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    1. Thank you for answering that TOTM/ journal question.
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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Log 1178 - Moon Troll City

    by FireFlyMan on Today at 12:58 AM
    Created Friday 20 July 2018

    Got a DILD to note, along with a fragment or two.

    Dream 1 - Moon Troll City

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was in the house's backyard, having a BBQ with family during late afternoon. Up above, I noticed a slightly golden full moon. Inquiry of the lunar phases gets me to question my state. Didn't take long to figure the dream out.

    I launch myself heedlessly to the moon, landing within seconds. The environment distorts momentarily, the satellite fluctuating in size. Everything then warps into black and white flowing patterns. Several amorphous objects ebb past me, purposefully avoiding me, almost as if they were alive. This all highly disturbed me, but I kept patient enough to wait and rub my hands.

    Now, I stood as a tiny figure in the streets of an enormous contemporary city, clear blue sky above. Innumerable giants were all walking in a near file down the sidewalks. Each of them were dressed in corporate casual wear, and were quite rotund and stumpy for their size. I float around, to then bump into the shoulder of a balding man with light skin, hair, and glasses. He looks down down at me eagerly, licking his lips in hunger. A land of cannibal giants. Figures.

    I leaped away, only to stumble onto another one, a pale, homely bug-eyed woman with light hair and glasses, whom reacted eerily similar to the giant above. Before I could escape, the woman took hold of me in her pudgy hand, then slowly dragged me into her gaping mouth.

    "Wait!", I shouted. Surprisingly enough, she stopped, and waited to hear me out. . "So... why do you even want to eat me?"

    "Because you're yummy!", she squealed.

    She promptly resumed trying to make a meal of me. With some effort, I managed to pull myself out of her grasp.

    Again, I jumped away, evading several more ogres, including this bizarrely hairy woman. But, once more, I got captured, this time by a tanned skinned, black haired Hispanic lady, who, at the very least, didn't look repulsive. Even so, she shared the others' terrible appetite. I likewise stopped this one for a moment to ask just what made them want to eat people. The giantess pulled out a door-hanger ad/menu for a restaurant.

    "Look!" She pointed at several items on the menu. Conspicuously included the list were items ending in 'Man', 'Toasted Man' and 'Skewer-Grilled Man' among them. "Humans are a delicacy in this country!" There really was no arguing with these brutes...

    I didn't even bother escaping. Not that it mattered much, for the dream collapsed soon after.

    Scrap Group 1
    In an unknown apartment. I shrink to acton-figure size amd scout the area. Later, while still small, I attack this old guy, who I identified as being evil at first sight. Cut. Watching a Hispanic modern fantasy show. Several teenaged kids, who's grandma was a witch, unwittingly shrunk themselves with some magic item. The grandma appeared, and almost squashed them by accident. Various "clipping" issues bothered me about this scene, at times quite flagrant. I almost got aware enough to try and change this, but got lazy.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1177 - Curiosity Calling

    by FireFlyMan on Yesterday at 02:22 AM
    Created Thursday 19 July 2018

    Got a WILD today, if after quite a few roadblocks in my attempts to induce it. There were plenty of other things after that, but they were too incomprehensible for me to even recall.

    Dream 1 - Curiosity Calling

    WILD transition in bed. Rubbed my hands to confirm. I wait out a transition for a few minutes, and even spin on my back to accelerate such, but nothing of the sort happens.

    Remembering the contest, I imagine the sound of rushing waters, certain this would create some whimsical being. To much alarm, the yells of a horrible, guttural voice accompanied the noise, shouting furiously at me in a fell language. Quite startling at first, though after a few minutes, this merely became an annoyance. I phase through the mattress and into the void, though even that wasn't enough to get rid of that rambling. Willfully waking up put an end to that.

    Immediate reentry. Overheard somone having... bowel distress in the bathroom nearby. At the time, I wasn't sure if this was real or not (it wasn't), but I ignored it all the same.

