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    1. Thank you for answering that TOTM/ journal question.
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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Log 1115 - Mall, Yard Ruckus, Manual Towing, and Same Different Hair Scraps

    by FireFlyMan on Yesterday at 12:11 AM
    Created Friday 18 May 2018
    Got various things, but only fragments of such.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a mall with family. We were going out to eat, I believe.

    In my backyard. A menace is there (a wild animal, or a mischievous kid?). I dealt with this by humiliating the interloper, or even assaulting them. Soon, a pale woman in a spring dress and sandals starts yelling at me from the other side of the fence, demanding that I explain myself face to face. I claimed I'd get there immediately. And technically, I did, only, by the time I was there, I'd shrunken myself to bug-size. I tried sneaking by, keeping cover beneath the grass. Yet, somehow, the woman noticed. She gave chase, trying her darndest to catch me, and, when that failed, squish me.

    At the highway with family, driving during a clear day. An unknown Asian guy, a supposed acquaintance, was there as well. Later, the vehicle chugs, then comes to a halt. In lieu of getting assistance, the acquaintance and myself towed the entire vehicle through brute strength (with everyone else still inside), dragging/pushing it around in a complete sprint. At times, we even lifted it, which became necessary when we (incredibly) hauled it down some stairs in a parking garage. We also jumped over some ponds in a nearby marsh, only barely making the leap each time. The Asian guy seemed to be indefatigable. I, on the other hand, had to take a breather every now and then, much to his chagrin.

    At the driveway. A big gathering was occurring there. Noticed my brother had similar hair to myself.

    Updated Yesterday at 01:36 AM by FireFlyMan (Commas in title)


    Log 1114 - Aiding the Red Witch and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 05-18-2018 at 03:23 AM
    Created Thursday 17 May 2018

    Got three LDs to note, if two rather strained ones. There was probably another brief LD I'd forgotten in between these. There's also a fragment. I'm sure I had some other things in memory, but that's since passed.

    Dream 1 - She Ain't Picking Up

    WILD transition in bed. I had a tenuous grasp of the dream, so I hesitated momentarily. I got bored after half a minute, so I tried bringing my guide, E. But, after many attempts at calling to her, and imagining her form in reach, I just couldn't bring her in. Things collapsed soon after.

    Dream 2 - Icy-lation

    Another WILD transition in bed. Again, I lingered for a bit, waiting for something to happen, though it became apparent I had to take things into my own hands. I couldn't move. So, I fell through the bed and into the void. There, I tried bringing in E again, more intently this time, but again, no luck. Eventually, I landed in a mountainside snowfield, an overcast twilight above. This place was bare of life, a cold wind the only company. I looked around only for so long, when I sensed my physical body in bed. I couldn't maintain composure, and was corporally returned there. Still, the image persisted for a bit, silent yet moveable, remaining for at least a minute before I woke up.

    Scrap Group 1
    Unknown LD, of which I lost grasp. This somehow transitioned to below.

    Dream 3 - Aiding the Red Witch

    The visuals started quite blurred, but clarified over time. I was wandering around a city during a bright day. Semi-lucid (knew it wasn't real, but merely thought it was a dreamlet or daydream).

    Later, I was psychically alerted of some world-threatening emergency. I rushed through a busy alleyway towards a large bus stop, the site of the crisis. There awaited a live-action version of I-No, the villainess from Guilty Gear XX. But, instead of being the source of the problem, she was actually in charge of stopping it, and was, in fact, the one who drew me towards the scene. From what I gathered, a force was controlling the minds of the masses. Anyone so enthralled was then set on a rampage. Said force had already spread throughout much of the city, and would have continued uncontrollably, had not I-No barred it from doing such. Once I arrived, the Red Witch demanded I interpose myself between her and the possessed, while she performed a spell to put an end to the madness. I internally questioned her intent, knowing she didn't care for anyone but herself, nasty personality notwithstanding. Still, for someone as scary as her to deal with such a threat, it must've been serious indeed...

    I leaped past I-No, then ahead of the few remaining innocents huddled beneath the bus stop, where I formed an energy shield. Numerous stones were hurled towards us. Feeling their impact upon the barrier finally triggered lucidity. Anyway, I sensed I couldn't hold up the shield for long. I glanced back expectantly towards the witch, but she was clearly still preoccupied. "Not yet, meat puppet!", she hissed as she frantically meddled with glowing runes floating near her. Hmph.

    Well, I thought it best to take a more offensive approach. So, I yelled "Animate Object!" (as per the D&D spell), and put a street light under my command. I had it swipe through dozens of the possessed, then stamp onto incoming vehicles. But, it was later mysteriously toppled, leaving it completely inert.

