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      I noticed you are a very experienced LDer in the comp Are you interested in this thread? "http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-challenges/162656-explorers-come-here.html"
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      Great run of lucid dreams !
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      Dang, reading your entries ( mostly DHL related ) I can tell that you're really good at LDing. For how long have you been lucid dreaming?
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    29-Jan-2017 - ND: Chess pencil + WILD: Detective in 60's Chicago

    by GenghisKhan on 01-29-2017 at 11:32 AM
    29-Jan-2017 - ND: Chess pencil + WILD: Detective in 60's Chicago

    I cannot win an on-line chess match because the "pencil" I use to move pieces on-screen breaks up in pieces (!)
    People around me make an "Ooooh!" out of disappontment (!)
    I make up another pencil from "magnetic" parts, the top has part has a hole which I fill with a ball, but the ball has to stay floating inside for the pencil to be valid (!!) I manage to do it on the brink of my move time

    ND: Fragments
    - I discussion with colleagues details about a customer development contribution payment - something related to accepting a plastic box as evidence (!)
    - A chicken scribble note I cannot translate

    I pick up a DooM shotgun and walk around, shooting at enemies, then I fall asleep

    WILD#2: ~7:30 AM
    I start near a car, it's an America police car, black and white. I open doors and check inside to stabilize the dream
    Then I get in the driving seat, start the engine and drive it through the roads of a city
    After some time I realize it's Chicago, from the elevated rail and other landmarks
    When I look down at my clothes, I am wearing a black police uniform
    I notice few people / cars around

    I park the car at a random spot, walk the stairs up to the rail station, talk with the ticket sales guy, he speaks Italian with a strong Sicily accent, we talk a bit in that language, then greet in English
    In order to pay for the ticket, I look for money in my pockets
    He says "There is your train", I turn to see it coming
    The train stops, I get in, have a seat and look at the people around me, they are wearing 60's clothes, women with light colored dresses, men with striped suits. Cool !
    I touch my clothes and they become a suit very well toned with the rest
    While the train runs on the elevated rail, I look at the scenery out of the window, roads, people, few vehicles, very nice
    At the next station I get off the train

    I pull off I have a rendez-vous with more cops for a mission, their names are Clarke and Jeremy
    I meet them in the street, both are wearing striped suits, one light brown, the other gray
    The introduce theirselves: Clarke is a bearded guy wearing a hat, Jeremy has black hair with gel and a rather pointy chin
    Our mission is arresting a boss named Jack Nicholson - I think I hope he's not the actor, since I like him a lot
    Jeremy pulls off a sheet of paper, I can read some words, it's clearly typewritten (Eng?)
    The plan is arresting him by financial irregularities

    He's in a red brick building close to us, it's a huge butcher shop - they mention the "legend" he has sold the meat of some of his victims to restaurants. I say it's disgusting, we'll make him pay for that
    Each of us has a revolver, we discuss we'll most likely get inspected, I ask them if they have any hidden weapon, they say no
    I hint I may be forced to use some unusual weapons if things go bad, they ask for details, I tell them they will see if there is the need
    I just strongly recommend them to stay close to me in that case
    Then we enter the building

    After a glass door, two guys with Thompson guns. The one to our left searches us, find our guns and takes them
    I tell him to treat it carefully as it's expensive, he launches it carelessly in a wooden box
    We mention our appointment with the accountant, get escorted to a glass door showing the name "S.R.Richard"

    We sit down in front of him and tell our story talking alternatively
    We are business partners, own a restaurant, and want to buy meat from them
    He says it's up to them deciding their customers
    We mention high quantities of 1st choice meet, and we are ready to pay well, he gets interested
    He asks the name of the restaurant, we provide, he says strange, I know it and the owner, we say we just purchased it
    He tries reaching for the phone to check, but we say he can do that later

    We mention a fourth partner who's giving us most of the money, but he's fixed with the integrity of his suppliers
    He would like to be sure this firm has no irregularities, and ask the accountant to show us their accounting books
    First he denies us that, then I put him some mental pressure and he agrees, takes a huge book and opens it on the table for us
    I can read some hand-written names, amounts and so on, the accountant ensures that everything is in order
    Then I mentioned he's right, except I noticed a buffalo hanging from a hook and I cannot see any mention of a buffalo purchased in the book

    I say I am sure this is going to get fixed, but I want to avoid any surprise with our financer, and ask him to discuss with his boss
    He says he cannot do that, their boss is too busy to be disturbed for this matter
    I manipulate him mentally and he says Okay, I don't know why I am doing that, but I will take you to the boss
    My colleagues look at me puzzled

