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    I am some random dude that has been sucked into the world of lucid dreaming thanks to Inception... heh heh

    I have a passion for everything that is nature. I feel much more at home backpacking through forests or exploring a cave than being caught in the suburbs. I love the far-fetched and the expanding the realms of imagination, thus I am a sucker for science-fiction, post-apocalyptic worlds, and psychological thrillers.

    I live each day for Christ Jesus and believe that truth will ultimately conquer all the greed and selfishness in the world.
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    Grand Rapids, MI


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    09/18/11: Souvenirs From The Dream World

    by epdawg62 on 09-19-2011 at 03:35 PM
    I am on a beach somewhere and grabbing fossils and other unique rocks from off the sand. I find some really great specimens, such as rocks with leave imprints and others with garnet and agate chunks. I'm in a great mood. I eventually fade out of this dream and "wake up" in my bedroom. I feel my body lying on my mattress but I don't open my eyes quite yet. It feels like I'm holding a few rocks in my hands and this really perplexes me. At first I think I'm just imagining the sensation, but I realize I'm not when the feeling of the rocks doesn't fade away. Next, with my eyes still closed, I reason that I must have sleepwalked to my rock collection in the middle of the night, grabbed some rocks, and climbed back into bed with them. But I disregard this theory because I never sleepwalk. I open my eyes and look at the rocks in my hands. One of them is rectangular-shaped and has a layer of garnet, layer of limestone and a layer of darker rock all in one. The other rock is a gray, round fossil with a leaf imprint in it. I realize that these were my specimens from the dream I just had! I am awestruck for several seconds, but I soon reason that I must be dreaming. I look at my hand and see that I have six or seven fingers. I'm in a false awakening! I look around my room and am very impressed with the detail and its accuracy in representing my room in waking life. I jump out of bed and from a distance, I look at my reflection in the mirror. The mirror is projecting a close-up of my face and a view from above me. I walk closer and my face starts to get really fat and disproportionate. I laugh at this. I open my door and right as I step out I wake up for real.
    lucid , false awakening

    Post-Apocalyptic Sailing

    by epdawg62 on 02-02-2011 at 03:02 AM

    Non-Lucid Lucid Further Notes

    I am on a large sailboat with about ten other people. We have been drifting through an endless sea for several weeks trying to find land. We are the last known survivors of the human race after an apocalyptic flood that has left very little dry land. Among the people on the sailboat are two or three guys in their thirties, a 50-year-old man with a gray beard and beer belly, his ten-year-old son, a beautiful black woman in her late twenties and her baby, , a beautiful blonde-haired woman in her mid twenties and lastly but far from least Natalie Portman. It is a babe fest on this boat . I am very happily married to the blonde-haired woman. We are newly-weds and couldn't get along with each other better. The black woman and Natalie Portman are also paired up with other men on the sailboat. Although all may appear to be full of love, the 50-year-old man and his son are hiding something. The 50-year-old man is planning on getting us all killed because first of all, he is jealous that he doesn't have a woman to be with, and secondly, he basically hates humanity and wants it to end. He has brainwashed his son into believing the same thing that he does. From now on I will call these people the humanity haters. They act like they appreciate our company but beneath the surface they have a plot to get us all killed. I am the only one who knows their hidden motives and am waiting for the opportune moment to tell everyone else without the humanity haters noticing.

    For what feels like days, I pass my time by swimming, enjoying the company of others, having great meals, and making love to my wife in the sleeping quarters every night. Looking back on this dream, if this is what the post-apocalypse is like, bring on the apocalypse! The entire crew and I always have our meals gathered around a foldable table on the deck of the sailboat. Despite it being the post-apocalypse, the weather is always nice and the sun always shines down on us whenever we are out on the deck. We have elaborate meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner because we apparently have an endless stash of food that is stowed away below the deck. One dinner we have scallops, steaks, meatloaf, potatoes and other tasty dishes. I reach for the scallops, but the man who is hooked up with the black woman tells me that the scallops are specifically for humanity hater junior. All the woman of the boat are topless during this meal for some reason, and although I am turned on I still keep my cool ha ha. The man who is dating the black woman asks my wife and I how our marriage is going, and we start talking about it excitedly. As we have this conversation, the humanity haters leave the table to have a private conversation on the other side of the boat. While they are gone, I tell everyone that they are planning to kill us all. Everyone is very shocked to hear this news. When the humanity haters return to the table, everyone is silent and giving them suspicious looks. The next day, we are all talking out on the deck and humanity hater senior suddenly asks if he could have all of our attentions. He says that there is a place that he knows of called "God's Thumb". He tells us that we should sail to this place because "it is the most amazing place of the ocean" and that "if we are looking for adventure, we have to go there". Everyone likes this idea except for me. I know that this "God's Thumb" is a dangerous place, but for some reason I keep silent (I have no idea why).

