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    I recently downloaded the 'Lucidity' app and it had a link to this website for tutorials etc.


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    Search for the legendary sword Sty: Gathering information

    by ExothermReacton on 09-08-2017 at 03:05 PM
    It was very early morning as I wandered down a small street with some trees at its sides. The atmosphere was definitely typical for my dreams. Many people were heading the streets up and down minding their own business although it was so early and somehow I noticed that this was nothing but a dream. It wasn't a sudden enlightment but a slow process of understanding the nature of my surroundings. Right from the start I knew what I had planned to do: Searching for the next legendary sword, the third in my collection. Of course, I had no idea where it could be, what its specialities were or how it even looked. All I knew was that it existed. The best I could do was walking around and asking people about it.

    The first I asked was a man in his 40s-50s who seemed to be on his way to some kind of work. I took the right to disturb him for a short while and asked him about the sword. Sadly, he didn't know anything which was to be suspected as he was just a normal man having normal things on his mind. When searching for another person to interview my eye got caught on a troop of men with a wagon full of ancient stuff. Well, THAT looks promising. An elderly man could give me at least a tip, saying that an old woman further up the street might know about it.
    As I approached her she smiled as if she had expected me and had been looking forward to it for a longer time. Finally I got some really helpful answers!

    "The legendary sword Sty which is able to blow up a whole car with one strike but was never actually finished."
    That was an interesting result. I knew the swords name, its power and that it has not been finished. The creator had a recipe and the materials but for some reason he never actually started creating his greates work.

    Time to find the exotic materials needed and the actual guide on how to build this thing!

    A completely broken journey and some research on magic spells

    by ExothermReacton on 04-15-2017 at 11:14 AM
    This night was one of those in that nearly all dreams chain together story-wise and create a totally non-sensical adventure. Well, adventure might be too big of a word for it.

    I started out in an unknown house with a few friends. Although I did not actually know this place I simply assumed that it belonged to one of my friends. Otherwise we would have broken into someone else's property, right?
    One of the things that were kind of strange was the way the room was built up and how the furniture had been placed. Multiple beds in one room placed in a way that blocks the room's door from closing and barely anything else besides bookshelves and tables. It had an unbalanced feel about it.

    So I felt the urge to leave and said goodbye to everyone. I had no idea where I actually wanted to go to if I am very honest. /CUT/

    For some reason I decided to go to the next shopping mall... without money... and the will to buy anything. My attention gets drawn to a group of teenagers standing in a small circle and making gestures that indicate they are talking about something that should not be heard by everyone. Very effective to stand in the middle of a mall if you try to hide something, huh?
    Now things got messed up though. Suddenly one of the group turned her head towards me and rapidly turned it back talking to her friends with a nervous expression on her face. I didn't know her and she probably didn't know me. I did nothing exciting and still she was very uneasy about my presence.
    To make the situation even more broken one of the friends back at the house came along and I greeted her. She wasn't into talking at all though and tried to get away quickly after greeting me back. What is this place?
    The strange behaviour of the people wasn't the most questionable thing even. How did my friend get here so fast although she stayed at home and I directly went here? /CUT/

    I carried over the lucidity from the last dream. I left the mall by now and walked down a quiet road with rather small and cozy looking houses. " I don't know exactly what made me realize that this is a dream but I know for sure that is is one!" I thought. "So, what did I want to do again? Oh yes, create a magic spell."
    It was obvious that I needed a little help and research for it. As I couldn't think of anything better I simply knocked at some door and hoped the person living in the house knew about magic stuff. To my disappointment nobody opened in the first place for now.
    I got so impatient that I tried to smash the glass part in the door with my bare fists which led to some interesting discovery. The door repelt all power I put into it. My hand simply slowed down so that I just gently touched it in the end. The wooden part of the door did not have this effect though. I knocked again in a very violent way and somebody opened who I absolutely did not expect: My long departed grandfather.

    What a beautiful situation that was. When did he laugh that much the last time we saw each other? We got down to business relatively quick though. He did not know so much about magic himself but he had some random notes lying around that might help me. I skimmed over them. Lots of symbols, nearly unreadable text and so on. Was a good start anyway! I just need to find out how to use those symbols and the gibberish in the notes and it should work out. /CUT/

    Time to finally get home! It was a loooong day (or night?). I find a bycicle and just decide to ride it home but after a minute I notice that it is surprisingly hard to get it moving. A look down explains it all. There was god damn hole in the front wheel and the air had flown out of it. To make it all funnier it started to rain. REALLY?
    At some point I managed to leave the city which was absolutely not what I had wanted to do. A giant wood construction without any obvious use stood there in the green fields next to the gravel path. Well, I can always turn around, right? That plan worked out very nicely until I hit a road that I knew.
    Problem: Everything was blocked by barricades and construction sites. I had to drive a totally stupid way to get home which was double as long as the normal one thanks to all that.

