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    1. What about those links i sent to you ,?
    2. WELL i 'll get that foor you tomorow
    3. no i mean you try beginning a psy class
    4. when?
      Happy New Year, dear friend. I wish you the best and em. . . Thank you for the info.
    5. psy begin a psy class
    6. you answered them
      please make a thread to carry out your uberman experience so that it may be benifical to others
    7. evangelistic and plus you didnt answer my question how much free time do you have after that test ? as you'll be high in function what role do you give lucid dreaming ? i think only adults should practice it if not children will lack thier education through lucid dreaming
    8. thats really radical man!i hope you'll succeed .... well just remember never miss those naps because it's like loosing two days of monophasic sleep i hope that you have att least two months for you to do that if not itll be a bit unsuitable if you have only one month you might as best go to evryman two to three naps . and post scriptum question .....are you catholic ?
    9. Yea, its been a long time. I am preparing for exams which will be concluded on 31st Oct.
      I am planning to go polyphasic (uberman) after my exams. Any advise for me?
      Thank you for caring. . .
    10. hey its been a long time
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