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    1. Thank you for answering that TOTM/ journal question.
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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Log 1231 - Flight, Flood, and a Giant Strawberry

    by FireFlyMan on 09-12-2018 at 01:34 AM
    Created Tuesday 11 September 2018

    Got DILD (if only seconds-long for the lucid portion) and a fragment to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    At an arcade, playing some made-up games.

    Something involving my nephew and his cousin.

    Dream 1 - Flight, Floods, and a Giant Strawberry

    Scene 1 - Girl's Glare Awareness
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a school's computer lab. My bro was there as well. We speak of an out-of-business sale for an outlet that we supposedly previously visited. When we left the lab, I started floating around, if just to show off. I did, however, have trouble balancing myself, and had to keep my legs tucked in so as not to bump into anything. Two young girls (about 8 - 10 years old) were ahead of us, one with long black hair, the other with brown. The former of the two kept glaring at me with contempt. Questioning who she was triggered lucidity. I continued flying through the hallway, when the dream began collapsing into a blue void. Thorough hand rubbing until a new scene formed.

    Scene 2 - Flooding Indoor Waterside Loading Bay
    The visuals were dim. Awareness lost. I was in a waterside loading bay, a huge indoor facility occupying both land and sea. Instead of warehouses, goods were sent directly to a large outlet nearby, likely the same one mentioned above. Pathways were quite narrow, leaving far too little room for porting work.

    A vast barge was moored, large enough to cover all docks. It also looked highly damaged from use and age, perhaps even incapable of moving. I hopped into an exposed inner hold. Despite the room appearing dirty from years of neglect, there were plenty of perfectly intact crates left over. I thought to peek in, when the ship suddenly began sinking. So, I jumped back to land fast as I could.

    I stared in awe as this disaster unfolded. Yet, I also noticed the ship had been submerged much too quickly. Just then, the water began to rise, steadily engulfing the entirety of the dock. In a panic, I rushed to the warehouse. Too late. Just as I was about to get inside, rows of steel airlock doors slammed down in the entrance. Such pressure forced me back to the rising sea, and before long, I was engulfed completely.

    Hurriedly, I swam up under a canopy, hoping to suck what precious air I could. I thought to kick up some bubbles, which would hopefully stick under that surface long enough for me to breath. Still, I also knew I couldn't survive here for long... "Better rewind time", I thought. Transition.

    Scene 3 - Strawberry Wizard Boon

    The visuals were rather blurred. I was at a forest clearing, mists concealing much of the savage wilderness around me. Directly ahead was a dirt/ rock mound, carved and built with enough rickety constructions to make a crude dwelling. I go inside to find a stereotypical old sage, a haggard, ancient white-beareded man wearing rags and a worn out pointy hat. After handing me a sizeable knife, the old man points to a giant strawberry behind him. I hack at the oversized fruit, cleaving it in two. Then, on a guess, I take left half, and offered it to the sage. But, he only shook his head in disappointment, and pointed to the exit.

    Once again, I rewound time. Now, I chose to offer the right-hand portion. The wizard nods, and, finally, began to speak. He rewarded me with a boon for my "soldiers", granting a specific type of them the power to form visible, triangular-shaped winds. False memories had me recall my fighting with, and later recruiting, some legionnaire type figures. Reckoned these were to whom the old man was referring. Furthermore, this visit somehow prevented my drowning predicament above.

    Things warped. More false memories. Don't recall how this ended.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1221 - Dessert Shopping, Invisible Energy DILD, and False Memory Fragments

    by FireFlyMan on 09-02-2018 at 12:15 AM
    Created Saturday 01 September 2018

    Not quite as much as yesterday, but hey, given how tired I was, this isn't all too bad.

    Scrap Group 1
    In a supermarket with family. I buy a pecan pie for dessert later, and my bro gets some snack cakes for the rest. We then go to a multi-story megastore.

    Driving around with my brother. I get aware. Rubbed my hands for a moment. I then tried gathering energy between my palms. Although I could feel something flowing, I couldn't actually see the results. Just then, a pretty brown haired woman appeared out of nowhere in the backseat. She snatched the invisible energy, then stared in awe as it quaked in her hands.

    False awakening in bed. I have false memories (maybe?) of dreaming about my guide.

