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    Lucid dreaming since September 2011!!!
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    Visiting moon [x], Proper flying [x], Stabilizing an LD perfectly [x], Shoot lightning/lasers out of my fingers [x], Shapeshifting [ ], Fly a helicopter [ ], TOTY 2013 [ ], Change dreamscene [x].
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    Traveling the world

    by Finlander on 05-20-2012 at 12:29 PM
    20th of May
    31st LD

    This has to be the best lucid dream i've ever had, because it contained a good plot, awesome places and best dream control i've ever had. So here it is, enjoy. Before the lucid dream, I was riding a horse to school, don't know why just did. Dream skipped Now I was in a church (a tour of somekind), it was italian like. That was when i knew it was a dream. There was a show of somekind, I wasn't too interested about, so I left and went outside. The yard was like a park, I walked away from the church, but I was somehow led back in to the church. I knew someone was going to murder everyone in there. I ran, but every door infront of me closed, when I finally reached the last door, I had enough time and ran through the spot between the two closing doors. I was outside on the grass with the sun shining over my head. I heard screams from the church and everyone on the outside ran away from the church, I was no exception. I tried to fly but it was no use. Dream started fading away...
    ...but with my experience from 30 earlier lucids, I managed to keep the dream. Now with a completely new dream scene, I was in china. I jumped on a boat and started rowing it, I had a hard time getting to the bigger water area. There an idea about a wave came to my mind and without a warning my boat crashed. I went with the water and had my most vivid experience in a dream, I could feel the water in my mouth. I panicked and started losing the dream, but dreams won't get away from me that easily.
    Now with a convenient side-effect of changing dreamscenes. I was standing on a dock and I knew someone was after me. A chinese bad guy saw me and started running after me, I ran a while and somehow felt completely exhausted. I said: "Stop", and he replied: "What now?". I asked him: "Why don't you chase that guy?". There was Jackie Chan running (like in the movies), then he shrugged and ran after him. Now I walked to an alley and I was surrounded by three thugs. Then I tried my dream powers and they worked. I made slash with my finger through the air infront of one of the thugs, he just laughed. I looked at him with a smiling face, he had a confused face and looked at his lower body. He split in half. Then was the time for the other thug to receive a beating. I shot invisible "punches" from my hands. Strike after strike, he was pushed backwards and couldn't take it anymore and fainted. The third thug was still left unharmed and I shot a laser through his head. From my hand of course.
    The dream scene changed and now I was in Italy (I guess) again, but this time I was in Venice. It was night time (this was the best place in the dream), then I walked to a cave, where I found a statue. Walked outside and there was a huge demon . I punched him in the arm and ran. I delivered the statue to some guy. After that I calmed down and saw my friend. He said to me: "In your next dream, you could do some of the tasks you've set for yourself.". I shrugged and watched the moon and the stars. Slowly the dream faded away.

    It has been a while from my last lucid dream, but this was worth waiting. Hopefully my lucid dream count will go sky high, when the summer vacation starts. The dream recall could have been better. Watching the moon propably came from my task to go to the moon. Many places in this dream came from watching The Amazing Race yesterday. And the church from looking at a few pictures of an italian church.
    lucid , memorable

    The great flood of dream bay

    by Finlander on 03-01-2012 at 06:39 PM
    29th of February
    28th LD

    I was watching a movie, which was like The Exorcist. But saw something weird about this, and there I go I'm lucid. Did noseplug RC and it worked. So I hanged around my house for a while, doing nothing special. Suddenly the dream scene changed to a forest near a bay. If you have played Spore, it was a Spore like forest. So I walked towards a desert, which was near a city. On the end of the forest, I suddenly got an idea: A flood. So I faced towards the sea, imagining there would be a huge wave. A wave came, but I wasn't impressed, it wasn't big enough!!! This time it might have gotten a little out of control. A wave started forming, but it didn't move forward. The huge wave just kept getting bigger!!! It started forming a dome over the area. But half over the area, I panicked and the huge halfdome of water came crashing down from the sky. I covered my head, then a big splash of refreshing water hit me. After I opened my eyes the whole place was underwater. Started climbing a tree and doing some puzzle, suddenly woke up.

    One of the best lucids I've had.
    lucid , memorable

    6 Golems and 2 lucids

    by Finlander on 02-12-2012 at 12:32 PM
    12th of February
    26, 27th LD

    I was going to an airport, but got lucid on the way there and travelled to a farm. Farm was TF 2 like and was in the middle of a desert of somekind. Well I walked around the farm and I was given a task to destroy 6 golems. First one was guarded by little spearmen and the golem was made of hay, with a bullseye painted on his stomach. I threw rocks at the golem and his assistants. I travelled to the other golem. This golem was made of stone and had one guard besides him. When I attacked the golem, I was attacked by pack of docks. I kicked two of them, but threw the last one at the guard. A windows error message appeared , I clicked it away. The message just floated in front of me. Started losing the dream and that was it. I destroyed one of the 6 golems, but it was one of the best LDs i've had. Partly because my recall was so good.

    Another lucid, but this one was pretty boring. Walked around my hometown, but didn't really do anything special.

    Well it was still a very succesful weekend, got 3 lucids which is more than I've ever had in a two days time.
    Forgot to put categories.

    Updated 03-01-2012 at 06:18 PM by Finlander (Forgot Categories, and the date, oh)

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    First DJ entry, Running through the forest

    by Finlander on 01-17-2012 at 06:09 PM
    17th of January
    22nd LD

    Something about some talent show, I got a sudden urge to run through a dark forest at night. I had a flashlight with me. The forest contained a bears and wolfs, but I just ran past them, even jumped over one of the wolfs. Finally after running for 5 minutes, I arrived to a backyard. The backyard looked exactly like mine. Suddenly two wolves charged towards me, but I started kicking them, then I leaped over them. An afro-american man came to the scene with a chainsaw, but somehow he knew why I kicked his dogs. (The wolves were his dogs) He dropped the chainsaw and laughed, then I suddenly knew it was a dream. Well did a little stabilising, then I (for no reason) pushed him, he flew a little and laughed. He pushed me back I flew way more. I asked him how he did it. He started teaching me about using elements. (Possible DG?) After a while of teaching, my brother showed up and he started throwing logs at me. For the first time in LDs I super jumped. Managed to jump on my roof, but I fell down. Started losing the dream.

    Well that was my first DJ entry. I will be posting more of my lucids and awesome dreams.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable