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    19-8-2010 | Espionage

    by Frishert on 08-19-2010 at 01:59 PM
    Comment Dream Lucid Dream

    Had a MILD-1 class again last night. When I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep I couldn't remember much from my dreams except for:

    I'm in a huge imaginary city, together with a Highschool mate of mine. We're going to a festival, but I've got a broken bike and he's got sore feet from his rollerskates. Going strong >_<.


    This dream is from when I awoke this morning. Apparently I continued my previous dream.

    The festival is over. My mate's gone and so is my bike. On my way home I encounter an old lady that can't seem to find her own home anymore. She tells me she lives in a street called the Bokken (which would translate to Bucks in english, the animals). I tell her I know where that is and lead here home. It felt like quite a time before we got there, but dreams can be deceivable like that. In the end we arrived at the Bokken though, a street on the bank of a gracht. I remember the entire scene had a yellowy sepia filter over it. On the bank were four copper alligator statues, but I didn't pay them much attention.
    Fast forward and I'm a secret agent together with two of my housemates. We're still in the vicinity of the Bokken, but at a small public square. No one's there except us. I spot a laptop and a small beamer on a bench and walk towards them. As soon as I touch them I know this is a laptop from a female spy of our 'enemy corporation' and I decide to hack it. We're after an (unknown) item and this laptop could very well tell us where it is. It runs on windows 98 and takes a couple of minutes before I extract the information: that we need to infiltrate the house of this spy and retrieve our item there.
    Fortunately, his house is very close and no one's home. We enter, go upstairs to her room and search for the item. One of my colleagues finds it and he leaves together with my other colleague as backup. I'm to remove our traces and follow them later on. Whilst doing that I hear she-spy coming home and going upstairs. The room has two doors and I hide against the wall of one of the doors. She-spy enters through the other door and I try to make my escape. She's too fast though and knocks me down on the head. Game over.

    Fortunately I can try again (wtf?!). I find myself hiding against the wall again, but this time she enters through this door. I rapidly bash the door against her head and make my escape. Outside I find myself in a
    semi-lucid dream where I jump over hedges. I know I can decide what hedge to jump over. Sometimes the dream 'doesn't listen', but I do have the sense of control. Quickly lost that, though.
    I reunite with my colleagues at the four alligator statues in the Bokken. Apparently we're to use the item in combination with one of the statues but agent H tells me it isn't working. I quickly check an online FAQ and it says we forgot to rub the statue with a special type of oil. We don't have that though and neither do we have the time, because the enemies have found us. It's time to prepare for the final battle. Slowly the scene around me changes into a psychedelic disco painting. Afterwards it doesn't make sense at all, but in my dream it was perfectly logical. People killing each other of to get that item, the environment turning and twisting around us. In the end, I passed away too and woke up.


    Missed dreamsigns:
    - Me being a spy
    - Dying and getting a second chance?
    - The semi-lucid hedgejumping sequence
    - The psychedelic final battle

    Spoiler for Psychedelic Final Stage:

    18-8-2010 | Roller-coaster

    by Frishert on 08-19-2010 at 01:24 PM
    Comment Dream Lucid Dream

    I find myself living with the family of a so-called Sophie and her two brothers (one older, one younger). In their backyard they've build a roller-coaster and are now responsible for its daily maintenance. I came to live with them to help with that task and I feel it's quite an honour. First things first, we've got to get onto the track. Apparently the didn't think about building a staircase for that, so each day we've got to perform some magic trick which involves repeatedly drawing figures in the air with your finger. It creates hot air rising up in the backyard that you can ride and get to the coaster. After practicing my magic in the attic for a while, I get permission to have my first look at the coaster. I get to wear some rubber braces (protection? Although I'm not suspended by any cord) and ride the hot air.
    The track's entirely white and more of a tangled mess than any real roller-coaster would be. The first thing we - Sophie, her little brother and I - do is walk through the entire ride, literally. I can also vividly remember the ride went below ground level (Sophie and co did some digging) and they covered the earth walls with sloppy placed tilework. It looked something like this, only...sloppier:

