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      Happy happy birthday to u
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      no. I don't have time for video games anymore. I'd rather be outside of my house.
    3. cheeseburger
    4. Ya i just uploaded three things from my dream journal onto my dream journal for one dream i even drew maps so people and I can better understand it
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      It's possible. I know that when I wake up, I remember the most recent dreams first. It always takes me a minute to get to the older stuff. I always backtrack through my dreams as I write, it seems. I'll write this many sentences for this one dream, and then I'll remember an earlier one and place its content before the other. But it's good that you can see the dreams becoming more vivid! I know that's certainly something I've noticed since I started. I used to remember zero dreams, every day. It's just taking the time to think back when one wakes up, ya know?
    6. A thing about me is I've always loved dreams. When I was younger I would have this repetitive dream where I would wake up get out of my bed and my room and everything looked and felt so real(This wasn't lucid) I would go to the railings of my stairs and jump down(not down the actual stairs but where there is a direct fall to the first floor) it scared my and I got an adrenaline rush and when I almost hit the ground I slowed down and slowly landed. Then I got up and went back to bed then later woke up. This dream happened to me a lot I found it kinda fun but scary at the same time.
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    I was looking up lucid dreaming and dream journals on youtube and on one video someone commented about this site.


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    Fourth lucid was soo long

    by GabrielG on 08-12-2010 at 09:12 PM
    Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 9:33 AM

    Fourth lucid

    This one was sooo long!!! I actually forgot a lot of it. So I was at
    school but it wasn't actually my school so I did a random RC and I
    became lucid so I decided to try having sex with someone at my school
    so I went up to her knowing it's just a dream and nothing can really
    happen I asked her to she said no so I made her want to(dont you judge me >) by thinking it we went
    like downstairs in this place with two bedrooms and one of them had
    bad guys I think they came to fight us but I fought back and try went
    back in their room so me and the girl went in ours. After that it's a
    little blurry I remember trying to fly I flew up kinda high but fell
    back down and then I remember I was in a room and I decided to try and
    summon my dream guide and I did it but before he came I sort of saw
    what he would look like but he wasn't the thing I saw in the other
    lucids it was a red snake type thing with it's head up high and two
    pinchers it then said it has a message from my dream guide then it
    turned into a lobster and told me I had to go fight off bad guys. I
    wanted to go do more fun stuff but I decided to go try fighting them.
    So I got there and a base is under attack so I get in a ship and start
    shooting them then I get out go a bit far away from them and I
    basically wake up but I come back and I am in my bed upset that I
    didn't get to do much and I see me dad at the doorway leaving for work
    I say bye then get up and for the hell of it do a rc and I was still
    dreaming! So from here it's blank I remember It was getting blurry so
    I heard you can look and acknowledge the details of things to attain
    vividness so I did that and it worked and it was very vivid. I also
    remember at one point I was near this huge lake where some fishing
    contest or some sort of contest was going on things started getting
    blurrier so I looked at this soda bottle or flower or something and
    did the same thing as before and it worked I decide I am going to put
    my flying skills to the test I am at the corner of the street beside
    the lake I start running really fast and jumped over a sort of cliff
    that led down to the lake and I was gliding down with my arms spread
    out it was an amazing feeling it was beautiful the lake the trees the
    mountain in the background I was so happy. Then I fell by the shore
    with people looking at me. Then I can remember myself in an empty
    desert just completely empty and I tried levitating myself I got a bit
    off the ground so I decided doing the same thing as before I got a
    running start but this time I wasn't jumping off anything so I started
    running and decided to make myself have super speed so I was running
    even faster and jumped I spread out my arms or wings and started
    flapping them and I could feel my arms become wings. And as I was
    flapping them I got a bit off the ground I was rising and got kinda
    far but fell. Then I can remember myself in a city I was walking down
    the street and it became night but this time I didn't mind because of
    the lights of the city so I kept walking and decided to try sex again
    I went inside a diner and found this good looking girl I asked her
    because of no fear of embarrassment and she said no but this time I
    didn't make her I saw my brother outside and he told me he loved her
    and stuff and then she came outside beside the both of us and I made
    her want to come with me without a fear of my dream brothers feelings
    so we walked to her apartment talking on the way when we got there we
    walked up and she warned me saying she is a keyboard freak. Thinking
    she meant she liked computer games I thought that was nice that we
    have that in common. So I walked in and I asked her what games she
    plays she said none I got a little confused and kept walking we walked
    past her bathroom which had a hello kitty stuffed head. So we kept
    walking and I saw a bunch of keyboards coming out of her closet in
    different languages then I understood so I sat on her bed and she did
    too I put my arm around her but I didn't do it yet we were sort of
    talking and she kissed me a few times I was going to make out with her
    but decide to wait a little longer then one of her roommates came in
    walked by the bedroom into her room and put her purse and stuff on
    her bed then walked back to us(note the girl I was with was about 20
    years old looking and so are her rommates) and she started saying ooo
    and asking questions and stuff but I don't remember then 2 other
    roommates come in and I can see one doing the same as the first and
    then the 3rd comes and it's my cousin! But didn't look like any of my
    cousins I just knew it and I made a shocked face and so did she we
    just did this for a while. Then it's blank so then I wa in a different
    one of her rooms and found a laptop on the ground and Starcraft was on
    so I played a bit then he came in but I suddenly woke up sort of I
    could feel myself in my bed and I coul barely see my room I started
    rubbing my knees and imagining spinning around I was trying so hard I
    kept switching between the dream world and real life it wasso dramatic
    in the dream I was screaming like I was dieing saying nooooooo!!!!
    Then after a while of trying I was sort of in control and I was in the
    ruins of the apartment it wa torn down I looked around scared for the
    girl then it started again then I gave up thinking I had my fun I'll
    come back another time so I got up smiling because this was just
    awesome. There was actually sooooo much more to this it felt like it
    was hours and hours long. I remember little fragments by don't know
    where to put them one time in the desert there was a wedding and
    people I hate were there so I decided peeing on them because I felt so
    free an didn't care about a single thing and I was laughing. Another
    fragment my family and friends were locked in a sort of grocery store
    and another I was being held prisoner. This was all lucid. One of the
    best experiences of my life I am so happy because I had such a long
    lucid and this is only my fourth one!!!!! I've only been practicing
    this for less then a month. Sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes i did this on a small ipod keyboard right after i woke up