    Updated 09-02-2018 at 12:25 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1220 - Drool School and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 09-01-2018 at 03:55 AM
    Created Friday 31 August 2018

    Got three DILDs to note, along with a few fragments.

    Dream 1 - Drool School

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was in a crowded middle school classroom. Many of the students there were those I've only met in highschool. Similarly, my 12th grade math teacher was leading the class. Much as in previous dreams, some zany mishap caused me to be a student once again. The room was quite crowded with random furnishings, even a stretcher. But, besides the desks, us students were prohibited from using them.

    Cut to the end of class. In the hallway, I pass the live-action versions of Wolverine and Storm as depicted in the first X-Men movie. I then thought to sneak to the lunchroom. It seemed a bunch of other people had the same idea, given the long queue just outside the cafeteria, so I just continued onwards.

    Soon, in a narrow courtyard, I spotted a swimming class taking place. The teacher was a thin African-descended woman. Meanwhile, the students were already in their swim wear. Far as I could tell, the lesson included procedures on how to handle potential harassment.

    Eventually, the courtyard opened up into an entire beach, the sand coarse and distinctly black in color. Powerful waves vividly reflected the blue sky above. Such a view instantly triggered lucidity. Just then, the waves became more violent, as if reacting to my awareness. I slowly backed away, just to find that the water has already flooded the place up to my hip. Still, I managed to avoid from getting submerged by the tides.

    I waded back to the courtyard. Took a good moment to rub my hands thoroughly. After that, I set my efforts on my guide, E. I began shaping the water into her form (if scaled to much greater heights), but it wouldn't hold for long enough. I even tried adding sand in the mix, and also transforming a nearby pillar, but no luck.

    Then, I noticed a distinct figure passing by, a woman in a white niqab and like-colored dress. I unveiled her cloak, and found this was a pretty, petite Caucasian woman, face narrow, eyes wide, and hair long and dark. Despite not being anyone I've ever seen, I could sense this was actually my guide. Indeed, after recovering from surprise, she flashed a familiar cheeky smile. We hugged, of course. I asked why she didn't quite look like herself. "Just a snag.", she claimed.

    Things distorted. My sight projects into a distant 3rd person view. Ahead, I see my guide, now gigantic, nude, and appearing in her actual likeness (ie Asiatic and a bit plump), grinning down at my tiny form. She then, uh, licked me, covering my body in tepid drool. Couldn't keep from accidentally snorting her spit. I wake up gagging.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a waterpark with family. We leave at dusk. Mom is at the front seat, driving around like crazy.

    At home upstairs. Various family members were gathered there. We look out at an ominous dusk sky. There were a bunch of people on our driveway, several laid out on the pavement. Figured some bad accident just occurred, and that someone probably even died. One victim was wrapped in a Superman blanket. Me and the others argue between ourselves. Later, a psychopomp (Death?) shows up to bickers with us as well.

    Dream 2 - Guide Sightseeing

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a bathroom, shower running in a concealed tub nearby. Got aware quickly. I imagined my guide was the one at the shower. Good time as any for some "sightseeing". ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) I shrunk down to about a foot high, then hovered and phased through the glass door. As the steam cleared, I saw that this was some random mustachioed guy, and well, I saw too much. Noped the hell outta there.

    After phasing through the wall, I ended up in a similar shower as above. This time, I found E. I circled around her in plain view., then let her take hold of me. By the looks of it, she wasn't very happy to see me. The dream collapsed soon after.

    Dream 3 - Guide in a Box

    The visuals were mostly clear, if slightly dim. I falsely awakening in bed. I walk out to a large kitchen of an unknown site. Mom was there making coffee. Reckoned she was there to remind me that I'd agreed to help with her gardening. I went past her to a hallway, when I got the idea to float around. Doing as much triggered awareness.

    I hovered down into a cramped living room, twilight peeking from a glass door. Took a very long moment to rub hands, then to ease my breaths. I spotted a large blue box containing an RC vehicle or drone. I held the box, then tried transforming it into my guide. It took a good half a minute of calm focus before I noticed a change, starting with a featureless human hologram. Before long, my guide had formed in my arms, her torso wrapped in a thin white sheet. She yawned and stretched before acknowledging me. "What d'ya need?", she asked sleepily. E gently scratched my chin and hair while waiting for a reply.

