeah I dont want to anymore, i have to go blah blah blah. My friend gets pissed and he's saying things like " don't listen to her, she's just trying to fuck me over" and more shit along the of that. After some talking I decide to let the go because it looked pathetic in front of the other people in the room who i hadn't noticed till right then.
    Then the dream skips to me in bed with another girl who is a good friend of mine and we used to work together. We are joking around and talking and kinda snuggling in since it was freezing in the room. Then she kisses me and we are going at it a bit then she stops just before we do it and says "gemma said you thought i was hot and I'm only doing this because i know your not going to take this too seriously." the she looks around for something and says " a shit i don't have a condom so i guess we cant do it"
    Mean while in my dream im absolutely raging thinking twice in one night! I don't even try and talk her into it for some reason and she role off and goes to sleep, and that's when i wake up.

    This has been the most pathetic dream ive hard ever! Lol, no condom?! It's a dream for crying out loud! Friends ex cockblocking me for no reason, looking for a bed. Just a poor show by my dreamself lol.
    Maybe it's because i had an exam today, since ive never had a dream like this before.

    Oblivious to a zombie apocalypse

    by Ebi381 on 12-11-2010 at 01:47 PM
    The dream starts with me sitting on the edge of a bed at night in what looks like a maze as there was high hedge walls all around me. There were flame lit torches at the different pathways. I heard voices from one of the pathways so i went towards it. My dream skipped to me actually finding the people since i felt relieved since I'd eventually found them. There was one guy and three girls. They all looked really familiar but i cant place them. After some talking they led through a part of the maze to another opening, but this one looked like it an exit, onto a pier made of bamboo. It was getting close to dawn now as the sky was getting slightly brighter. There was no there land insight and the water was placid with small patches of mist on it. Out of nowhere the guy and one if the girls started arguing then the girls pushed the guy into the water and walked back into the maze, with the other girls in tow. I stayed looking towards the east for the sunrise, the guy was just getting out of the water. After he did he walked into the maze aswell. Again i stayed watching to the east. I heard some more arguing then one of the girls came to me and told me we got to go now. Then the dream skipped again and it was morning now and I was walking in a town that was a bit messy, I didn't know why. Then i noticed odd things like a crashed helicopter and some abandoned cars but the girl took no notice of them. I checked the girl out when she was walking in front of me. She had an amazing figure with an ass you could bounce a pound off and you get a twenty lol. She was a brunette with her hair tied up in a loose knot at the back of her heard, it looked messy but so damn hot at the same time. I definitely knew this girl but still couldn't place her. She was wearing a denim mini skirt but not whore mini, more acceptable summer mini. Her legs were what really made me slap myself trying to place her, they were the most perfect let of legs I've seen, the kind you cant get with just toning, these things where a gift from god! She was wearing a zipper/hoody thing but she still looked pretty hot. ANYWAY back to the dream. We kept walking and we didn't seed a single living thing. Then we got to a big plane, an airbus probably since it was massive, and i saw what looked like the pilot milling around at the hatch area. The girl told me to stopped and she looked as she was cautious and scared at the same time. The pilot disappeared behind some stuff and we hurried for the hatch. There was a ladder Close by, the girl instructed me to get it as she looked about for the pilot. I thought we were breaking in or something so i was trying to be as quiet as possible. We managed to get into the hull of the plane eventually, then my dream made no sense because to get to the plane i had to crawl through some sort of plastic tunnel as if i was where the engine was. The planing was moving now at a decent speed. And the pilot was running pretty fast up beside the plastic tunnel. Then i realized he was a zombie! His face was bloody and he was trying to claw at the plastic tunnel but he couldn't reach. I knew hat when i got onto the tunnel it would sag and he could reach me but the girl was hurting me so i just ran for it. If I kept moving the zombie couldn't reach me so I was stumbling forward as fast as I could. Once or twice I felt the zombie claw at my foot but i kept going. I got to the other side and I was trying to get in but after i stuck my upper half in I realized there must be a zip or something to let u out of the tunnel but i couldn't find it so i was pushing and clawing trying to rip the exit open. At the same time the zombie was doing the exact same thing, pulling bits of plastic off ripping the tunnel apart. I was shitting myself, the girl was screaming and crying at the other side since she couldn't get to this side now. The tunnel was in two pieces now and i still hadn't made it through. The zombie grabbed on to my leg and was trying to climb it's way up my back. I got angry now and started smashing my heel into it's face but it kept coming. I knew where she was taking me was probably a safe house so i didn't want to jeopardize it so I let go and fell onto a runway of sorts without the zombie. We crashed into the ground rolling to a stop. The zombie had let go but it had also got up faster and was running towards me at a ridiculous speed. I got up and ran in the opposite direction towards a hanger. As i got closer I could see more zombies so i thought I'd have a better chance fighting this one on it's own. I switched back and ran past a swinging zombie ,narrowly missing my face, towards a baggage cart. I was so tired and my lungs were burning but I couldn't stop because i could hear the growls of the persistent zombie the whole way. When i got there i say a big wrench so i picked it up and swung as i was turning, i smashed the zombie square in the jaw, his head was a bloody mess, more than usual anyway. He lay still, i was relived i sat on a pile of bags and then lay back trying to catch my breath. Looking at the sky thinking "what the fuck is going on?!" at that exact moment a zombie head popped into my field of vision. We where face to face but he was upside down ( imagine scene from spiderman when he kisses the chick hanging upside down, but in this case I'm about to become food) It happened so quickly i couldnt movie out the way in time. It was the same fucking zombie I'd smashed without the wrench. As he tore into my throat i thought of how stupid i was for not checking if it was dead.