    The dream world, a world where we are truy free.

    First lucid dream after 8 days! and another non lucid dream int he same night! :D

    by GabrielG on 07-29-2010 at 03:34 PM
    First lucid dream. My first lucid dream was pretty long it started non
    lucid. So I was at my old school and it was night and we were about
    leave to go home. Then my brother saw a guy walking down a trail
    beside our school and told us that guy is trouble. But then I was hope
    and I looked out my window and I could see the judges for Americas got
    talent in my front yard and Sharon was standing on a floating car and
    I though, I have to be dreaming so I plugged my nose and I could
    breathe! I screamed at the top of my lungs "I'm dreaming!!" but I
    didn't wake up from the excitement. But after that part is kinda
    blurry then I was outside and it was still night. I tried to fly. I
    lifted a bit off the ground then fell back down then I lifted again
    and I went higher but I fell again then I was walking on this trail and
    decided to try and make it day so I closed my eyes and. Thought when I
    open my eyes it will be day time and I opened them and there was a
    sunrise I thought that was good enough then kept walking and there
    were bad guys coming at me(I guess I wasn't fully in control) so I
    remembered that yesterday I thought about having a lightsaber in a
    lucid dream so I tried yo make one appear in my hand but I was
    basically just imagining it and it wasn't there and then I finally got
    it and I started fighting the bad guys off but this part is kinda
    blurry too then when I was fighting them I saw a group of people
    looking at me then I finished fighting the bad guys and continued
    walking. Then I thought is it too soon to summon my dream guide? I
    guess I'll try so I close my eyes and say summon dream guide! Or
    something like that and when I open my eyes I see a bald Black man
    with a bluetooth headset then I remembered I saw him in the group of
    people and I asked him, "Are you my dream guide?" he calmly says, "I
    am" I was excited at that point and I think I lost lucidity then there
    was something about fighting people in a big glass building.

    And the second dream of the night(non lucid):The back of my old school
    (I'm thinking my old school is a dream sign I see it in a lot of
    dreams) was all pools and sort of a water park and I was talking to
    some of my brother's friends that are girls. And then there is the big
    weird drivable machine thing. So I get in and my friend's girlfriend
    (which is also my best friend) was watching as I laughed driving it
    then someone that worked there said something to me and pushed me down
    this big hole while I was on the machine and I was falling and it was
    like a ride and there were colourful coushions as I went down the ride
    then when it ended the machine was gone then I was back by the pool
    then I remember doing another RC and YErp I was dreaming but I didn't
    become lucid then I remember arguing with a guy at a corn dog stand
    while people wait in line and then that's it
    lucid , memorable

    Some Dreams: My friend, Team fortress two, Spies

    by GabrielG on 07-22-2010 at 03:30 PM
    Alright this is what i have in my real dream journal so far.

    Dream journal! Biggest goals:
    Shoop da whoop [] fly [] Have sex with dream girl[]

    Dream 1:

    My best friend was hanging out with more "popular" people and being mean
    to me and not wanting to be my friend. They were just walking I don't
    know the surrounding I sort of remember them being in a hall at my
    school but also just white blankness around them and me. After my friend
    told me to go away I turned around and could see myself then the dream
    was over.

    Dream 2:

    I was playing team fortress 2 but I could only see the screen.
    I don't remember any detail but at the end I remember something about
    a racecar.

    Dream 3:

    Me and my brother were my old school and there was snow everywhere we
    were hiding in a big snow ditch to spy on these guys we were spies and
    they leave. Then the kids went out to play and the snow was gone there
    was just little patches of snow. Me and my brother went to hide behind
    big green hills with the best looking greenest grass I've ever seen, we put
    on green shirts because for some reason they acted like there was a green screen behind us and it would campuflage us. Then, me and my brother both went in the kids' yard and lied
    down like pretending to be dead then kids go up to my brother and me
    then an old friend of mine's sister came and tried to help me up. I kept saying no!
    Then one of the bad guys we were spying in started walking toward us. My old friend's sister started crying because my brother had her keychain, he
    passed it back to her. We were then in a completely different part of
    the school yard where the kindergarteners play. But the place was
    deserted. I think we were fighting the guy then he stuck something
    down the back of my shirt and said "Be kind rewind!" then I couldn't
    see him anymore but I think he was still there. The thing that he put
    in my shirt was a time bomb I just knew that somehow. As I was trying to get
    it out, reaching for my back, It really tickled my back.
    Then I woke up, happy that I had a longer more vivid and memorable
    dream. I also made some maps of this schoolyard so you can better understand(they were made on ms paint so dont expect them to be that great). I used an imageshack link for them look at them in the order i put them. Thanks

    non-lucid , memorable