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    Hello world :),
    I'm currently quite busy and sort of doing two things at once. My B6 testing and lucid awareness project 2013, but I'm always up for a challenge. I'm starting to re-discover lucid dreaming again and it's truly amazing.
    - GangsterPanda
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    Cambridge, UK
    Lucid dreaming and hockey
    School, so close to six form
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    Finally some dreams! (GangsterPanda's DJ)

    by GangsterPanda on 01-26-2013 at 09:15 AM
    Supplements: 100mg of B6

    Asian restaurant?
    In this dream I was in some country in Asia, it all takes place in one room, but I do leave that room briefly. So the room is very nicely decorated in Asian decor, stuff like Chinese dragons, Gold and dark wood. Along the outside of the room there was loads of little cabinets, capable of holding two glasses with a glass panel on the front. A lot of people from my school were there the most rememberable faces were CT, BC, KR, and another kid from the year below me. In the centre of the room there was a table which had about 12 chairs going around it. All of the chairs had individual titles on the back. I remember just walking around the room, I didn't do much the main guy I was talking to was BC and we mainly made up jokes. A distinct part I remember is when CT and KR came up to me walking down the room, and said hey. I told them to go away, actually a bit worst than that which I would never do in real life. The finally bit of the dream that I recall is when the door opened and from across the corridor another room bursts open full of kids from the year below me. They all run into the room I am in, the noise level changes quite drastically. A group of them come over to a table I am sitting on. And all of them rudely tell me to get off. The leader of the group pushed my stuff out of the way, so he could sit down. I look at him in disgrace and decide to teach him a lesson I push my stuff back on to his side, which use to be mine. And he doesn't agree and decides to try to pull my arm down. In the end I beat him at everything he throws at me, so he decides to stand up. And then CM walks down the corridor, looking sad. This guy jumps up from his slacking position and runs to him. The boy is petrified and runs back into the different room. I decide to stop this guy, who I can only imagine is a bully and I ran to save CM. He shouts "what the hell!" And in the end he's running away from me. DC's don't try to take down the master

    Far cry island
    The next dream was set on a tropical island, very similar to the one on far cry 3. The roads are made of dirt, everyone seems to have a AK47 just out in the public and the buildings were made of junk metal. I walked into a bar, which was probably the nicest building there. I walk up the stairs to the top bit, and there's this huge window looking out on to a lake which was covered in palm trees other than the side the bar is facing. I sit down with these 3 guys in military gear, and there's this girl wearing like a leather suit, but with guns and everything. They tell me they are glad I got here, and we travel to this helicopter station, I don't know how I got there. Now I'm all dressed up in Military gear and all of us jump on to the helicopter. The views were absolutely amazing and I was sitting on the ledge of the helicopter, with out anything to hold me in. But that lead to getting the best views. There was really vibrant greens, mountains, waterfalls, crystal clear water,beaches and exotic birds. From there I can only remember getting given a gun, which looked like a M16 and getting out the helicopter.

    Stuck in my house... (Lucid) (21/01/13)

    by GangsterPanda on 01-21-2013 at 11:36 AM

    Stuck in my house, (lucid dream)
    I was in the dinning room I was starting to become suspicious of the fact that it could be a dream. I remembered to reality check and bam I was lucid. I ran down the I of my house attempting to jump straight through the door. It's important to note that it was fairly Dark and I could not see very well. I tried again pretending to be a liquid passing through a door and that still did not work. I then finally ran into my living room and tried to jump through the window. And all of these attempts failed unfortunately. I became frustrated with the fact I was unable to leave my house plus the lighting conditions only made the matter worst. Eventually I work up. The best part about this dream is that it felt like I was actually there and not just unconsciously having a lucid dream. I've only just started my routine and I'm doing good

    Notes to self
    - Stay calm in a lucid dream,
    - If you can't do anything extraordinary, then don't let that get you down (just open the door)