    Suddenly I receive an incredibly disturbing vision. In this vision, humanity hater senior and all the women of the sailboat are in a small, dark room. The black woman, my wife and Natalie Portman are all hanging naked from the ceiling by chains that are connected to their wrists. Their legs are cut off and there is blood all over the walls. The humanity hater is laughing at their agony. The vision fades and my wife is standing right next to me on the deck. She asks me if everything is alright because I look pale and I tell her that nothing is wrong. This is a lie because obviously I am very disturbed since this vision may be a glimpse of what could happen in the future.

    Next thing I know we are sailing through the part of the ocean known as "God's Thumb". We are all looking over the railing into the waters below. The water is so crystal clear that we can somehow see the ocean floor. One of the guys points out to me that he can see a land mass covered with trees and small buildings about a mile beneath the surface. I realize that this land mass used to be a coastline of an ocean before the flood. While we are looking at these land masses, we see a black and white speck that looks like it is moving at an incredible speed. It appears to be moving closer and closer to our sailboat, and the shape is growing bigger as seconds pass. After about ten seconds, we realize that it is a giant whale and it intends to ram our sailboat. We panic and try to get our life jackets on, but before we can do so, the whale hits the bottom of the sailboat. The shock wave of the impact sends us flying into the air and landing in the water. Now I finally think to myself, "Why didn't I tell everyone how dangerous this place was?". We are all watching our sailboat from the water, hoping that it won't fall apart so we can get back in it. All of a sudden, Derek, Eric and a few of my other friends appear on the deck of the ship. It looks like they are playing Texas Hold Em' around a poker table. This action somehow causes the ship to tip over and break apart. Humanity ends because of a poker game. I wake up.

    Level of Lucidity: 3/10
    Sounds and Scenery: 7/10
    Feelings and Emotions: 4/10
    Recall: 8/10

    Elysian Fields

    by epdawg62 on 01-21-2011 at 01:09 AM

    Non-lucid Lucid Side Notes

    I am walking in a field of perfectly green grass and the sky above me is perfectly blue and does not have a single cloud in it. I feel very content and don't have a care in the world. This green field stretches out to the distance on all sides of me, but to the distance in front of me I can see a forest of dead trees. Halfway between me and this forest in the distance, there is a blooming tree that contrasts sharply to the dead forest behind it. In front of this tree, there is a white grand stand piano and someone sitting on the piano bench. I am somehow reminded of the "happy place" in the movie Happy Gilmore and I chuckle to myself. I start to walk to this piano, and when I get close enough I see that the person sitting on the piano bench is Kee, the girl from the movie Children of Men. This seems strange so it occurs to me that I may be dreaming. I look down at my hand and sure enough its all jacked up. I have about eight fingers, and some are about half the length of normal fingers while others are wrapping around each other and morphing into each other. I become lucid and I immediately work on stabilizing the environment. I reach down and feel the grass with my hand. With every second I spend running my fingers through the grass, the environment gets clearer and brighter. Rays of sunlight hit my face and cause me to squint my eyes. I then get up and look all around me. When I gaze at the dead forest, in my line of vision there are what seem to be mirages, but when I look around me for about ten seconds these mirages disappear. The colors of the field and the sky become so crisp and vivid that when I compare it to real life, its as if real life is grainy and pixelated and this dream is high definition. I am completely awestruck by this sight. After I regain my composure, I walk until I'm right next to the piano and I greet Kee. For some reason my sister is crouching beneath the piano as if hiding from something. Kee tells me that she wrote a really great song for piano and she wants me to hear it. I say to her, "I definately want to hear it, but first can I ask you a question?". She says yes so I ask her some question about the nature of reality. I ask her this question because of my dream goal to have a philosophical conversation with a dream character. Kee seems puzzled by this question and asks me to elaborate. I say, "Well, can we really know for sure whether the world outside our own minds is real? For example, we could be in a dream right now, and that means that the scenery around us isn't real. Do you think we're in a dream?". Kee immediately responds "I don't know", but further thinks about the question for half a minute with a look of contemplation. She then says some deep statement in response to this question, but unfortunately I can't remember what she said. She starts to play the piano and at this point I feel myself exiting out of the dream. I spin my body around to try to preserve the dream, but the environment turns to blackness and I feel my body laying in my bed. I wake up.

    Level of Lucidity: 8/10
    Sounds and Scenery: 8/10
    Feelings and Emotions: 8/10
    Recall: 8/10
    Side Notes: I drank apple juice that night. I had this lucid dream after staying up for a half an hour after five hours of sleep for the WBTB Technique.

