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    Ive always had interest in dreams, but I used to think being able to cuase lucid dreams was just some other witch/occult practice that wasn't real.

    Around the Christmas of 2010, I couldn't get the idea of lucid dreaming off my mind, despite what I thought.

    I started having dreams in which I became lucid several times a week and of course I made the connection, that told me it was becuase it was on my mind.

    Thats when I decided to start trying to cuase them. I went to dream views and practiced for weeks and then I started having a cool adventure involving trial and error, while figuring out how dreams, once a week. Then later several times a week.

    PS: I have very strange non lucids every week. For example, bathing in candy and eating it. Also for some reason I cant go a couple weeks without a weird dream of getting tied up by someone.
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    My own little world.
    Lucid dreaming, fitness and games of all kinds.
    A lazy teenager.
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    Skeptisism and reasearch.


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    Dream train

    by Fredfredburger on 10-29-2011 at 04:59 PM
    I was in a very realistic looking world near a box cart train. I got onto the train and started to control it with my mind.

    I wanted to get to Camelot city in Dark age of Camelot. I worried that it would fly off the tracks and the train did.

    Next thing I know I was in Gold Shire from World of Warcraft. I saw my dad there.

    I tried to get on a train again and it moved me to a new location. When I got out of the train I was in a remote village IN Dark age of Camelot. My dad was there also.

    I complained to dad that I wasnt able to get where I wanted to go. I said that I had been in the dream about 15 minutes and it was annoying that I couldnt control muchj.

    For the first time instead of being a mean mountain troll and yelling at me that I wasnt dreaming he told me that If I worry about not being able to control something then I wont be able to.

    I then decided to blow up a big weird looking bird man. My lack of confidence kept me from blowing him up. The bird man then looked at me funny.

    Then everyone in the village went inside for the night. I was left alone with these weird looking gigantic dragon flys. I tried to blow them up but they retreated into the forest. Then the dream faded.

    First true sleeping/awake experience

    by Fredfredburger on 10-25-2011 at 11:03 PM
    I was sleeping in my first hour class room. My head was tucked into my bookbag and I was relaxing/meditating Deeply.

    I decided to get up and look around due to the fact that I hadnt fallen asleep and found that I could not move.

    I stayed calm, knowing this was normal. I listend to my teachers talk to each other about baseball and the world series.

    I then decided that I was going to have a lucid dream. I tried several time to float out of my body and then it hit me. I focused on a body inside my frozen body and I just got up and walked out of my chair, still in a dream state.

    My teachers where not there and I was alone. Next to my chair in another chair was a big chest.

    I opend the chest and it had a smaller chest inside. I took out the chest and sat it on the desk top out of the chair.

    I then turned around and behind my sleeping body was a basket of decorative goth skulls. I searched through the basket and found a dark colored one that was pale black.

    I put in in the chest and as I pulled the chest closed I found myself in my body again.

    I then decided to wake up. I could hear my teachers talking again as I tried to wake up. I focused on my breathing and started trying to breath faster. It was hard to increase my breathing rate and I began to feel like I was suffocating.

    I was getting scared, obviously slipping more into a dream state. I began worrying that I would die and that I couldnt call out for help.

    I then calmed down and tried again. I then got woke up and decided not to tell my teacher of my 20 minute adventure, knowing that she would brand me either a liar or someone who need counciling for delusions.

    The living house.

    by Fredfredburger on 10-08-2011 at 06:51 PM
    I was in my basement, looking into a hole that had a tree monster in it. I had long lanky arms knarled in knots. It had sharp pointy teeth, with red eyes slightly higher.

    I knew that it was an evil spirit about to posses the house, so I flew through a window into the yard. I sstood there waiting for the house to sprout feet and for the fight to begin.

    I thought it was funny becuase I remembered watching a movie about a house that was alive. A voice told me that the house wouldn't live until the moon was full.

    I looked up at the moon and it starting getting rounder until it was full. The house then stood up on two wooden legs, The wall split revealing a mouth of sharp splintery wood.

    I jumped up and started flying very fast into the house. Ready for mortal combat.

    Next thing I knew I was in my house and it wasnt alive. The dream got blurry, so I closed my eyes, walking around picturing where I wanted to be. I opend them only to see my house still. I then tried to teleport, by spinning. Itmade my surroundings different, but I wasnt in the snowy mountain areas that the dwarf wizard was in.

    I then decided to fly through the window with the curtain over it to improve my phasing skills. The glass stoped me, but I willed myself through.

    I was then inside again, having forgotten that I flew out before. I flew out the window again and was still inside my house. I kept forgetting that I had flown out the window before, as if something was erasing the memory. I flew out the window again before waking up.

    I woke up remembering only the first part of the dream and had to go memory fishing to get back the fragments that I lost. I get the feeling that the dream lasted awhile.

    Flying in the mountains

    by Fredfredburger on 09-25-2011 at 06:42 PM
    I appeared in my room. I got up and looked around, making the dream stable. I thought about how realistic everything looked and felt.

    I walked out my front door, trying to picture something els on the other side. After several times, I decided to just fly to where I wanted to go.

    I flew off my porch, amazed at how real the chilly wind felt. I pictured snowy mountains off further in the distance and they came into view. I spotted a series of caves in the mountains.

    The mountains and caves, looked like they had World of Warcraft graphics. I flew into the caves, trying to find the frost giant. I thought the frost giant looked like a dwarf from WoW, a dwarf wizard. I was incorrect, the frost giant looks like a yeti.

    I woke up in my bed again and flew outside to the mountains again, with new knowledge of how to explore the dream.

    I was flying near the mountains and I spotted what looked like the dwarf wizard, on a rocky platform. I flew down, but I had difficulty. After fighting my way down, I found that it wasn't the dwarf I was looking for.

    Frustrated, I flew through more caves, trying to find him. After doing so for awhile I woke up.

    ((((I'm going to find that dwarf next weekend, I think ill call him the frost dwarf.))))

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    Tried to make fire.

    by Fredfredburger on 09-18-2011 at 05:36 AM
    I was in my room and everything looked normal.

    The dream was unstable, so I rubbed my hands together. The dreams clarity came back pretty well.

    I walked up to the front door, wondering if I was sleep walking and was gonna get hit by a car. I opened the door and stepped out.

    I the jumped up and started to fly. The world became upside down do I was flying with the sky below me. I then tried to cast a fire ball.

    In the effort of trying the dream faded.