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    Recent Entries

    Dead Ezpata Day #1

    by Ezpata on 02-11-2012 at 03:34 AM
    Couldn't find the motivation to journal. I completed the last few tasks that are part of ToTY last night. Will journal them tomorrow.

    Task Of The Year Attempt #7

    by Ezpata on 02-09-2012 at 11:21 PM
    I still had time, more than enough to finish this. Traveling back to '69, I went to the Apollo 11 launch site. The thing had just taken off, so I had to race past him. It was nice, because this made it interesting.

    They were pretty fast, but I was faster. I eventually caught up with them and overtook them. I sped to the moon as fast as I possibly could, and got there.

    A short entry, but all it took was to get to the moon before them, and I could've done that by traveling back a day before and coming here. This was by far the easiest task so far.
    lucid , task of the year

    Task Of The Month; Feb. 2012 & Task Of The Year Attempt #6

    by Ezpata on 02-09-2012 at 11:10 PM
    [B][U]Task Of The Month[/U][/B]
    Why are the walls purple? Oh yeah, dream. Before going to bed, I had just freshened up on the ToTM and the ToTY. I decided to work on the ToTM first, since it was smaller in scale to the ToTY.

    I flew around until I found an art gallery. Plenty of paintings in there. I saw that one painting, "The Scream", and figured it'd be interesting enough. It took a few minutes for me to devise a way in. Eventually I just put my hand on it and told it to let me in. I was drawn into it then, almost absorbed by it. I found myself inside now, and it looked very... artsy, I guess? I don't know, look at "The Scream" and that's what it looked like. It was then that I heard a sound that was like someone was scratching the chalkboard in the innermost region of my mind. Looking over, it was the screamer. I turned off my hearing to keep him from killing me with such an awful sound. I remembered that I was one a time clock, so I looked around for something to bring out of the painting. Someone was carrying a plant for some reason, and I thought: Why not? It'd look cool on my fireplace mantle. I took the plant, and left the painting. I told it I wanted out, and it graciously acquiesced. I took the plant back to my place, and put it on the mantle next to the Brownie Camera. Time for ToTY.

    [B][U]Task Of The Year Attempt #6[/U][/B]
    It took a minute to think about, but I remembered I had to go to the launch site of Sputnik 1. I found it just as it was about to take off, how fortuitous. I latched on as it took off, and rode it like a horse into space.

    It was moving pretty fast, and I felt like I was going to be thrown off at any second. I kept my grip as firm as I could though, and managed to make it into space. There wasn't much to see, and it was kinda boring. I wondered if there was some time limit as to how much I had to stick with this giant hunk of space metal before I could leave. I waited for about ten minutes, but we just kept moving... in some indeterminate direction. It's space, man, it's hard to tell what's up or down. I decided that I'd been here long enough, and grabbed one of Sputnik's smaller antennae and went back to the cabin. I decided it would just be better to teleport this time, so I would conserve time. I put the antennae on my mantle next to the Plant from Screamland. Then I woke up to check the ToTY and to try in the next dream.

    Task Of The Year Attempt #5

    by Ezpata on 02-08-2012 at 10:47 PM
    Back to sleep, I had used a DEILD. I didn't have much time left, so recalled that I had to go to the Atomic bomb testing.

    Traveled to 1945, and moved as fast as I could toward the site. I got to the facility pretty fast. I found a scientist and asked him when and where the bomb would be going off. "About five minutes, and quite a ways that way." he pointed to his left. I told him thanks and flew off as fast as I could. I stopped right in the middle of that little fake town you always see on TV.

    I waited the five minutes, and then I heard it. A high-pitched whistle that honestly chilled me to the core. I got a little nervous when it was coming down, wondering if I should move away. Before I could make a decision though, it hit me.

    The feeling, I can only describe as heat and death. It felt like I was in hell. And this feeling of death loomed over me like a bird circling over my corpse. I was winded afterwards, and I was blind. It must have burned out my eyes, I guess. It was time to wake up, and I needed an escape from this feeling of dread anyway.

    Task Of The Year Attempt #4

    by Ezpata on 02-08-2012 at 10:37 PM
    After waking up and checking the tasks, I checked around and instinctively knew this was a dream. It was time for the Hindenburg.

    After traveling back to 1937, I found myself near the Hindenburg already. It was already in the air, and I didn't know what the exact date was. I flew up and phased into the airship. I found myself in some sort of cocktail lounge. I walked up to a waiter here and asked what the date was "May Fifth, sir". The date didn't sound right, but this was the Hindenburg and it had to crash soon, right?

    I didn't take chances, I used Time Dilation to make sure I didn't waste too much time on one task, and waited around. After a few hours, in which it had turned to night, I was getting bored. So, being careful not to be noticed, I threw a few guys out of the blimp. I phased them through the walls and windows to make sure no one noticed them. I also noticed there were no women around.... sad. I summoned some and had a... sexy party.

    The next day, I was walking around the airship again. It had been a long time since I'd gotten here (or it felt like it). I finally felt like there was an explosion, and saw everyone running around. I felt the ship falling, grabbed a parachute, and jumped out a window. I pulled the cord and gently floated down to safety. I could've flown, but I wanted to try out the parachute :P I watched the ship crash and blow up. It was pretty cool looking. I'll have to blow up another airship sometime. I remembered then that I was still on ToTY.