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    Life in an apartment

    by GenFalcon on 08-18-2016 at 08:16 PM
    Iím in an apartment complex resembling a retirement home. There was other businessís within the building though like a real estate agency and other various offices. I couldnít seem to find my grandparents apartment. Eventually I found my wife and she showed me the way to get to their apartment. At some point I left and a family friend Jenny showed me the way to the apartment. After sitting in the apartment for a while I had to move our two vehicles and park them in the garage. I parked the white focus but do not recall where as I was then next to the Orange escape and began to park that. I drove down a road bobbing in and out of my lane as it was blocked by parked cars. I drove the SUV into the complex and was driving down the hallways and found my way to some double doors and at this point I was no longer driving but looking for a spot I could pull the car through and get it back outside.

    I saw some videos in an apartment with my aunt and didnít recognize the footage as it was me when I was younger in Meijer store. I was with a chef and we were cutting up watermelons. The dream shifted and I was in the store and there was a bunch of kids checking out buying the watermelon. One said Excellent, another was Instant Cash, another said well done. I began shopping with an older individual who seemed familiar but I do not know who they were. They began looking for furniture and sweater vests. The furniture was wrapped up like a tent at a store.

    Iím on a couch inside a random apartment again. Iím sitting on the couch cuddling with 2 individuals like they are trying to sleep on my shoulders as I nuzzled my head up against one of them and just enjoyed the moment. One I seemed to recognize as a girl named Jess the other I am unaware of who it was but they appear to be male.

    I am at a county fair with a rollercoaster that spins around in a circle blasting music. The people running the ride seemed to not realize how long they had the ride going and just stopped the ride. A lot of kids got out and sat on the ground and looked like they were about to puke. I kept moving and the scene shifted and I was not at a soccer game. I am walking near the stands and notice some people I know. I noticed a German exchange student Anna was there. I accidently bumped into a kid and almost broke his sunglasses.

    Iím now playing a game but I am in the game. It resembles a driving game that we made our own carts and had to drive around. Another individual and I made Dildo looking carts that were standing straight up. It was a horrible idea as when we hit some ramps the cart would bend and wobble throwing the balance all off. One individual almost made it to the end but got stuck and couldnít finish the game.

    Iím inside an apartment or house and a party appeared to have just ended. I was going around trying to pick up various toys that were mine and on the ground. I picked them up and put them into a box. I was upset at myself for leaving them out for people to use because somebody could have easily broken them.

    Iím at a farm and I save a baby deer and put it into a pen. Then I found a donkey and we put it in a pen. We came across another donkey slightly smaller than the last. Put it in the same pen but they didnít get along and started kicking each other. So we moved the smaller one to a barn that had windows but nothing in the window. There was also a random cow in the barn and the two seemed to get along fine.

    I am looking up at the night sky and I see 5 moons. 1 is the real moon and its a lot bigger than the others the small ones were about 1/4th the size. The 4 small moons blow up and look like a firework as jets of red streaks fill the sky as they go flying by like they were an asteroid exploding in the atmosphere and burning up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    First entry in a while

    by GenFalcon on 02-27-2015 at 06:14 PM
    After not doing dream recall and kind of slacking on the LD attempts Im trying to work my way back into doing this. last night I had several big dreams that linked but i could only remember fragments when i woke up.

    Im in a theater that is filled with people, I am up on stage playing with a partner agaisnt two other people. I notice how hot and sweaty I am so i decide to undo my button up shirt and sweatshirt i had on. After some time I left and hung out at a house. While i was there i went upstairs into my cousions bedroom and found that he had stuff stashed in his flooring. i peeled back the floor and looked at what he had stashed. There was some fake blood and some other small items that i didnt really know what they were. Nothing of interest though so i put the carpet back down on the floor and covered it up. I got up and went downstairs and we all got into a van and headed out. We arrived at the location and I realized i was the only person who didnt take a shower and I am kind of stinky because of it. I try and hide the fact by taking one of the peoples hats that had the bears symbol on it.