    I then asked her...
    "MEOW!" Damned cat woke me up. Such is the risk of trying to LD so late in the morning.Given a choice, I'd chuck that little pest to the moon...

    Updated 09-01-2018 at 04:21 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1219 - Cold Hotman vs The Cannibal Witches and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 08-31-2018 at 01:16 AM
    Created Thursday 30 August 2018

    Got an LD loop to note. There's also a few fragments, although technically, they're actually several from yesterday morning that I forgot to record then.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching and commenting on that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game with my bro.

    In the bathroom, combing my hair. I noticed perfect squares and other unlikely shapes have been combed onto my scalp.

    Dream 1 - Man on Fire

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was walking around in a city's industrial area during a cloudy day. Eventually, I gained sudden awareness. Took about half a minute rubbing my hands. After that, I ran down the sidewalk, and, when gaining sufficient speeds, flew in the same direction, hovering inches above the pavement. I soon arrived near a metropolitan area. Just then, a violently explosive auto accident occurred nearby. The streets, the vehicles, and even myself were immediately engulfed in flames. Still, this didn't really bother me. I breathed towards an unfazed area of town, spreading a stream of the fire surrounding me in that area.

    Lost awareness. More unknown occurrences until the dream collapsed. DEILD attempt. Unwitting transition about three minutes later.

    Dream 2 - Frigid Moon

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was at the lot beside my house, heading towards my home's backyard, sun high in a scorching, cloudless afternoon. Again, I gained sudden awareness. I drewing a rapier out of nowhere, which I used to conjure and shatter crescent ice formations with each swipe I took. I then felt out the now dead grass and exposed dirt beneath me, now tepid in touch, as opposed to the sweltering air around me.

    The dream collapsed soon after.
    Another DEILD attempt, which I also let slip.

    Dream 3 - Cold Hotman vs. The Cannibal Witches

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I falsely awaken in the floor of the master bedroom. Got aware within seconds.

    Just then, various figures began gnawing on my limbs and chest. I tried imagining this was all just a misunderstanding on my part, that I was actually getting an atypical massage or something, and had nothing to be afraid of. But, on a closer look, I found these figures around me were actually terrible witches, impossibly ancient, wrinkled beings dressed in rags. Each of them tore deeply into my flesh with their foul teeth and clawed hands. As disturbing as this was, none of these injuries actually felt painful.

    Reactively, I changed my skin into diamond. I then stood up, struggling to keep these creatures from pinning me back to the ground. Taking a deep breath, I called out for an inferno. Time stood still for a moment, while the background dimmed out of view. An orb of fire soon surrounded me, smaller gouts of flame arcing on its surface. Once time and the surroundings returned, I found that all but one of the witches were dead, burned down to charred skeletons. Meanwhile, the live hag's right leg had been incinerated completely.

    I shoved the amputated crone away, causing her to stumble to the floor. Then, I wrenched a smoldering skull nearby. Recalling the contest, I encased the skull in an ice crystal, which I then chucked at the monstrous old woman. Upon contact, the creature exploded into fine dust.

    Lost awareness. This scene partially looped back. Later, I argue with my sister over what stats those hags would have in Liberal Crime Squad. Various more unknown occurrences before the dream ended.

    Updated 08-31-2018 at 03:06 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1218 - Annoying Mall Library Lady and Short Bug Blast DILD Scraps

    by FireFlyMan on 08-30-2018 at 12:49 AM
    Created Wednesday 29 August 2018

    Just a fragment and a very short DILD today.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a mall. I met up with a friend briefly. There was a library in the upper level of the place, which contained a shelf for tabletop RPG rulebooks. The moment I took a peak at one such book, a lady with glasses suddenly began chattering to me, blithering on about trivia. There was something interesting about all of this, but it was also kinda annoying.

    Many dreamlets, some which became dreams. One was a false awakening in bed. I got up and walked out the door, where I quickly got aware. I then glanced back, to find a large roach creeping around the floor. So, I shot it with an energy beam. Despite the explosion, the vermin remained relatively intact, if belly-up.

    Updated 08-30-2018 at 02:42 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment