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      Thank you. I wanna reach out to the seasoned LDers little by little, maybe some "magic" will rub off...
      Currently taking Sageous WILD class...
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      Hello Gab,

      My name is Achilleas Pavlou and I am a PhD researcher at University of Essex and I am investigating Lucid Dreaming. Would it be possible to allow me to post a study link which is investigating individual differences in LD frequency? I can't seem to post anything until 7 days have passed. Thank you for your help in the matter
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      Just found out about the big news. Congratulations, couldn't think of a better person to hold the keys to the castle.

      Happy 2018, and as always, hoping to find you well
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      Hey gab(bie), and thanks
      If you remember the things, I'm sorry haha, it's different now, and I'm glad how thing currently are. Tho had to clean up some leftovers from here.

      How are you?
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      Yeah I've been off of lucid dreaming for quite a while. Going to get back into it. Nice to see you too.
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      Hey gab
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      I'm planning on staying, for sure! I've been having some lucid dreams without even doing anything, so I feel like it's a good time to come back I'll look for it now!
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      Aww, thank you! It's so good to be back! How are you?
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      Hey Gab
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      of course
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    Super modern city

    by gab on 08-16-2018 at 03:57 PM
    I was in this very modern, futuristic looking city or resort. Have a feeling it was in Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai...

    It kinda looked like Dubai with all super tall buildings made from glass. All shiny, clean. I walked out on a balcony, realizing it's miles above the ocean, the floor is glass, and there is not much of a railing around. I dropped to the ground and backed out on all four, scared. Haha.

    I wanted to do something good, so I went to look for someone bad. I found a guy trying to take hostages or something. I took a grenade away from him and threw it out the window just in time. Interesting thing is, that I don't think he was gonna do anything bad, until I kinda forced it with my mind.

    hrm, what to call this

    by gab on 08-12-2018 at 01:39 AM
    I had this bad dream last night and when I woke up from it, I was cold.

    Very detailed.

    I'm looking out the window and on the other side of the river, I see women walking at about 10 steps distances from each other. About 20 of them. I wonder what they are doing. Then i see a black SUV and I realize it's a funeral procession.

    Later we are going towards the river bank and I see a building which I had no idea was there. It looks like a memorial home. It's all gray and gothic, I don't like it and I'm trying to not go near it.

    But somehow I end up inside and I follow this girl. I watch her from 3rd person view. So she could be me? She walks into the office of the director. She is shorter than the desk and while the director is talking to her, she sneaks out. He looks down and I ask him who is he looking for. But I don't think he sees me. I know the girl is running away and all that was a distraction she did so she can give herself a head start.

    Now I'm following this young woman, still as a 3rd person view. We go from that office to another room. When i realize that it has dead bodies in it, all bloodied and wrapped in thick plastic, I tell to myself that I don't really want to see this, so I better close my eyes. She wants to escape by hiding under those bodies.

    Day before:
    I'm an astronaut in a space outpost on an alien planet. Someone is coming so I'm in a hurry to put on my helmet so I can get out of there. (was watching The Martian few days ago)


    by gab on 08-05-2018 at 02:18 PM
    Former classmate says she is going for a stroll with another person. I ask if I can go with them, because all I have been doing last few days is just watching TV and being mad at myself for not going outside.

    So we go and I'm standing on a bank of a river in my hometown. It's really muddy, carrying lots of downed trees and branches and going super fast. I comment on it and watch it for a while. My friend decides to go for a swim and with a few backstrokes, she gets close to the middle where the current is very fast. I yell that to her, but too late, she is getting swept.

    Next thing I see, is two bodies bobbing up next to her, biting her and dragging her down. She comes up few more times with more bodies around her. Finally she gets to the shore, I grab her hand and pull her out.

    We start running and a zombie is chasing us. We get to the house and I'm about to slam the door in zombies face, when I realize she is closer than I thought and she bites me in my left shoulder.

    We get to the main room. Everybody is calm, and more zombies are coming in, but they are all acting human. We have an option to clean the wounds by burning them or something else. I chose burning, so I grab matches, light them and I touch them to the wounds on this main zombie. He is showing me all the tiny scratches. Someone is burning my wounds.

    DREAM 2
    Some candy has gone missing at my workplace which doesn't look like my real world work. Trying to find out who did it, then it turns out it was one of the guys.

    Lava; Telescope; Puerto Rico

    by gab on 08-03-2018 at 03:33 AM
    Day before yesterday DREAM

    This was very cool, very long, detailed and it had a beginning, middle and the end.

