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    Longest LD Ever! / Some Amazing Crazy Ass Dreams!

    by ElsiaStar on 03-07-2018 at 08:07 PM
    My first dream involved my long lost brother, who was in a school shooting(he was the shooter) and we were dealing with the consquences.
    NOTE: this is at least my 3rd dream involving my "brother". In ever dream he has something tragic happen to him. Also note: I don't have a brother, and never have, but my dad was a sperm donor, so these dreams really make me wonder...

    ok, so this LD lasted SO long, it felt like HOURS. But there was so much jumping around that sadly, I've already lost most of it.

    I was in some place, realizing I was lucid, staring at the wall to stabilize. Then I spun to stabilize more, and that's where the adventures begin. I went outside and looked at the stars, they were so bright that I wanted to be in them, so I jumped up once, but failed to get anywhere, the second time I jumped up and I went so high, into the universe. The earth became small and I zoomed past constellations that were lit up and connected by lines so I could see. I was going far from earth, and I realized I didn't want to be stuck somewhere in space, so I flew back down so I could see earth, and decided to fly down to Bondi Beach, Australia.
    what did I do then you ask? Well, I went in the water and started drowning so that one of the hot lifeguards from the tv show Bondi Rescue would save me! And sure enough, one of them came and rescued me, and it was epic. The things I did after that I either want to keep private or don't remember enough to tell, but the lucidity lasted A LONG time. I tried to remember my goals but failed on that part.

    A student discovered a new planet, we were teleported there. It was bright and colorful and beautiful, but was also inhabited by some creatures that looked like people. "wow, so there IS life on other planets," I thought. At first we were being careful exploring this planet, and some of the creatures would try to attack us. A bunch of stuff happened that I don't remember and led to ME singing on stage with Christina Grimmie and, eventually, the queen of England joined in! Whaaaaaat. It was a great moment. We were all belting out "Let It Go" from Frozen.
    lucid , non-lucid

    I’m the laughing stalk LD

    by ElsiaStar on 02-04-2018 at 03:10 AM
    I started taking a new medication and it causes me to sleep like a rock, which has caused some scary and weird experiences.

    The other morning, I realized I was dreaming. I was in my room and I wanted to wake up. I tried, and couldn’t. I was laying in bed shaking and screaming. I fell off the bed and banged my head on the lamp side table. On the ground I was thrashing around SO hard and finally woke up, making a startled noise IRL which caused my boyfriend to notice.

    The next morning, it happened again. I was stuck in a dream. But this time I used to to my advantage, and decided to LD. I held my hand up to summon M, and it worked but she looked different. It was a young woman with reddish brown short hair and a scarf in her hair. I asked her “does the dream mean anything??” And she replied “you’re crazy if you think it means anything” and started laughing. More people from the show joined in with her and started taunting and laughing at me. I was furious and knew that this wasn’t really M.

    2 LDs, Attempting to Build Toy Log House

    by ElsiaStar on 01-25-2018 at 07:29 AM
    I haven't been on my dream recall game lately but today I was smacked with a couple lucids during a nap. I think I might have gotten lucid a total of 3 times, but these are the two I remember the best:

    I was napping and kept going in and out of sleep, or at least that's what I thought. I was pretty much aware the whole time that I was dreaming. So, in this dream I was standing in a cafeteria at some kind of workplace or something, looking at a microwave. I realized, "hey, I'm dreaming, I have to remember this." So, what to do? I looked around the cafeteria and there's a door open and outside is an ocean and a beautiful, fake sunset. I contemplate flying out into the sunset but figure I'd done that enough, so decided to try to summon M. I stared at the back of a lady's head and focused. When she turned around, it was just some old woman. So, I tried to summon Andrew. I focused really hard with my hand out in front of me and made him appear, but his face and body were so glitchy I could barely tell who it was. Then I lost it, and I "woke up".

    I heard music coming from down the stairs, and I thought it was my grandpa playing music. Then, I heard music coming through my ears. It was the Avett Brothers. I figured I must have fallen asleep with my headphones on, and was annoyed because I thought it would be hard to sleep with the music, even though all this itself was part of a dream.
    I "wake up" in my bed, know that I am dreaming. I go down the stairs and see my grandpa sitting on the couch, but decide to ignore him. I think of what my dream goals are, and remember one of them is to build something. I think about building a bridge on the lake but it's too far away and I'm scared I'll wake up trying to get there. So instead, I crouch on the floor and put my hand out. I focus hard and make a toy wood log appear. I decide to make a toy log house. I get the base down, but can't get any further before I wake up for real.

    Troubled Youth, Flying, and a Short Lived LD

    by ElsiaStar on 01-16-2018 at 09:52 AM
    Even though I'm not recording my dreams on the daily, I feel like I'm getting better at being more aware while dreaming.

    E. I was in this park, there was this black picnic table and this guy named.. Justin? He seemed like he needed help. So I went over to him and asked him if he was alright. He said he was completely fine, nothing wrong with him. There was a black journal notebook on the table. I picked it up and screened through it, looking for a note. But all that was there were complex math problems. I just got the feeling that soon he would not be okay, so I told him that I would be around, and he can call me any time. I then flew upwards, swimming towards the sky.

    In a fragment, I was on a tall ledge inside some kind of mall or building. I was there with Brittany, my mom, and Brittany's mom. All of a sudden, both of our moms jumped off the ledge. For a second I felt like time stopped, my mom was dead, my life was over. And then I realized, hey, this is stupid. This is a dream. So I walk away to go do something fun but lose it.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Getting Married, 2 LDs

    by ElsiaStar on 01-12-2018 at 10:33 PM
    Nice to have a couple LDs since I've been having trouble with this lately, even if they were short.

    I was suddenly getting married to my boyfriend. The whole thing was set up in no time, on the upper floor of some building in a city. I was in my wedding dress facing my boyfriend, red roses in my hand. I was thinking, "I didn't even get to walk down the isle, or plan anything for this wedding. It's just happening. And what's up with the red roses bouquet?" So, in no time, we are "married." He goes in to hug me and I'm thinking, what are you doing, we're supposed to kiss. So I kiss him, and everyone claps, but its a pathetic kiss, so I kiss him two more times followed by more clapping. I realize he didn't even give me a ring, so I make a mental note to search for the cheap ring he gave me earlier in the year somewhere in my bedroom(in RL he actually found it on the ground somewhere lol). So, we're married. I'm standing next to the big windows that look out onto the city next to my sister and the dream starts fading. That's when I realize, this is a dream. I decide to ditch the whole scene and fly out through the windows and over the city. I see two buildings where there are people standing on top of them. I am searching for someone or something to do. I land on one of the buildings with the people, I can feel the dream being unstable. The people are acting like they're at the beach, playing in the sand, and there are kids, but they are on top of a 70 story + building. I don't find what I'm looking for and wake up.

    I think this was another DEILD. I am in my old house, I go outside. It's night time. I thought flying was fun in the first LD so decide to do it again and get somewhat hig
    h but then wake up again.
    lucid , non-lucid