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      Well I couldn't remember the name that it's really called and that's the first thing that came to mind lol Ahh well since it's the holidays I might be on in the mornings too. Maybe we could chat in IRC sometime to get a better idea of each other so a shared dream will become more likely I also look forward to getting lucid tonight, I really can't wait. Unfortunately my recall hasn't been favourable towards me recently as you can probably see from the last entry in my workbook. Oh well tonight I will get lucid!
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      Oh so a good start that we're of similar levels then ...oh you read that... haha well maybe I'll surprise you with my breezy air-bending hand shake You seem very keen as well which is brilliant! Yeah let's stabilize and then.... maybe try and memorize what each other's wearing? Then we can start building up points I'm usually on here from 7.00pm - 10.00pm Daily (GMT +0) What times are you on?
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      Hey Felicity looks like we've been paired for the DVA LD'ing competition, hope your looking forward to it cause I am So what shared task do you want to do first?
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      Oh, that sucks
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      Get on chat, we're waiting for you!
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    haha, still being educated.
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    by FelicityPotter on 01-19-2013 at 10:04 AM
    It's the first this year and also the first in a long time
    I was playing this game I used to have when I was younger, where you have to win all the races. It's a racing car game, and it didn't take me very long to win all the levels in my car. Then there was a boss level, which I wasn't expecting. We were in some woods, and the boss said that his only weakness was invisibility, so we had to become invisible to defeat him. I invited my friend Josie round to help me, and we went to a shed that wasn't too far away to make the invisible car. I was trying to remember from physics lessons how to make something invisible (of course we didn't actually learn how to make something invisible, silly dream xD) and I couldn't remember. Then this guy came out with something about not being invisible, and just making explosions. At that moment all around the shed and everywhere else in the woods there were giant explosions and fireworks, and the boss and his minions found us.
    So what was left to do but run away? It was quite cool, there seemed to be some small paths emerging, and we all took different routes. Nobody was following me but I carried on anyway. There were wooden planks to walk along now, and behind this really thick tree I could see a merry go round. I thought, 'oh hey, isn't that where I was going to meet DJ when I become lucid?' and then I realised I was lucid
    I still wasn't being followed so I pinched my nose and sure enough, I was dreaming. I jumped up the ramp to the merry go round, and DJPatch was there. I shouted for lmrhone (sorry if I spelled it wrong ) by shouting 'LEMUR!' (ahaha I'm gonna call you Lemur ) and he also came up to the platform. DJPatch was dressed in a giant yellow coat and orange trousers, he looked like he worked at the fair. lmrhone looked like he belonged in the army, dressed totally in camoflague. I was still lucid, but I remembered that I had to go get my cake out of the oven (no Feli nooo) so I teleported to my kitchen, and I pulled out a perfectly cooked cake.
    Then I stopped being lucid and ate it so I guess that doesn't count as eat something. Either way, it'd be over the limit and count for nothing in the competition. The dream ended about there too.

    Competition Fragment

    by FelicityPotter on 01-05-2013 at 05:27 AM
    I had a fragment ^^
    I remembered it when I woke up but then I went back to sleep, bad Feli. xD
    So I was in my school and there was going to be a competition between my school and another school. I wanted to join the other school because I recognised it as the school where DJPatch and Fen go! So I ran to the school and it was really dark, and the schools were moving like ships towards each other. I got onto the other school, and my friends were following me, so I dressed up as a sheep and sat in the nativity scene.
    Then I went to assembly! And there were some people I recognised. Then afterwards I went to the science facility, and they asked me to fix the tesla coil o.o
    I'm not too sure about the next bit, but I think the coil disappeared and I was sent to my class. And then the dream must have collapsed.
    It's a fragment because it was in very low detail and I can only just remember it

    9th January

    by FelicityPotter on 01-09-2012 at 09:41 PM
    Right, I had a fragment last night, a full dream and a lucid. I could have remembered more on the fragment, but it was a false awakening. And it went undetected until the morning when I was shocked to see my DJ empty. D:

    The fragment was me, at nursery with other people my age. Just to let you know, I'm not in nursery any more