    Im in a garage cleaning and moving some stuff around in it. Part of the wood/boards i was movign broke and i dropped a board and it hit a dog that was on the ground below me. I brought the dog inside to get it washed up and clean the wound. When i got inside the house there was this cat that really wanted me to hold / pet it. It jumped into my arms and i began to pet it as i got closer to where the dog was going to be washed i put the cat down but it was not very happy and tried to claw at me to pick it back up. I went into the bathroom where a DC was washing the dog. The entire room was the shower but there was some chairs in the room that were getting wet. So i told a DC outside the door to help me get these chairs out of the room. The dog got cleaned up and it had a minor scratch on it nothing serious.

    Im at a ski resort place and I'm sking down the hill with my wife. Next to me at one point i see a person that i recongnize from RL in my past. I meet back up with him at the bottom and he gives me a hug but then i realize its not him because this person is black and my friend is white. I think to myself this is odd and if i really know him. I find out him and several others are from the same school i went to growing up but they are many grades lower than what i was some of them are still in highschool and it was part of the football team. they push past me eventually and start to leave. I get seperated from the group i was with and start to look for them. I see this show going on in the parking lot as a bunch of cheerleaders started dancing and putting on this weird performance. I spot the people i was with and watch them. They start getting super loud and get yelled out to keep it down as they perform.

    Im in a bed with my wife but her friend is chilling in bed with us as well im trying to cuddle with my wife but she is upset for somereason. i get out of bed and put the covers on her and her friend so they cna have girl time.

    Im in a room with another man and this girl. We are interogating this girl and she is freaking out at how loud the room is. (its very quite) we put some headphones on her to help cut what ever sound she was hearing but it gets worse. We try to explain to her that its just the preasureizer in the room and that if it doesnt go off we are in trouble because its keeping the preassure down in the room.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Climbing in trees and men on fire.

    by GenFalcon on 11-25-2014 at 03:51 PM
    SO I remember it starting I was in the water like lake Michigan. It was a really long sandbar and I was swimming/walking in the water. I look around on the ground looking for fish and I see these objects near the bottom I go under water for a moment and I see a shark just resting on the bottom of the lake like 10 ft from me. Iím like oh thatís odd sharks are this close to the beach? So I start going back to shore I see a few more but they are all just chilling. I get out of the water and like am jumping onto trees trying to use vines and branches to swing myself higher going from tree to tree.
    I did this for a while and then asked this other guy/bet him he couldnít get on top of this certain tree. SO he takes the challenge and is like let me parkour first to get into the rhythm I was like oh okay thatís fine. SO he runs and jumps over this metal thing but there was a cop there and didnít like that so the cop comes after him the dude turns around and throws some gas on them and then uses this like torch thing and sets the cop on fire and starts running. Another cop comes and almost gets burnt to (first guy didnít get burned his feet did but he stepped into a puddle). Third cop comes up and gets torched and we can smell the burning flesh it was horrible. The guy is like now imploding and we can hear this super loud noise ringing around. Everything is like in slow motion at this point as Iím like slow jumping through the air trying to get out of the range of this blast.

    I come back to and I am in a mall that looked familiar from an earlier dream I walk past this lady and their mom and say what is so and so doing here I havenít seen them in foreverÖ.Hmmm I think Iím dreamingÖ Hmm I think Iím dreamingÖ(pinch nose and breath in) Yup Iím dreaming. I walk through a door and itís like an giant open green house like Fredrick Meijer gardens. This Asian lady walks up to me and smiles I she asks do you know me? I say yes, yes I do you are part of me. She smiles and starts walking away. I walk up to table that I see two guys sitting at. I begin to try to talk to them but one of the guy speaks broken English and is speaking in an Asian dialect. He is talking to this other man who is translating for him.
    I look at the man and ask him if he can help me learn a different language because I really want to learn Japanese/Korean/ mandarin. (I now am not fully lucid as I started slipping into the dream) I sit at a table with several other people that I know from school when I was younger. One of the people I still see often was not himself. He was younger looking, It was as if he was back in 5th grade, but I know it was him because somebody else even said his name and he responded. I chuckled in my head at how silly this was that I was seeing him at such a young age. There is a guy next to me that has a mustache and looks kind of like jack black. As person is talking to somebody else I go NACHOOOOOOOOÖ And the person stops talking and looks and says dang it now Iím going to think of nacho libre every time I see that guy.

