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    10/19/14 - Nighttime Snow

    by Exoyo on 10-20-2014 at 01:49 PM
    1.) [Non-Lucid] I was on some sort of resort or something in the snow. I found out that there were hidden spots that the resort didn't want people to know about and they stopped people from going there by telling them that they couldn't make it because of a really fast river. I found out you could make it through the river, and I met a guy who did. There was an area where he used a wing suit after flying off of the river. The view here was spectacular. There was some building that was being destroyed and we watched from above. Multiple times. I also found places where there were undiscovered animals. The animals were always really big like giraffes, but we couldn't tell what they were otherwise because they were covered in masks with our faces as the pictures. I have memories of a Joker-like character waking up in the snow in the mountains.

    2.) [Non-Lucid] Marisa came over late at night and we waited for Dave to show up. My parents weren't home yet. Dave finally shows up and we all go to my room. Dave is visibly impressed when he walks into my room.
    "So this is how you make a living?" He asks.
    Though this is a weird question, I still answer,
    "What? Are you kidding? I don't live!"
    We all chuckle. He looks at my bookshelf.
    "So this is the library?"
    I don't respond. We then went into the game room. He didn't notice the bookshelf with all of the math texts. I feel the garage door opening. They are startled. I tell them it's fine. They wait back in my room. Dave is looking through my shirts, throwing them out of the drawer and onto my bed behind him. Mom comes upstairs and tells me that they're going to bed. Dave and Marisa somehow made it into the garage. When I went into the garage to tell them my parents are in bed, Marisa flies out of a pile of stuff in the garage and yells,
    "We weren't doing anything!"
    She realizes it's just me and we all laugh.

    3.) [Non-Lucid] Mom and Connor were gone with the dogs for some reason. Perhaps a dog show? I am waiting for the bus in the morning, and they pull up. It's light outside for some reason. We talk briefly, though I don't remember about what. The bus still hasn't come and I remember it was about 10:00. We then drive around the neighborhood in search of the bus. There is snow outside on the streets. We can't find the bus, and I remember that one car made hand gestures at us when they passed. Then mom said I need to find a ride home on Friday. I say I don't know of any ride. I suddenly spot Allie by the round about in our neighborhood and I ask if she can give me a ride. I see Catlin off in the distance. Allie agrees to give me a ride, and seems overwhelmingly happy to do so.

    4.) [Non-Lucid] We were at school. It was very dark outside and inside. I'm looking up and down D hallway for something, but I don't know what. I hear marisa talking to maybe Andrea and others about the crazy stuff she's done. I walk back through the end of D into C hallway.