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    All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allen Poe

    Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare. ~H.F. Hedge


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    15 Sep 2012 - Semi-Truck Sleeping

    by Feynaro on 09-15-2012 at 05:03 PM
    I was watching some ridiculous on-stage performance where some "bad guy" was causing problems for this "good guy" and his woman so the guy strikes back and end up capturing the villain and hoisting him up into the air after tying him up with ropes around his body. Pretty sure there was a ball-gag used on him to shut him up...

    Also, I was moving somewhere and this semi truck picked up my furniture. Inside the back of the truck were a lot of other people living. They slept on their beds and had all their furniture. Abigail was staying on the bed next to me. I thought it was funny that we were going to be bed-mates.

    14 Sep 2012 - Extremely Happy Sleepy Times

    by Feynaro on 09-14-2012 at 05:58 PM
    [This is the most full night of dreaming I've had in a long while. Yaya!]

    1. I'm heading for some sort of mountain retreat, which will include time in nature as well as some paintball. Before the trek up the mountain, however, we are required to learn how to fly. That's right! I am in a beautiful, low-lying pond, a couple feet deep. The water is clear, there are rocks all around to rest on, and the forest and mountains climb up on all sides. The reason we can't fly, I learn in my dream, is that we don't believe it is possible. But once we break that belief, it's as easy as just jumping and willing yourself to stay in the air. So I jump and I fall to the earth again. Then I use my arms and this time I stay up, and after that I don't have to do anything except will myself to float and move forward and backward. I can stop on a dime. It's amazing. I practice with some of the guys in the area. We float toward each other and stop as soon as we are about to collide. It was so fun!

    Then I'm looking in the water and I see little smooth rocks, and some change, and a single car key. I go to pick up the car key, and underneath is a piece of paper with the name Camila on it, and I look around and say, "I wish Camila was here." And a girl next to me said, "You mean Jamila?", and I was confused how I forgot my friend's name, but just figured I misread the piece of paper or something.
    Then I find myself in Cafe Monet sitting down at a table. The girl who works asks me if I'll be painting, and I say no. I'm just sitting at the table looking at this beautiful piece of pottery that Camila made. It has her name on the lid and the colors inside and out are beautiful swirls and dabs of blues and oranges and yellows.
    Then some Arab children came by and I started to speak Arabic with them, but I kept messing up and inserting Spanish words (like saying 'y' instead of 'و' for 'and'). Their mother is behind me, and we have some small talk.

    Then I'm hanging out with my sister (which one??) and her boyfriend and the guy's mom. We're sitting on a couch watching TV. The woman is cool, but I don't like the boyfriend. He and I go outside and he starts giving me some attitude, and I'm explaining that I don't want him around my sister. Then I woke up.

    2. [This one is more spotty due to not waking up from it as quickly.] I was in a house finding secret passages. It was like a video game. I had to be sneaky, but I'm not 100% why. People were outside with dogs and guns and I think even a llama at one point (I saw them thru the window). Eventually, I leave the house and try to make a run for the river, but these dogs have good noses and they start barking and everyone runs after me. But when the dog gets to me, I just pet him and he becomes friendly. Then I realize there is something about my touch that calms people and animals. So everyone that was chasing me started walking with me, and I felt really good about being able to help relax people.

    12 Sep 12 - The Return of the Awkward Camera

    by Feynaro on 09-12-2012 at 04:18 PM
    I was in some weird entertainment building (food out front, shows inside) and I was with my brother J. He was asking me to take pictures of this performance which involved a girl playing a violin and one or two people dancing to it. The camera was impossible to focus, and the buttons were not reacting how they should. After taking a few pictures of the door frame or something else on accident, I gave the camera back to my brother.

    Later, outside the building, I was at one of the dinner tables and a group next to us had left some huge potato fries on their plates, and I was going to eat them. But the waiters told me not to, like I could get sick. But really they just wanted me to spend money. Jerks.

    10 Sep 2012 - Rough Night

    by Feynaro on 09-10-2012 at 02:31 PM
    [I got 5 hours of sleep so far. I'm gonna have to go back to sleep soon.]

    1. I was somewhere in the freezing cold of winter, and I was doing some hunting or patrolling in the snow by a river. The imagery was really awesome and expansive. I don't remember much besides really not wanting to be out in the snow and freezing.

    2. I was talking with some guy about geometry and life and personal growth. [This is probably what woke me up and kept me up. Damn dream philosophizing.]

    EDIT: [I went back to sleep for 3 hours and had some more dreams. Fragments.]

    3. I was looking at porn on the internet and I was asking myself "why are you doing this?". I stopped and went to school. I was going to school, and my mom told me to take pictures of things. She mentioned the diving board, and I was confused why she would want that. I went into the building and went to the pool where I saw J___ W______ (guy from the military) and he was swimming with his girlfriend. The last thing I remember from this dream is someone saying "When everyone chooses differently, the world will be different".

    Updated 09-10-2012 at 05:42 PM by Feynaro

    non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes

    9 Sep 2012 - Womp womp

    by Feynaro on 09-09-2012 at 06:10 PM
    [I've been trying to achieve an AP, OBE, or LD. All seem cool, but I've only ever LD'd before. After spending 2.5 hours in a weird state of sleep / not-sleep, I gave up on the AP attempts and just fell asleep. The dreams I had were fun, but I hardly remember them now.]

    1. There was a girl in the road and she got hit (?) by the car I was in, but I think I was sitting in the bed of the car. She just hurt her leg a bit, and I was initially upset at her for being in the road. Then I took pity and helped her hobble out of the street by letting her put her weight on my right shoulder.

    2. I had a job at a front desk (that was located in the back of a house or something). I was supposed to work the register for a car wash (?), but I didn't know how. A guy comes in and wants to pay his bill and hands me cash. I ask him his name, and he tells me (I forget it. Started with a J maybe??), but I can't find his name on these little yellowish 3x5s that the company uses. My only thought was to put the names onto the computer so the boss would be happy, and my job would be easier. I didn't know what I was doing and I just kind of fumbled around with the cards flipping through them for a while before the dream ended.