    I wake up and think wow that was cool I had a Lucid dream first on in a while. I sit up and grab my dream journal and began to write down the dreams. I lay back down and sit there just thinking. I feel my awareness come back to me and I open my eyes and then close them again I sit there thinking about my dreams and I realize that last blip I just had didnít happen I never woke up and I never wrote anything in my journalÖ..Sadly now my phone is going off and I have to leave for work.

    Dream fragments
    I am in a camper with several people and we are talking about leaving or going some place.

    Im in a kitchen with my mom and grandma and I am eating some chicken noodle soup. The soup is super salt for some reason and while im eating it I notice there is huge chunks of butter in the soup that stil have the wraper on them. ( around 2 sticks of butter after i pulled them out)

    Dreams of the night

    by GenFalcon on 11-14-2014 at 05:02 PM
    I was at my parents house at first and it was broad daylight my dad was helping me with this weeding device and wanted help doing his lawn. Some time went by and i realized he still needed help weeding. I began using the machine that was kind of like a snowplowing machine/ rotatil machine (to use to plow your garden) I had to hold it at a certian level to cut the grass just right to the smallest level. I began going and one of the blades broke so i had to replace it. Some time went by and now it was black outside, I began to cut the grass and found this blade was acting up and i was going to close to the ground and was starting to remove the grass and just have dirt underneath. I kept going and used my flashlight on my cellphone to see where i was going. After some time the blade also broke and i began to head in. it was about 5 am now in the dream as my parents were up and leaving for work. My dad saw me outside and said thanks for doing the lawn.

    Dream shift.

    I was inside a church kind of setting. I was getting married / engaged to my parents friends daughter. We got put together by both parents and were sitting down at a table together. We were making origami swans and coloring them while talking about different things with the family. I was being polite and asking different things that she might like and started talking about what color she would like for the swan. The options were different color of blues. Dark blue, royal blue, light blue and a few other lighter shades of blue. She picked a light shade of blue and said because it matched my shirt that I looked so nice in. I smiled and thanked her for the kind compliment. We talked about how to be a good couple and to do things for one another to make things better for both of us. I began sharpening a pencil and whne i pulled it out of the sharpener the end of it was bubbled and when i pinched it lead fell out onto the table in a chunk.

    Dream shift.

    Im in a sporting place like a YMCA. I am in a swimming pool with a bunch of people and this one man/ thing is afraid to jump into the water saying he cant unless there is less people in the pool. After checking our swimming suits were still decent me and others got out of the pool and went upstairs. There I was with several family members. My brother was showing this old video of him for some reason when he was a baby and my mom was trying to feed him pickles. Inside the cup that had the pickles water spilt out though onto the carpet so you could see his arm reach infront of the camera to clean the water up. I see the pickles being fed to the baby as it makes weird faces from the sours. During this time I was given this big container of dog treats that i was eating. After almost eating the remainder of the treats a higher up person at my work asked if he could have some so i gladly gave him the container of dog treats.

    Random dream fragments

    by GenFalcon on 11-05-2014 at 03:49 PM
    I am in a school setting, I am in a class and the bell is ringing to get out but then i realize im suppose to be in this classroom for seminar which is next. I hang out in the classroom and then ask the teacher if im suppose to go to lunch now or if he has a late lunch which would be after this class.

    I am in a car with one other person but neither of us are driving yet we are moving. I dont seem to have any clothing on and this girl is interested in my junk. She begins to beat me off and gets all excited the harder/bigger i get. She tells me she is so excited and wants her wife to come see.

    Im in a house and for some reason im still naked....but i have some of my clothing tucked under my arm this time. There is several girls watching me checking out my goods while i try and go into the corner and quickly put on some shorts and a shirt.