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      Heh, well thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed them! That one with the peeing was pretty our of control. Next time I start getting a swelled head about my dream control abilities, I need to remember the dream where it took me like 5 minutes of dream time to finally stop urinating all over the place.

      Happy dreaming!
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      Oh man, I appreciate you saying that! Thanks! You really read the whole thing? You deserve some kind of medal for that.

      Those are all my lucids. If you've read that, you know my entire LD history from my very first shaky steps. Now to just break this dry spell and add some more to that journal... Thanks again -- a kind word like that is great for the ol' motivation.
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      I actually came to your profile because I noticed you were posting a lot. Hehehe have a nice day!
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      Hey man, welcome to DV
      You seem pretty active, I like that. I think I will get used to your username quite quickly at this rate
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    Im 18, im interested in lucid dreams, videogames, and all that stuff.... also, i am currently jobless.
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    Videogames, Dreamviews, Lucid dreamng, etc.
    I currently have no job.
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    While searching for lucid dreaming tutorials


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    Practicing dream control, getting rid of mom

    by Flycat on 06-28-2013 at 04:04 PM
    Yay, i think i did a ToTM!I'm in my house, playing minecraft. I get bored quickly, so i go out, grabbing a random DS and Wii (i don't have those) and i drop them. The DS doesn't have a scratch, but the wii breaks. As my usual rush of logic kicks in, i think "WTF? My Wii is heavier, so it shouldn't have been broken.... I might be dreaming... I'll check later". I drop the DS down my LONG staircase, and it still doesn't break. I go get it and while i return i think"Ok, that's 3 signs im dreaming, if i find another one i'll check". So out i go seeking another sign, into some kitchen like place i don't have, until i (drum roll.... wait for it!) think "Oh f**k this lets check now."I RC and it works. (again, drum roll...) My mom appears. I inmediatly try kicking her, but she is the invincible one and she said "Sorry for what i did that dream, but i wanted decorations put up in my room". Thinking my subconsious was crazy at this point, i agreed only for practicing summoning. After about a min, she's happy and punches me, while saying she won't do "that" again (from the other entry).I go out and find a mirror. I tried avoiding it, but i saw inside it and found myself without any distortion whatsoever. I wake up around here.
    lucid , task of the month

    4th lucid, and lucid nightmare... again

    by Flycat on 06-15-2013 at 05:08 PM
    It's funny how every time im lucid, my mom appears as an evil entity.Ok, so here goes:I'm in a mall, with my mom and someoneelse. I quextion my reality for something i can't remember, and do the nose plug and palm RC's (i felt like when you wake up but the memories of the dream flood in) and my mom told me to fly to the roof. I did just for fun, and suddenly i was in my room, with no control over the dream. The door was locked, and it was dark. I saw my best friend, and, knowing who was coming, told him to RC. He didn't though, and someone was opening the door. My friend winked at me and vanished as (you'll laugh) my mom entered. Since she is an evil, nightmarish character in my lucids, i tried to fly away and create a gun, but she stole all control from me. I kicked her, and she died, but 10 more clones came. I killed them, but one of them was invincible. She kicked me and i felt pain. Scared, i yellef "WAKE UP!" and closed my eyes, then reopened them. I was at my bed, relieved, when i saw my dogs at the foot of my bed. I thought "Wait, my brown dog can't have gotten here, he's blind and he's never inside." At that moment, 3 more clones entered. I shut my eyes and reopened tnem again, and woke up. Did some RC's, then relaxed.How do i stop that entity? Every time i ask her why she is doing what she is doing or confront her, she kicks me, and i feel pain. Help!

    Two short non-lucids

    by Flycat on 06-13-2013 at 05:07 PM
    This is going to be pretty lame, especially for a first entry.Dream #1: I'm in some sort of fortress, with zombies coming to me. I find a gun and shoot it, but it doesn't affect the zombies. They swarm on me and i wake up.Dream #2: I'm in my house, playing minecraft. I look around, and see a DC. He punches me and i wake up.Pretty crappy, i know.