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      Hi! Thank you for the friend request : ) Happy dreams
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    About EthyWoo
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    I live in a medium sized town (fast becoming a city) in Western Australia. I enjoy keeping fit through weight lifting, Running, and Australian Rules Football (Great sport check it out on youtube)

    I am very interested now in expanding my mind through meditation and lucid dreaming and hope to report success soon!

    also i have epilepsy :/ yeah that kinda sucks but oh well
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    Aussie Rules Football, lucid dreaming, meditation
    How you found us:
    looking for a site like this on the internet :)


    one year of practice, two lucid dreams, WORTH IT!


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    Ld #2

    by EthyWoo on 12-20-2013 at 09:36 PM
    I remember I was kicking the footy around (Australian Rules Football) with the geelong boys. it was kinda a game kinda not, I remember running up the wing and fumbling the ball a lot but side stepping everyone (im confident in the sidestep) and snapping a goal wile Paul Chapman called for the ball, then a friend of mine (not from waking life) was very angery about someone insulting his religion (muslim) I explained to him that he didn't insult his religion and that in fact he miss heard him and he was talking about something els. he eventually calmed down. we walked out of the locker rooms to join the footy boys but a WAFL team had come to train and we had to leave, I recognized the coach from when I used to play from them.

    I got in the back seat of the car with the muslim dude and throw my boot into another car and keep my other boot with me. we where driving home, and heres where it gets interesting, I thought "I cant wait to sleep tonight to try to lucid dream tonight!, oh right reality check!" (I was already very suspicious that I was dreaming because when I think reality check I kinda realize im dreaming but its just hard to accept)

    I looked at my left hand, normal but I poked my right index finger into it and Valla straight through, I got very exited and started cheering and then I stabilised I looked out the window of the car, we where driving along a road through woods with skinny straight trees, I wanted to leave the car so I though "bust through the roof!" but im new to lucid dreaming and knew I wasn't advanced enough to do that, instead I asked them to slow down (they did but only a little because we where still flying)

    I opened the car door steeped to the edge and kinda willed the car away with my eyes closed, I opened my eyes and there I was standing on the road!! yay the car was long gone, I looked to my left, more forest, to my right was like another world, a cartoon one kinda, "cool" I though as I wondered into this world, I keept changing worlds and a saw an art picture of like a giant statue thing crying that I swear and had seen in waking life, then I woke up.

    this was only 4 hours into sleep so it wasn't very big or very vivid but hey that was enough to keep me happy

    dream signs;
    -Geelong boys
    -Paul Chapman
    -muslim dude
    -Swans WAFL club
    -nice green footy oval
    - argument
    -perth city (or felt like it)
    -Giant crying
    lucid , memorable

    Lucid Dream #1 :D :D

    by EthyWoo on 12-18-2013 at 10:51 PM
    Even though I had a lucid dream my recall isn't great so I don't remember all of my dream.

    I was in a backyard at night when I thought "reality check" so I looked at my hands and OMFG they where short stubby, by this stage I already knew it was a dream and gained some clarity, I pushed my finger through my palm and I couldn't believe it "WOW this is a dream!"

    I looked at the sky and saw a sky full of stars! I jumped attempting to fly and got some air! probably about double what I can jump in real life I fell very slowly back down. I jumped again and got more air! probably double the air I got before and feel very slowly down again, I jumped again and got soooooo high! I looked down and below me in the yard I was in there was now a big pool, this time I feel quickly into the pool I climbed out and I wasn't wet?! :O I saw one of my mates and said "bodi this is a dream!!" he said "what? no it isn't" I then said wait why am I even talking to you? I pushed him out the way and there was a red car there with more friends inside, they called me over to the car, I jumped in and we drove around (im quite sure I lost lucidity at about this time and slipped into a normal dream consistently I cant remember much els of the dream

    dream signs;
    -night time

    Gas-station fire

    by EthyWoo on 12-15-2013 at 09:23 PM
    down the road from my house there is a Caltex gas-station.

    Parts of this dream where lost in my poor recall skills but my earliest recollection goes like this.

    I think i saved a girl or something from inside the caltex, i think this because as i ran back into the burning building i felt heroic.
    i got to the auto doors and spotted to girls i had know from primary school and also the two girls i used to be shy around.
    i said "you have to get out!" they said something i cannot remember but it was basically "obviously"
    so we sprinted out of the auto door and turned left, we dived as the building exploded. One of the girls had her legs catch fire, i ran over pulled my shirt off and dived to put it over the fire and extinguish it, my efforts succeeded and she came out with minor "pink" burns.

    Dream signs:
    -Danger -Happy feelings
    -Heroic acts -Relieved feelings
    -those certain girls -Home town
    -Night time
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by EthyWoo on 12-15-2013 at 09:12 PM
    this wasn't a very memorable dream apart from the emotions i felt,

    it basically begins with myself inside a house with a man on a chair facing away from me.
    for some reason i know this man must die and i must do it. i have with me a looped piece of rope.
    i walk over and put it over his head and around his neck, i pull the looped rope down and put my foot on it.
    i held the chair and stomped down as hard as i can until the man had chocked to death, i did not feel anger towards him,
    it was more "it needed to be done" in fact i felt remorse.

    i soon came across my mother and asked who this man was, she said she didn't know but that it needed to be done.

    Dream themes:
    -Sympathetic feelings
    -Sad feelings
    dream fragment