    I woke up after i faded into darkness in the dream. This has been one of the most detailed dreams I've remembered, it was amazing. It felt so real even thigh i wasn't lucid. I wish i was coz i wanted a piece of that chick so bad! Lol

    Vampire experience

    by Ebi381 on 12-11-2010 at 01:43 AM
    the dream started with me standing at a bar. it was pretty fancy, everyone was wearing suits and dresses. it looked like something out of a big hollywood party. the bar tender came up to me and gave me a drink as if id already ordered. so i handed over a 20 and he refused. he said something about a tab so i was like whatever. i turned round and scanned the room as if i was waiting on or looking for some one. then this guy wearing a white suit jacket strolled, looking suave as hell. we greeted and had a drink then he looked around as if to see if anyone was listening. he came close and whispered something i cant remember but i instantly realised that he was a vampire and everyone else as well.
    i looked at my watch and i realised it wasnt my watch as in my dreams i always have my omega watch on.
    thats when i went lucid, id been preparing for a lucid dream all day so when it happened i was pretty calm and collected. i imagined myself as a vampire aswell and i felt my heart stop beating. i headed for the door and when i opened it was a sheer drop from the side of skyscraper. it was night time and the city looked odd. ass if there werent any roads or something. i took a couple steps back and aimed for the other building. i took a running jump, and since i was a vampire i had some awesome skills, so i flew over the gap and smashed through the window. i had cuts on my face but i started to heal. i was putting too much thought into being this vampire so it was effected the lucidity so i done some basic stuff to refocus like i walked over to what looked like a dinner table and picked up a tumbler, i imagined the coldness of the glass and the weight of it. then i rubbed my hands together and everything seemed back to normal. i looked around at it seemed to be a penthouse or something. i walked towards the bedroom and opened the door. there was a woman sleeping in a black four posted bed. i walked up to her side and tried to look at her face but at that moment she woke up and sat up. she ddint see me for some reason. she looked confused by something, through this i ddint move or say anything i just watched her. she settled back into bed and fell asleep shortly after. i realised that she probably couldnt see me because it was pitch black and i could see because i was a vampire. i thought i might aswell do some proper vampire shit, so i leaned over her and brushed the hair from her neck. i was readying myself for the bite when my dream started to fade again. i looked around trying to stabilize it somehow but rubbing my hands together didnt help.
    i woke up after that but the vampire theme was due to the fact that ive been watching a lot of trueblood lol