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    Stop Eating My Fucking Pets

    by EmptyBucket on 06-19-2018 at 03:09 AM
    Don't recall any predream rituals or bedtime conditions this night, I've been working a lot of overtime lately so my note taking habits have taken a hit


    So it started being in a big house/mansion hybrid with a lot of rooms, and a lot of gate-like structures where I could see my mom's 8 pets + a huge zoo of pets that I didn't know at all. Suddenly time seemed to shift a few times where I caught glimpses of these pets, then all of a sudden a dinosaur raptor showed up and started destroying rooms. At this point I recall feeling anxiety as I feared for my pets getting hurt or killed.

    I remember feeling myself boomerang in and out of lucidity and I finally crawled into myself on the floor feet on the ground, and I tried to imagine my dream body move instead of my real body, and was guiding my attention to my thoughts exhaustively until it was my dream body rising up from the balled up position to standing up straight. I became fully lucid. At this point I remember following the dinosaur in these dream glimpse sequences, then eventually I somehow made my way into a room which revealed the outer part of the structure I was in, and the sun shined as I NOTICED THAT THIS IS A HUGE MANSION/CRUISE and it looks great out and that hostile feeling from before seemed to subside.

    I looked to my left and see a beautiful woman who looks to be a mom.. of sorts So I walked up to her slapped her with my dong and had her perform oral on me.. and I yelled at her and said "STOP EATING MY FUCKING PETS", and sooner or late, time seemed to shift and boat seemed to be broken on our side and that hostile feeling seemed to come back. So I pushed her right into the ocean, just .. right away, she floated away half-naked, screaming for help and then
    I woke up.



    Pretty good lucid, better vividity as well, the lady was fun
    The hostile feeling kind of sucked while combined with pet anxiety

    Updated 06-19-2018 at 03:12 AM by EmptyBucket


    I am in control here *wakes up*

    by EmptyBucket on 05-27-2018 at 04:16 AM
    Went to bed around 2 AM, ended up smoking a little weed and watching one piece at my buddy's place, I recall being very very tired.


    I wake up in one room and seem to be resting, I then shift to another dream scene, and I end up in my coworker's room (whom I have a bit of a crush on, but quite moderately), I remember her seeming really chill (even though she usually isn't )

    I then seem to lose sense of time AGAIN, I appear in a room giving an entirely different coworker (whom I have a bigger crush on) a massage... but she kept kicking me in this weird way... it's hard to describe at this point, but I seemed to then shift to a bed aside her, when I then saw my sister who expressed concern about something I can't remember..

    At that point I grabbed my phone on the bed .. to ya know .. do the phone reality check (At this point things felt very vivid, as in I can remember it feeling extremely real), then I looked at my phone, it said 6:00 AM- looked away willing the number to change, look back- phone said just 6, no 00s , and then the formatting was a bit off as well and that's when I cracked the case, I'm lucid as fuck bro I remember being so excited and I tried using the voice commands to try and stabilize the dream, shouting to everyone in the room, "I AM IN CONTROL HERE, OF THIS DREAM" and then I immediately woke up.


    It seems that the phone text reality check is really effective, 3 lucids this week and I usually get one every now and then? That and I think that the quality of the focus I've put into critical thinking while reality checking (where am I, why am I here, how did x appear, etc ). But my Dream stability is still shit, my dreams keep ending rapidly, the longest I have this week was like 2 minutes in perceived time. Perhaps I should focus on my hands? I've heard this works well.

    Dream Incubation -

    I want appear with my coworker in the hotel we were at on work trip, I want to make love to her endlessly

    Sorry I'm pretty high while writing this might be worded harshly.

    I'm Getting My Money Out Of My Wallet

    by EmptyBucket on 05-23-2018 at 02:43 AM
    Went to bed at 11:30 PM, ended up doing a short 15 minute WBTB, experimented with playing a game of 2048 on my phone to wake up the logical centers of the brain a little, but not too much, as I needed to get back to bed.