    The most I could remember of any fragment was this... I was in a shop, and I recalled being in the shop many times before. In reality, I have never been. I remember remembering the Christmas decorations being up all year round, except in December. I looked at some hats, and there were the funkiest hats ever... The hat was a dress, and at the top, instead of a bobble was a small body and a head. At the bottom, attached to the head were feet... The feet were round, and they snapped open. If you put your hair inside, you would have pigtails and a doll sitting on top of your head. This has been copyrighted by me in my dreams. I have dates and blogs on my side if you try to steal the idea. :3 Well anyway, I wanted them, but I thought it was too expensive, and it was too small for me. D:

    Anyway, onto the lucid. I was at my dad's house, waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. Everywhere, there was grass, and it even grew on the roads. There were rainbows in the air and everybody was happy. The houses were just hills. My dad came, not in his normal taxi but in a handsome carriage (Google if you like)! I got in, and became lucid. I couldn't get out because he was going so fast, so I decided it was impossible for me to teleport. I decided I wanted to fly, and I saw a hill in front of us. I asked dad how fast we could go, and he shouted back, 'Let's find out!' He made the horses go really fast and everything was almost a blur, and I felt myself flying. I thought I was flying, but then we landed at the top of the hill. This hill was different, behind it there was a cobbled ground and lots of people begging for money. I reached into my bag to find that it was full of chocolate coins, so I threw them to the people and they all started singing. Not too long later, I woke up!

    Happy Dreaming

    Violin Stayover, 7th October 2011

    by FelicityPotter on 11-12-2011 at 11:48 AM
    In my second dream last night, I was with my friend, Lucy. I've been told people don't have to look the same in dreams, so even though she looked entirely different, I know it was her. We walked into school together and came face to face with Jess, the nice music teacher who does not have a grudge against violins. She asked us if we wanted to take part in a project for violinists, and we were happy so we accepted.

    It took part in a pen, as used for cattle, behind the curtain in the school theatre. We stayed there overnight. We were there for a couple of days (I didn't actually see all these days go by, I just felt like it probably was that amount of time), feeling really excited, but it did get really boring by the third day. Lucy said she was really bored, and when everybody else went to eat dinner, we decided to stay behind and try to escape. We went to the back entrance, where there were people patrolling the school grounds, and decided we could just go and eat dinner first, then leave through the school kitchens. But of course, we forgot to do that, and ended up just performing a concert which I don't actually remember performing. Evil music teacher then told us we were to each compose a song with a sci-fi feel to it. I thought, 'This will give me something to do. It should be easy, with my glock.' and I started playing, then that's all I can remember...

    Driving Lessons, 7th November 2011

    by FelicityPotter on 11-07-2011 at 05:43 PM
    Woah, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted! Anyway...

    In my dream last night, I was in a coffee shop, ordering some hot chocolate. I wasn't asked for money, in fact I don't really think I ordered it as much as simply being recognised and given hot chocolate. It was quite dark, and there was only one window. Behind the counter was a large fridge, with cold canned drinks piled up inside.

    A man walked into the coffee shop, dressed in casual clothes and a top hat (???) and I recognised him, though I don't know who he is in real life. He sat next to me, and asked me if I was ready. I had no idea what he was on about but I assumed that I should know, and should be ready, so I said yes. My hot chocolate, even though I had only had a sip, was almost empty and I slurped the last few drops. I can't remember what it tasted like!!!!

    The man took me outside, where it was bright and quite dusty, even though we were in an ordinary street. My eyes didn't need to adjust but they probably should have. There was a car waiting outside and I got into the driving seat. The person I was with, let's call him my instructor, told me about a race that was to take part later on that day. I told him I would love to take part.

    The car seemed like an ordinary car. But when I was in the car, it sounded like, smelled like and felt like I was outside the car. When I was driving it felt natural and I hardly remember having to use controls. It was like in a video game, you don't think about the controls you are using (If you play them enough... ), you just think about the game. Anyway, as I was driving, we went down a road that went into the sea. Instead of going into the sea, though, I turned left to go across the beach. There was a tunnel not so far ahead and I went into there.

    And here, my recall fails me so I can just tell you that I got a square slice of cake which I don't think I ate when I finished, I forgot my instructor was there from the moment we started driving to the moment we finished, and that the lesson lasted exactly one hour.

    (New lucid goal: Taste something! Too many times I have missed out!)