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      Haha you're wlecome ^^ Happy new year as well!
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      Happy birthday!
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      What about those links i sent to you ,?
    4. thanks
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      WELL i 'll get that foor you tomorow
    6. thank you.
      But, do you have any online resource that i can reach out for. Like ebooks, websites or forums on psy?
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      no i mean you try beginning a psy class
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      psy begin a psy class
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      Hey man, thanks for the birthday wish, I appreciate it!!!!!
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      Happy birthday! =D
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    I am Benedict C. Nweze, a computer Engr. Student, born and brought up in the northern part of Nigeria.
    i am an ordinary person with ordinary abilities, but i desire extra-ordinary abilities to beter my life and the lives of my families and friends.
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    I love computing, football, tennis. . .
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    Almighty God!!! give me your spirit

    The Power!!! that brought me into existence, will answer my call. Jer 33:3


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    Third Eye

    by espsika on 03-05-2015 at 09:01 AM
    Friday 20/2/15
    Meditating on my third eye I fail asleep and noticed my dream body entering a building through a slightly opened door. The outside felt like a grave while the inside felt like a well lighted room. I had the consciousness of leaving a friend behind, in the grave into the room and the feeling of guilt made me went back to the grave and I felt an unbearable pressure of the gravestone against my body, and I could think of nothing but to wake up and I deed woke up. I will bear this pressure next time to see it end.

    We Are Not Alone

    by espsika on 03-05-2015 at 08:55 AM
    Sunday 1/2/2015
    I saw myself in school trying to repair my shoe with the shoe-maker but never succeeded in repairing it. So, I started walking to my lodge bare footed. I was walking like a man in a hurry when I saw people trying to kill a mighty snake, dangerous cobra. Curiosity cut up with me so I stood and watched what was happening when this snake run pass me and I focused all my intent on killing it. I was picking up stones and throwing at it when I noticed that the head has been separated from the body, then and there the desire to take the snap short of the snake came to mind and I remembered I had I phone on me, but now I couldn’t find it. The thought of looking for this phone made me weak and immediately I woke up and I was like, “so, this is a dream”.

    The Sensations of Transitioning

    by espsika on 03-05-2015 at 08:53 AM
    Thursday 26/2/2015
    I felt my consciousness sinking down from my feet with my brain as the pivot point. I felt that all my consciousness has left my body except that of the brain. It felt as if I had two brains, my real brain and my consciousness brain (dream body brain). I was afraid of the sensation because it felt real and powerful and this made me indecisive. I did found myself in an unknown place filed with people running to some place important to them. The dream was blurry, but I was still lucid. So I stopped one of the boys with my two hands and looked at him directly into his face, he was reluctant to look back at me. I asked him aggressively “where am I” several times and he replied “you are in Ifitedunu (my village)” pointing towards the main road while telling me that if I get to the road I should be able to board a bus that will take me to Awka (the capital of my state). And I left him and headed to the main road. On getting to main road I took left and as I was walking down the road I lost the dream and woke up. I believe that fear took away my focus and my focus is my dream goal which is meditation.

    Mind"s Trick

    by espsika on 03-05-2015 at 08:48 AM
    Tuesday 24/2/2015
    I laid down to sleep between 6AM and 7AM and felt the feeling of my consciousness in motion and speed. I wasn’t scared and it wasn’t strange because I have felt it severally. I could see nothing but darkness and I began to pray, not because I was afraid but because I wanted to gain control which I did gain in FA it was so real that I made fun of RC and when I finally awoke, I was so surprised at my mind’s trick. I didn’t actually do Reality Check because I felt there was no need of doing it.

    My Village

    by espsika on 03-05-2015 at 08:43 AM
    I had a dream 15/02/2015
    Where I, Amandi and one other person (I think he is Paul) lying down in our village room, Ifitedunu. We were talking about how difficult it is to survive in the village. Amandi was restless and couldn’t sleep so he started walking around and my father caught him and warned him………… I went into the kitchen to check if anything was lost, I saw meat placed on the cover of big cooking port and I think I saw another one in the inner side of the kitchen. Then I took a bite of the first one and left. On turning to return to my room I saw my father at the entrance of the kitchen door and he handed to me uncooked meat (the leg part of an unknown animal) and told me that it was Nnagi (my uncle) that gave it to him for me. I accepted the meat while suspecting that it wasn’t ordinary. Then the dream switched to another dream-let.