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    Watching a Star Wars movie before work (false awakening)

    by GabiAlex on 10-07-2017 at 04:35 PM
    This morning i woke up much earlier before the work and I wasn't able to fall back asleep. I saw the clock and realized that I have enough time to watch the newest Start Wars movie that just got launched online.

    The movie start with Anakin Skywalker in a mission to track down and destroy two very advanced assassin droids on a desert planet. Instead of his usual robes Anaking is wearing a special armor meant to protect him from the deadly weapons that droids have. His body is entirely covered by the dark brown armor. The mask he has is very similar with that of Darth Vader, but looking less threatening.

    in his search, Anakin is ambushed by the droids he was looking for that were hiding under the sand waiting for him. Anaking is knocked down and one droids starts to use its incorporated flamethrower to burn the Jedi lying on the ground. The armor leave Anaking untouched by the immense heat. In the next moment Anaking jumps back on his feet and cut in two the droid. A fight starts with the remaining droid.

    The alarm ring and a new day in the waking world is starting. (boohoo!)
    false awakening

    Godzilla (first true lucid dream)

    by GabiAlex on 05-23-2014 at 12:12 PM
    In this dream I am with a girl that I had a crush on her on my childhood and few other guys with same age as ours that I never meet in my life. For a reason that I can't remember we are chasing by Godzilla. We run with a train and my crush ask if we lose the monster. I am looking on window and I see Godzilla approaching the train. We stop in a strange small town with train rails on main street and run away from the train. We try to hide in a block of flats transformed into a mall (I think that I had other dreams about this strange place). But the reptile can walk on stairs in despite of his size. Me and an annoying girl from our group are cached by the monster in front of a window at third floor and that girl is ate. I jump on window before Godzilla caches me and I drop down without getting any damage. Down there I meet again with my crush and I decide to run away at the middle of the town were is a swamp with dense tall rush in front of a forest. We decide to lose the monster into the forest, but the environment is changing. Now I am in court of my primary school with the monster who shape shift into a big humanoid mob from a MMORPG that is holding a big metal ball on a chain 100 meters in front of me. From now I become lucid and I realized that I am dreaming. I didn't wake up few seconds later after I become lucid like last time years ago when I become aware that I am dreaming. Instead, I realized that I can do crazy things because I'm not in real world and start to levitate 20-30 up in air, I use telekinesis to catch the monster and I raise it hundreds of meters up in air and then I crash it with all my dark side hate into the ground killing it. From this moment I feel like a god and free of most of my problems. I go levitating to my crush that was hiding in school building, I took her on my arms and I tell her that we are safe now and we are in a dream and can do anything we want, but she was to afraid and refuse to believe it.

    By the way, I got a crush on that girl when I was young because I had a dream with her. Until that dream I wasn't interested on her.
    lucid , memorable

    The forest

    by GabiAlex on 04-16-2014 at 12:26 PM
    I am trying to fall asleep, but I can't cuz I have an insomnia again. Insomnia is my curse from nine years old and I don't know the reason of it yet. It is around 6 AM and I finaly fall asleep. I get wake up by my mother and is 8 AM. I have't dreamed yet because I slept less than two hours. Is 9:40 AM and I am waking up again because the noises of a dog.

    I am trying to fall asleep again because I feel tired, but I can't and I try again and again and again.... and I start to walk on a path into a cartoonish living forest where are growing the plants from Plants vs Zombies. Few trees are looking friendly, but most of them are looking like Jack O' Lantern evil and angry faces. I start doing noises with my mouse midle well. The trees are becoming annoyed by me, but I still doing the noise. One angry tree is stoping me and ask to stop doing noise, or he will call Tudor if I will not. But I am continuing playing with my mouse and keeping annoying the trees. I arive at the edge of the forest. I get encountered by six siamese trees without braches, but that can walk in two legs. They are asking me to stop disturbing them and I am wake up now.