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      pa sulyap sulyap lng kasi ako DV..d namn lagi..eheheh
      haha. nice nice
    2. pa sulyap sulyap lng kasi ako DV..d namn lagi..eheheh
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      hey, since you're online right now, why don't you jump into chat
    4. Iloilo me..
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      From Manila ako
    6. hehee tol mga 4 months plang kasi akong LDmer's, pero naka experience na ako LD since Grade 3 atah pero hindi ko pa alam na ability pala to..IMBAH eh!
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      "muzta boss, kamusta panaginip mo kagabi"
      Haha nice to see another Pinoy Lucid Dreamer. 22 LDs? Galing! Baka mataasan mo ang LD count ko(hayaan mo, hindi iyon mangyayari...jk) . If you got time, try visiting chat, we might bump into each other someday.
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    So Far, My Most Perfect Lucid Dream of my Life

    by EthicalEye on 06-03-2012 at 10:09 PM

    Note:No Software Products are Advertise in this Content.

    The Night Before (Almost 11:30 PM)

    I was writing my Dream Script with the Topic "I want to go Visit this City[Iloilo]" I've also visualize it and Draw it in My DJ and remembering it in as a go to Bed. There was not so tall building and small 2 lined street.

    1st Dream (RLT:1:00-1:20 AM)

    We were salvaging the Lost ship "TITANIC". I dont know if i have colleagues. I found a map with the X mark on it. Map details was name "Remote Island" There was 3 main Island lane together with remote islands and an N sign below. Then suddenly i got in an aquarium them a "Turret shell" with sand on it. "Then i have said "Control Panel". I dont know what this mean in my dream but Ive Always "Windowed" it every day.
    Then Ive summoned in another Dream Space.

    2nd Dream Space (Estimated RLT:1:30-2:00 AM

    Then the second one was, We where playing thumb drive licking on the floor. I know it's a stupid game but....never mind. It was my brother who is my play mate. And I remember I was in the top of the Rooftop house when there was lightning too close to me without sound, and although it's boring to see that, ive walk downstairs and i've notice my cousin eating then he ask me to have one. I said "never mind" The third scence was so short and so hard to remember. I was cooking in the van with a porkchop and wrapped it with salt. A my mother ask "we dont need to leave, your father will do it for us" them snap out of the dream.

    I wake up almost 2 AM, and stair at a dark spot of the room. That dream was so hard to remember that Remembering it took me 1 Hour to finish connecting Fragments and Details of the Dream.

    WBTB 3:00-4:00 AM

    Maybe just a rest, cant remember if i had a dream. Then i was wakened by alarm clock and it was almost 4:00.

    WBTB 4:00-6:00 AM This is It!

    I was in a Computer shop, an sit with my Mother, then too many people ask. Although it's all my friend. And One guy told me "Look the Skies too dark, maybe a storm will come". I look at the sky a really really dark as the wind blows, Im expecting it. Maybe my Imagination makes it worst. After i've watch the film "The Day after Tommorow" Last week, the storm become worst, We are on the Eye of the Storm."Them suddenly" Wait this storm is in the movie. Then Lucidity Increase on me. i do the command RC by plucking my skin if it hurts, then i ask one boy "Am I Dreaming" the breath suddenly constricts. He did not say anything and just stare at me. I have 2 Mission in a Lucid Dream Talk anything about what it Dream and Just Enjoy the Dream. The first one was almost impossible to me because, i've always snob by Dreams Characters if im Lucid. Then i Just Flying around and created the world in my Dream Script. It was a "TROPICAL CITY" with no to tall buildings ranging from 2-5 stories high. It was Morning after the rain so crystal clear and almost admire my dream. If you know the CAD software "LUMION" you see what my Dream scape is. Then i've just keep flying and enjoy. Then i pass a 2 story unfinished building and ask why is this building unfinished. Then i was on the sea side and i start modeling my own "BORACAY", then i keep rubbing my hands to stabilized my dream because of excitement. Then maybe it's boring to be alone in a dream then i shout "Anybody here!" I want a sexy young girl. Iv'e search him in the "Kubo" or Tropical Cottage. I've seen here "With Blue 2-peice and she was 18". And there was a boy looking at me, I ask her "You can go now!" Then you know what's the next thing i'll do.......... (SENSORED)

    "Dont Shout!" You,ll just make me wake.
    Wew..It was almost 6:00. I took maybe only 10 mins of Dream to enjoy it For FREE

    Try to Remember Even the very hard to remember Dream to Attain good Lucidity.
    Dont talk to your subconscious if your LUCID "It Ignores you!"