    Anyway, after a minute or two of down time, I tried manifesting another creature. I imagined the cries of a crow, if for the sake of sparking curiosity and wanderlust. Such cawing sounded quickly, and soon after, I caught sight of the like bird landing on my shoulder. Suddenly, the creature grew and morphed into a harpy, light skinned woman from the waist up, the excessively oversized legs and feet of a crow below, and similarly large feathery wings adjoined on her otherwise human arms.

    As I lingered in awe, the harpy snatched me up into her claws by my flank. Before I knew it, she'd already carried me far away into the emptiness. I asked what she had planned for me, more out of intrigue than any sort of concern. The bird-woman merely echoed what I said while giggling.

    The dream was then dissolved.

    Updated Yesterday at 02:27 AM by FireFlyMan


    Log 1174 - Atypical Transport Transits and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 07-17-2018 at 03:42 AM
    Created Monday 16 July 2018

    Got some non-LDs to note.

    Dream 1 - Winter Family Gathering and Old Job Again

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at a large picnic area in a forest clearing during a cold winter day. Many extended family members were about. In particular was uncle Valentin, dressed in a wool coat and hat, who appeared much older than when I last saw him. My brother, Conrad, who was nearby, also noticed this, claiming this made him look like a "wise man".

    Cut to the streets of an unknown urban area at dusk. Uncle Valentin, my sister Francine, my pal Harold, an unknown supposed acquaintance and I were walking around. Save for uncle Valentin and I, the rest of the group split to play board games. I noticed my hair was a total mess, having thick dust in between. Woulda taken hours to clean that off.

    Later, I'd arrived in my old job at the gas station. The interior looked quite different. In contrast, the co-workers I spotted looked almost exactly the same, of whom included Salvador and Erving, about the only difference being the latter missing his moustache. Anyway, I gave an awkward greeting to them. I also found that I was already in uniform. As such, I went to sign myself up in the log-in binder. I 'remembered' having powers, prompting me to telekinetically drag said binder to me. But, my clumsy handling of such caused the binder to fall to the floor in pieces. What's more, I see I was scheduled for much later than anticipated. Erving chided me for not calling earlier to verify this.

    Think I was slowly figuring the dream out. Pity the cat decided to wake me up...

    Scrap Group 1
    Passing through a suburban area at daytime. I seat myself on one of several seats randomly placed there, a few of which were those from home, and browse the web on my laptop. Francine showed up, curious as to what I was doing. Later on, I spot my niece Adina passing by unattended. Then, Jim Gaffigan spontaneously appeared, walking a large and small dog. The animals accosted my niece, and the bigger one even seemed to bite her. I woulda attacked the dogs outright, if Jim hadn't convinced me that no harm was done or meant.

    Dream 2 - Atypical Transport Transits

    Scene 1 - Car-Bomb and Brawls
    The visuals were a bit dim and blurred. I was in a crowded subway station. Just then, Batman and Bane (as depicted in the Nolan-verse) appeared out of nowhere, both locked in combat.

    While that was happening, an out-of-control silver luxury sedan swerved right into the tracks. A woman was trapped inside in the driver's seat, and in the passanger's seat was a package. Figured a bomb must've been there. 'Knowing' I had powers, I dragged the woman out of the vehicle through telekinesis, if perhaps less than gently.

    I then started lifting the car out to safety, when a live action version of Superman appeared, followed by Lex Luthor in kryptonite-powered armor. Their ensuing brawl was causing a lot of noise and property damage, lapsing my concentration. I stepped in between the two, insisting they cease until I dealt with the bomb. Luthor glared at me from behind his helmet's yellow visors, then wolloped me square beneath my chin.

    Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Not Your Usual Trip to the Airport
    Similar visuals. I was a passenger in an airliner. There was a shower out in the open for all to use. I myself didn't even bat an eye to doing such, though it seemed I used up all the hot water, causing a bit of an uproar.

    Cut to the airport. I collect my luggage with other supposed friends that were (apparently) aboard as well. One of them spots ads for pit fighting and a target shooting competition, the prize being a vintage rifle. They urged me to enter, claiming that my powers would give me an advantage, though I wasn't interested.

