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    1. Awesome! That is a great gift you have! I am decent at retracing steps or helping others retrace steps to find something but it would be so much quicker with your gift! I am delighted to make your acquaintance and I hope we have more chances to interact.
    2. What triggered me in March was that I had stumbled on to lucid dreams by accident. I have a weird little gift that when I look for something & can't find it I ask out loud where it is & I have a crazy good success rate of going right to it. I was reading a fiction book that talked about "weavers" which have a similar ability but it's a witch culture thing which I know nothing about. Like I said it was a fiction book. Anyway some how I went down the internet rabbit hole & landed at lucid dreaming. I became really interested when I started reading about sleep paralysis. I've had some very unusual things happen to me during this state. I've experienced OOB's. I guess that may sum some of it for you. I don't mind the questions. I'm very open about my experiences.
    3. Thank you Wow, your experience is very interesting. Do you mind me asking what triggered this in March? Feel free to PM me if you prefer or to not answer of course. I hope to see you around the forums!
    4. To be honest I was impressed w/ all of your about me page. It was quite a life long experience w/ lucid dreams & studying. I personally had tragic things happen as a child & didn't know until about March of this year that I had experienced them as a child as an outlet. Now journaling on here about my dreams have become a lifestyle that has enriched my life by analyzing my dreams. I always like to acknowledge those who don't just see lucid dreaming & dreams as an activity. I hope that made sense, lol.
    5. Thank you Which part were you impressed with?
    6. I just read you bio on here. Wow is that impressive!
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