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    The Shamrock Island

    by Emin3mdudu on 05-16-2020 at 03:24 AM
    I was in the house and realised that I was dreaming again. This was the third dream of the night but I had not ben able to get out of the house because I was distracted. This time i had set the goal of exploring and flying around. So this time I got out and found I was in the back yard of the 5 acer house. So I ran twards the back yard. I jumped up and phocused on the wind and felt it flowing around me and I flew up and by phocusing on the direction and wind currents I was able to fly up. I flew above the clouds and saw a map like a game map but real. It had like the fog of war on the land. I was able to tell there were 4 buildings placed at the heart tips of a heart shaped 4 leaf clover. I had come from the north leaf. About 30 mi from the sandstone asteck pyramid. That leaf was to my left and to my right was the south leaf and on its lower right heart bump was a brown desert with rocks and a carnival. Later I learn that lucidity is kept difrently or rewarded difrently in each leaf. In the lower it was an pvp rpg system where you got rewards for exploits. There was lucidity packets and rewards that could help you phisicaly (odd but it seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams stuf there can give you wealth in a certain aspect or talent in skills). Later when I saw a rich person's house where I apparently went to perform a counsltashion for the mother who married a non natural lucid man and where wondering about how to make him more natural at it. Theas people were rich and they had paid for a stairway to heaven. This was basically where they built their steps to cultivate lucidity. This was built with tiles that interlock that had difrent gradients and give. Basically to make yo pay a certain type of attention when walking the stairs. Every step was difrent.

    Food truck

    by Emin3mdudu on 05-12-2020 at 02:56 AM
    So I was in the house then I went outside. I went into my camper and it had become a food truck. But it was still the same people were serving others and I would wach threw the crack in the window like i was flying around in the camper and interacting from inside like using a meck without arms. My sister was coming home from the swam where she lived it was realy bad for her worse than she let on. I had come to my parents house for the weekend and so had she and we went camping hunting and stuff well dad hunted and I was just dropping in and he would talk about his meat. I am a vegetarian and my sister is somewhat as well.

    Water Walking

    by Emin3mdudu on 05-11-2020 at 02:27 AM
    I was at the pond I was lucid I was runing over the water and was trying to learn to walk on water I could run over it as long as I was going fast enough. Lindsey went over into the pond with her car by where the coys tend to congregate. I saw my dads, dad as an 18 year old. I pulled the car out of the pond with tk. The car was going in sideways and I knew that was bad because if it fell regularly she had a greater chance of geting out un injured. So I puld the car on shore because I could. She seemed kind of upset about me pulling her out. I was then walking with dad on the highway talking about his dad and stuff we went around this blockade and under a bridge into a public park with a pool. And that is where I learned the phisics of water walking and of how Josh or the water spirits wanted to pull me down. I am pretty shure they think me one of them becaus of how I frequently breath underwater.
    (So if I run I am able to basically negate weight by semi flying without aculy doing so. Like runing on sand. But when I got to the pool I put my hands on a post and tied to stand on the water I thought it would be like ice when doing so but it turned out to be more like sand where if you pushed against it, it would give. So I started to try to give to it instead kind of like spreading my weight but more in a upside down bull fashion. Like imagine your feat as points then make them circles like a plunger shape. Cone like. This is not technick but understanding of the fundamental principle behind the mechanics. ) Less lucid dream powers tend to come from this understanding.)
    Later I was also fighting this guy with scalpels and scissors. He was bad I worked for the queen and was young I think I was a reincarnator and I had some people that were working with me kids mostly and I kiled most of his band before they could react. The fight with him was a stalemate until one of my people came back with his sisors and was able to cut his indestructible wepons with them.
    Lucidity 2/10
    Vividness 3/10
    Realism 7/10