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      10-03-2019, 07:49 AM
      Wow, it's pretty crazy reading this. I too have gotten back into awareness(and lucidity) after having quit the usage of nicotine. That's beside the...
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    by Exsolutus on 01-29-2017 at 02:32 AM
    Lucid Dream, Saturday, January 21, 2017:
    Lucidity: Low

    At my parents. A busty black girl insists on hugs before she leaves. I oblige of course. I go into the bathroom to prepare for bed, and find my teeth are loose and rotted. I also have partial braces (the bit with rubber bands stretched between top & bottom). Walking out to show somebody, while taking off the rubber bands, I find a girl with short blonde hair. A tooth from the top-right falls out, and as I catch it, I realize I am dreaming. Find the spot now missing a tooth with my right thumb. Blood, lots of it. For some reason it turns me on, and my attention shifts to the girl. I approach and begin rubbing the blood on her, and "dream controlling" the blood to multiply. She protests about "doing it" out here, so I take her into the nearby bedroom, where my mom is on the phone and a little girl with black dreads is looking at picture books. Some part of me, more aware, more lucid, wanted me to slow down and think a little. As we climb onto the bed and she begins shying undoing her clothes, I look up for a moment, out the window into the yard. Buuut then her shirt is off and I get pulled back in. A bit of fondling and mouthing, and I "blow" in my pants (apparently dream says clothing stays this time). Sit back slowly. After a moment, I leave the room and enter the dining room. Out the large glass doors there, I see the yard, with a line of Minecraft furnaces on the ground. A few little monsters dance around the porch, trying to grab my attention. I try to stabilize, thinking of a bubble of control surrounding me, and I wave my hands as if touching its inside wall. Turning left with both body and eyes, I am suddenly greeted with the backs of my eyelids.

    Later fragment: school of magic, catch an evil master trying to steal magical tools, I escape from him, master wizards councel

    Hodgepodge 2

    by Exsolutus on 01-21-2017 at 03:02 AM
    Lucid Moment, Non-Lucid Dreams, Thursday, January 19, 2017:

    I walk across a deck and enter a small one-room shack. Talk urgently with a DC there just before a zombie breaks through the door. As I am attacked by the zombie, I become lucid and immediately wake up. One of those "No, screw this, I'm out." moments.

    It takes me a long time to fall asleep again. When I finally do, I dream of a blonde girl. She is very nice to me, and I wondered if she could possible become a girlfriend. After waking again, I feel that she could rather have been a dream guide.

    I dream of a man I admire. He is dying, and very aggravated with the world which failed to accept his vision. I hold him in my arms as he speaks. Then, his condition worsens severely and I wake up.

    Non-Lucid Dream, Friday, January 20, 2017:

    Some sort of cross between a shopping mall and a hotel. I meet some family staying there. A number of little adventures, exploring the area. At one point, I ride a bike through the crowded halls/walkways of the complex. Later, see a girl I think I know well, and take note of her shapely body.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Shoes and Invasions

    by Exsolutus on 01-16-2017 at 01:55 AM
    Non-Lucid Dreams, Sunday, January 15, 2017:

    Sitting in a parlor of sorts trying to get a game for making real money working on my phone. The chair I'm in is comfortable, like a couch. I notice a single shoe lying on the floor to my left and pick it up. Of similar build to Converse, it has a sky blue background material, covered with a zoo-full of animals (which may have been moving (?) ). Looking inside, I find it is stuffed with packets of electronic resistors and diodes and such.

    I am in a a walled city in a desert, protected on one side by a deep canyon. Across that gorge, an army has assembled to invade. As I watch from atop the wall, the infantry begin charging straight over the cliff, a captivating, almost horrific spectacle. Suddenly, an alarm is sounded from the other side of the city; the real invasion force is attacking there. Batman, some other assorted heroes, and myself charge that way on horses. Picking up rifles dropped by downed soldiers, I proceed to annihilate the enemy force, all the while making "gun noises" as I fire.

    The Trial of John Whitstone

    by Exsolutus on 12-08-2016 at 03:49 AM
    Non-Lucid Dream, Wednesday, December 7, 2016:

    I am with an older man on the streets of an early-industrial city (pre electricity, few motor vehicles). His name is John Whitstone. The atmosphere is generally dark and dirty; the city is packed tight. We end up down a wider alleyway, where we see some kind of mob meeting. Obviously criminal in nature. Then the authorities come and break it up, arresting John. They begin holding a mass trial in the alley, with a long line of prisoners. I've become a witness. "Be careful what you say..." whispers one of the other witnesses. First up is a young lady. I don't recall her crime, something to do with magic, but she testifies for her own innocence beautifully. I actually get a bit emotional over it all. But the guard knocks her down a pit, presumably to her death. "Real justice this is," I think to myself. Then John's "trial" begins. The judge refers to him by my (in dream) name, which I do not recall. Immediately, I object: "There must be a mistake, as I am (name here). This man is John Whitstone!" The judge seems barely interested, but stops to question me. "You are (name here)? And he is 'John Whitstone'?" He seems indignant that I would question the court. "YES, he is John Whitstone," I reply, "John Whitstone!"

    I awake.

    Spoiler for Notes:

    Hodgepodge 1

    by Exsolutus on 12-06-2016 at 04:32 AM
    Non-Lucid Dream, Monday, December 5, 2016:
    Truly Public Restroom, Elderly Driver from Hell, Near-Lucid False Awakening

    I started off walking into a unisex bathroom, at the moment occupied by a man and two women. The walls on the stalls had big sections cut out of them, some attached on hinges like crude shutters. I used the toilet like normal, despite the exposure. Nobody seemed to care. Leaving there, (minor blackout/time skip?) I ended up in the back seat of a car with some of my grandparents in it. It was being driven by another elderly man I don't know. As soon as we left the parking lot and entered onto the highway, I knew this wouldn't go well. I wasn't wrong. Constant missed turns and last minute over corrections, and I can't leave out the massive, multi-lane sized semi-trucks barreling towards us periodically. This whole time, the old man at the wheel is in a constant state of nearly falling asleep. At the final missed turn, we actually did a burn out u-turn on the highway. We ended up running downhill at ever increasing speed towards this long steel bridge, like a railroad bridge (? dream thought) where there was a gap between the beams your tires rode along. About half way across the bridge, I see a football helmet sitting on the left-hand beam. I point it out, but the driver waves me off saying it won't be a big deal. We hit it. Immediately the car lurches sideways and skids along the remaining length of the bridge at a precarious angle. Then I woke up.

    But WAIT! In the darkness, I decide to try and induce a lucid. Various made up tunes play in my mind, and gradually I notice my body is in a strange position, resting on my knees and forehead. I begin to move, and open my eyes. I am sitting on the top bunk in a room not unlike my childhood bedroom. I get distracted by the fact that my pants need changing from an unremembered wet dream, keeping me from turning this into a lucid, though the idea seems to linger at the back of my mind. I climb down and look for a change of clothes. In the corner of the room, I notice a kid sitting there. I ignore him and proceed to change my pants without really caring that I'm not alone. I think another, younger kid shows up about now? They remind me of my uncle's sons (cousins, I guess, new marriage), who I'd stayed with for Thanksgiving.

    Then I woke up for real and changed my real pants. The time then was about 5 AM.

    Updated 12-08-2016 at 03:28 AM by Exsolutus

    non-lucid , false awakening