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      Just found out about the big news. Congratulations, couldn't think of a better person to hold the keys to the castle.

      Happy 2018, and as always, hoping to find you well
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      Hey gab(bie), and thanks
      If you remember the things, I'm sorry haha, it's different now, and I'm glad how thing currently are. Tho had to clean up some leftovers from here.

      How are you?
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      Yeah I've been off of lucid dreaming for quite a while. Going to get back into it. Nice to see you too.
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      Hey gab
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      I'm planning on staying, for sure! I've been having some lucid dreams without even doing anything, so I feel like it's a good time to come back I'll look for it now!
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      Aww, thank you! It's so good to be back! How are you?
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      Hey Gab
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      of course
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      Weird, short, long, confusing, great, unique: all those! I've been chasing it for the past months ^^

      How's life my dear Gab ?
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    Recent Entries

    Flying; Mexico

    by gab on Yesterday at 12:44 PM
    I'm in a city. Talking to someone about flying. I see a commercial airplane high in the sky, so I tell the person I will fly to that. As I get closer, I reallize it's flying too fast and it will fly above me before I get to it. But I see more con trails and I can fly to those if I miss this airplane.

    Trying to fly to the highest building. Not much luck going fast. But trying. Hopping from one building to another. Trying to trick my dream around me by standing up on the building and pretending it's the tip of the tallest building. The dream changes and I'm standing very high up, looking down the city is far below me in the deep.


    turist attraction 3 places, long, round, long, whales are migrating swimming through them, people watching, taking pictures. I pull out my camera. Whales come through a canal into a smallish round room, they rest there, we watch them, then they fall down through a waterfall into another canal thats much lower than the room. I'm taking pictures, amazed at the majestic beauty of the animals.

    Trying to drive to north east tip of Mexico, where Caribbean waters on the left meet Pacific waters on the north. (Yes, I had the geography wrong). Talking to some locals about the drive. Then my vision zooms in and I can't believe how turbulent the waters are up north. Incredibly huge waves are crashing against each other, colors of brownish and white. It's spectacular.

    Future; Earthquake

    by gab on 03-20-2018 at 11:31 PM
    This was few days ago.

    I remember being happy in this dream. Like YEAH, so cool, I'm in the future, something awesome is happening!
    So, I'm looking up at some flying objects. I have a feeling I'm a visitor. I wish to go up and I feel myself flying straight up through the air. I end up sitting in a small, bubble like flying vehicle. It's blue and gray with lots of windows. As the side of it closes after I get in, I'm excited. I say "let's go on a tour of the city" , because I want to see where have I ended up. I see another bubble in front of me with someone inside.

    DREAM 2
    I'm walking on the wet sandy part of the beach. I hear a voice announcing an earthquake happening in a short period of time. They say exactly when, but I don't remember it. It was just a few minutes, less than 5.

    I think with surprise and satisfaction, that earthquake prediction is finally a real thing. I start running alongside the water, looking for a right spot to start running to the left and climbing up higher on the hillside.

    Overcoming my fears

    by gab on 03-14-2018 at 04:58 AM
    I'm taking a nap on my day off. Wiggling my body, getting ready to get out when the time is right. Suddenly I'm lucid. Not for too long, or at least I don't remember much. I remembered though that I got lucid. Then much later, while someone on TV mentions looking in the mirror, I remember this:

    I'm walking by a mirror and I don't want to get near, because I don't like mirrors. Then I'm thinking that I will go and look in the mirror to see how I look, because I should overcome my fears.

    I look. As I'm coming closer, the images is getting sharper. I think it's me, but it doesn't look like my real life me. Plus, the image is distorted, as if someone took a brush and ran it horizontally on the image.

    Then I'm climbing into the mirror, but there is resistance. I try to "fall" into it to get through.

    I LOVE my subC, how it always knows how to make me a badass. THANK YOU!!!
    lucid , memorable

    Look what I can do!

    by gab on 03-08-2018 at 05:11 AM
    Haha, so I'm watching tv after I came home from work, when I recalled this thing I did last night. And I immediately also remembered, that this is not a first time I did it. Seems like I do this from time to time, not too often, but probably lot more than I remember.

    So. As I'm standing, I start to lean backwards, without bending my knees. Like a piece of wood. I keep getting lover and lover. I don't have to strain any muscles or work on it. It feels like the air is somehow thicker and holding me up, gently lowering me down as I wish to go down. I can almost feel some force like anti-gravity not letting me crash. I get almost to the floor, when couple inches above floor I stop. Then I move myself back up, then down again. I feel like I have an audience and nobody else can do what I can. As if I had some special powers. It feels great.

    Now I remembered, that earlier that day (yesterday), I was trying to WILD, and as usually, I imagine body movements. Swaying from side to side, and from feet to the head, and rolling to the side of the bed. Maybe this is what triggered this thing, because I don't want to call it a dream. It was more like some HH.

    Lucid Mjolnir; Tall tree

    by gab on 03-02-2018 at 05:27 AM
    So I was watching Thor - The dark worlds last night. I thought I could try and fly with Mjolnir in the next lucid, if I have trouble flying. I also sen an intent to visit Asgard.

    I got lucid last night. First I saw this land covered with very shallow water. Like a huge lake. It looked very monotonous, but I said out loud "how beautiful' and the skies on one side started to turn a bit pink and orange, rest of the land was in silvers and grays. A bit scary looking, but me saying "how beautiful" I tried to make it something else.

    Then I remembered how I wanted to fly with help of Mjolnir. I looked around but didn't see it. So I picked up a large rock and moved it fast in front of me, hoping it's momentum will make me follow it into the air. But I couldn't lift off at all.

    I'm no longer lucid here. Looking out from my mom's kitchen balcony window. There is a tree, looks like an eucalyptus. As I look more and more up, I say wow, this tree is so huge, and the tree is getting taller and taller. It reaches up to the clouds. I call my mom to look at it but she can't be bothered. I think that if the tree break, it will fall right on our house. At that moment a huge limb, which like rest of the tree has a very smooth, light gray bark, starts falling down. I call my mom to look. It's still falling, now I see it from the opposite window, in the living room. I yell "its still falling, come and look".