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    by Elcifer on 09-01-2015 at 04:23 AM
    Didn't manage to become lucid, but I had some interesting non-lucids so I'm content.

    Mix of frags from two dreams. Both featured the same park, which had a fence surrounding it. The fence was a different height depending on where you were approaching it from. For the most part, you had to climb over it to get into the park, but there was one section that was lower than the others, making it easy to get ver

    I was outside of the park. There was a dog chasing us from the other end of the sidewalk.

    I was in the park again ... this time as Santa Clause (I really don't know why).

    Dream #1:
    I was observing a guy with crutches.
    His whole body was shrouded in darkness; I got bad vibes from him. He reached his hand into his chest area. An X-ray appeared, showing his hand moving through his rib cage. There was a weird, spiky protrusion coming out of his heart (which didn't really look like a heart). The guy broke the spike off and then thrust it in the direction of the protagonist, who had already begun to leave. That was his special ability: being able to throw bits of his body, knowing that it would always hit his target. The spike buried itself into the protagonist's upper body, causing him to react in pain. I don't think there were any serious injuries.
    The protagonist had gone "there" with 1-2 other people. "There" was the HQ of a group led by a gang leader-ish guy who's name started with a 'C'.

    My perspective shifted to that of my dad and I in the car. My dad was driving and I was talking about how I wish I had superpowers. He told me, "why don't you ask Tim?" in Vietnamese. It sounded strange, even in the dream, but I didn't become aware. Later, my dad was talking about pizza. He had a flier with him. Apparently it was from a popular online pizza store, which seemed kind of strange to me. The font and design were fairly basic. Dad was talking about how he was only interested in the "La___" pizza. When I looked at the image for it, it looked like an ordinary pepperoni and cheese pizza. Dad told me that even all the men in our city wouldn't be able to handle it (I'm assuming it's spiciness).

    Dream #2:
    I remember deciding on which class I wanted to play on an MMO.
    I was using a shield on my old character. My old character was pretty well-balanced, a jack-of-all-trades type. There were a bunch of guides for Mage types (I glanced at a pure fire Mage), but that didn't really appeal to me. I was thinking of playing a hybrid type, maybe a 1h swordsman with a shield and magic. The idea of a 2h swordsman with fire magic appealed to me, but I knew that splitting myself between multiple priorities would only weaken me.

    I was playing Terraria with K, T, and maybe someone else. I was using a new character with "Joe" in his name. I was using my hook as a Z-air, damaging K, who was chasing me off of a floating island. My hook was much slower than the other's (cause I was a nub) but it still allowed me to traverse the area, so I didn't mind.
    B was talking about the abilities granted to "special" classes. One was for werewolf, which gave them the ability to jump even higher. I don't remember how special characters were created, but it sounded kind of useless

    Later, the mood of the dream shifted.
    I was with another guy, a kid younger than me, who looked like one of my old co-workers. He'd bandaged the big toe of his right foot. I was with DTA, I think. I was leading an army into enemy territory, where battle was already engaged and our side was losing. A brutal fight was being held, with many participants being younger than me. I remember my little brother being near me. We managed to defeat the enemy at one point, but it turned out that most of their members were at a beach. A ceremony was being held there at the moment. I replay the message to DTA and we make our way there.

    When we got to the beach, me and a few others opt to "sneaking" in by going onto our knees and elbows and crawling. We made a lot of noise and some kids near the back, probably no older than 13, noticed us. Another battle began. I spent most of that battle in the single room leading to the beach. AL was sleeping in the bed (for whatever reason) and I promised I'd protect him. I switched between different weapons, but I was using dual fruit knives by the end of it. I'd hack and slash at anyone who entered the room. It wasn't difficult defeating them, and I wasn't scared or anything. There was a kid who'd tried to enter. I found out that he was on our side, but he still tried to fight me to get through. Apparently he wanted to join the battle at the beach, and I admired his courage.

    Eventually, AL woke up. We exchanged a few words. The dream ended soon after.

    COMP TOTAL: 176.5 (my score to beat next time)
    non-lucid , memorable

    [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 13] Very Brief DILD

    by Elcifer on 08-30-2015 at 06:07 PM
    Had four dreams, but I got lazy with recording. No details on the third dream.

    Frag #1:
    - A dream of good VS evil. On the good side, there was a guy that could control spiders. He wore a golden suit of armour. Can't really remember what the other guy was like.
    - The spider guy wasn't getting enough sleep, so he decided to make a base in an underground cave area. I remember seeing a door attached to the right wall as you descend into the underground. After finishing the base, the spider guy became more well-rested, but others who were friends with him were kind of freaked out.
    - "Reaver" / Fire weapons were useless against spider guy, for whatever reason.
    - There were certain items called "channels", which were like spells contained in small boxes. The channels were used by the evil side. One of them was a wind channel, which unleashed a huge, continuous gust of wind.

    Frag #2:
    I become lucid at the end of a dream. I was holding a flower in my hand - a rose, I think. I wanted to try my new conjuration technique. I'm not sure what I was going for, but I managed to make the flower disappear such that I was holding just the stem. Afterwards, I tried to conjure something to replace it, but failed. The stem curled up and then withered away.
    I remembered most of my stability routine, but when I thought about my waking body, the dream ended and I woke up.

    Frag #3:
    There was a girl at our house who needed help with something. She mostly talked with my younger siblings, but when they couldn't figure it out, I decided to help her.
    It involved Smash Bros and something overheating when it was being played. The character she mained was Robin, which caught my interest.