    After that, I set up a Storm Pillar trap (another D&D spell) nearby, though it was unintentionally invisible. Nonetheless, it proved otherwise effective, zapping any foes that passed through with unseen electricity.

    The hostiles' ranks were growing too thick. No choice but to get my hands dirty. After drawing a small sword from nowhere, I charged at the crowd, slashing and impaling with impunity. One unfortunate fat guy was even disemboweled. Either way, it seemed the possessed were not stymied by pain, stopped only by the most crippling wounds, or death. Excitement initially got the better of me, but I eventually felt remorse in having to resort to such violence. After all, these enemies were victims themselves...

    Suddenly, the floor collapsed, sending me and those around plummeting to unknown depths.
    Things get unclear. Lost lucidity. There's a scene involving a rather bloody Tales of fighting game, which my brother Brandon and I played. The dream ended after that.

    Scrap Group 2
    In an unknown apartment suite. My brother Bud was there. I watch a video showcasing glitches in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. There's two involving I-no, a damage scaling bug, and a trick which allowed her to use Megalomania, her boss-only super. Later, some Guilty Gear Isuka combo videos with Anji. Time skip. I'm walking around an urban street near a gigantic school. I super jump dozens of stories up, yet even this wasn't enough to scale the entirety of the building.

    Updated 05-18-2018 at 03:48 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1113 - Magical May Dreaming Competition 2018 - Day 15

    by FireFlyMan on 05-17-2018 at 12:28 AM
    Quite a few things to note, including two LDs. The rest are mostly scraps, though.

    Scrap Group 1
    Various WBTBs between each dream.

    False awakening in bed. The sound of the back door opening spooked me. I'd fears of intruders breaking in, maybe crooks, or even of horror movie villains. A large figure then creeped in bed. Luckily, this was a friendly female spectre. Still, she did take the time to play tricks on me.

    Something about me and my brother Michael talking about Killer Instinct.

    At home. My niece and nephew were there, only now, their hair was an unusual orange. Made the poor guess that they must've been out in the sun too long. Their cousin, Leo, was also visiting. Michael took charge of them all. Later on, Leo fell on the floor, hollering in pain from a twisted arm. Michael lifted him up, and placed him in the nearest bed. Meanwhile, I gathered towels so as to fill them with ice for the kid's injury.

    Dream 1 - Magical May Dreaming Competition 2018 - Day 15 - Part 1

    The visuals were dim and blurred. False awakening in bed at night. I overheard dad making a commotion in the kitchen/living room. Very concerning, but also suspicious, given the time frame. Thus, I figured the dream out. I didn't roll off like usual. Instead, I 'projected' another body, sending it from out the bed and to the front door. I could see and feel through both forms, half from my left, and the other half from my right, but this quickly got disconcerting. So, I rubbed hands, until I was completely anchored to the 'dream body'. Next, I tried phasing through the door, but something kept repelling me. I resorted to go through it by jumping backwards, which worked perfectly.

    Outside under a cloudy night sky. I launched myself up high and towards the eastern horizon. Dawn light slowly emerged, and with it, a vastly more vivid sight. Concurrently, I could hear Silent Forest Zone Act 1 from Sonic Lost World sounding in the background. The music might've explain my encountering a broadleaf forest below. I land on a clearing to ponder for a bit. Out of spontaneity, I conjured Eddie from the shadows. He had this big, goofy smile on his face, more a caricature of his normal self (well, as normal as an amorphous, shark-looking shadow beast would be). Actually, as I looked around, the environment had a more whimsical, cartoony appearance, huge leaves spinning all around me in the background. Anyway, I shouted orders at Eddie, commanding him to become a buzzsaw, then a drill. Looked kinda weird to see this frontward rather than side-to-side as in the usual games. I then took off again on my own.

    Later on, I arrived at a prairie, the sun fully risen, and the visuals realistic again. I soon landed by a dated shopping center, approaching from the back of the stores. Remembering the contest, I called out to various DV members, including KarlaB18 (though I initially mistakenly called her KarlaB12, and at times, Carlie). When no one showed up, I started shouting their names in feigned outrage. In hindsight, probably didn't help. There were some passerby's near a bar, many of those folk of college age, though I couldn't distinguish anyone by sight (and didn't think ask). I then tried the chocolate cake TOTM. I tried summoning a piece of chocolate cake. Darkness swirled around my hand, but failed to solidify. Things destabilized, and I woke up.