    The Night Of 12/22/12 (GangsterPanda DJ)

    by GangsterPanda on 12-22-2012 at 05:19 AM
    Police Chase
    The reason why I love dreams like this is because it re-defines what you label as a dream and how you could of got lucid on so many occasions but it feels like you are just observing a sceen. Anyway so the guy off West Coast Customs came to my house and well, I don't remember his name because it's a old show and I don't watch it much. Anyway for some reason in this dream he was hear to evaluate some film equipment, stuff like jackets that were used on set and stuff. The funny thing his that there was another guy in my house, I wasn't even the owner of this stuff but he was still getting it evaluated in my house!
    So he asked this guy how he got his hands on Pinewood Kit. And he simply replied with "I stole them" and well he looked very nervous (the reviewer) and said "you can't do that the police will be on you in a second, we have to leave now" and for some reason I was all wound up in this so I had to go as well. I remember hearing police sirens in my head and they got louder as I reached the window but when I looked there was nothing there. Also it's a good time to note that it was night time. The West Coast Customs got in to his Lamborghini Gallardo and shot off. Soon after so did I and the other guy, but I don't know what happened to him because from this point on I didn't see him. And then my whole perspective changed and I was driving a car which I was viewing from a aerial point of view. And it was sort of cartoon but I wouldn't say that it was fully like that. There was police blocks and all that stuff has if a murder had just happened or something like that. And I drove around and they barely even noticed me, but I continued to hear sirens in my dream head. Then I woke up at 4:00am and I really don't feel like going back to sleep

    F***ing Nightmare (12/15/12) (GangsterPanda DJ)

    by GangsterPanda on 12-15-2012 at 07:56 AM
    Well I had two nightmares last night, they weren't really that scary if it was real life I probably would of laughed. When I was younger my brain use to f*** with me and I got what was either a shit ton of FA's or walking up hallucinations. So yeah I had woken up and I could see in my window a dead woman who was alive, if that makes sense. But I remembered about what happened when I was a kid and I got quite scared because I did not want it to happen again because it put a lot of strain on my younger life and I didn't want to tell anyone. Thankfully I sort of knew it was a dream but I did'nt get lucid. I then woke up again to find a evil Shrek at my window, yeah I know strange but this time I actually opened the window and tried to grab him. It's important to note that he had a real evil laugh on and never looked at me until the end. So yeah that was it I never thought I would have a false awakening because it just sounded so un likely, but now I will reality check every time I wake up. I really hope that these hallucinations/FA don't come back for good because I enjoyed the 6 odd years when they weren't in my life.

    Lucid! Oh yes! (12/13/12) (GangsterPanda's DJ)

    by GangsterPanda on 12-13-2012 at 06:51 AM
    As many of you know I rebooted my lucid dreaming when I came to this forum, basically started up again and well it didn't take that long to get a lucid, an added bonus is it was the best lucid dream yet!

    Non Lucid
    Lucid dream #1
    so I was telling my mum about how my step Dad had committed fraud but then I told her it was still a Dream I was now lucid so I ran to my front door. I tried to just jump straight through it twice but it didn't work I had to put some thought process into it. It was really cold outside and I was in my sleeping gear so that didn't help, but I thought I would change the climate type to African and well it worked the grass looked all dead and yellow. The vividness was amazing and goes by all of my expectations for how really a dream is. I remember shouting words phases at the sky and they were working, it got more and more vivid and realistic. I then ran down the road going around the back of my house I remember seeing my parents there and telling them it was a lucid dream, they smiled but I can't remember exactly what she said. My mum was holding a antenna as well which is a very small detail but I thought I would add it. So continuing running down the road a colossal rhino stood between me and the exit, It kept trying to attack me but I could just push it back, it was great. So once I got passed the rhino I looked up and say the sky had turn purple with some bright light whites in the sky as well. Minecraft style trees now came into vision and I found it really hard to move at first but I got the hang of it and to my surprise G and my brother were standing there. I told them this was a dream and they believed me. But they still thought they were separate entity's not a dream character. So I asked them were we were and G said "well minecraft of course!" But I said "I don't recognise this biome is it new" and then my brother said "it was taken out in the 1.8 update" which I personally did not have a clue about so it's cool how a dream character can remind about stuff so small and you forget straight away. So I ten teleported back on to the road and I told G and my brother about how this was a dream and how you can tell, like looking at text and stuff, they seemed pretty interested in it and listened very well. I then got in to a big grey van and started talking to everyone but K from the bus was there as well for some reason. She was starting to annoy me so I say "can't you go fuck a boy around the back of the bus" and she said "yeah maybe you " and then she walked out I told my friends there was something that I really wanted to do, so I left the van and thought in my mind that I could run super fast. Unfortunately I only got to the river side walk but I was originally planning to try sex in a lucid dream, with a girl I know but never was able to. But as I slowly woke up I heard a voice in my head "god when will you ever get a chance?" This sounded like a possible dream guide so I might go looking for him in my next lucid dream
    So yeah looks like I have finally broke the lucid dry spell and I'm so excited that I did I loved this dream and wished I knew how to MILD properly so I can get back into it.
    Thanks Dreamviews your the best!