    Sigh, at least I didn't get completely lost...

    Apprentice of telekinesis

    by ExothermReacton on 01-23-2017 at 10:13 PM
    The dream started with a very familiar theme. I was standing in my home street with no real goal and without anything on my mind. It was a bit like taking a stroll. At some point the dream stopped and I awoke for a short amount of time. Luckily, I started exactly where I had stopped before when I fell asleep again.

    Instantly I recognized the situation and became lucid. Remembering my goal to improve my telekinesis I searched for a fitting object that looks challenging. Well, there was no need to look around for too long in a street like that. Those cars were just too perfect! I approached a black one slowly and tried to lift it up by swinging my right arm into the air. Hmmm, nothing. Time for a different tactic! I use my usual phrase that I am already in perfect control of everything around me as it is created by me, just not conciously. Now I used both arms and if I was not mistaken the car moved an inch or so. That is far from satisfying though, so I decided to summon some help. A guy in a hoody and a girl with blond hair appeared to my left and right side. I ma fairly sure that I have already seen the man before when he helped me with another power. What a reliable person.

    Now we all lifted our arms into the air over and over and the car shaked more and more until it levitated like two centimeters above the ground and softly fell back on it. One day I will send this thing flying by my own... very soon.

    A tree of pure dream power

    by ExothermReacton on 01-17-2017 at 08:34 PM
    It all started with a vision I had. I wasn't really there but more of a being on a higher plane of existence. What I saw was a little gnome in green clothes planting a seed into the ground. In an instant a tree shot out of the ground and rocketed into the skies until it was fully grown. Now I join the story and find the tree in a quite large garden. It was completely covered in golden leafs which looked really magical on its own. Just looking at it made me question the reality I just experienced and I became lucid.

    Just out of curiosity I took of one of the leafs and felt really powerful all of a sudden, like I could manage anything with that leaf. My attention was drawn to a few balls on the ground and as I concentrated on them they slowly shifted their shape into something that looked a bit like a human except for missing body parts here and there. They started to walk very slowly and played with the remaining balls. When I turn around the tree has changed its position slightly. "It is magical afterall." I thought. "Indeed, it is magical and its leafs can allow one act of magic each." a voice said. Turning around again I saw a man who looked a bit like a wizard or something of the sort. He encouraged me to take another leaf and try again. Ha, how could I refuse? A well of unlimited dream power? Give it to me!
    I thought about what to do next and decided to let it rain. I closed my eyes and opened my arms wide facing the sky. After a second the cool rain started to pour down on me. How pleasant. Well, the wizard was not so fond of it so we decided to go inside. I turned the transformed balls back to normal and went inside a house nearby. I asked how long the effect would stay and the answer was "As long as you wish. I have nothing to do today anyway so let it rain as much as you like."
    What a wonderful source of power...

    Argh, he got away again! [Splendid Competition Night #2]

    by ExothermReacton on 01-15-2017 at 06:59 PM
    It was a fairly normal night except for that I was wandering around the streets with no real goal or anything like that. All I did was looking around and slowly moving along the way. The place wasn't totally unknown to me. It looked like a altered version of the area around my house and the streets around it. Slowly but surely I filled up with lucidity without any specific trigger. It is hard to describe the feeling but it feels very natural on the other hand. You stay calm instead of going like "Wow, what the hell, this is a dream?!" and you simply feel something very subtile that is "wrong" with your environment.

    Well, I was calm until that black hooded guy ran me over. Instinctively I evaded him and jumped onto the road. It was a thief running around the city for a longer time now and I had planned to nail him down for quite a while. Normally, he would use his invisibility cloak once somebody takes more notice of him than he likes but he obviously thought that I gave no second thoughts to him. WRONG! I knew exactly who he was and why he was in such a hurry. In an instant I turned around and sprinted towards him shouting "HEY!". Might have been a stupid idea actually to call after him...
    The black figure met eyes with me...well, if I could have seen its eyes under that hood. He clearly took notice of me. The next event is fairly unlucky: I stumble a bit and drop out of the drea,. Seems like I should have payed a bit more of attention to my stability. One day I will get this guy!