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    GTA/Minecraft dream.

    by FuzzyPotatoes on 04-27-2014 at 11:36 AM
    This dream is of me playing GTA and minecraft, I don't see myself in the dream, just the game.

    So it starts off as a GTA dream, it appears to be a secluded area, there's no one around and it's quite an urban area. But then someone else is in the game, I try to get them to come to the Statue of Liberty with me in the game. I try sending them a message but the person just gets in some sort of plane and flies off and around this island. Then the dream changes, I'm still in the same place, but now I'm playing minecraft, I don't remember much about this dream, but I remember me mining into the wall next to me and I find a mob spawner, but it has every mob in the game in this tiny room. I notice I have no iron left, so I decide to go in a mine so I can get some.

    2 dream fragments.

    by FuzzyPotatoes on 04-19-2014 at 02:08 PM
    2 nights in a row with recall, what's happening!

    Anyway my first dream is in my classroom, the lesson is history.
    But our classroom was so laid back, if you've seen the wolf of Wall Street, just think how relaxed and laid back that workplace was, well this was like it, but without the strippers and drugs of course.

    I was with my friends at my table, we also had a teacher on it, probably an assistant teacher, but he was really cool wouldent tell anyone off or anything. He came over and said something to me and I jokingly said "That's what she said..." And we both laughed.

    But our real teacher wasn't laid back at all, she gave my friend Charlie NINE warnings, I had 2 and Charlie had NINE. One of the times I took Charlie's chair and he got the blame for it. So that's fragment one.

    Fragment 2 was near to when I woke up. So it's after school, and normally every one goes to the nearby shops. That was the same in my dream. I see most people in my year outside the shops. I overhear something about a prank call, then the hurdle of my year starts running across the road, me and 2 friends decide to follow them, we try to work our way through the cars. I nearly got run over and my friend advised to wait and not to rush.

    We finally make it across the road and were running over to the group of people, when we have arrived the person has already done the prank call, and everyone's heading back to the shops. I see them all going into someone's house so I follow them, One of them tries to lock me out jokingly but I make my way through, and the rest of the dream is me waiting inside for it to be half past so I can get the bus to home.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Interesting weird dream

    by FuzzyPotatoes on 04-18-2014 at 01:51 PM
    This dream was quite long as it had 3 different themes.

    So the dream starts off in a massive hall, most of my school was in there.
    We're doing this quiz thing, where there's two teams against eachother,
    So it's my team against the other, we have to sit at the front tables.
    The girl next to me (who I know in real life) starts coming onto me and being flirty.

    Then the dream changes, this time I'm in like a shop with my friends, then my minecraft brain takes over and I say I've found diamonds. So I say to Sam (my friend), to get a basket so I can put all the diamonds in, as he's doing this i meet this creepy old guy, who clearly wants to get the diamonds, he try's to take one from the shop counter but I push his hand away.

    And then the last theme takes place. It looks like I'm in a hotel but I'm not sure, again I'm with my friends. We seem to be playing football and when we win, we celebrate like crazy, I turn around and there's people staring at us, looking at us like we are crazy... Around the corridor I meet another school friend who wants to practice with me.

    So that's all i can remember of my weird long insteresting dream, I seem to see my school friends very often in dreams. Although it can't be a dream sign as I see them very often in real life too!

    Pub and a homeless person.

    by FuzzyPotatoes on 03-03-2014 at 05:05 PM
    I was with 4 of my friends at a pub, were at the side of the pub, like its a pub garden but Theres a gate on the side leading to the garden. In the garden is a wooden bench.

    Then a black homeless person (looked a bit old) walked past us and sat down on the bench, trying to have a nap. One of my friends, laughing while he does it, locks the gate so the homeless person is locked in the garden. We look back, an almost like a horror movie, the homeless guy is staring at us through the gate, I decide to run in the pub as the guy manages to get through the gate.

    We run through the pub trying to get away, I turn a corner and this small black male grabs me and moans at me for running. He was small and strangely looked like the comedian Kevin Hart.

    Locked in a bathroom

    by FuzzyPotatoes on 02-19-2014 at 04:52 PM
    Dream recall was surprisingly good last night. I remember 2 dreams in full. But I'm going to talk about my more interesting one. This dream I believe was in a zombie apocalypse, although there were no zombies in the dream.

    I was with a group of people walking down a corridor. I see a group of people I know in a room next to me, however this girl tries to lock the door so they wouldent get out, I attempt to stop her but instead, also get locked in the room. I look around and see some of my classmates, (Elliot, Kevin and Jessica). Halfway through the dream I also notice my sister is in this room.

    Now this room looked like a bathroom, it was fairly big for a bathroom. It looked ancient and run down, however it had showers, toilets etc. I don't really remember interacting with the other people in the bathroom, for some reason, I feel the urge to have a shower. I go to one of the showers but some boy I don't know takes the shower. I have to use the 2nd shower. I can't get the shower to be warm, but Kevin helps me with the knobs and dials and crap. It surprisingly didn't feel weird showering infront of these people.

    Halfway through the shower, Jessica comes up to me and hands me a bag of Mcdonalds. She said it was from Charlie Munro (who's also in my class). I open the bag and these some chips, a mcdonalds burger and some disgusting mayonnaise sauce. My sister takes the sauce and my dream stops there!

    It was an interesting dream, some of it didn't make sense but I can't complain!