    We get in a large office with a big window looking outside and another big window looking at the interior, both at the entryway and the butchering room, where I see many beef bodies hanging
    Behind a large desk, a fat man wearing a white suit, smoking a cigar
    He asks the accountant who are these people, he's visibly upset

    I take the lead here, things move quite fast.
    I mention he'd better come with us for checking his books, he calls his bodyguards and more men to kill us
    The room quickly fills up, and I quickly use my powers

    I build a protective shell around us to protect us against bullets
    Spoiler for Crude violence description:

    Then I move to face the boss, I say him I will not harm him if he comes with us
    He asks me what I am, try to resist, I mentally hurt one of his toes
    Spoiler for Crude violence description:

    he screams in pain

    Before leaving, I look from the internal window make the hanging beef drop from the hooks, then look into the meat mass and give them back life, a herd of black and white cows walks the area. I mention, it's too late for the hamburgers (LOL)

    Then I use a "mental lazo" to lift him, smash the big window behind him, deposit him on the street
    I quickly get out of the window and fly down
    My colleagues reach me, shocked by what they have seen
    I tell them to call a car to take the boss to police station, the car comes, we get inside
    There is another guy driving it, I ask him to get off as Clarke and Jeremy are too tight in the back seat with the boss
    Actually is to talk more freely, they ask me how that was possible, and I tell them the shocking truth: I know it's hard to know it, but they are actually not alive, but just inside my dream
    Myself I am even kinda shocked by that, and shiver strongly

    I can see they are not very convinced by my words, and I tell I will provide some solid proof: I have just built a bridge above lake Michigan, connecting it to the other side. We drive our car to the coastline and the bridge is there, fading in the distance
    I tell them if we've got three hours of spare time, we could get to the Michigan state and back
    They say now they believe me
    We reach the police station, dream fades at this time

    Updated 01-29-2017 at 11:37 AM by GenghisKhan

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    28-Jan-2017 - ND: E-mail picture + fragments +WILD

    by GenghisKhan on 01-28-2017 at 11:38 AM
    28-Jan-2017 - ND: E-mail picture + fragments +WILD

    Bad sleep this night due to my daughter sleeping in our bed

    I am in my office, on the monitor I open the picture of a F colleague ducking to talk to a child, but exposing her underwear
    I prepare a mail attaching the picture, sending it to her, but also to many more people, message body contains some advise about taking more care in the future when greeting children
    Two M colleagues, L and N, come in, look out of the window. N tells me, you sending also to L? Why ? I provide some kind of explanation to both
    View shifts to another office (!), A is close to me, we discuss about something, then I review e-mail distribution list, who is incredibly long, I remove some French people with long names, then I send
    Something about me being kinda too close with A, with my feet touching hers

    Fragment: The screen covering glass of my phone is cracked, and looking better also the screen is broken in a point, I am upset

    WILD: (~7 AM)
    I see a white paper with many strange black characters, few are red. I observe them for a bit.
    Another longer section I forgot
    lucid , non-lucid

    26-Jan-2017 - ND: Training room + 27-Jan-2017 - WILD: Boat, dolphin ride, underwater city +2ND fragm

    by GenghisKhan on 01-27-2017 at 08:52 PM
    26-Jan-2017 - ND: Training room

    5AM WBTB, attempt WILD, fall asleep

    ND#1: I am in a meeting room, together with many collague, some I know
    R asks me to take this chance to give these people some short training on a subject I know well
    I tell yes, get up, introduce myself, start talking, stop due to noise in the room
    I continue, move to drawing board, sponge some writings away, use chalk
    Missed dreamsigns here (!!) : chalkboard isn't really used anymore, sponge doesn't perfectly clear some parts, chalk is quite clunky
    I write very small and not readable stuff
    After some talk, more noise, people open an internal window to an adjacent room with a tattoo shop (!!)
    Someone asks me a question on our products, I get angry at him (!!) because I cannot answer it properly, I even tell some bad words
    Later, it's dark, we decide it's time to break and perhaps continue another time


    27-Jan-2017 - WILD: Boat, dolphin ride, underwater city + 2ND Fragments

    ND#1: Playing Skyrim (fragm)
    I erupt flames from my hands
    I decapitate someone, I turn my monitor so my son cannot see, his bed is close to my PC (!!)
    A long scripted ending move, with my character moving through a long corridor before delivering a final hit

    I am dressing up, someone opens a window in front of me,I think I may be visible from outside but not care much