    And Most Of all "Enjoy Every Second of your LUCIDITY"


    The Dream That would Last a Life Time

    by EthicalEye on 05-28-2012 at 05:06 AM
    Dream Chapter 1:The Dark Space

    Dark, Void, empty. As i describe a Dream in Space.I ask my Self, what should i do. I dont know if im flying, standing, walking. I notice a white dot. It was almost noticable, as i stare, it becomes brighter and brighter. I almost Cry that my body becomes wet. them i see 5 dimmer lights as i pass the brightest light. Then as the light dimmer, i ask my self, does i really see it or feel it.

    Dream Chapter 2: The Green Man

    Is he DEAD?, The Green Man ask,I said I don't know just leave me alone. I feel pain as he throw me. I fell into a bed, then suddenly i woke up.I remember the Green Man, and searching him around the room. "Where is that green man who thrown me"

    Dream Chapter 3:Searching Unsearchable Clues

    I went outside as my quest begin. but "hey where's my shoes?" i get back to the room and find it,"here you are" but the other one not there," Is it left or right" "Dad did you find my Left or right shoes?" My dad replied "You don't need one. "Stupid Dad, he thinks im stupid".

    Chapter 4Daddy Knows Worse

    Hey Dad, did you see that Green Man? Dad replied "If you find him, its getting worser" what do you mean?. Dad replied, It doesn't mean on me, its about you."What are you talking about you sound like your not my Dad" Dad replied "Did i said im your Dad?" Them i feel cold. Then the scene changed. Im in a middle of a street.

    Dream Chapter 5:Im dead?

    Im not a traffic enforcer, im just a student. Why am i in a middle of the Intersection. I see a car with a plate no. 1M-D3AD. soo creepy. I feel my heart has stopped!But i remember something "Dead is not like Dreaming" but Brain survives 6-12 minutes after all vital organs has shut downed.
    This doesn't make sense if im dead, why i still have thoughts, feelings.

    Dream Chapter 6:Your Dreaming!

    As the Traffic getting worser, a driver shouted! get out of there!
    The Green Man need's to me you at the library,I ask "Where is it" the man replied "I dont know,but you know it!" But the library is just a couple of blocks away from the intersection, i don't know but i just got there. I see a computer besides the Librarians desk, i search it, i dont know the browser but, i notice a nature wallpaper "probably "Bing" as i realize it now. I searched "Green Man". Results are not clear, the text, numbers not clear.The Librarian Turned off the computer, Then the Monitor turns Black and i see my self in it "Hey who are you you old man" "Why are you staring at me" He said "YOUR DREAMING"

    Dream Chapter 7:The Green Man Turns Blue

    "You mean Lucid Dream?" Old man replied "Stay calm if you want know something". "Look at your hand's if its Clean" But i know what he means, it was dirty and Irregular. Thanks Old man, by the way, who are you? Old man: " I am you, you are me" them the people in the library stare at me. Its getting more clearer and clearer that is was almost realistic. Then the old man turned into a real me. a young man.Stop starring at me! I need to find that Green Man. "The Clone of Me said" "You dont need to find him" His here in front of you." It is you who is being chased, you cant find him because you dont know who you chasing at, it is you. I asked "Why me?" he said "Because your Real life dream is all in you "Destiny is not a matter of Chance, it's a Matter of choice. Then i sat in a Corner remembering my pass when i was a new born child in the first Chapter of the Dream, i Understand the real meaning of "FREE WILL" because free will and choice that make us live everyday.
    It is a will to Live why we are still lived today.

    As a wake up it's almost 7 AM. i think my dream has just last 30Mins in real world, but as I asleep, I was almost a Lifetime of Question in real world. But it takes only 30mins of dream to answer it.