    Dream 2 - Magical May Dreaming Competition 2018 - Day 15 - Part 2

    Scene 1 - Realized The Mix Up a Bit Too Late
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was working in my old job at the gas station (again?). A former co-worker, Rita, was there as well. While in the registers, a tall balding guy said he had trouble with pump 17. This threw me off a bit, as there was no such numbered pump. Then, out of nowhere, an enormous queue formed before me. Furthermore, the orders between Rita and I had somehow got jumbled up. While trying to sort this mess, I got lucid... if only for a few seconds before the dream collapsed. DEILD back in.

    Scene 2 - Warp Blast of Disapproval
    Similar visuals. I was at home, upstairs. Got aware once I remembered being in bed. I overheard my in the nearby room speaking with mom, the two talking a lot of smack about me for whatever reason. I tried just concentrating on other things, but they got obnoxiously loud. So, I fired a ki-blast at their direction, a warning shot aimed towards the ceiling there. Somehow, I got warped in that very location. I slid down to the floor of the oddly empty room. Got lost in thought. Things destabilized, and the dream collapsed for good.

    Updated 05-17-2018 at 03:07 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1112 - Dog and Paper Ploy

    by FireFlyMan on 05-16-2018 at 12:31 AM
    Created Tuesday 15 May 2018

    Just a a dream today. I did get several near-LD transitions, but dropped the ball each time...

    Dream 1 - Dog and Paper Ploy

    Scene 1 - Diligence and Fatigue
    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a highschool classroom as a student, a science course, I believe. While the lessons were being set up, the others diligently finished up homework from their other classes. Figured this was expected of every students there. I woulda done the same, but felt too fatigued to get anything done. Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Dog Rick
    Similar visuals. Spectator mode. I was watching Rick and Morty. The title characters were at their home's lounge. Only, Rick had turned himself into a small dog, just for the heck of it. His grandson was upset, certain this was just a ploy from Rick to avoid certain responsibilities again. Through some mishap, Morty fell on his head, and went unconscious. Rick desperately looked for a way to his lab/garage, but his current form kept him from going there. Somehow, he made it outside. Dog Rick called out for help, but (for whatever reason) Morty was the only person that could understand him. Just then, a large, vicious dog jumped in, and chased after him. Warp

    Scene 3 - Paper-Thin Disguise

    The visuals were clearer. I was at my old job at the gas station. But now, I had the form of a small piece of paper, a receipt, maybe. Although I could speak freely, I otherwise had limited mobility. Through unknown, incredible means, I'd previously set up a disguise, a mannequin, which I controlled through a system of pulleys. This ruse allowed me to at least man the registers without suspicion.

    One unfortunate breeze was all it took to put in an end to all of that. I was now on the floor, almost completely helpless. Soon, a few former co-workers passed by, of whom I could identify Chloe, Edie, and Saul. Despite the predicament, I initially thought it too embarrassing to call out for help, unreasonably presuming they'd mock me for my state. Eventually, I did do just that, if reluctantly. Edie was the first to notice, and as should've been expected, she was quite shocked. I asked her to place me back onto that mannequin machine I'd set up. She was far more concerned about my safety, but after some convincing, she complied.

    Later on, I got a call from the fire department. The man on the other line had numerous questions about the security system in the building. This made me quite suspicious. I claimed most of his queries involved access to the office, which I didn't have at the moment, but that didn't seem to concern him. In an instant, Brigid, my former boss in that place, showed up to buy something. Given her bewildered look, she seemed to have seen past my disguise. Whatever the case, I handed the phone over to her, let her deal with that.

    Woke up soon after.

    Log 1111 - Dark Tension

    by FireFlyMan on 05-15-2018 at 12:10 AM
    Got a very brief DILD to note. There's lots of other dreams I've since forgotten.

    Dream 1 - Dark Tension

    Scene 1 - Poof, Just Like That
    The visuals were very dim and quite blurred. I was walking out the door at night. Got aware. I rubbed hands, but things quickly destabilized. DEILD back in.

    Scene 2 - Orbiting Iridescence

    Similar visuals. Transition in bed. Felt very tense, and I had trouble controlling my (in-dream) breathing. Tried transitioning by rolling off bed, then attempted to summon my DG, E, but couldn't do either. Later, I floated around the room, if not fully controlled, for I was unwillingly orbited around an unseen point. I thought of the chocolate cake TOTM, and tried conjuring such in my hand, but no luck. The dim visuals was bothering me. So, I called out "Continual Light" (as per the D&D spell). Mesmerizing iridescence sprung from my hand, though it wasn't very bright. I tried raising its intensity. Instead, like ink, the light spread throughout the room. The dream collapsed soon afterwards.

    Updated 05-15-2018 at 12:14 AM by FireFlyMan (oops, wrong type of LD)