    The dream began with me in the bedroom of my apartment, I assumed that I had just awoken, I had checked my front door to see that it was open.. I'm typically a freak about locking my doors, so this wouldn't happen normally. I then checked my back door by the den and noticed that the door was partly open... weird. One other detail I noticed was that the doors were seemingly doubled in thickness.. as if there were 2 doors.. as 1 door. I walked back to my front door to confirm that detail when I decided to do the phone time reality check, and sure enough I didn't even have to look away and look back, the text was all jumbled to hell. the excitement rushed in as I realized I was dreaming, great fucking deductions I thought, my lucid dreaming practice in RL in paying off, and this reality check is proving to be pretty solid.

    Shortly after I finished boasting to myself, I closed my eyes on accident... and panicked a little at the possibility of squandering this lucid dream I earned, I appeared at the front of a long line inside of some coffee shop. It seemed as if I had already ordered??? I then remembered something that Daniel Love had mentioned in his book for dream stability, which was to vocalize everything you are doing to ground yourself in your dream reality. So I pulled my wallet out - "I'm pulling my wallet out" (saying all of this like an idiot in front of the big line and the cashier), then I started taking money out of my wallet - "I'm getting my money out of my wallet", it seemed to sort of help extend me further than my last short lucid, then she took my money
    and the dream completely collapsed.


    Lucid Streak - 2

    It seems the vocalizing of the actions is a valid technique, but I think I need to focus first on my other senses and perhaps feel my hands or touch stuff, after the fact, it almost feels like it was a non lucid dream. Maybe I am just getting a crazy impulsive tunnel vision, instead of just looking at things and observing detail but rather just filtering a lot of things out and essentially just riding the excitement until I hit an overflow and just wake up. It also feels like this occurred closer to the end of REM phase, not sure though.

    Dream Incubation -

    For my next lucid dream I want to recreate the floor of the hotel I was in with my project manager, and also recreate the scene of me and her walking back from the elevators to our rooms and where she expressed her griefs about the project we were out for.

    The goal is to make a move on her in a very controlled and aware manner (so I can enjoy it), after completing this, as a wish list action item, I will attempt to fly out of her window and explore the city.

    Updated 05-23-2018 at 02:47 AM by EmptyBucket

    lucid , false awakening

    Returning to lucidity : Strange little rock friend

    by EmptyBucket on 05-23-2018 at 01:49 AM
    There I found myself, outside of my mom's house, whom I no longer live with. Guided by irrational thought, I went ahead with it and broke into my mom's house through the window aside the front door.

    Then I seemed to skip forward in time and was sitting inside a version of the living room, watching TV all lazily on the couch. I remember feeling like someone was there with me, but then my eye was caught by a small moving object on the floor, it was what looked like a small rock that had a leaf on top and I justified to myself that the leaf was it's hair, and that it was living. But after seeing it move more.. I decided to use my reality check that I'd been incorporating into my daily life(phone time check / text check) and upon glancing at my phone's screen, the numbers were all jumbled with no proper formatting and in that moment I knew I was dreaming

    I immediately got up from my seat, walked up to the TV, then everything got extremely blurry and I got overwhelmed, I then woke up.


    Looks like I need to work on my stabilization, I got quickly overwhelmed and it seemed to just spiral me out of the dream..

    Updated 05-23-2018 at 01:54 AM by EmptyBucket


    Go Home Phone, Your Drunk.

    by EmptyBucket on 11-21-2013 at 07:33 PM
    So after a 30 minute WBTB, I decided to head off back to sleep with the intention of having an LD.

    I lied down and after a while my phone went off and I checked it feeling upset that it may have screwed up my attempt to sleep/WILD, I looked at it and it had a huge worldwide notification saying that the US has just found out that Europe has a bomb that is half the size of the earth .

    After seeing this, I said this must be a dream, I laid back down and tried sinking through my bed, it kind of worked. I decided, lets get this started and tried putting on some music from my iphone and have it sounding throughout my dream. After this my vision went out
    and I awoke in my bed.

    Must've been a false awakening because I don't remember ever falling asleep in RL, very seemless transition. Was a very dark dream and my vision was extremely limited.
    lucid , false awakening