    Skip ahead to a crowded checkpoint. Harold and Conrad were now with me. The former gets in a conversation with a guard lady, an easygoing stubby woman in her thirties with tanned skin and dark hair. I thought of using my powers to prank her, all on a lark. Before I could go on with that, the dream collapsed suddenly.

    Updated 07-18-2018 at 02:49 AM by FireFlyMan

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1173 - WILD Jaunt and Other Assorted Stories

    by FireFlyMan on 07-16-2018 at 02:35 PM
    Created Sunday 15 July 2018

    Got a dream and a WILD loop to note, though I've forgotten much of the non-lucid portions of the latter.

    Scrap Group 1
    Flying around at daytime. I thought I was LDing after waking up from this, but I can't prove that.

    Dream 1 - Hidden Designer Base

    The visuals were clear. I was entering a community center, one of numerous structures within a massive building complex. Apparently, I was infiltrating the place as part of a mission, of which wasn't entirely outlined at the moment.

    Numerous people were waiting in the front lounge, several distinctly cartoon figures. Of the latter group, I identified Bugs Bunny, and a heroically built cowboy. An armed guard and receptionist screened a gate further ahead. To get past them, I had to cause a commotion, which I managed by provoking those above-distinguished animated characters into attack each either.

    I sneaked through a cafeteria kitchen, and made my way into a small public computer lab. There, I gather further instructions on my objective. There were details of a high-profile clothing designer (slim woman in her 50's), and, more importantly, a secret bunker she'd hidden underground near the very site I stood in. I was tasked with breaking in there unnoticed, and steal a prototype of her latest dress. Much as one would spoil movies or games, I Googled a guide describing the target site's layout, making note of various alarm and gas traps. I then took a different nearby exit past another security gate, a middle aged black woman guarding the area. For a moment, I wanted to go back to look for random trivia, but was told I needed a library card, to which I admitted not having.

    Skip back to the lobby, then to the gate near the kitchen, all of which had been emptied. I continued onwards out a backdoor. This took me to a wide courtyard, night sky above. In the center was an even larger structure, the site of my mark. Contrasting the surrounding buildings, this one was completely unlit.

    Anyway, I opened a roll-up door on the side of the building, and broke in. Inside was an entire warehouse of fancy clothing, many already arranged in racks. I soon heard the steps of footsteps approaching, so I hid behind some of said clothes. In appears the designer, along with a group of execs and a full guard detail. She promotes her wares, odd, given the near pitch-darkness. There may have been word about contraband, or at least something of questionable legality. To better conceal myself, I turned invisible. This proved highly impractical, for doing so not only required my yelling out at the top of my lungs (I even shouted "FIND ME" at times!), but to also frequently repeat the action. And yet, it seemed the others were none the wiser. There were a few close calls, though it was due more to a clumsy misstep than from any noise I made.

    After prodding around, I found a hidden hatch near a pillar, the entryway to the bunker. Opening it revealed a stairway spanning to inscrutable depths. I continued a few stories below, before turning a hallway. At the end of that was the only door in sight. Inside that was a narrow room. All its walls were built of solid steel, save for the furthest one, which was made of bullet proof glass. A lower level was visible below, the area almost completely darkened, if it weren't for a spotlight featuring a small safe. The mark, no doubt.

    I noticed various unlabeled dials and levers nearby. Now, I knew better than to just activate any of these willy nilly... except I did so anyway. Such overeagerness cost me dearly. Within seconds, alarms were blaring, my exit was sealed shut by a vault door, and the hissing of gas could be heard above. I could just imagine that designer's smug amusement at my predicament. Still, I "figured" this was only a game. And so, through an interface, I merely exited to the 'main menu'. Quite a disappointment, losing the way I did, but it was better than dying.

    Now, I found myself in a cold forest during an especially brilliant night. Gigantic walls of an enormous city could be seen in the distance, its many sparkling lights not diminishing the view of the cosmos above. Such an unbelievable view had me in awe. It also almost lead to awareness. Unfortunately, just as I was bordering lucidity, that cat woke me up.

    Dream 2 - WILD Jaunt

    WILD transition in bed. I rub on the mattress to confirm. There were supposedly several housemates arguing in another room, but I disbelieved that entirely. It took a few tries at rolling out the bed before I fell to the void, where I rubbed my hands thoroughly before waiting out a transition.