    WILD#1: (5:45 AM)
    After much HI and some stabilization, I want to attempt dolphin TotY
    I am on a beach. I get on a small wooden boat (Minecraft-style)
    I use a paddle and sail to get in open sea
    I look at my body, I am wearing pull and jeans, think it's not appropriate for swimming, take some swimming boxers, remove my clothes, find I've the swimming boxers on
    I drop in the water and descend until I touch ground
    I find a giant stone statue's face, partially sunk in the sand, then another one, even bigger, with its mouth open
    I enter it, it's black inside, then it opens to a nice city with spires and towers
    At some point I think I am doing well for the task
    I shortly explore the city, walking on paved roads

    6:30 work alarm rings, I think about the LD and notice I was wrong, I missed the dolphin ride part. I stay in bed, fall asleep again, WILDing

    WILD#2: (6:30 AM)
    I start in the boat again
    A dolphin approaches the boat, I observe its nose
    I mount on its back, in front of the dorsal fin. It swims above the water for a bit, then descends
    It finds the same underwater city. I get off its back, and after a short walk I meet a couple of mer-folks
    Their skin is green and they have fish-like bottom half, green-ish as well
    The guy has is chest naked, the girl has two shells covering her breast
    First thing I do is removing the shells, so I can look at her mermaid breast, which is green but nicely shaped
    Then I ask the guy how they have fun down here. He answers their sport is catching dolphins with a net

    View shifts a bit, the scenery behind him reminds me somehow of roman circus, although it's fading in the deep blue water
    The merman is in front of me, he gives a signal and from my left, a dolphin sprints towards my right
    I launch the fishnet I have in my hands, but it moves slower than I expect, and I miss the dolphin
    Another dolphin sprints, he launches his net and catches it at first try
    When it's my turn again, I time my launch better and this time catch the dolphin

    Wife calls, it's 6:45, I get up

    25-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Bad news (->DILD) + ND#2: Pizza with colleagues (->DILD) +fragm

    by GenghisKhan on 01-25-2017 at 08:03 AM
    25-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Bad news (->DILD) + ND#2: Pizza with colleagues (->DILD) +fragm

    Two NDs where I understand I am dreaming but no recall after that point. Meh...

    At train station, with my wife. She tells me that a colleague S died because of bad weather in the M. area
    I immediately despair, take my hands to my face.
    I suddenly realize this is not very realistic, and realize I must be dreaming

    I am at the pizzeria with many colleagues, a long table outside.
    It seems it's very late, everyone has finished eating their pizza, while I still have to order mine (!)
    Someone has in their dish a pizza composed of clean slices from many different pizzas, I eat that one to avoide the wait (!!)
    We go to pay the bill and find out that M has already managed, I hit a high five with the waiters there (!), then when moving on I tell the colleagues M shouldn't have done that
    We walk through several city streets, we split - based on where we parked, I guess - I remain with M and V.
    When we get to the area where I had parked my car, I am not able to find it.
    I somehow expected that to happen, and decide that if I will not find my car, that's definitely a dream.
    I walk the street in both directions, I see many cars but no sign of mine, I know it's a dream.

    ND#3: (fragment)
    Connects to a product I priced yesterday IWL
    In the dream I notice they have used that price for higher quantities than initially advised, I am kinda worried by that (?)

    Wake up 4:30, WBTB, attempt WILD, but I drift to sleep

    24-Jan-2017 - WILD: The giant worm

    by GenghisKhan on 01-24-2017 at 07:19 PM
    24-Jan-2017 - WILD: The giant worm

    1AM WBTB, no ND recall, fall asleep after

    6AM wake up, attempt WILD, success

    WILD: I materialize a canteen tray in my hands. I turn it around, observe its small details, little stains and cracks, until I feel confident the dream is stable enough. I look around, I am at the company canteen. I go take a red apple, I bite it few times.
    I am inside my car, in queue on the road I usually drive each morning. Around me, many more cars. Everything looks normal.

    Three rows ahead, the ground cracks and a giant black worm gets up.
    It's got scaled body, elongated head, bulging eyes, two short arms up in the body.
    I see people getting off their cars and running towards my back.

    The worm is trying to attack the people and I summon a transparent glass between the people and the monster.
    Then I attack the monster with long bursts of flames from my hands

    I summon a tornado close to the beast, cars start rotating in the air.
    I "push" cars from the tornado to its body, hurting it.
    I am at the office, V is with me. We talk a bit, then I ask her to pass me her phone, I point it towards her, and I see her in underwear on the screen. Nice.
    A short view of a light blue dodo (it was from a TV program)