    Spoiler for image:

    11-8-2010 | Always write down SOMETHING

    by Frishert on 08-11-2010 at 11:54 AM
    Comment Dream Lucid Dream

    I was ill yesterday so I had practically no recall at all. What I remembered wasn't worth mentioning, I thought. I should've known better though: always write at least something down. This night I woke up by myself after a dream I had. Recalled merely two words but I wrote them down anyway. And you know what? I woke up again after the next dream and recalled a fragment and a third dream:

    I found myself back in highschool in french class. Not as a student, but assistent to help out my old teacher. The class was writing a letter and she was asking me all sorts of questions to see whether those 6 years of french had stuck in my head. Unfortunately they haven't.

    I was at a beach with my little brother and my mum (for some reason, my dreams almost never include my parents). Soon there was something (unknown) about to happen there, so we had to prepare the beach. This meant we had to colour certain parts of the beach with markers in either that flashy neon green, red, or ice (yes, we had a marker that would bestow anything you touched with it with a layer of ice). At first, I barely succeeded, but then my mum came to the rescue and gave me a new icemarker. Apparently the old one had worn down.

    Went back to sleep, woke up at 9:40 and recalled a fourth dream:

    In this dream I went to buy a house with my mates from college to live in. We found a good 'possibility' and decided to have a look. When we got there, the owner was one of our old teachers and he gladly showed us around.
    We descended two stairs and went through a long hallway before entering the house. It was huge, and I really mean huge. I kept thinking to myself: Is this really only 135 m2? Can't be. The house was also entirely below the ground. It had no windows at all and long, long white walls. After we had seen a couple of rooms we went into the first bedroom (again, huge and largely empty). We moved on and got to the lounge, the first room not empty or white. It was made of classy wooden walls and was lighted with candles or oil lamps or such. It was loaded with those babychairs in all sorts of colours. "Yeah", my teacher said apologetically. "I had an entire primary school spend the night recently."
    We also had a room with a little hole in the wall. If you crawled through (and that took quite some effort) you'd fall down a hose and end up in an arabic basaar. Can't remember much, but it beat walking to the nearest supermarket.


    Missed dreamsigns:
    - Colouring a beach
    - Ice as a colour
    - The place definitely wasn't 135 m2
    - An arabic bazaar underneath our house?! O_o

    Updated 08-19-2010 at 12:47 PM by Frishert (Got the wrong date in the title :p)

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    9-8-2010 | Guitars, Ghosts and a Zip-archive

    by Frishert on 08-09-2010 at 09:36 AM
    Comment Dream Lucid Dream

    Yesterday my recall sucked, today it blew me out of the water. I remembered up to 4 dreams (fragments). No lucids though, but I don't care (more or less ;p). This is progress anyway. Here goes:

    I'm at a seminar of my old guitar teacher. He invited a couple of his best students to record a DVD with him and learn a couple of songs and techniques along the way. We all had to follow a certain course in which we could choose between two songs, play one of them and when we did so correctly we could move on to the next two songs. For some reason, he had decided to visualize the course outline like this, with two piramids:

    We all started out on the right and could choose between song 1 and 2. Then you move up to 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and so on and so forth. I first tried song 2. It was an acoustic guitar song accompanied by me singing (song doesn't actually exist). My performance wasn't actually that bad, but the intonation of my voice dropped a bit at the end. I knew that, because halfway the performance I transferred to another version of me listening in the audience. Because my intonation dropped, the teacher said it wasn't good enough and I decided to go for song 1 anyway: Heart's Crazy on You.


    In my second dream I stood behind the counter at a restaurant and I was supposed to pass out french fries to anyone who would want to have them. A gorgeous lady walked up to me. Red dress and lipstick, dark hair, big brown eyes. Stunning. I looked her in her eyes and repeated a mantra in my head. I remember kicking myself in the head (figuratively ;p) because it should've been "I am lucid dreaming", but I kept repeating "Don't pay attention to the floor". Weird. To make matters worse, the lady was apparently a psychic and able to read my mind. She asked my why she shouldn't pay attention to the floor and I told her the floor was dangerous because of its colour (I genuinely believed that, though). I gave the woman her fries and she went away. And I didn't become lucid.