    - 2 frags (1pt)
    - WBTB (2pt)
    - DILD (10pt)
    - object changing (5pt)

    COMP TOTAL: 171
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 12] Alien Place + Sand Tunnel

    by Elcifer on 08-29-2015 at 05:23 PM

    I become lucid. I barely remember where I was at the time, but my memory and awareness are both decent. I know I've been in a non-lucid dream for a bit (about 75% of my dreamtime is gone). I do the nose pinch RC and briefly remind myself that this is a world created by my own mind. I'm in a place with grass. It's night time. It kind of reminds me of a farm where alien abductions occur. After moving around for a bit, the dream begins to blur.
    I remember to hold the thought that my dream isn't really fading away, so I manage to retain lucidity, but it's weakened. (I've noticed that these black outs seem to occur when I'm getting excited about a dream goal).

    I remember flying by jumping through a wall, maybe a glass window. My body passes through easily and I'm airborne.

    I'm in a strange place when I remember I want to do door teleportation... the only way I can describe the place is "alien-like", like it's somewhere separate from my normal dreaming realm. I feel like I don't have as much control here, so I want to get out of here. When I teleport, I end up deeper in this weird realm. It is desolate; there is no life in this place, save for me. There is a robotic thing, but I can't really remember the details. I try to teleport again, this time by doing a backflip. I see some sand as I land, so I use that to form a desert area. Soon, I'm falling backwards down a narrow tunnel, a sandstorm raging all around me. I can feel the heat increase as the desert forms around me.

    When I reach the bottom, I find that the tunnel is almost completely submerged in sand. Rather than wading through all of it, I turn back and head up towards where I'd fallen from. Sand was blocking the way, so I take a deep breath and forcefully exhale, wind blasting out of my mouth and clearing away the sand.
    When I get up, I find myself in a research laboratory of sorts. A middle-aged man with a deeper voice greets me, asking me if I need anything. I ask him for help getting out of here. The man tells me that the only way out is down - through the area I'd just appeared from.

    There are a few people here, sitting at desks with computers and monitors. I examine the computer closest to me to see what kind it is. It reminds me of a Windows XP machine.

    As I turn back, I see a "familiar" woman approaching. She had a red wrist band and long, dark purple hair. I realize that I'm viewing myself in third person now. The woman begins talking, and the dream ends.

    - first DILD of the night (10pt)
    - RC / stabilize (1pt)
    - interact with DC (2pt)
    - fly (5pt)
    - ask DC for advice (5pt)
    - teleport (10pt)
    - elemental manipulation (10pt)
    - fully phase through solid object (10pt)
    - personal goal - new [do a standing backflip] (15pt)

    COMP TOTAL: 153

    Updated 08-29-2015 at 05:29 PM by Elcifer


    [sensei comp - night 11] nld

    by Elcifer on 08-29-2015 at 03:51 AM
    - I was in a bathroom, except the bathroom was mostly empty space and didn't have what you'd usually see in one (toilet, bathtub). My little brother was sleeping on the floor, socks littered all around him. I tried maneuvering around, but it was was really messy.

    - I was thinking about the sampler I would be releasing soon. I'd already gotten some "good" clips (one was a C7 double). I was thinking about doing a C9 triple since I'd already gotten dbl down. It was going to be difficult getting clips from now on (for whatever reason); I'd probably only be able to get one per session.

    - I was messaging a girl that felt like Usagi. Her name was Bree (same name as athegirl from my semi-lucid ... hmm ...) and she had a profile picture of a girl with bunny ears. I asked her what the secret behind her ears was, but for no response back. Apparently, she was a spammer.

    - There are three people in a car: a man, and a woman with her child. The car's windows are a bright white, such that I can't see beyond them. Apparently the man and woman are getting married against their will. The man is a bit hesitant; he feels sorry about what's happening. The woman re-assures him that it's fine, and that she wouldn't be able to make it through (something) without his help.

    Haven't had much luck with getting lucid these past couple of weeks. Though, I've managed 3-4 lucids this month already so I'm fine with it.

    - 1 NLD (1pt)
    - WBTB (2pt)

    COMP TOTAL: 85

    [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 10] The LRT-Car Replacement

    by Elcifer on 08-28-2015 at 01:25 AM
    - I was with my little brother at some point. He was afraid of the night. We were walking through a neighbourhood in the dark.

    - Later on, I recall being at an LRT station (not sure where I was going). The LRTs stopped midway through their pathway. A person told us that we needed to get off and board a car in order to continue. From a window to the left, I could see a fancy car-limo-mobile thing that could hold 16 or so people. Relative to the LRT platform, it was located on lower ground, sitting in a field of grass. It was still night time.

    - As I reach the vehicle, numerous others were already entering I saw someone I know from elementary school, briefly wondering if I should sit there. I decide to sit a couple of seats behind him.

    - I was back at the LRT place again (time reversal). This time, after getting off, I wasn't able to get on the vehicle so I was stuck waiting with a few others. One was 종혁's wife, another was Luke, a male Korean teacher. They were talking amongst themselves, but I was separate from the group.

    - I walked around on my own, thinking of how I would get home. Apparently it was around 12am so I wouldn't be able to catch a bus. I didn't want to call my parents and inconvenience them. I think I saw some buildings that remind me a little of downtown.

    - Later on, I'm in the same area, but it's during the daytime. Turns out we're in a place that's still far from the city. There are some construction workers here. I remember passing by a couple of fast food counters. One of them was selling Chinese food. Both were still in construction.

    - 1 NLD (1pt)
    - WBTB (2pt)

    COMP TOTAL: 82