    Updated 01-21-2011 at 03:26 AM by epdawg62


    1/18/11: Morphing and Disappearing Partygoers

    by epdawg62 on 01-19-2011 at 06:48 AM

    Non-lucid Lucid Side Notes

    I am in a multi-level building with many rooms and hallways that lack an organized structure. Trying to find your way through this building is like wandering through a maze. Every single room and hallway is packed with people who are partying, chatting or doing various activities. I remember being lucid or at least talking about lucid dreaming at one point in this dream, but I am not certain about this. I wander in and out of random crowds and do a variety of things to pass the time. I smoke a cigarette at one point, and then I get onto a dance floor in a dark room with flashing colorful lights. I see James trying to start a mosh pit or something. I'm totally game for starting one. I walk over to him and greet him warmly. Someone starts to play "Invaders Must Die" by the Prodigy on a keyboard, and James and I start to head bang like madmen to it. Other people on the dance floor look at us strangely at first, but eventually join us and start a mosh pit because they just can't resist.

    Despite the various moments when I'm actually enjoying myself, most of the time I have overwhelming feelings of apprehension and fear as I wander through the rooms and walk among the throngs of people. I haven't seen anyone I've known in this entire building except for James. I feel like there is something strange that I haven't noticed yet, and not only that, I feel as if everyone else in the building is trying to mess with me. I take in my surroundings and closely inspect the people around me, something I haven't done yet. Upon closer inspection, I notice that there are many partygoers whose physical structures are constantly morphing with each passing second - heads are growing wider and receding, arms are extending and shrinking, etc. Also, there are many people who seem to just disappear if I look away from them a split second. Everyone who disappears is quickly replaced by new people. This morphing and disappearing is happening at a constant rate, and I can't believe that I haven't noticed this until now. This is why I was feeling that there was something strange happening.

    I am quite freaked out at this, and I wish that I were with my family right then and there. As an answer to my thoughts, I see my family in a crowd about 40 feet away from me. I walk over to them and tell them to stick close to me or we will lose each other. I know that if I look away from them for even a few seconds, they may just flat out disappear. We walk around aimlessly, and I make sure that my eyes don't stray from them. We enter into some hallway and this random old man initiates a conversation with me. I accidentally say something that deeply offends him. I try to offer an apology but he won't accept it. Out of his rage he morphs into a menacing creature. He grows fangs and claws and his eye sockets sink deep into his head. This scary dude chases my family and I down the hallway, and I manage to escape from him. In the process, however, I look away from my family and as expected, they have flat out disappeared.

    Shortly after losing my family, I run into Linda and we, once again, walk around aimlessly. For some reason I am no longer worried about anyone disappearing. Linda says something about how her roommate is thinking of becoming a Christian, and I am happy about this news. There is more to this dream but I can't recall anything else.

    - Level of Lucidity: 5/10
    - Feelings and Emotions: 3/10
    - Sounds and Scenery: 6/10
    - Recall: 5/10
    - That night I drank orange juice and ate cheddar cheese to aid in dream vividness and recall. I also played Inception as I fell asleep to induce an Inception-esque dream. It didn't seem to work.

    1/9/11: Disappointing Lucid

    by epdawg62 on 01-11-2011 at 06:38 AM
    Non-lucid Lucid Side Notes

    Linda and I are sitting on a bed in a bedroom with a lot of antiques and lace doilies. She gives me a present and I open it up. It is a wooden carving of Snoopy that has a small, latched door on its underbelly. I open up this door and I find a red Jolly Rancher and a blue Jolly Rancher. She asks if I like it and I tell her I love it. Then we both fall asleep on this bed. Next thing I know, we are in a bedroom my home in Wisconsin and I somehow think that I am having a shared “dream within a dream”. I see something strange and I decide to do the hand reality check. I look at my hand, and it is deep red with a sixth finger growing and receding between my thumb and my first finger. I stare at it for a long time, and see that the tips of my fingers even become detached from the rest of my hand. I become lucid, but I think that I am in a “dream within a dream”, when really it is just a scene change from the falling asleep scene. I say something to Linda about how we are in a dream, and see says things that I can’t recall. I remember that she is acting exactly like herself in real life and saying very smart things, so I think that I may be sharing a dream with her. I remember my dream goal to play something awesome on a guitar, so I imagine an acoustic guitar and then see it leaning against the wall next to the bed. I pick up the acoustic guitar and try to play something impressive, but for some reason I can only play simple chords like C major and A minor. The sound of the acoustic is very crisp and warm. I convince myself that I’ll be able to play something that I wouldn’t be able to play in real life, but unfortunately I am unable to play anything more than chords. I leave this guitar, disappointed. Linda and I walk outside to the front lawn of my Wisconsin home. It is a warm and sunny day. I tell her that she should go flying with me and we take off into the air. We fly at a decent speed for a little bit, but then stop in mid air. We float in the air, unable to move. I see some neighbors having a meal on a porch nearby and try to fly by imagining myself flying over to that porch, but this doesn’t work. I flap my arms like a bird but this doesn’t work either. I become frustrated and wake up.