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    1. I'm well...and alive.

      Thank you for checking in on me. I know it's been a while.

      Say hi anytime.
    2. Miss you, Mel. Hope you are well
    3. I'm there mostly in the evenings here...probably early to mid morning for you.
    4. I check chat when I'm on, but you're never there as far as I can tell!
    5. Sadly, the exams only started 3 days ago and I have another 4 weeks to go :/
    6. Are you done with those major exams yet?
    7. I have major exams coming up in less than a month
    8. Why did you leave us, LeLouche?
    9. :3 He is one of my favourite anime characters.
    10. Everytime I see this guy I think of you for some reason

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