    I'm in a low flying airplane. Coming in for a landing. Pilot finds a dirt road out in the hills and lands on it. We are rolling on the ground, up the slight hill, hoping to come to a stop without hitting anything. Then we turn left, parallel to the hill and I think we are going to turn down hill now and roll down and crash. But no, we come to a stop. I'm thinking pilot turned the plane like that so we can take off easier.

    We walk on the grassy hill to a restaurant. Look around and we decide to have lunch, then go back to the plane and continue. I know we are somewhere far, but have no idea where. I look for signs, anything that would say the name of the place. Someone says Puerto Rico. I'm happy.

    My best friend M from childhood decide to skip lunch and go look around. We are in Puerto Rico and we want to see the ocean. I look to the left, and from the top of the hill I see blue of the ocean. I say "aaaand there it is". We head down on a winding dirt path and end up by a bay. She wants to go in the hotel to look around. So we walk through the hotel, but I keep telling her that we are gonna get caught, because we are not guests there. She eats from a buffet and she wants to use the pool. But I urge her not to and we just walk around. It's a huge hotel, with pools, hallways, place outside that's in a shade, beach is rocky with clear ocean water.

    I keep telling her we should head back, so we don't miss the plane leaving. Suddenly there is a voice on a PA system about intruders. We gotta run. We are dodging security guys through doors. As we are leaving the complex, I see another bay. It's possible to walk-skip on large rocks mostly hidden under the water, only the tops are showing. So you can go like that deep into the ocean. My perspective changes and now I'm looking at the bay from the ocean, not from the beach. Someone is showing a map and explaining, how the ocean bottom suddenly drops into great depth just where the skipping rocks end.

    DREAMS last night

    Someone is showing me and my dad a new type of a telescope. It's small, but it should be really good. Looking at all the controls.

    On the shore of a lava pool. Lava is all white. People are watching how some people are dipping in the lava. Some kind of a ritual, or just display of machismo. Guy comes out, all covered in white lava, and as it cools, he kinda just rolls it off of him. There is a girl and they dip her back in a lake. I tell someone to stand back, because it can splash on us, and that's when I feel lava on me. It's really hot. I don't understand how those people don't die from it. They pull this girl out and she is in bad shape. I don't understand why are they doing this.

    Airplanes; 1600 Penn avenue; Old buildings

    by gab on 07-26-2018 at 03:37 AM
    last night I slept 8+ hrs and got 3 cool dreams. In the last one I felt getting some awareness and would have gotten lucid if they didn't call me from work.

    DREAM 1

    I'm visiting someone who lives on 1660 penn avenue. It's on a hill, in wooded area. I decide to go up the hill to look at the white house at 1600 penn. It's hidden by thick bushes and trees. I don't want to get much closer as not to become suspicious of doing something bad. So I decide to take a picture from where I'm standing towards the house I'm visiting and the near highway instead. To show how close they live.

    As I'm looking at the screen of my iPhone, I feel a loud sharp noise. I look and there is a tiny hole right by the power button, and about 5 secret service agents are fast walking towards me. I tell them I'm sorry, didn't mean to cause any harm, as I know they disabled my iPhone with a precision shot. They ask to look at the pictures on my phone to see if I took anything secret, but I didn't. I'm a bit scared.

    A bit later, this feels like a second DREAM 2. But the setting is the same. Except now I can see beautiful green mountains with peaks covered in snow. I know I'm in Colorado. I wish I took pictures of that. As I look closer, a smallish airplane is flying above the tops. It grows bigger and is now doing acrobatic loops around the mountain top. I go uuuuh and aaaah and I'm just delighted. Love airplanes and watching anything flying in my dreams.

    DREAM 3

    I'm walking towards the city square in my hometown. I decide to hang left, not wanting to go towards church. I'm suddenly in different city. I start to look for a place that's close to the street but kinda hidden from eyes of people walking by. Something discreet to have some hanky-panky. I find some structure of walls and I walk to the sidewalk to see if they would see us from there.

    Now I'm starting to become aware. I keep looking. There is a very old wall with steps leading up to it in few different places. Normally I avoid old places because they scare me. But not this time. I'm more curious and I realize it. Makes me happy that i'm not scared.

    There is a rope or something like that hanging from the wall and I grab it. That swings me out while I'm still standing on the wall. On my right, I can see a mesh roof broken on few places, over some large round room. Like a rotunda in a castle. I really don't want to fall in there, but I look inside with interest.