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    Conspiracies demons vampires wizards?

    by Elio on 08-19-2012 at 08:16 PM
    I started with me walking down the road and I see some car going very fast then swerving into this open lot and almost impossibly slidding into a spot between 2 cars. It sparked my curiosity so I went to investigate it was by a bunch of cars that sold different un interesting things i saw the driver he looked well like a good driver. This group of cars was next to a building or set like structure that i only caught out of the corner of my eye. What got my attention by it was a dog a cute dog with the face of a pug and the body of a retriver i tried petting it but it was mean so i couldnt i looked away and looked back and it was a weiner dog. I kept walking down the same genral direction and I enetered this dark factory now i think i was starting to be accompanied by people we were talking alot about belifes and such but in a way were they were all interrelated and we were trying to follow the lines of conection down to the truth as we were going outside of the facility like place this large very large mass of people was becomminb almost violent they seemed to be rioting but a man on a stage with a microphone seemed to be manipulating them. We were now trying to get somewhere and I could see the mass of people outside. the facility was old looking kind of rundown more like what seemed like a rundown school then anything. But then we got to this high tech looking place lots of glass looked like a holding cell there was one gaurd and we lied to him witch was kinda easy this being a high tech holding facility and all. Well we were looking for someone and we found him it was a vampire... Edward Cullen of all people well we were looking for him since we needed now to defeat something but he had been locked up for 2 days with out anything so he was weak he came out this huge monster looking thing apparently when theyre weak they cant hide there true form so he was this demon or devil looking thing right off the back he attacked this other monster morphing into a small but disgusting looking beat with a human bodie but a head only made of what seamed like small tentacles he did this very fast with other creatures till he returned back to normal and he reached this try by this time i was watching through his eyes there was one more wizard like being perched up on the tree with old cliche hobo cloths edward tried to grab on but the wizard seemed to turn into elastic like any limb that was grasped lightly floated out of his hand and then it would go back into what now looked like a huge amount of cloths and the limbs were almost flaling avoiding any attacks we left him there while he faught this guy. We made it up to a room now i think we seemed to be in a mixture of colombian and movie-ish deserted city. In the room was a smaller kid again they were disgusing religion like a conspiracy something about "but buddha didnt know your geometrees" (yea it was a mess now) The new kid took out a small kindle and started explaining how he was reading a book and found a smaller book within that book then found this book it was a small poem that summoned a demon onto the reader i remembering that this had sort of happened before and remembering that the kid read it and died but came back to live said he should read it again but i noticed things start to get strange and it was because I had summoned it already but quickly reading over the text everything got very weird it seemed like outside of me was being fastforwarded people were acting weird and the setting had changed a little bit some stares seemed ominace and somone playing with a slinky through it at me it looked harmless but it tore some skin from my hand when i tried to cath it as he withdrew it I was being blinded by the demon and i felt it what was going on was an illusion before i could fight it I woke up.

    Will fix this post up later wasnt planning on writing much in colombia but this one was to epic.

    Dreams water a duel and lucidity

    by Elio on 08-08-2012 at 06:00 AM
    07/01/2012 - 7/08/2012 Fragments

    I was on a fairly large boat inside some sort of pull or sink in a bathroom either the bathroom was large or the boat was small. The boat started sinking and when I made it outside it sunk impossibly fast I fell into the water and floated for a bit then tthe boat sudenly came back out of the water completely fine when me and the dc passangers were back inside the flight attendants that worked on the boat were apologizing for the stuff in my mini bar bing on one side since the ship rolled.

    Lucid Fragment

    I was sitting with people on some place I canīt remember my surrondings but at one point I looked down and realized I was dreaming smilling I looked back up to my group of people and said "Im in a dream arenīt I?" with a bild smile on my face. The dcs nodded somewhat uninterestingly as the dream faded away.

    I was walking towards a warehouse in wich I knew awaited the devil in the form of a kid with dark looking eyes that seemed negative. There was snow on the ground outside of the grey wharehouse witch seemed to be in the midst of an industrial area of some unknown city there were more people around then there should usually be dressed in casual cold wheather cloths. I go into the wharehouse wich is completely hollow and well lit and see him in the center of it with black trench coat and menacing face. I rush him and he starts to alter my relaity suddenly im in another place full of trees and stuff I know itīs a trick but I canīt seem to over come it. Something happens and I end up outside again this time there are some causal dcīs that are willing to help me out and they accompany me when we get in the ware house I warn them about the illusion trick. We all rush him and he does it again for a minute I sea the wooods but I fight it and tell my group to not pay it any mind the illusions breaks away and I grab him I feel victory and the dream fades.