    I was waiting at a hatch with my instructor. We're in an old building made of metal and steel, rust and algae are running up the walls. It smells a bit. The instructor tells me that at the other side of the hatch are ghosts. It's the garbage dump of wherever we are and the ghosts are attracted to the trash we dump there daily. I have to go in though, so the instructor gives me some pills that are to make sure the ghosts don't come for me as soon as I enter, they apparently love human meat. The pills only work for a given amound of time, though.
    I take some pills and climb through the hatch. The other side looks just as metallic and rusty as where I just was. I can indeed see some zombie-like figures wandering about, but they don't come after me. Whew. Time to go search for what I am initially here for: a lost Zelda II cartridge. After I've looked around I was able to find only a couple of cartridges with parts of the game on it, but not in it's entirety. I remember that was obvious, because the cartridge had been split up in several parts, because it was just like a zip-archive.


    In my last dream I found myself again at the garbage dump. This time I was much deeper in, together with someone else. This part of the dump looked like an old, neglected city, but still as rusty as ever. We were in trouble. The pills would almost lose their effect and to top it all: Voldemort was coming for us. We hide, but Voldemort still manages to find us and kills my friend. He doesn't even look like Voldemort, by the way; glasses, brown scruffish hair and a bordeaured polo shirt.

    Obviously I am more than happy with this amount of recall . I do wonder where my mind gets all the references from though. I haven't read HP in 3 years now and never even played Zelda II O_o

    7-8-2010 | Oh, joy!

    by Frishert on 08-07-2010 at 09:54 AM
    Comment Dream Lucid Dream

    Oh, joy! I think I may have had my first LD this night in a long, long, time (8 years or so?). Before I went to bath I read about meditation on the internet yesterday. I then took a bath - which I normally never do - and relaxed. In the mirror I told myself why I would have a LD. Afterwards in bed, I spent some time on DVs (reviewing the my previous DJ entries, reading others', and rereading the chat log of the first MILD-1 lesson) and went to sleep. "I can Lucid Dream" must've been one of my thoughts. 'twasn't long, but it's a start:

    I'm in my room at my mum's house (which I do sleep in atm) and for some reason realize I'm dreaming. I then see if I can float, which sort of works. I run to the attic, to the room of one of my two little brothers and fly out of the window to see how well I can fly. It is now that the vividness increases, but also that I can't remember what happened next. I'm not saying this was a full-blown lucid and entirely vivid, but I remember saying to myself: "I'm dreaming this" and making the decision to go the attic.

    I now remember I flew out the window, dived down and just before I crashed into the ground took up and flew about. I then thought about changing into a wolf (a thing I have done before in my dreams. I love the feeling of sprinting around, close to the ground with huge leaps). Couldn't really decide though whether I wanted to fly or run around, and my mind was still discussing whether it actually feels more like a wolf or a frog. I think the chaos is what made me lose control and ultimately lucidity.


    I'm in the bus riding home and I think I've got a girl seduced. She has black hair and, obviously, looks rather nice. When I get home though, and fetch the drink I offered her, I find her and my other brother (not the attic one) happily humping along. Whore. I run away and sit in my room, feeling crap.
    I decide though, I'm not going to give up that easily and at least tell them what traitors they are. Fortunately, when I re-enter their room, I see now what a monster the girl really is. She's fat and has tons of boobs and asses all over her body. Iew.
    (Wtf @ my mind) In a strange twist of fate I think it would be better if I just became a second Indiana Jones now (I'm not even a Jones fan) and start looking for secret caverns. After some time I find a huge labyrinth in a kitchen somewhere. By figuring out a poem I found somewhere, I know the exact way to traverse the maze (left, right, then crawl through a small hole). Later on I have to fight some monsters and at the end a giant Majin Buu. I'm not even into DBZ, and the monsters looked like this:

    Spoiler for Image:

    Updated 08-07-2010 at 10:21 AM by Frishert

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