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    I like to dream. I hope to inspire others to dream and achieve their goals. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Be positive and great things will come.
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    by fy_iceworld on 11-21-2014 at 06:24 PM
    I think my dream was inspired by an action adventure video game because, except that it felt like I was in an alternate reality-maze of some type and I was desperate to return to the world I knew.

    The dream began with a boat trip that I planned to go on. Little did I know I was about to embark on a long and intricate journey into a past which I did not know. The boat itself wasn't the focus of my dream, but rather this stairwell within the boat. It was a spiral staircase which was a few floors in depth and it's doors led to all kinds of rooms. When I saw doors that led to places like a the inside of a department store and a school's outside lunch break area I couldn't believe it, it wasn't possible! I passed by these doors and opened one that led a street in a city where my parents are from. The street was busy with cars passing by and all the cars were old from the 1970's. All print from the signs and store shops were in that bubbly 1970's font. It was really bizarre, like I had travelled back in time. I tried to find my parents and walked into this department store that sold clothes and jewelry and lots of stuff. I asked a person in the department store to help me find my parents. The person agreed to drive me around looking for them. I kept seeing this sign hanging over the street with the words "TRAX" on it, not very sure what that meant but it was affixed over the street every few blocks. After travelling around and not finding my parents I returned to the door with the stairwell from the boat. I walked back up the stairwell and went through this door that led to a large cavern with a waterfall and rushing water like the one from The Goonies. There were monsters and obstacles I had to go through to get past the cavern, like from an action adventure game, even a boss at the end of the cavern. The whole time I had to be brave like Link and keep my fear at bay. The cave seemed so real, I could feel the wet and damp atmosphere like it wasn't a dream. At the end of the cavern was a door that led back into the stairwell from the boat. I went down the stairwell and saw a door that led into the inside of the department store from that 1970's town. All the lights were off in there, so I did not go in there. I turned around and went back up the stairwell to this door that led to my highschool's outside lunch break area. The door was hard to open, but it did open, and it opened through the back of a locker. These lockers were like large book lockers that all schools have, at least my high school had them, and they lined a wall near the lunch area. Well, I stumbled outside of the locker, from the door at the boat stairwell and the locker closed behind me. There were lots of people eating and they all looked up at me probably thinking 'what the heck?' I opened the locker and the door into the stairwell was gone. I started crying, like really crying because I was so happy to be safe afterall. Then I went back home around the corner from the high school to my parents house and there they were safe and sound. I hugged them and kept crying. Later we drove through town and then I saw the sign "TRAX" hanging over the streets.

    I don't really know what the dream means. It left such an impression on me that I thought I'd share it on dreamviews.

    Thanks for reading!
    non-lucid , nightmare

    I Met Raven Symone That's so Raven!!!!

    by fy_iceworld on 09-22-2014 at 09:33 PM
    Last night I dreamt I met Raven Symone, the actress from Disney channel's That's So Raven. My memory of the dream is very sparse but I do recall Raven was teaching a group of people how to sing and dance and giving $25 as a prize for the best singers and dancers. I really wanted that $25 but I didn't get it. I was very awe-struck because Raven is a celebrity and I just met her in my dream! I couldn't believe I saw her, she seemed so real and I didn't even know I was dreaming. The next part of the dream I was following Raven, somehow I was tracking her! Ugh I should have written this when I woke up because the dream was so fresh and my memory of it was so vivid then, and that was almost twelve hours ago! Well I followed raven to this beach and her house overlooked the coast. It was a beautiful place, then my dream transitioned to me hang gliding over the beach and over Raven's house. Then I woke up. It was a great dream! There was really so much more to this dream. It was very intricate but I cannot remember the details, I should have written it down as soon as I awoke!

    My Dream Journal

    by fy_iceworld on 09-21-2014 at 05:57 AM
    Last night I dreamt that I bought a new truck. I don't even like trucks in real life but in my dream I loved this truck. It was a silver, four-door truck I can't remember the model. But I do remember being really proud about my new truck.

    Then I became lost in the woods and was chased by dogs, but then I realized they were puppies. So I marched around and the puppies followed me.

    Finally, I was getting ready for a wedding. I wanted my hair to look extra nice so I took a shower. The thing that I found really odd was that the shower was in the closet and the drain was on the carpet. I kept thinking that the water would ruin the carpet. I washed my hair with "Fourth of July" shampoo, which was odd too because I don't think that exists.