    I was at the beach with some of my family from Colombia (wich is strange since they dont live near the ocean.) There is a black cable that is as thick as two powerlines going from some unknown place into the ocean like this they creat huge waves for people it seemed to have gone wrong an dmake a huge tsunami wave that I promptly tried to get away from it bare splacehed me but wasnt that bad I went back andwatched as people kept going in the water and come out later with injurieds the rest fades and I wake up.

    Not in colombia

    by Elio on 07-25-2012 at 12:41 AM
    7-24-2012 Lucid Dream!

    I forgot how it started and itīs fading rather quickly but I was walking around a place that looked like Colombia just wondering the streets. I make it to a home somehow that looks like a different vsion of one of my fahers old homes and a lot of people were there sort of having a get together.I walk around and greet a few people and theres pretty (Like extremely beautiful girl woo my minds created the embodiment of utter beauty and interest for me) I manage oto catch a glimpse of her and shes with a her sister a younger girl. I try and climb the roof for a second getting on a latter that growing these small plants that I try and watch out for a little bit not caring to much though. I step on a few while my cousins showing my sister and hes saying theyre tomatoe plants (I later apologize). I change my mind then get back down and go take ashower It looks more like a long sink and it had a long window were I could see out to the back yard were the girl was at with a few other people they were trying to climb the roof and failing at it. It didnt care much for that and took my cloths off I noticed my penis looked quite different wich was funny I kinda already new I was dreaming by this time. Anyway I go back to washing myself and I get tired of them not climbing so I let them know how its done after that dream skips me putting my cloths on. I was just on my way out after helping them saying hi to everyone including my dad who is deceased he seamed happy. I go outide and some siblings introduce me to the girl and I thought wow what beautiful eyes and she says yea look they even change color and as she moved the switched from blue to red to purple to deep browns it was so interesting. (Forgot some parts around here) I see my sister and I think wait weīre not in colombia anymore and say aww I wanted to se la feria de las flores! she says we canīt and I try to wake up but I cant (That part scared me a little) So i just go outside and everyones theyre I remember someone on dream view speaking of Dcīs and how they were people to so i shouldnīt do anything mean to them including telling them they were just figments of my imagination so I didint. Didint want to hurt theyīre feelings but I felt a What now then vibe comming from them I tried to say well then lets fly guys but my voice gave out and I got tired of the dreams vibe (I get a little shaken when I see my dad but I did better this time though I think thats why the vibe was getting a little shaky). I willed myself to wake up and I did. Couldnt remember most fo the dream but I was very lucid but with only a bit of control over the dream enviroment and out comes in situations.


    by Elio on 07-18-2012 at 02:29 AM
    7/17/2012 Fragment
    Would of remembered more if I'd written this down earlier.

    I was in a shop near an old house I use to live in, Though I hadnt seen the outside yet I knew we were near the metro-rail in H. I was walking around the shop not really sure what I wanted to buy there were some short kids in line; I asked the clerk if he had something like a chocolate bar and he said he was out though I could see it right in my face. I started getting this creepy vibe after before I woke up.

    Return of the exes

    by Elio on 07-16-2012 at 04:43 PM
    Sometime between 7/12/2012 And 7/15/2012 Fragments
    I was with L and she was having an emotional moment at a bar we were at she was crying cause everything was beautiful and pointed at the beer taps and said something along the lines of "Oh my god they have so many beers" with teary eyes. The bars beer taps seemed to be made out of cardboard and her tears were very large the bar looked much like the bar at my old job but we were on stools. The feeling of the dream was nice I though L was cute.

    I was in a room with a group of my friends and L, she went into the bathroom and my friends started hitting on her we were in my friend J's house except the furniture and some rooms were rearranged differently and the house was smaller I got defensive but realized I was doing so and it was pointless so I stopped. The general feeling in the dream was comfortable even with my friends hitting on L.

    I was running around a mall/auditorium with S and we were sort of playing a game but for a she stopped with excitement in her eyes and we kissed we then morphed together into this strange thing that grew taller sort of had the texture of clay with parts rotating in different directions (First morphing dream ever)

    I was in a mall again and I was exploring for a while I made my way upstairs and saw someone I'd never met before but seemed to know in my dream we made plans to meet up and have a beer.
    non-lucid , dream fragment