    My first warp took me within dark caverns. I flew out the nearest exit, then got instantly teleported again. Next stop was in a misty forest of dead trees, a strange purple light in the distance the only source of visibility. Soon, I stumbled upon a campfire. A savage witch was performing a ritual there, her hair unkempt and cloak in scanty tatters. Various figures were hidden in the tree's branches, possibly others of her kind, if not far more frightful things. I carefully approached the sorceress for a closer look, only to get pulled away by a mysterious force.

    I was then warped in a snowy forest at night. Visible in the distance was a whimsical town, quite small, yet glistening with extravagant lights. Like something out of a Disney movie. I flew by a few houses, but couldn't really get too far before yet another transition.

    This time, I ended up in the outskirts of a town at early dawn. Contrasting the above, this was a bleak and derelict site. I strolled by a few of the more exposed buildings, but saw no one around.

    The dream collapsed soon afterwards. Don't recall other things clearly. Pretty sure I end up flying somewhere at daytime, with the possibility of being lucid. Something of my visiting distant relatives in a small house. Next was a false awakening, where some weird kid was in the lounge. Then, something of getting into an excessively brutal fight with my brother? Don't recall how this ended.

    Updated 07-18-2018 at 02:59 AM by FireFlyMan (just remembered breaking in a roll-up door, not an emergency exit)

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1172 - Hungry Summons

    by FireFlyMan on 07-15-2018 at 03:35 AM
    Created Saturday 14 July 2018

    Got that DILD and a few other things to note. The non-LD portions aren't very clear, however.

    Scrap Group 1
    Swimming deep in the ocean with marine biologists. We could somehow speak clearly while underwater. The others had me join in eating live baby shrimp. I quickly regretted doing that; I don't even like the stuff when cooked! Cut to me in a fancy apartment with family. I'm embarrassed to find I've been afflicted with fleas.

    Dream 1 - Hungry Summons

    Scene 1 - Some Looped Emergency or Other
    The visuals were blurred. Don't have too good memory of this. I've various false awakenings in an unknown home. Various family members were there. Something dangerous was occurring. I was bordering lucidity, but only just. Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Marloss Sacrifice
    False awakening in an unknown bedroom, the morning sun peeking in from white-clothed shaded windows behind me. Remembering the above, I make a reality check via feeling for something in hand. Sensing as much informed lucidity. I reshaped this object, intending it to take the form of my guide, E. But, when I glanced beside me, I found it was a complete stranger. This was a plain-looking woman in her 30's, a light skinned and auburn haired Caucasian. Similar to my guide usual form, she appeared exceptionally tall and quite stout.

    Initially, I was a bit wary. But, for her part, the woman soon proved to be very... uh, amiable. Just as I'd warmed up to her, the lady became mournful. That's when her mouth suddenly warped, melting into a toothless maw of slagging flesh. The monstrous female chomped at me, aiming straight for my face. I could only hold her back by a wrist's length. She expressed great remorse, claiming she was acting under compulsion to devour me. Her bites became more frantic and unpredictable. It was only a matter of time before my strength would fail.

    In panic, I immediately conjured a Marloss Berry on my right hand, which appeared as a giant, flesh-like cherry. Any other time, I would've eaten it myself. But, instead, I'd offered it to the creature above me. I described the food being exceptionally filling and tasty. The monster woman was skeptical of such a claim. So, I crammed the berry into her mouth, taking care not to let her take my hand with it. And like that, the demoness' hunger subsided.

    The woman's face soon reverted to normal. Her hair, though, constantly changed every other second, going from long with a fringe, to a bobcut, to childish pigtails, among others. The odd lady then got curious of the above magic. She wondered if I could summon her a trophy, of all things, and got ingenuously jubilant when I promised I'd do so later.

    This moment lasted for two more minutes before the dream collapsed.

    Scrap Group 2

    Reloop of the first part of the above dream. A guy with brown hair and glasses was helping me out. I'd false memories of this happening the first time.

    Updated 07-15-2018 at 03:50 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , dream fragment