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      I know this is a little thing... But when I look at your profile I have usually read the sub text under the profile name, but it's taken me this long... I was only realising today that it was from DF.
    2. Thank you for answering that TOTM/ journal question.
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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Logs 1345 and 1346

    by FireFlyMan on 01-05-2019 at 01:47 AM
    Spoiler for Log 1345 - Mad Warp to City:

    Created Thursday 03 January 2019

    Finally got some LDs. Let's see if I could keep this up without so much strain.

    Scrap Group 1
    At an unknown apartment room at night time. There's a lot of leftover food, including several boxes of various kinds of pizzas.

    WILD transition in bed. As I floated out the door, I got unwittingly shrunk. Things collapsed as soon as I left. DEILD attempt, but I got uncoscnious.

    A TF2 cartoon. Lots to this, but I've all but forgotten everything before waking up. DEILD attempt again, but I went unconscious again.

    In the living room at home. Mom, dad, and my brother were there. They start rambling on about annoying things. I got aware. Hand rub to confirm. I only walked to the lounge when things began destabilizing. Much like in the old Looney Tunes cartoons, darkness surrounded everything except a circular space ahead. I tried forcing it away with my hands, its texture and weight like heavy cloth. But, I couldn't keep from getting surrounded. Woke up. DEILD attempt. Took a few minutes before I saw results.

    Deep bout of hypnagogia. This started as a small green window spinning ahead. The vision expands to a ~36" panel. Kaleidoscopic patterns swirled in view. Eventually, neon words formed. There was a message, but I can't recall what it was. Warp into dream.

    Dream 1 - Mad Warp to City

    Scene 1 - Alien Madness
    The visuals were very blurred, but progressively got better. I was in a realm of pure, alien madness. The ground rippled into brown and dull blue colors, phasing between liquid and a solid, chitin-like substance. Tall mounds of like material surrounded me, seemingly getting closer or further with every step I took.

    Immediate warp.

    Scene 2 - TOTM January 2019 Basic Task I
    The visuals were a bit clearer. I was in the empty streets of a downtown area, right at the foot of vast skyscrapers, dawn light above. I flew upwards. It seemed I was bigger than normal. So, I shrunk down, if too far by going down to about a few inches in height. Anyway, with some effort, I phased through a window in the middle floors. I found myself in a busy fancy dining room. The people there initially appeared as CGI, but that was corrected in time. Either way, they were quickly alarmed at my sudden appearance (somehow seeing past my tiny form).

    I floated towards a particularly crowded table. Seated there were a motley group of well-to-do folk in their thirties, six of them women, and about two men, though the latter were quickly phased out quickly. While floating around them, I gave a simple greetings, and was given one in turn. As per the TOTM, I asked them all "Where are you from?" All but one unanimously blurted out "the UK!", (despite their obviously American accent) and chortled. The last one, a brown haired woman, quietly said "the Ukraine" with a nervous smile. I settled myself on the table, then tried and continue some small talk. Suddenly, one of the women took hold of me. This startled me right out of the dream.

    Spoiler for Log 1346 - Poisoned Fake:

    Created Friday 04 January 2019

    Got two DILDs and some fragments today. I've a feeling there were some other lucid scenes, but I seem to have forgotten them.

    Scrap Group 1
    Various more Shiren related dreams.

    In the downstairs bathroom. I felt very dizzy. Curious, I tried floating in a crosslegged position, but only managed to fall on my back. Still, not feeling any pain made me aware. Pity things destabilized in seconds.

    In the living room late at night.My nephew was up playing video games. In fact, not only was he playing a supposedly unreleased Bubsy game, but was doing so on a Game Cube. I almost figured out such absurdity.

    Dream 1 - Poisoned Fake

    Various unknown scenes before this point. The visuals were quite blurred. I was on a balcony outside of a fairly large house. Lucid. I shrunk myself down to a few inches. After sneaking through a half-open door, I found myself in a bedroom. A figure passed by, and planted themselves on a mattress. Momentary dream garbling and "lag" made them difficult to discern from my angle. I floated up to the ceiling, to find it was some boy.

    Suddenly, a woman with tanned skin and dark hair rushed in, and viciously battered the kid with a heavy book. She then dragged him into a closet, yelling at him as she continued her assault. If her words were to be believed, she was actually the kid's mother. Eventually, the beating stop. So too did the kid's screams...

    The madwoman addressed me by name. She seemed only slightly annoyed at my presence, barely reacting to my being a witness. I was wary, but I didn't say a thing. I only followed her out to another balcony indoors, hovering beside her shoulder. Down below, several people were hurrying out the front door, luggage in hand. One man called to the woman, warning that she'll miss her flight if she doesn't make haste.

    We returned to the bedroom. Cue a transparent betrayal. The woman immediately snatched me from the air. Her form then changed to that of another woman, younger than before, skin pale and hair ragged and brown. She monologued on and on about the many ways she could get rid of me. In the end, she settled on the obvious choice: by eating me alive.

    Well, I was prepared for this. In the blink of an eye, I became both incorporeal and invisible, then phased myself through her hands. Furthermore, I left a lifeless and, above all, toxic replica in my stead.

    The woman, none the wiser, plopped the clone in her mouth like candy. She took wicked joy in chewing the copy up and savoring it for as long as possible. It took over a minute before any serious symptoms occurred, starting with stomach pains, then a sudden fever, and then trouble breathing. The woman, for her part, tried purging, but by then it was too late. Falling over, she wheezed in agony, before she stopped breathing altogether.

    With that out of the way, I tried rematerializing, but couldn't. Reckoned the "clone" was my actual body, and that I needed to get it back. Disgusted, I phased into the woman's stomach to take back my remains. Good news was, this instantly restored my form intact. Bad news was, I was stuck inside a dead woman's stomach. Either way out would be unpleasant. I decided to take the, uh, oral exit. It was a tough climb, but at least I made it to the top much faster than expected.

    The second I clambered out her opened maw, the dream collapsed.

    Updated 01-05-2019 at 04:59 AM by FireFlyMan

    false awakening , dream fragment , lucid , task of the month

    Log 1339 - Old Hot Dogs, Guided Missile, Complaint, and Brief Tense Breath WILD Scraps

    by FireFlyMan on 12-29-2018 at 03:46 AM
    Created Friday 28 December 2018

    Two fragments and a short WILD/DEILD loop today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Working the morning shift in my old job at the gas station. Mom was employed there as well for whatever reasons. Old hot dogs were on the rollers and in several hot food displays. I was about to replace them, but someone had left the next batch out of the fridge for too long, spoiling them. Had to replace the coffee as well.

    Walking around in a complex. Mom was there again. Later on, I was attacked by a guided missile (mentally mislabeled as a kamikaze drone). Despite being directly hit, I made it out alive. Still, my left shoulder was dislocated. I called 911, more to make outraged complaints about what happened rather than to seek help.

    WILD transition in bed. The covers left me mostly blind, and were impossible to remove. Furthermore, I felt exceedingly tense. With concentration, I floated up. Then, I exhaled heavily, creating a whirlwind. Although I twisted around for a while, I didn't transition. Brief awakening. DEILD. Still nearly blind. I could hearmy brother's voice. I got up, then practiced some ki breath attacks. Another DEILD, less blind this time. I floated out the room, to the kitchen, and up the fridge.

    Updated 12-29-2018 at 03:49 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1338 - Guide Smacked and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 12-27-2018 at 11:37 PM
    Created Thursday 27 December 2018

    Got a few things today, including a WILD and DEILD. The non-LDs aren't as clear at the moment, especially the earliest one, due to my insistence of trying to recall them from back to front.

    Scrap Group 1

    Off on a fantasy adventure... in the suburbs. There's a magazine with wanted individuals and bounties inside. There were contracts out for an elf witch, and various eldritch monsters. Most images were just recolored reprints of the former, whom was depicted riding a giant plant monster. Later, a shadowy creature formed out of the pages. I pretended to ignore it in hopes to catch it by surprise.

    Watching the Castlevania Netflix series. Belmont wanted to infiltrate a fortified city without risking the lives of innocents. He got help from a friend and former contractor, a tall man with brown hair and dressed in furs. They plotted to create a distraction through a flying metal device they'd jury-rigged on the spot, its shadow appearing as that of a demon when in the dark.

    Browsing the internet. I read up on Elona. There's a new dungeon, an abandoned aromatics plant occupied by mutant flowers monsters along with a like, giant sized boss. The place was flooded with running water, making navigation difficult. Cut to my playing that for a while. Cut again to clips of some Barbie game. This particular title was notoriously glitchy, including blatant clipping and inexplicable size scaling of characters/the environment at random moments.

    Dream 1 - Dr. Robotnik's Meme Machine

    The visuals were blurred. WILD transition in a silvery void. I fly around for a bit, when I find another figure rocketing past me. To be exact, it was the mecha Robotnik used during Doomsday Zone in Sonic (3) and Knuckles. There was a shimmering object in its hand, though I couldn't identify what exactly. I gave chase, firing energy blasts its way whenever it got too far away. It would, at times, morph its hand into a gun,though it never actually fired anything. Instead, it would simply spout out random Robotnik memes, one in particular.

    The dream collapsed a few minutes after. DEILD transition in two or three minutes' time.

    Dream 2 - Guide Smacked

    Scene 1 - Guide Tossed
    The visuals were blurred. DEILD transition in bed. E's (my guide's) voice was close by, yet I couldn't see her. I flew out to the lounge. I began visualizing her, when I was seized by an unseen force. Said force soon materialized as my guide embracing me from behind. "Take me anywhere else", I asked her. "Anywhere but here." Without further prompt, she spun me around by my arms, swinging me at dizzying speeds. Upon release, I was instantly tossed out into the horizon. Warp

    Scene 2 - Colossal Smack
    Similar visuals. I landed in empty downtown streets a cloudless dawn sky above. As before, I was taken by an unseen force, getting dragged upwards. This was again the work of my guide, who now appeared before me as a building-sized giantess. E grasped me in... a most brazen manner. I slapped her hand in disapproval. In turn, she gave me a colossal smack on the back of my head. I was knocked senseless. When I came to, I was already awake.

    Updated 12-28-2018 at 04:06 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment

    Logs 1335 - 1337

    by FireFlyMan on 12-26-2018 at 07:58 PM
    Spoiler for Log 1335 - Street Flight Chase Awareness and Other Assorted Stories:

    Created Monday 24 December 2018

    Two LDs and a bunch of scraps.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching one of my brothers play Sonic (3) and Knuckles. Skip to Sandopolis Zone Act 2. The background transitions to blue crystal, somewhat like in Lava Reef.

    At home. A old friend showed up to visit. He was in prison jumpers, and was being escorted by guards. He showed me gameplay footage of a 3D Mortal Kombat game, supposedly released in 2013. I asked questions about it, which he thought had obvious answers. Thought him kinda a jerk for that.

    Dream 1 - Suicide School

    The visuals were blurred. I was rushing through a school's hallways. I was almost late for my next class. Actually, I felt I was already doing so poorly, with no way of recovering grades. No idea why I bothered. Anyway, I shouted "Tiid Klo Ul!", stopping time long enough to barely make it.

    Skip ahead. While leaving class, I realized I forgot a book of mine. So, I commanded it to float to my hand.

    Reloop a few times. Later in the hallways, I saw a chilling sight: figures hanging from the ceiling. Many were kids, and a few were characters from kids shows, like Elmo and several other Sesame Street puppets. All of them had paper sheets on their faces, which themselves had small smiley faces printed on them. There were a few victims that were plainly alive, and even one or two were still only preparing their suicide. However, I did nothing to help them, and in fact just passed them by, only mildly perturbed. Looking back, such lack of conscience is... disturbing...

    Skip ahead to another set of corridors. An art teacher and her students were setting up a big paper mache display. Contents included huts about 5'5'' tall. Cartoon animals were plopped behind roofs, appearing as if they were climbing on. Something about this creeped me out. Maybe the creatures' expressions? Dunno.

    Things get unclear. Not sure how this ended.

    Scrap Group 2
    In a room in an unknown facility. Below me, an ethereal message box appeared. There were blurbs of a "Grass Titan" attacking people, yet ironically, it was described as being friendly. Later, the Titan barged through. It appeared as a stumpy 20ft humanoid made of grass. Besides a feminine shape, it lacked other distinguishing qualities. The creature snatched a hapless guy, and carried him off. It initially seemed fond of him. But, messages indicated the man was being torn alive out of sight. By the time I went to investigate, I found only his battered remains. So much for being friendly...

    Repeated clips of the infamous "Press X to Shaun" glitch from Heavy Rain.

    Dream 2 - Street Flight Chase Awareness

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was free-falling from the sky at daytime. About a minute in, control panels sprung up around me, like a plane's cockpit. Fancied this was a giant robot. All of this equipment vanished half a minute later.

    I landed on a city's streets, where I finally realized the dream. Suddenly, a futuristic, chrome colored cop car chased me down. I flew backwards, barely keeping ten feet ahead. I then found myself in the back seat of a moving vehicle. Anyway, I fired a golden energy blast to the sky. The projectile then split itself, and rained down in the path of the police cruiser. That's the end of that.

    I turned my attention to the driver, to find it was actually my guide, E, in her naga form. Made me wonder how she could drive like that, but oh well.

    The dream collapsed soon after. DEILD two minutes later.

    Dream 3 - Cold Dawn Pool

    The visuals were a bit dim. DEILD transition in bed. I overhear housemates arguing about something in the kitchen. I go there, but didn't find anyone. Instead, I noticed the walls were colored blue, green, and red, respectively.

    Hand rub. I fly out the window. Suddenly, I found myself elevated over a huge pool surrounded by forestry, cloudy dawn sky above. This setting "reminded" me of a dream (actually a false memory) I had earlier. Anyway, I try breathing ice, but all I really saw was vapor, as if I were in the cold.

    The dream collapsed soon after.
    Spoiler for Log 1336 - Power Sites, Car Trunk, MSH, and Demonic Ward Scraps:

    Created Tuesday 25 December 2018

    Just fragments, though I got close a few times.

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about loitering around in random locales, of which were said to give wealth and power to those that waited long enough.

    False awakening in the truck of a vehicle.

    Playing a Marvel fighting game, likely Marvel Super Heroes. I used Magneto. First fight was against Iron-Man. I was zoning too much for my own good, not helped that Iron-Man's projectiles were much faster than usual.

    False awakening in the floor of an unknown apartment room. I was imagining various scenes, when E appeared beside me. She shifted between various monstrous and demonic forms. It felt as if she was warding me from danger.
    Spoiler for Log 1337 - Clumsy Babysitting Unexpected Guest Polluted Storm Swim Bridge and Near Accident Fragments:

    Created Wednesday 26 December 2018

    Just fragments. At least my back pain mostly subsided. Now I just need to get focused again...

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about taking care of babies. One of them fall on their head on tiled flooring, yet they remain perfectly fine.

    Mom's boss unexpectedly visits home.

    At a hotel with family. Later, Vegeta appears out of nowhere in a small, hovering vehicle. He has me and my brother, Chaz, go with him to do some unknown tasks. Vegeta drops us off at an empty, exceedingly long bridge, stormy skies above. My bro and I walked through the road for a bit, when he suddenly jumped into polluted waters below. He claimed it would be faster that way. I followed suit. After a while, we stop at an inlet to dry up, only to go for a swim yet again. Eventually, we arrive in a city.

    Riding around in a highway at daytime. Chaz was there, and my other brother, Sebastian was driving. The road was very crowded. Other drivers get impatient. A few of them even make change dangerous lane changes into opposing traffic, almost getting us into an accident.

    Updated 12-27-2018 at 02:53 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening , dream fragment

    Log 1334 - Fly and Sell, Fat Ape, Gas Station Zombie Attack, LOTR Odyssey, and Jocks Scraps

    by FireFlyMan on 12-23-2018 at 11:51 PM
    Created Sunday 23 December 2018

    More fragments, but at least I recalled something...

    Scrap Group 1
    Various dreams of my flying around and selling weapons.

    Watching a documentary on apes. There were clips of a particularly obese orangutan that could nonetheless climb and swing around like the best of them. Cut. Me and my nephew visit a zoo with said orangutan. We arrive at its enclosure, to find it planted halfway face-first through a mud pit, lifeless. Guess even apes fall from trees. I was about to burst out laughing, but withheld only because my nephew was quite upset.

    At a gas station. While wondering how I got there, I noticed buses and other similarly large vehicles barricading the exits. I crawl through a schoolbus, to discover a horde of zombies right outside. Perspective warped between live-view and a top-down ASCII, classic roguelike representation of such (in the vein of Cataclysm - DDA). I scout around for the safest exit possible.

    In a fantasy story, a mix between The Odyssey and The Lord of the Rings. As the former, much of the journey occurred on sea, whereas similar characters (and even their live actors) for the latter were present. While we entered a cave city, one of the sailors (in ancient sailor manner) tried to force himself on a local, a pretty woman with tanned skin and black hair. His leader (played by John Bernthal) beat the sicko half to death for his trouble. I "remembered" the literature not having such a just outcome. Later, a wizard (played by Jason Alexander) tried impressing a lady by creating a magical clone of her. This only disgusted the woman. A sailor quipped "you shoulda just make a little dog or something".

    At some restaurant. I chastise some jocks for making lewd jokes. Woke up soon after.
    dream fragment