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    1. Hi Ant101, it's been almost 1.5 years after your post (I don't come around these parts all that much!) but yes I do believe the new edition of TYoDaS is very much worth it. The dream yoga practice section is basically completely rewritten, at least the key parts in my mind.
    2. Hi frying man I see in one of your replyís to a post you said that TYoDaS have re released the book and re- edited some of it I was wondering how much re editing have they done, trying to decide if itís worth re-reading I never really liked the book as I thought some of the practices were vague and couldnít see how they worked but I liked the clarification the editing has brought in that one piece you quoted .

      Your comment about a forum user called lenscaper has given me some extra fuel for LD practice too, you said how he would practice something for years at a time and as a result is lucid frequently.

      I keep missing a reoccurring dream signs and sometimes wonder if Iíll recognise it or if Iím doing something wrong and other times I think may be itís a patience thing when enough time has passed and daily habits of RCing after seeing said dreams signs have made there neural pathways in my brain then may be it will click into place.
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