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    7-28-12 First Flight

    by GiraffeMan on 07-29-2012 at 03:06 AM
    I'm just gonna put my lucids on here in case they help someone else out or anyone cares to read.

    I realize I am dreaming in a classroom at my old middleschool. I start rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream and then drop down on all fours and crawl to gain more access of my dream body. It works, but things are still a little blurry so I close my eyes and focus. I realize that I am scared to open my eyes, because I don't want to open my real eyes and wake up so I just sit and wait. After a few seconds my vision of the dream comes back and I remember thinking it was like the loading screen on a video game. A few old friends from school and my old english teacher are present and as I listened to my teacher's voice I was amazed at how real it sounded. I started talking to my DCs and decided to try to make balls of chi. We put our hands up like we were holding something in between them and I imagined energy in between them. Blue fiery energy accumulated between our hands and my DCs got really excited. I ended up getting selfish and making chi balls on my own and trying to through them. Once I was done with that I ventured out in the halls. Everything in the school was exactly how it is in real life so I decided to go see if my mom's classroom was there. I walked to her room, getting stared at by tons of DCs and sure enough I saw my mom sitting at her desk. I went over and talked to her and had a short happy moment. Then I realized that my dream could end any moment and I really hadn't accomplished much. I headed outside and made my way to a patch of grass. I stood on my tiptoes and just imagined my feet leaving the ground. I was shocked when I started to feel weightless and began floating into the air. I ended up closing my eyes and being stuck on the black loading screen for a few seconds, but when my vision came back I had much more control and soared up higher. I tried to take all of the incredible feelings in. The weightlessness, the wind, that feeling in your stomach you get on roller coasters... It was all there and felt so real. I was surprised that my dream had gone on this long and so I began looking for something else to do. I saw a park that is normally by my friends house in the distance from up in the air and decided I would give him a visit. I concentrated on the playground equipment and expected to fly there, however when I would start to move forward I would lose altitude very quickly. I ended up spinning out of control, closing my eyes and ending up in a strange house. I remembered it not from real life, but from an old dream I had years ago. I got out of there and looked around for my friends house. It turns out I wasn't in his neighborhood at all, but a very rundown place. To my right was a frightening looking old black woman, watering her lawn. I flew up, trying to get out of that place, when all of a sudden from my left two kids started fighting with each other. I kept trying to concentrate on flying but with the kids fighting I was stuck in midair over the street. I turned around and I saw the black woman angry and walking towards me saying "You think you can just come flying around this neighborhood like that?" I got excited at the chance to ask a dream character of their meaning and trying to shout "What do you represent?" Which sent me right out of that dream and into a false awakening in my old house. As soon as I "woke up" I was flooded with false memories, but I knew something wasn't right. I have a habit of reality checking very thoroughly every time I was up and as I was doing this I could tell I wasn't in my real body, which made me wake up. Once I realized I was in the real world I was very pleased about my experience.
    Thanks for reading! I am totally down to compare notes with anyone who is into gaining high levels of awareness and discovering the mysteries behind the subconscious mind so PM me if you want!
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